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Hind's Blood
The Gift
This story tries to offer a reasonable explanation to Gabrielle's uncharacteristic behavior throughout season five.

And Then There Were...
Halloween fun with the boys. Gen. 10k.
A Night At Meg's
A bunch of the boys go to Meg's for a good time...trying to avoid each other, they end up having an even better time then planned.  Comedy.  Slash.
Ares' Journal (Or The Ramblings of An Olympian Voyeur)
Ares spies on Herc and Iolaus and gets more of a view than he thought he would. Autolycus, Joxer and Strife also appear.  Slash.  18k.
Ares' Legendary Journeys
Zeus gets fed up with his sons' battles, so, for one week, Herc must be the God of War and Ares must be a hero. PWP.  Slash. 26k.
Be Careful What You Wish For
Iolaus wants to be Hercules and 'Dite helps him out; then Ares gets involved and the fun begins.  Slash.  24k.
Before the Vacation
Iolaus and Iphicles ask Zeus to stop Ares and Hercules from fighting; the God agrees. (See Vacation for the sequel).  26k.
Have Yourself a Merry (and Tiring) Solstice
The boys enjoy an early Solstice.  PWP.  12k.
Heart's Desires
A visit to Corinth turns into more thanHercules bargained for.  Slash.  14k.
The Heat is On
Herc and Ares punish their cheating lovers.  PWP.  Slash.
I Shot an Arrow in the Air
Two children steal Cupid's bow and let an arrow fly at Ares while he's with Herc and Iolaus.  Comedy PWP. Slash. 27k.
It Started with a Brownie
The men and women from HTLJ and XWP get stoned. Comedy PWP. Het, slash. 17k.
Just Desserts
Sequel to Table Manners.  Comedy. Slash.  22k.
The Meeting
An evening at a twelve step meeting...for an interesting addiction. Comedy.  Slash. 18k.
A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste
Iolaus loses his memory, and the GOW pounces.  PWP. Slash.
Nightmare Revisited
Sequel to Nymphica's Mixed Signals.  With Ares' help, Iolaus takes revenge against Hercules.  N/C elements, bondage.  Slash.
The Orgy
Iolaus, Ares, Iphy, Xena and Nebula All Play. PWP.  M/m, m/f, f/f. 10k.
Iolaus watches Herc/Ares, then joins them. PWP.  Slash.
Table Manners
At a banquet, Ares and Iolaus pleasure Iphicles and Hercules, respectively.  Comedy PWP.  19k.
Two Ares Are Better Than One
The God of Love pursues the God of War; his pursuit is interrupted by a mysterious stranger. PWP. BD. Slash. 19k.
The boys--Herc, Iolaus, Ares, Iphicles--take a break. PWP. (See Before The Vacation for the prologue).  Het, slash.
What's A Nice God Like You Doing in a Place Like This?
Ares GOL wants Hercules.  PWP.  Slash.

Educating Iolaus
Iolaus becomes a god.  Adventure, romance. Slash.

Iolaus' Friend
The Sword Has a Heart
(08/21/00) Ares and Iolaus meet behind Hercules' back.  (3-word challenge:  heart, lust, sword).  Slash.  6k.

Mental Image
Erotic encounter with Ares in the rain.  Het.
Summer Storm
Karesia and Thiel meet Ares and Iphicles. Adventure, romance. Het, slash.

Isos Arei
A scholar writing his dissertation on the myth of Iphicles travels to Greece for inspiration. Slash 34k

Jade Marmalade
Babes, Beasts, Boytoys, and Bondage
Caesar shows us his true passion. Comedy. Slash.
Dust Bunnies
The Hunter tries to skin some dust bunnies.  Comedy vignette.  Gen. 6k.
Looking For Death in All the Wrong Places
Ares looks for love.  Crossover between HTLJ, XWP, and Touched By An Angel. Slash. 17k.
Nameless Angel
A nameless wanderer watches over Joxer.  Character death. Implicit slash.  9k.
Of Myths and Men
The Titans travel into the past to help Ares fight off some aliens. HTLJ/DC Comics Universe crossover.  Violence. Implicit slash.  20k.
The Punishment
Hercules/Due South crossover. Rated JPS (Just Plain Silly)

Iphicles is kidnapped, kinky things happen. Slash 22k
Did I Do That?
(08/11/00)  An interlude between Ares and a mysterious woman. Het. NC-17. PWP.  12k.
First Night
A young Ares spends his first night in his own temple 5k
I Will Remember You
(7/22/00) Iphicles, proving himself to the warlord Janus, is given a special task.  Iphicles/Joxer.  Underage sex (15), child abuse, major angst, hurt/comfort, first-time.   Slash.  45k.
One Way Or Another
(08/21/00)  Ares responds to a small boy's prayer on July 16, 1918.  However, he is too late to save the boy's life, or the lives of his family.  (3-word challenge:  jackrabbit, pyromaniacal, revolutionary).  Pre-slash.  10k.
The Trials and Tribulations of Fixing a Sword
Ares breaks his favourite sword and must find a way to replace it.  Slash.  NC.  17k.
Till I Can Make It Through the Night
Ares has an interlude with his sometimes lover.  A response to
my 3p challenge.  16k
Will You Remember Me?
(7/22/00) Sequel to "I Will Remember You."  G.  11k.
Weep Not For All the Memories
This is a continuation of "I Will Remember You." and
"Will You Remember Me." 21k

Follows Voice from the Past. Ares follows Rena's advice.  Slash.
Alone and Silent
Hera provokes Ares.  Implicit slash.  Character death.
The Bribe
Ares gets his own way.  Ares/Hephaestus/Iphicles.  PWP.  Incest.  Slash.  16k.
Rena acts to secure her future.  Drama. Het, implied slash. 46k.
(08/21/00)  Searching for knowledge, YHercules discovers that some things aren't as simple as he'd hoped.  Slash, incest.  33k.
The Hardest Time of All
Discord watches Ares.  BDSM.  Slash.
Ares GOL watches Ares GOL and Iphicles.  Slash.
(08/12/00)  Iphicles finds that some things have to be learned the hard way.   N-C elements.  Slash. 24k.
A young Iphicles ends up in Corinth, searching for something.  Iphicles/Jason.  Slash.  24k.
Herc is obsessed with Iphicles, and Iolaus helps him realize his desire.  N/C. Slash.
Regency Fuck  I
Regency Fuck II
Some familiar characters in the setting of Regency England.  Iphicles, Earl of Royston, is befriended by the Duke of Aresborough. Uber.  Also contains some period English xenophobia and light bondage.  Slash.
A retelling of Cinderella with Ares and Iphicles.  Comedy. Slash.
Follows Interlude: Ares GOL falls for Iphicles; Cupid GOW interferes.  N/C. Slash.
Iphicles worships the war god.  Slash.
Iphicles watches Ares/Apollo.  N/C elements.  Slash.
Iphicles mourns Rena. Angst. Gen. 4k.
How would Ares deal with a lover's betrayal? Slash.
True Love and Other Fairy Tales
Aphrodite instructs Cupid to make Iphicles fall in love.  Romance.  Slash.  50k.
Voice From the Past
Rena speaks of  Iphicles.  Romance. Het, slash.
When in Rome
Iphicles visits Caesar in Rome, where the emperor seduces.  Slash. 27k.

Jenn M
Ares and the Fomors
(08/21/00) Ares meets a goddess from Eire.  Het, OFC, slash.  Ongoing.
Blind Fate
Ares uses a young girl for vengeance against Hercules.  Rape.  Het, OFC.  Ongoing.
A Cruel Fate
Caesar brutally rapes a young girl, who plots revenge.  Rape.  Het. Ongoing.
A Day at the Beach
Ares and Hephaestus gang up on Apollo.   PWP.  N/C elements. Slash.
Grief in Darkness
(08/21/00)   Celesta is paid a visit by a grieving god.  *Spoilers for Looking Death in the Eye  (XWP).  Vignette.  Het.  6k.
In The Arms of Death
(08/21/00)   Hades grants Iph's secret wish.  (3-word challenge:  helot, henna, helmet).  Het, slash. 6k.
Two lovers pine away.  Implicit slash.  5k.
Moonlight Ride
Iolaus watches Ares/Herc.  PWP.  Slash.
An Obsession So Deadly
(08/12/00)   A promise Iphicles made in the past comes back to haunt him in a deadly way. Violence.  Het, slash, OFC.  Ongoing.
Premature Burial
(08/12/00)  Iphicles deals with a phobia.  Based on Edgar Allan Poe's story by the same name.   Implicit het.  8k.
Prying Eyes
A series of PWP vignettes: 1) Ares watches Iphicles and Autolycus; Strife helps to relieve his tension. Slash.  2) Discord then watches. Het, slash. 3) The King Of thieves spies on a bondage scene.  Bondage. Slash.
Sybil's Woods
The King of Corinth and Hercules face a disturbing ghostly image. Slash.

Jill Rowdy
A young woman is raped, and faces her future. M/F, rape, underage sex, implied incest.  29k
Forbidden Pleasure
Strife talks Jill into a little Adventure!  Slash Het Humor 10k
House God
This is what happens when Ares babysits! Humor 7k

Iphicles and Caesar dominate Ares.  PWP.  Slash. 4k.
(08/02/00)  Strife has a close encounter with Ares' pet panther.  *Bestiality.*  PWP. 7k.
(09/24/00)  Notes: Answer to Gwen's Hot Caesar Challenge:  "Can't really say why but I feel in the mood for some hot Caesar-fic so I'm offering following challenge. Write a fic with following first line, 'The emperor of Rome had a new obsession.'"  Iphicles/Caesar.  PWP.  Slash.  11k.
Solstice Gift
Ares decides to give his brother Hephaestus a Solstice present. PWP. Slash. 5k.

Juxian Tang
It's a kind of free-style interpretation of the scene  from Book V of Iliad - Ares, wounded by Diomedes (who was  assisted by Athena), comes to Zeus to complain and Zeus... well,  reprimands him :-)  Slash. 19k.
Ares has a problem and Heph helps him R, male pregnancy, references to rape,20k
Skin Tight
Ares gets in trouble and Xena tries to help him. That brings inevitable... Het, 48k
Sniper Girl
Deimos muses while Ares looks at a dead girl. 9k

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