KSA Writing Resources

Archaic Greek Temples and the Sculptures That Decorated Them

Greek Architecture

The Writer's Tool Box
Links by a Xenite to just about everything: writing guides, maps, historical clothing, medicine and more.

The Herc-Xenaverse Fanfic Survey
Over a hundred people in the fandom were surveyed on their likes and dislikes.  If you haven't completed the survey, go here.

Ancient Greek Links on the Web

Argos: Limited Area Search of the Ancient and Medieval Internet
Academic search engine for classical and medieval sites.


Greek Costume Through The Centuries

See Greek Mythology link below.

The Hellenic Neo-Pagan Calendar
Has a wonderful section on festivals, among other things.

Julius Caesar
Links to various aspects of Caesar's life.

Ships of The Ancient Greeks

Roman Law

Map of Ancient Greece

Map of the Roman Empire

Map of the Underworld

Mary Sue
150 Years of Mary Sue
Article by Pat Pflieger detailing Mary Sue's history.

The Herc-Xena Mary-Sue Test
Writing in our fandom and want to know if your original character's a Mary-Sue? Take this test.

The Mary Sue Litmus Test
By the author of Dr. Merlin's Guide to Fan Fiction.

See also Dr. Merlin's Guide to Fan Fiction

Mechanics of Writing
Dr. Merlin's Guide to Fan Fiction
Covers various aspects of writing.

The Less Than Legendary Guide to Writing in the HtLJ Universe
Grammar guide; examples of how not to write.

Rules of The Road: Some Directions for (but mostly Opinions about)Writing Good Slash

Strunk and White's Elements of Style
Classic grammar and style guide.

Tham's Sexed-Up Grammar Guide
In addition to grammar pointers, also shows writers how to punctuate dialogue.


Greek Mythology Link
This is a great site--it has maps, biographies of mythological figures, genealogies, discussions of key historical events.

Mythological Characters WorldWide
Mythological characters in the Greek and Celtic pantheons, as well as numerous others.

Perseus Project
Primary material (all the Greek drama in English translation), as well as biographies of mythological characters.

BDSM World

The Deviant's Dictionary
A dictionary of kink.

Glossary of Unusual Sexual Practices
A glossary of unusual practices, sometimes hard to believe, many bizarre, and some strange or just plain weird.

Minotaur's Sex Tips for Slash Writers
What it sounds like-- with pics, too!

Tantra: Kama Sutra

Lessa's Smithsonian Page
Episode reviews, pics, sounds, articles all revolving around Kevin Smith.

Great for ep guides and articles.  Even has transcipts for some eps, including What's In A Name?

Xena Online Resources
General links to sites in the fandom.

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