Two Ares Are Better Than One
By Huntress

"It was him all right," Iolaus2 concurred.

"Okay then," said the white-leather clad hunk. "Here I go...wish me luck."

"Good Luck!" said Iolaus2.

"You're gonna need it!" Iolaus added.

The God disappeared into his twins temple.

"How long do you have before your...umm...your 'fins' come back?" asked Iolaus.

"Until I go back to the water...why?"

"C'mon...I know a tavern in the next town that has the best roast rabbit this side of Thermopylae. And I'll tell you what happened when Herc became a pig."

"A pig!" said Iolaus2, giggling. "And food! I'm sure glad Aphrodite introduced us. Lead the way buddy."

And the two Iolaus' sauntered off, ready to fill their stomachs.


The God of Love entered the temple, and stared all around him. Everything was in basic black. 'He *needs* a decorator.'

Wandering toward the throne, he looked over and saw a mirror, identical to the one in his temple. He wondered if it worked as his did. His could see out into the world and showed him visions of people in love, people in lust, people doing...his eyes nearly popped out of his head at the scene which unfolded before him.

A battlefield. Men dying. Screaming. "Why can't we all just get along?" He said in a melodic voice, throwing his pink hearts of various sizes at the mirror. A big grin, (not to mention a big erection), came to him as he watched the soldiers throw down their weapons, and engage in such orgiastic rhythms that he nearly popped out of his pants. "Make love, not war. It's just not healthy for large, sweaty, muscular, flexible men and other living things."


"YOU!!!" came a voice behind him. His twin, the God of War, had entered the temple and he was not a happy God. "It took me four months of planning, manipulation, and playing with their greedy little minds to get this war going." He got lost in a memory. "If Strife were here, it would've taken about two. I really miss the little pain in the ass." He focused back on his twin. "Why did you do that?" Ares asked, with a tone so calm and so menacing that the God of Love backed up a little.

"It's more fun to watch?" said the Love God, a half-smile on his face.

"Grrrrrrr..." Ares stepped toward his twin, intent on rearranging his face, but found his eyes wandering to the mirror. After a fourth glance, he finally gave up and stared at his soldiers, watching them do some pretty interesting things. He got so occupied he didn't notice the Love God standing next to him, watching with him.

"Now isn't this much better then your stupid war? I mean, you can learn so much. Like those two," the God of Love pointed to two men against a tree. "I had no idea mortals could be imaginative."

"Well they can," the God of War pointed out. "Sometimes I think they have more imagination then *we* do."

"Well, Iolaus certainly does," the God of Love said with a big smile.

"*When* were you with Iolaus? If Hercules finds out, I guarantee he'll send you back to your world with broken bones."

"He'll only find out if you tell him...and it was the first time he came to my world. It was brief, but it was *GOOD*!"

The War God made a face. "Everytime I ask him, he turns me down. Any tips?"

"Well you might try...." The War God cut him off.

"*What* am I saying? You just destroyed a war. Now I'm going to destroy you." He made a fist and took a swing at his twin, but the Love God waved his hand and vanished. His voice, however, was heard.

"Missed me, missed me, now ya gotta kiss me."

"I'll kill him!" shouted the War God and took off on a search for the God of Love.


The temple was large, and Ares had been looking for about two hours. He finally heard a noise in one of his playrooms, (the one with the rack), and went in to investigate. The next thing he knew, he was flipped on his stomach, onto said rack, his wrists tied above his head, and he heard the God of Love giggling. He also noticed he was tied so he could be turned over onto his back if need be. He pulled at the bindings, but couldn't get loose. He figured out why when he saw the writing on the straps holding his wrists.

'Copyright Hephaestus, 627BC'

"Wonderful...when I get my hands on my brother I'm going to...." His voice was cut off by a gag stuffed in his mouth.

"Now now Ares," the God of Love said with a giggle. "No bad thoughts...okay. Now where was I...oh yes. Did you know you have a lovely butt?" He stroked his hand over Ares cheeks and the God of War shivered. "Oh yes, definitely a lovely butt. Looks spankable too." The dark God's eyes widened. "You definitely need a lesson or two in behaving."

*SMACK!* The white-clad God brought his hand down. "Oh yes," he sighed. "Very

*SMACK!* "Do you like that Ares? I think you do."

"Ummm-Ummm!" The War God mumbled through the gag, shaking his head.

"Yeah, well your cock says otherwise." The God of Love raised his hand to give his twin another smack, but his hand was grabbed and twisted behind his back. Before he could move, he was bound next to his twin, in the same position. Looking behind him, the God of Love saw a man in a mask, his features hidden. There was an opening for his mouth, so he could speak, but his eyes were hidden behind a sheer black cloth, so he was able to see out with no problem, but his eyes were not visible to either Ares. The man was also naked, and was quite well endowed.

"Oooh," the God of Love giggled. "I just love to play games. Do you have a whip? They're lots of fun. I bring one to every party."

Ares spit his gag out. "*He* may like whips, but I don't. Well, sometimes. But not today. So if you'll kindly let me loose, I'll be on my way and you can have fun with him."

"I don't think so," the masked man said. "*I* think you *both* deserve to be punished." He stood in between the two, one hand on each of their asses, touching, caressing.

*SMACK!* "Oh like that...both of you..." *SMACK!* "Definitely...but we'll get back to that."

He moved to the God of War. "You first...."  He turned Ares over, climbed atop him, and straddled his chest. He put his cock at the War God's mouth and caressed it along his lips. Ares turned his head, but was grabbed by the hair and his face forced forward. "You're not going to tell me, War God, that you've never sucked cock before, are you? I think you've tasted it. And I bet you do real good too. So why don't you show me how good you are." He pushed his cock into Ares mouth, and the War God took him all the way in. He pulled out, and teased Ares some more. "You want it don't you." He pushed in again and began to fuck the War God's mouth, his hand winding tighter in Ares' hair. "You have such a nice mouth on you, it's so hot and wet, and it sucks so good." He reached around, and his hand pinched the God's nipple. Ares moaned, and the cock began to fuck his mouth faster. "Oh yeah...suck that cock deep...I'm gonna cum now and you're gonna drink all of me...yessss!" He shot his load down Ares throat, and continued to fuck his mouth, watching as Ares swallowed his seed. He pulled out little by little, and smiled as he felt Ares trying to pull his cock back in. "Uh-uh," he said. "I have other things in mind."

He slowly inched his way down the War God's body, stopping at his nipples, biting them, listening to Ares moan, while his hand stroked his own cock, spreading his seed over it. He made it all the way down the table, and spread the God's legs, his cock hard again. "Do you want to be fucked Ares? Do you want my cock in your ass, filling you?" He teased the tight hole, rubbing his cock along the crack, while his hand played with the God's cock. He ran his thumb along the slit, moistening it with precum, then put it in his mouth, sucking on it, watching the War God squirm. "Oh want it bad don't bad Ares. You want it so bad, that maybe I shouldn't give it to you." He pulled away, and rubbed his thumb over the slit again, repeating the motions of before. "How bad do you want it Ares?" He ran his fingers along Ares' thighs, lightly scraping his nails along the sensitized skin, smiling as Ares moans got louder. "Poor baby," he whispered. "Ask nicely and *maybe* you'll get what you want."

"*NO!*"  The War God shouted. "I will not beg!"

"Then you don't get anything." The masked man got up and moved to the God of Love. "Now as for you...."

*SMACK!* "I know you like that." *SMACK!* "*You* are very spankable." He
caressed Ares' ass. "So very soft...." *SMACK!*

He turned the Love God onto his back, leaned down, and took the Love God's shaft into his mouth, taking it all the way in, while his hands moved to Ares' nipples. He pulled at them, pinched them, and the God was moaning and writhing beneath his touch. He removed his mouth, and began to lave Ares' balls, while one hand stroked the God's cock. He pulled his hand away, and spread Ares' cheeks, fucking Ares with his tongue, smiling as Ares moaned, and pushed against him.

"OH YES!! Oh that is so good. Fuck me with your strong tongue. Ummm." The Love God's eyes were closed, and his head was moving from side to side, his body in total ecstasy. The masked man moved his tongue away, eliciting a loud whimper from Ares. "Don't stop...please...."

The man smiled, and stroked his cock along the Love God's tightness. "Will you beg for it? Tell me what you want me to do?"

"Oh yes," Ares moaned. "Fuck me with that big strong cock of yours...shove it in my ass and pound me into oblivion. Do what you want...just it now."

The man looked at the War God. "See how easy it is Ares? Ask and you shall receive." His cock still moist, he sheathed himself within the God of Love, and slowly pulled out, until only the tip remained. "Beg some more," he told the Love God. "I like it."

"Fuck me with your cock mysterious stranger, fuck me hard...give me pain or pleasure, it doesn't matter. Just give me...please...." The man pushed his cock back in, and began to fuck the God of Love hard, gripping his thighs with such force that he was causing bruising on Ares' legs. The War God's eyes widened as he watched and heard the masked man's balls slapping at the Love God's ass, and heard his twin shout for more.

"OH YESSSS!!" The Love God shouted. "Fill me with your cum...warm me inside...I want it NOW!!!" He was rewarded with a shout and the feeling of warm cum spilling inside of him, while he shot his seed over the masked man's chest. He grinned, and sighed, looking over at his twin. "Beg him Ares...he is soooo gooood." The masked man continued to undulate against the Love God, until his cock was flaccid and empty. He removed himself and looked at the War God.

"Ready to beg now Ares?" He stroked his cock, and it was hard again in no time. "Do you want to be fucked too?" He went back to the War God, turned him over on his stomach, and teased his tight aperture with a finger. He slowly pushed one finger in, and fucked the War God slowly, then added another finger, still moving at a slow pace. He hit Ares' pleasure spot, and continued finger-fucking him, hitting the spot again and again, his smile getting bigger as Ares moans got louder, and he felt Ares push back harder. "Beg Ares...beg me now and I *will* fuck you...."

Ares voice was ragged. "Please...fuck me...pleasepleaseplease...."

"That's a good little War God," the stranger said. He turned Ares back onto his back, and lifted the God's legs over his shoulders. "Are you ready Ares?" He thrust in and Ares screamed with pleasure. His screams turned to loud moans when the man gripped his cock hard, and began to stroke him in time with the thrusts. He pounded into Ares, and Ares began shouting again.


"Such a good boy," the stranger moaned. "Such a tight you're going to get it." One last hard thrust and the stranger shot into Ares, and Ares came all over his hand. As he did with the Love God, the stranger continued to pump into him until he was empty. He then removed his cock, and licked his hand clean, sucking the cum off and licking his lips. He let the God of Love loose, and stepped back.

"Hope you had fun boys," the masked man said. "Because I certainly did."

"But wait," the God of Love said. "We don't even know who you are, you wonderful, magnificent specimen of man. If we want you again, how will we find you?"

"Don't worry Ares," he said. "*I'll* find *you*." He nodded to the two men, then vanished as quickly as he had appeared.

"What a guy," The God of Love moaned.

"Yeah," The War God sighed.


The Love God stood over his twin. "Now about us...I believe we have a few things to...discuss." He grinned, and moved in between the War God's legs. "It's my turn now, you gorgeous hunk of man." He spread his twin's cheeks, and sheathed himself in one swift move, causing the War God to jump. "Take it easy Ares," he crooned. "This is going to be real nice."

He gripped the War God by the hips and thrust in and out, his thumbs massaging in tiny circles along the sensitized skin, listening to both of their moans coming in sync. His eyes closed as he concentrated on the feel of the War God's tightness around his cock, taking one of his hands off of Ares' hips and stroking his twins cock in time with his thrusts. Both still hot from their recent fucking, they came in record time, both shouting "ARES!", and panting and moaning their release.

The Love God gently removed himself from his twin, and looked into his eyes. "If I let you go Ares, do you give me your word that you won't hurt me?"

"Hurt you?" The War God said. "I don't think I'm going to be able to move for a week. I will say this for you Mister fuck real nice. I think we should do it again some time. Only next time, I think we should both have our hands free. It'll be more fun."

The Love God reached up and untied his twin. "I concur Ares. It should be most...interesting." With a final smile, he waved his hand and vanished from the temple.

Ares sat up, and groaned from the soreness. "I'm going to be in pain for a week." He sighed. "But it sure was nice. I do wonder though...who was that masked man?"


The Love God wandered the town for a while, enjoying the happy faces and smiles of the people. He saw Hercules and Iolaus and the three sat for a while.

"Have a nice birthday?" Herc asked, with a big grin.

"Yes, I did," Ares answered. "And so did your brother."

"I'm glad," Herc said.

"Hey Herc, " said Iolaus. "We better get going if we're going to make Mycenae by tomorrow morning."

"You're right Iolaus." He turned to Ares. "Come back again. You're always welcome here."

"Thanks," Ares said. "I might just do that."

"By the way," Herc said. "I believe this is yours." He handed the mask to the God, and grinned, getting a big grin in return.

As they walked out of the tavern, Iolaus turned to his lover and asked, "Did you have a nice time Herc?"

"What do you think?" Hercules answered.

The two laughed, and headed off into the sunset.

The End