Heart's Desires
By Huntress

"*You* don't own me Hercules!" Iolaus was shouting. "There was no reason for you to interfere."

"You were outnumbered six to one...Maybe I should have let those men beat you up. This has gotta stop Iolaus. We talked about this."

"No Herc, *we* didn't talk...*you* lectured...and I am very sick of it. Last time I looked, I was a free man. You're not my mother Herc...so give it a fucking rest would you!"

Herc stood in front of Iolaus, and shook his fist, ready to belt Iolaus in the jaw. "I'm getting out of here, before I do something we both regret!" he snapped. He picked up his carry sack, and headed out.

He got outside, and heard Iolaus shout from the window. "Hey Herc! You forgot this!" Hercules moved just in time to avoid getting hit in the head with a bottle of almond oil that was thrown at him. Herc nearly turned around, his intention to go back up to the room and pummel Iolaus. Instead he stormed off, out of the town.

Iolaus grabbed a pillow, called it 'Hercules', and proceeded to tear the pillow apart. Calming down after ripping it to shreds, Iolaus then went to get something to eat.

Hercules reached Corinth two days later, figuring a little time with Iphicles would calm him down. It always did. But he wasn't prepared for the sights and sounds that were going to greet him.

Inquiring of the guards as to where his brother was, Herc headed upstairs to Iphicles' bedchambers. He stood outside the door, hearing pants and moans and giggles. Two voices. He knew the other voice, but shook his head. 'I need more rest,' he thought. But he heard the same voice again, hearing it say, "You have such a sweet ass my King." And Herc knew...knew who the voice belonged to. He softly opened the door and peered in. And Hercules, who had just about managed to calm down, found himself seething with anger again. His brother Iphicles, gentle, sweet-natured Iphicles, was getting fucked by Ares. He closed the door as softly as he had opened it, went to the room he always used when he was at the castle, threw his stuff on the bed, and threw a punch, leaving a nice-size hole in the wall. He then sat on the floor, and let the anger go through him. By the time he heard Iphicles knocking at the door, Herc was more pissed off then he had been when he left Iolaus.

Iphicles opened the door slow, not knowing if his brother was in there or not. Also not knowing if Herc had Iolaus face down on the bed. It had been quite embarrassing walking in the last time and seeing them in quite an...interesting...position. Instead he found Herc sitting on the floor, and a huge hole in the wall. He knelt beside his brother, saying, "Herc...you okay?"

Herc turned and stared at him. "Okay? You want to know if I'm *okay*?" Herc stood, and so did Iphicles, and Iphicles saw his brother was not in a happy mood. He turned around, thinking it best to wait to see Herc when Herc calmed, but he was grabbed by the arm, and spun back. "It's not bad enough that I had a fight with Iolaus...it's not bad enough that I came here to see you, thinking you'd make me feel better. No...I come here and find you getting your brains fucked out by *my* brother. Did it feel good Iph? Getting fucked by a God?" He grasped Iphicles by the arms and shook him. "Is this something new or have you been fucking him behind my back? I thought you had
sense, but now I'm starting to wonder."

Iphicles managed to get Herc's hands off of him, and backed away. He rarely saw Herc like this and it frightened him a bit. Then Iphicles said one little word. He knew it was stupid the moment it flew out of his mouth.


Seeing Herc's face, Iphicles realized that *was* the wrong thing to say, turned back around, heading for the door, but instead found himself thrown on the bed. He looked on as he watched his younger brother pull off his boots, followed by his shirt. Hercules started to undo his belt, and Iphicles had seen enough. He stood, and marched toward the door. "If you think that you're going to...." he began, but didn't get a chance to finish. Herc tossed him back on the bed.

"STAY!" Herc snapped. Iphicles didn't move, wondering what his brother was going to do. He found out a moment later when he watched Herc's pants join the rest of his clothes on the floor. Hercules climbed on the bed, and knelt between Iphicles' legs. Iphicles sat up and backed away.

"What are you going to do?" Iphicles asked, well aware of what his brother had in mind.

"I think you already know Iphicles. You let one son of Zeus fuck you...why not let another." He reached out, grabbing Iphicles by the hair, pulling Iphicles' face to his. Herc stared at him for a moment, and then kissed him.  Iphicles was a bit taken aback. Not so much by the kiss itself, but by the softness with which the kiss was given. Iphicles had never considered taking his brother into his bed, and now was faced with the thought that maybe he'd made a mistake. He had thought for sure, with the way Herc had reacted, that Hercules was going to hurt him. But the lips that were touching his were gentle, and he opened his mouth to Hercules', pulling Herc's tongue to his,
tasting his little brother for the first time. Iphicles broke the kiss to take a breath, and leaned in for more, but Hercules moved onto his knees, pulling Iphicles into a sitting position. Herc kissed him again, pulling Iphicles' shirt off, and lay him back down, while his hands found their way up Iphicles' body.

Hercules *had* been ready to take his brother by force, strip off his pants, toss him face down on the bed, and fuck him til he couldn't move. To show him that *this* son of Zeus was better at it then Ares. But one look at his brother's sweet face caused that thought to fly right out of Herc's mind, replaced with another one. To give his brother pleasure.

Hercules straddled Iph's legs, leaning down and sucking on a nipple, while his fingers caressed the other. Iphicles moaned, pushing up at his brother, and Herc switched nipples, his tongue gently licking one, while his fingers pinched the other. He played like this for a while, until Iphicles took his hands and tried to push Herc's head further down his body.

Hercules looked up and smiled, and sat up. He eased Iphicles pants off, and stared down at Iphicles' cock, fully erect and wanting for attention...Herc's attention. Herc covered Iphicles' body with his own, kissing Iphicles hard on the mouth, whispering to him. "Let me love you my king..." Herc bit an earlobe. "...I want you so bad." Iphicles moaned and thrust up at him, and Herc took that as a yes. He nuzzled Iphicles neck, kissing and licking his way down Iphicles' tight, muscular body, his hands everywhere, driving Iphicles mad with his touches. His mouth reaching Iphicles' hard cock, Hercules looked into his brother's eyes and slowly licked, his tongue dipping into the slit, tasting the precum gathered there.

"Just beautiful," Herc moaned, taking Iphicles' cock into his mouth, his hands finding purchase on Iphicles' ass, pulling him deeper.  He sucked hard, listening to Iphicles' moans of pleasure, feeling Iph's hands winding in his hair.

"By the Gods Herc...." Iphicles moaned, thrusting his cock deep into Herc's mouth. As Iphicles pulled his hair harder, Herc moved his mouth up and down Iphicles' shaft, sucking hard on the head. He felt Iph bucking up at him and knew Iphicles was at the edge. Herc removed his mouth, moving a hand around and stroked Iphicles harder.

"Cum for me Iphicles," Herc said softly, watching the look on his brother's face. "Cum for your baby brother." He didn't have to wait. Iphicles shouted and spilled his seed over Herc's hands. Herc took his cum-soaked hand and coated his cock with his brother's sweetness, nearly releasing from that thought alone. "I'm going to fuck you now Iphicles," he moaned. "And you are going to enjoy each and every moment of it."

He thrust into Iphicles' tightness, and Iph jumped from the sudden entrance, but quickly relaxed, allowing Herc to do what he wanted, what Iphicles *wanted* him to do. They quickly found a rhythm that was pleasurable to them both, and both revelled in the feelings they were having. Both wondering why they waited so long to be with each other, to touch each other, to *love* each other.

Herc lifted Iphicles' legs over his shoulders, and began to pound harder, thrusting in with newfound energies, wanting to bring them total and complete ecstasy.

"HERCULES!" Iph screamed, and spilled over his brothers body, falling back onto the bed, gasping and panting from his release.

"IPHICLES...YES!!" Herc shouted, and came within his brother. "IPH...OH GODS!" Herc collapsed upon his brother, kissing him deep, still undulating inside, not wanting to stop. "So nice Iph...so tight and so nice." He removed his cock gently, his tongue returning to Iphicles' mouth, then shifted to his side, holding his brother close. "Why did we wait so long?" Herc whispered.

"It doesn't matter Herc," Iph whispered back, a big smile on his face. "It happened and I for one am glad it did. I can see you are too."

"I am Iph," Herc said softly. "More then you realize." He held onto Iphicles, their hands caressing each other, lips meeting, tongues playing. It was Iphicles who stopped, pulling away, and smiling at Herc.

"What's the matter Iph? Regrets?" Herc asked quite innocently.

"No Herc...never. But Iolaus...you have to go back to him. You know that don't you?"

"Iphicles, you don't understand. Iolaus...."

"Shhh," Iphicles said, in a soothing voice, his lips brushing Herc's. "It's okay. I *know* you love Iolaus. *You* know you love Iolaus. You have always loved him and you always will. He needs you Herc. More then I do. But I'll always be here for you. As a brother, as a lover...as a friend. Hercules, I *do* love you. If I thought we could survive it, I'd find some way to make you stay." He pulled away, sat up, grabbing his clothes, and getting dressed. He smiled at Hercules. "You need to get dressed and get back to Iolaus. I have a feeling he needs you now. Whenever you need *me*, I'll be here." He finished getting dressed, and walked to the door. He looked back at Herc, still laying on the bed, unmoving. In his best 'kingly' voice, Iphicles said, "Get your ass up, get your clothes on, and get back to Iolaus!" Herc smiled at his brother, threw a pillow at him, and did as he was told.

Herc got back to Ephesus in less time then it took him to get to Corinth. He checked with the innkeeper and found out Iolaus was still there, although Iolaus, it seemed, hadn't been out of his room, except to get some food. Herc went upstairs, and slowly opened the door. He saw Iolaus sprawled on the bed, quite a few empty wine flasks littered about. He sat on the edge of the bed, and just looked at his lover. Iolaus' face, when the hunter was asleep, gave the impression that he was an innocent. Herc smiled at this thought, knowing full well it was a most definite false impression. He brushed a stray hair out of Iolaus' face, and Iolaus opened his eyes, which, Herc saw, were no
longer blue, but red and swollen. Iolaus had not only spent the last few days drinking...he had been crying too.

Taking the hunter into his arms, Hercules kissed him, his hands rubbing Iolaus' back, needing to hold him.

Iolaus broke the kiss, looked into Herc's eyes, saying, "I'm sorry Herc...I...."

Herc cut him off. "The only thing you should be sorry about is breaking the last jar of oil we had." He smiled, and kissed Iolaus again. "Although oil isn't always necessary."

"Herc...." Iolaus began.

"Shhhh," Herc crooned into his ear. "I need you Iolaus...need you so much." He lay Iolaus down, and made love to him with such a passion, that the hunter didn't think he'd be able to walk for a week. When they were done, Herc held him tightly, caressing him, kissing him all over.

"I love you Iolaus. I will always love you."

Iolaus pulled Herc's arms tighter around himself. "I know Herc. I love you too." He melted into Herc's arms and the two held each other, both smiling and very satiated.

The End