What's A Nice God Like You
Doing In a Place Like This?
By Huntress

Ares, God of love, was confused. He couldn't figure where the feeling had come from. He'd never had any feelings of this nature to HIS brother, but something about Hercules moved him. Maybe it was the eyes. He had always loved HIS brother's eyes, and if not for the anger and rage that showed in them, he could have stared into them all day. Hercules had the same blue eyes, but they weren't like that. They were warm, loving, and filled with good. So he made his decision. Going to see his sister, he explained his feelings, and asked for her help. Aphrodite, Queen of the Gods, agreed to help him. So it was on a beautiful spring morning that she used her power to open the doorway. The God of Love kissed his sister and threw himself into the portal. What would happen when he reached the other side, he didn't know.  All he knew was that he had to see Hercules again.

The demigod and the hunter were in the middle of a 'debate' on picking fights in taverns. This while Hercules was tending to Iolaus' bruised ribs. Bruised by a large man whom Iolaus got into a fight with.

"Iolaus when are you going to learn?"

"Herc, I......."

"Enough my love. I know. I heard. I was there. He called you 'shorty', and you punched him in the jaw. He hit you in the ribs. I got in the middle and here we are now."

"I'm sorry Herc. I know I shouldn't have but........"

"One day Iolaus......," he started, "never mind. It's like talking to a wall." He helped Iolaus to his feet. "Better now?"

"Much," answered Iolaus. "And I......Herc we have company."

Hercules turned seeing the blue sparkles, and both their eyes widened when they saw the God of Love standing there.

"Ares?" they both asked.

"In the flesh," said the God. "And before you ask, I came to say hello. I'm on a....vacation, and I thought I'd try here for a change."

"Great," said Iolaus. "You pick a vacation spot in a town that worships the God of War."

"So that's why those people were bowing to me," said Ares. "I thought it was my new look."

"What new look?" asked Iolaus, staring at him. The hunter saw nothing new.

"The new leathers. They don't make my butt look as big. What do you think Herc?"

The demigod felt his face getting red. "Looks.....looks fine Ares."

Iolaus couldn't help giggling at his lover. "You'll have to excuse him Ares. He blushes when he hears the word sex." Sure enough Herc's face got even redder, which sent the hunter into another giggle fit.

"So," said Herc, trying to regain his composure, "what brings you here for a vacation? Aren't there any vacation spots on your world?"

"Yeah, but I wanted something....I mean someplace different. And this seemed like the perfect spot."

Iolaus didn't know why, but he had a sudden urge to punch the God in the face. He didn't like the way Ares was looking at Hercules. Instead he spoke, doing his best to keep his voice in check.

"I'll show you around Ares. I know this town better then Herc. Besides he has to go see the magistrate about some unfinished business."

"Oh...ummm...thanks Iolaus. That would be great. See you later Hercules?" asked Ares, with a smile.

"Yeah...sure Ares...later," Herc said, noticing the look he got. But he shrugged it off, thinking he was imagining things.

As soon as they got outside the room, Iolaus spun the God around and shoved him against the wall. "Why are you REALLY here Ares? And don't give ME any bullshit about vacations. Herc may have fallen for it but I sure as Hades didn't. So talk before I decide to feed you to OUR Ares."

"Iolaus calm down," said Ares. "I'm a lover, not a fighter, remember. Okay. Time for truth. I came here because....because...because I want Hercules!! There I said it. I can't help it. The last time I saw him, he was so brave."

The God of Love sighed, then continued.

"Going up against Nebula and your Ares. He saved my world, rescued your Gods, and brought my Iolaus here. And gave that sweet man a chance at a new life. I hear he's married to one of Triton's daughter's. He deserves all the happiness he got."

Iolaus released him, staring incredulously into the God's eyes. "You want Hercules? MY Hercules? Why?"

"I told you Iolaus. I don't know. I look into his eyes and see love and passion. His eyes remind me so much of MY brother when he was young. Before Cheiron turned him into the Sovereign, made him into the monster he became."

Iolaus nodded, motioning Ares to follow him outside.

"So different then my world. Even with my brother gone, people are still not as happy as they should be," Ares said.

"Do you love him Ares?" asked Iolaus, afraid of what the God would answer.

"I love everybody Iolaus. I'm the God of Love remember?" The look in Iolaus' eyes told him that was not what Iolaus wanted to hear. "No Iolaus. I wouldn't even think about trying to take him from you. I couldn't, even if I wanted to. His heart belongs to you. I only want one night with him. Would that be too much to ask?"

The hunter mulled this question over in his mind. One night was all the God was asking. Then Ares would be gone, back to his world.

A few thoughts raced through his mind.

'He won't hurt Herc. If I'm lucky, Ares might even teach him a thing or two. Maybe Herc would even let me talk dirty to him.' This last thought put a smile on Iolaus' face. Everytime he tried it, Herc lost the mood. 'It's not like we haven't had other lover's. Yeah why not.'

"One night Ares? And then you're gone?" Iolaus asked.

"You have my word. One night."

Iolaus nodded. "Okay. You can have him tonight. I'll make myself scarce for a while. But be warned Ares. Try to take him away or to make him fall in love with you, and God or not, I will beat you to a bloody pulp. And if he doesn't want you, you leave him alone. Understand?"

"Understood," said the God.

"Good," Iolaus said. "Now let me show you around. Herc will be a while."

And off they went to sightsee.


It was late when Ares and Iolaus returned to the inn. Ares had enjoyed watching the people, so happy, and, being the God of Love, his heart was bursting with joy. Not to mention having lacivious thoughts of trying to seduce the demigod and succeeding.

They paused at the inn entrance, Iolaus' blue eyes giving a look of warning to Ares' brown. "You're gone in the morning," Iolaus stated flatly.

"I give you my word Iolaus," said the God, smiling at the hunter.

Iolaus smiled back, heading to the tavern for dinner, drink, and, if he got lucky, the blonde serving wench he'd met the night before.

Ares steeled himself before knocking on the door to the room.

"Come in," came Hercules' voice.

The God paused, then opened the door, a soft gasp coming from his lips.

Hercules was standing there, shirtless, his hair damp. He was in the middle of getting cleaned up for supper. He immediately panicked when he didn't see Iolaus.

"What happened? Where's Iolaus?" the demigod said, grabbing his shirt, and heading for the door.

Ares grabbed him by the arm. "It's okay Hercules. Iolaus is fine. He's at the tavern eating dinner, and if I read him right, he's hitting on the serving girl."

Herc relaxed, and stepped back, returning to the basin, cleaning his upper body. Ares stood, his lids lowering seductively, watching the demigod bathe. He watched as Hercules took the cloth and bathed his chest, the drops of water sliding over his nipples, and he mentally slapped himself when Herc turned around. He didn't want to go too fast, and scare Herc off.

Hercules dried off and, much to Ares chagrin, put on his shirt. Ares had to think fast. "Maybe we should leave Iolaus to have some fun tonight on his own. I mean he spent the whole day with me, asking him questions, nagging at him."

Herc thought about this for a moment. Maybe Ares was right. Iolaus hadn't gotten to spend any time by himself since he'd 'come back.' He knew Iolaus had sometimes enjoyed being left alone. If he'd wanted to be with Herc, he would've come back to the room.

"You're probably right Ares. You want to go get something to eat? I'm starved."

"Why go anywhere? Let's bring the food here." A wave of his hand and Herc stared at the bounty of food in front of him. Meat, fish, rabbit, and some other assorted things Herc was afraid to ask about.

He motioned Herc to sit, and the demigod gave him a wary eye, but sat anyway.  'What am I worried about?' He thought. 'This is the Love God, not my brother.'

Herc relaxed and he and Ares began to eat the bounty of food.

"Why are you eating?" Herc asked. "You don't need to."

"I figured you would be more comfortable," replied Ares, with a smile. "Wine?"

Herc nodded and Ares poured him some, then casually spilled some on the demigod's tunic.

"Oh, I'm sorry Hercules," he said innocently.

"It's okay."

"No. That stain will be permanent. Here, take the shirt off and let me soak it in cold water. That should remove any stains and it'll be good as new."

Herc shrugged and took off his shirt. He did, however, notice the look in Ares' eyes. But once again, he shook his head, thinking he was imagining things.

They finished eating, and Herc sat, stretching out his arm, obviously in some pain.

"Hurt Herc?" asked Ares.

Herc stretched the arm again. "Yeah. Must have pulled a muscle yesterday when Iolaus and I fought some bandits."

"Let me get it for you," said Ares. "Trust me. I do this for Cupid all the time." He motioned Herc to lay on the bed, and materialized a jar of massage oil. Starting at Herc's broad shoulders, Ares gently massaged his arm, then followed across his back, to the other arm.

"Ummm. Very nice," murmured the demigod.

"Glad you like it," replied the God. His hands moved lower, down the demigod's back, til he reached the waist of his pants.

Ares stopped with his ministrations, and Hercules turned over, his eyes meeting the God's. He saw what was there, and knew he hadn't been hallucinating. He smiled at the God and pulled Ares mouth to his, kissing the God deeply.

Ares broke the kiss and was breathing quite heavily. "What about Iolaus?"

Hercules grinned at him. "Iolaus knows all about this," Herc stated. "I know my lover very well. If he thought I was in any kind of danger, he would be here now. He wouldn't have left me alone with you, God of Love or not."

"Then you have no objections?"

"Who could object to the God Of Love making love with them?" Herc sat up, pulling the God to him. He gently kissed the God, taking possession of Ares mouth, his tongue tasting and teasing.

Ares broke this kiss also, panting. "I'm the God Of Love. How come YOU kiss so good?"

"I had a good teacher in Iolaus," said Hercules, eyeing the God from head to toe. "What do you want?" he asked the God with a leer.

Ares was taken aback. He didn't think Hercules would be so responsive, let alone controlling. He stood and backed up, debating if he should just pop out and return to his world.

Hercules saw this, and walked to the God. Taking him into his arms, he felt Ares shivering. Knowing God's didn't get cold, he figured out Ares was scared. Of him.

"I didn't mean to frighten you. It's okay. I wouldn't hurt you." Herc's voice was soft and tender, and the God relaxed in his strong arms. "You tried to seduce me." At the God's shocked look, Herc continued.  "I'm not stupid Ares. Yes, even I'll admit sometimes I can be a little slow on the uptake, but stupid. No. Never."

"Then you're not angry with me?" Ares asked.

"I'm not YOUR brother. I won't hurt you. And no, I'm not angry. I'm flattered." Herc pressed his lips to Ares again, and this time Ares didn't pull away. He pushed Herc onto the bed and began to caress the demigod's chest, his touch making Herc shiver.

"Relax," whispered the God, smiling. "I won't hurt you. Much."

Hercules smiled back and allowed the God his body. Ares scooted down to the end of the bed, unlacing Herc's boot's, then moved his hands up to Herc's belts. He tried to undo them, then gave up. "To Apollo with them," he said, waving his arm. The pants vanished, and Ares nodded to a nearby chair, where they appeared.

"At least I'll be able to find them," Herc said.

The God waved his hand again and his own clothes vanished.

Hercules had a moment to gasp at Ares' body, before Ares took control, kissing Hercules hard on the mouth, his tongue moving deeply, and Herc moaned softly from the sensation. This time Herc broke the kiss.

"You still don't kiss as good as Iolaus," he laughed. Ares laughed with him, and pulled Herc into another kiss. He moved his mouth to the demigod's neck, licking and tasting. Moving down to his nipples, Ares took one and sucked on it gently, causing Herc to moan. He moved to the other, nipping at this one, and Herc yelped in surprise. Ares hand's in the meanwhile were caressing Hercule's legs, moving slowly up the demigod's inner thigh's, touching so softly, that Herc had to fight for control. He moaned when Ares began to touch his balls, the touch of the God's fingertips like nothing he had felt before.

Ares moved his mouth back up the demigod's body, kissing him hard, then kissed his way up to Herc's ear, nibbling at the lobe. "I know what you want," Ares whispered, snaking his tongue in. "You want me to take your cock and stroke it hard, don't you."

The God kissed his way down to Herc's neck, then kissed his way back up again, all the while stroking Hercules. He repeated the same motions on Herc's other ear, whispering, "You want me to kiss your cock, and make love to it with my tongue."

Now Ares kissed his way back to Herc's nipple's, gently caressing them with his tongue. Ares repeated his motions til his mouth was back at the demigod's ear. "Then I'll suck your cock til you can't stand it any more."

This time the God kissed down to the base of Herc's cock. Hercules was breathing very deeply, his eyes closed, his head pushed back into the pillow.

Ares returned his mouth to Herc's ear once more, this time the God's voice was low and seductive. "You'll beg me to fuck you, to thrust my cock into your ass, and I'll make you feel so good."

Hercules gave a loud moan, and the God kissed his way back down to Herc's cock. He kissed the head, his tongue flicking out to lick the precum from the slit. His tongue then traced a path along Herc's nine inches of manhood, not missing a spot. Ares knelt between Herc's legs, placing his palms on Herc's hips so the demigod couldn't thrust up. He gently licked the slit, blowing on it, the coolness nearly sending Herc over the edge.

"Tell me what I want to hear Hercules." Ares licked at the head again. "Tell me."

The demigod's voice was gutteral. "Suck my cock Ares. I want to fuck your mouth. Please."

"Yes Hercules," whispered Ares. The God took Herc's cock all the way in in one move, and Herc gasped. Even Iolaus had never been able to do this so quickly. Keeping Hercules restrained, Ares sucked hard, his tongue moving up and down Herc's shaft as he sucked. He began to swallow as he sucked and that did it for the demigod.

"Oh.....OH GODS!!!" Hercules screamed. He grabbed Ares hair and pushed the God further onto his cock. "YES........YES!!!!!!!" he cried, shooting his load deep into Ares throat. Ares swallowed every drop, then swiftly removed his mouth, moving up Herc's body to capture his lips, and plunged his tongue in. The demigod felt his cock renewing itself as he tasted his seed on Ares' tongue.

"What now Hercules?" whispered Ares, breaking the kiss.

"Fuck me!" growled the demigod. "Take your cock and fuck me hard!!"

Ares sat up, and pulled Herc's leg's over his shoulder's. He took the oil, and poured some over his hands, anointing himself. He placed one hand on Hercules' cock, gently stroking it, while his other roamed over Herc's ass. He thrust a finger in to tease Hercules, and massaged it inside. Hercules was starting to push up and Ares thrust two more fingers in, causing the demigod to moan again. He played like this for a while, til Hercules was begging him, the demigod's voice ragged.

"Please Ares......Fuck me....I want your cock inside me.....PLEASE!!!"

The God smiled, and removed his fingers, placing his cock at the awaiting entrance. He rubbed it along the crack, teasing, and Herc's eyes flew open. Brown eyes met blue and Ares thrust his cock in, sheathing himself within the demigod. He pulled out, then thrust back in harder, the demigod meeting his thrust and urging him on with his body.

"Harder......More.......Deeper........" Hercules' voice was barely a whisper.

Ares knew they were both close, and he grabbed Herc's cock tighter, stroking him harder, while his own cock pumped into the demigod.

Ares threw his head back and screamed. "HERC!!!!!! OH GODS YES!!! YES!!!!!!!"

"ARES!!!!!" screamed the demigod.

They came together, collapsing from the intensity of their lovemaking.

After a few moments, Ares slowly removed himself from Hercules. The demigod shocked Ares by flipping him onto his stomach, and drawing him up onto his knees.

"My turn now," said Hercules. Ares turned and was amazed that Herc was fully erect again, and wanting for more.

Hercules took the oil, pouring some onto Ares back, watching it run down his back to his ass. He massaged the oil over the God's ass, his hands moving inward, towards Ares tightness. He slipped two fingers in at once, smiling when the God jumped in surprise. Hercules removed his fingers and grasped his own cock, guiding it into Ares. His other hand reached around and took hold of the God's cock, and he thrust in hard, and began to fuck the God.

Now it was Ares turn to moan, as he felt Herc's large cock pounding into him, and the demigods hand stroking him in time with his thrusts.

Herc stilled himself, sheathed fully inside Ares, and leaned over, his cock going even deeper into the God. Hercules nibbled at his ear, thrusting his tongue in. "Cum for me Ares," he whispered. "Cum for me while I cum in you."

The demigod raised himself up again, and pulled out of the God, thrusting back in with such force that Ares thought he would split in two. He pounded in, not holding back anything, and they came together.

Hercules gently removed himself from Ares, then turned the God onto his back, planting kisses everywhere. Ares took Herc's hand and licked off his cum, pulling the demigod to his mouth when he was finished.

They lay in each other's arms, neither speaking, words totally unnecessary, both fully satiated.

The End

Chapter disclaimer: Iolaus had a good time too. He found not one, not  two, but three serving wenches who were more then happy to service him.