Have Yourself a Merry
(And Tiring) Solstice
By Huntress

"Ha...you missed," Joxer laughed.

Autolycus pulled the blindfold off. "Better then you Jox. I pinned the rear leg. You pinned the tail on his head."

"You cheated!" A shout and they both turned their heads to the card table. Iolaus was standing and glaring at Iphicles. "No way you could have drawn four aces. You're using aces from another deck!"

The King met his glare. "And why would you think that?"

"Because I have the other ace from this one." He yanked it out of his waistband.

"Oh," Iph said softly.

"MINE!" "NO MINE!" All eyes turned to the demigod and the God of War, who were fighting over a football.

"Relax boys," Hades said. "I brought one for each of you." He materialized another one and tossed it to Hercules, who stuck his tongue out at Ares.

"I want *that* one," Ares snapped. Hercules ran off and Ares ran after him.

A minute later Strife came running into the room with *both* footballs. A flash and Ares was in front of him. The Godling turned and found Herc behind him.

"Give me *my* ball," Herc said calmly, yet with an air of menace.

"No! Give me mine first!" Ares snapped.

"Over here Strife," Iolaus yelled. Strife tossed one of the balls to him and he caught it, holding it close to him. "Now it's mine."

"I don't think so!" Ares yelled and jumped at Iolaus, tackling him. "Mine!" He snatched it, but Hades grabbed it from him.

"Uh-uh Ares," Hades said. "I told you if you didn't share, you wouldn't get a present this year."

"But Herc doesn't share," Ares pouted.

"Do so! I shared Iolaus with you last week." He blew a raspberry at his brother.

"And I shared Joxer!" Ares fired back.

"Nobody shared me," Iphicles whined.

"I still love you Iph," Auto said, kissing the King. "Wanna fuck?"

"Hey! Don't talk like that to my brother," Herc said. "You want him, be nice to him."

"Mind your own business Herc," Iph answered. "I'd love to fuck you Auto."

"Watch your goddam language!" Jason snapped from the doorway. "Nobody's doing
any fucking here but me!" Realizing what he said, the ex-King turned bright red.

"Sounds good to me Jase," Iolaus giggled.

"That's 'cause that's all you know." Strife was standing with his arms folded, a smug look on his face.

"I know more then you," Iolaus sneered.

"Yeah blondie...you *think* you do!"

"Oh yeah...." Iolaus sprang to his feet and pulled Strife into an earthshaking kiss. It wasn't really earth shaking, but Ares made the earth move as he knew things like that did wonders for Strife's minuscule ego.

"Hey Ares," Joxer said sweetly. "Will you make the earth move for me too?"

"Aww Jox," Ares said just as sweet. "For you I'll stop the earth."

"Ain't he a romantic?" Joxer sighed.

"Oh yeah," Herc sneered. "About as romantic as a hydra in heat." He snatched Iolaus away from Strife. "*MINE*!" He said, pulling Iolaus into a kiss.

"Nobody loves me," Strife whined.

"Oh Strife, stop that!" Hephaestus said, appearing before his nephew. "I love you." He kissed him and waved his arm, as Gods do, and they were both naked. Pouncing, he lay atop Strife, his mouth moving down his body, until he reached his cock. "You always did have it where it counted." He took Strife's cock into his mouth and began to suck it like an animal in heat.

Joxer had dropped to his knees before Ares, and yanked down the God's pants. Taking Ares' cock in his hand, he leered at him. "You have it where it counts also Ares." He took it deep into his throat, sucking hard and the God felt his legs going out from under him.

"Joxer!" he moaned. He braced his hands on Joxer's shoulders, and fucked the mighty one's mouth, one hand moving to his hair, winding his fingers in it.

He glanced over to see Iphicles on his knees before Autolycus. Grabbing Auto by the legs, he pulled the thief's cock to his mouth and took it all the way in, Autolycus gasping from the sudden movement. His hands moved to Auto's ass and he spread the cheeks, a finger moving inside quickly. As he fed on the huge shaft, the finger moved in and out, leaving Autolycus a quivering wreck. Another finger joined it, and Iph's mouth moved to the tip, licking the slit, hot breath blowing on it.

Hercules was watching, and felt Iolaus' hands at his belts, undoing them. His cock was freed, and Iolaus' mouth was over it, fingers at Herc's balls, playing with them while the demigod pushed harder into his mouth. He pushed Iolaus away, and dropped to the floor, pulling Iolaus' mouth back to his cock. "Suck me Iolaus," he groaned, thrusting into Iolaus' hot mouth. He turned his head and smiled.

Jason and Hades were naked, and Hades was stroking Jason's cock, his hands around Jason's body, holding him steady. Jason slid his cock into Hades' mouth, his eyes wide, a smile on his face. "Oh Gods...." A moan and Hades moved back a bit. "That would be me," he grinned, his mouth returning.

Jason looked over to see that Strife had Heph on his knees, his cock pounding into Heph's ass. Hephaestus had a smile, which got bigger when Deimos appeared in front of him and took Heph's cock into his mouth. He deep-throated his uncle, and Heph moaned and groaned from the sensations. Glancing across the room, he watched Ares and Joxer.

Joxer and Ares had changed positions and Ares was sucking on Joxer's cock, while Joxer pumped deep into his throat. "You're such a good little God," Joxer moaned.

Ares stopped, pulling away. "Little?" He flipped Joxer onto the floor, spreading his legs, and sheathing his cock within Joxer's tightness. "I'll show you *little*," he growled. He took Joxer hard, grasping his cock, stroking it hard and fast, and Joxer screamed. "*ARES!*" as his seed shot all over them.

"*JOXER!*" Ares shouted and filled *his* warrior, his warm seed bathing Joxer. They collapsed in a heap on the floor, and just lay together, both exhausted.

"You have such a tight ass!" Strife shouted, continuing to pound into Hephaestus. Deimos sucked harder, and the God of the Forge let loose, Deimos drinking his sweetness, while Strife came within his ass. They both shifted, grabbing Deimos, and licked and sucked his cock, until Deimos shouted his completion, his cum all over their faces. They licked him clean, smiling at each other. Deimos knelt, and all three kissed, tasting of each other.

They all turned at Autolycus' scream. Iphicles was between Autolycus' legs, his cock buried to the hilt, fucking Auto hard, pulling all the way out and thrusting in wildly. "Do you like this?" Autolycus lay back and moaned even louder, and his ass clenched around Iph's cock. The king came, continuing to pound and thrust until he was out of energy, and empty of cum. He gentled himself from Autolycus, still kneeling between his legs, and leaned down, licking Auto's neck, his mouth moving to his ear. "Do you want to cum Autolycus?" He whispered, snaking his tongue in.

He heard the word..."please"...and smiled. A bite to the thief's lobe and his mouth returned to Auto's cock, licking up and down the shaft. His mouth moved over it and he sucked hard, lifting Autolycus off the ground. Auto was writhing beneath him, and shot his load down Iphicles' throat. Iphicles tasted all that Autolycus gave him, and grinned as the thief dropped to the ground, breathing hard. He pulled Auto into his arms, kissing him, and just held him, both satiated.

"*FUCK ME HADES!* Jason yelled, and all eyes moved to them. Jason was bent
over a table, Hades fucking him hard, stroking Jason's cock in time with his thrusts. He listened to Jason's moans, fucking harder. He heard Jason scream, "NOW...PLEASE...NOW!" and he gripped Jason's cock harder, sroking him
faster, and Jason came in his hand.

"*YES*!" Hades screamed, shooting his load into Jason. He slowly and gently removed himself, turning Jason over and kissed him hard. "Very nice Jason...very nice."

"HERCULES!*" Iolaus' shout. Eyes turned to them and watched as Hercules was
backed up against a wall, holding Iolaus in his arms. The demigod had his teeth bared and was lifting Iolaus up and down his cock, fucking him hard, taking possession of *his* hunter. One hand moved between them, and Hercules began to stroke Iolaus' hard cock, running his thumb over the slit, Iolaus moaning, burying his face in Herc's shoulder, biting him.

"*IOLAUS*!" Herc yelled, and pounded harder, cumming within his lover. Iolaus' seed shot all over the two of them, and Herc slid to the floor, still buried within the hunter. He kissed Iolaus, sucking on his tongue, and Iolaus just lay there, unable to move.

And, unnoticed by all, Cupid stood, holding his bow. He turned to Aphrodite.

"I know I didn't *have* to shoot them mom, but it sure was fun to watch them go at it. They deserved it. They've all been good this year."

"Yes Cupid," Aphrodite answered. "I agree with you one hundred percent." She got an evil grin. "Now let's go to Pylos. Salmoneus is there, and so are Xena, Gabrielle, and Nebula. My little studmuffin has been a good boy too."

They vanished, both wearing big grins.

The End