The Bribe
By Jen

Sudden heat blistered his skin and stole the air from his chest.  Hands on his shoulders anchored him to the hard body behind him until his eyes adjusted to the red gloom and his gasping breaths began to ease.  Then the hands moved, and even the dim light was gone.  Iphicles stood motionless, his heartbeat jagged as the blindfold was fastened.

The hands were back on him again, holding him in an apparently casual grasp that he knew could crush him in an instant if he were to resist, and turning him around to face the other direction, the body still close against his back.

"You see?"

Over the sounds of the furnace Iphicles heard an uneven sigh, as though the fire were slowly robbing the air from another's lungs.  Then irregular steps approached, and he barely avoided jerking his head back as fingers ran lightly down his face.

"He's so like."

The deep voice was full of wonder, and Iphicles felt the slight shake of laughter in Ares' body close behind him.

"So beautiful."  The soft murmur was barely audible.

"And all yours."  Ares' muscular thigh suddenly thrust between Iphicles' legs, opening them, at the same time pushing Iphicles' hips forward and pulling his shoulders back so that Iphicles was off-balance, his hips tilted forward invitingly to whoever was in front of him.  He swallowed, and jerked in Ares' hold at the pressure suddenly applied against his crotch.  The gust of Ares' silent laughter lifted the hair from his neck, and he felt the god pressing closer behind him, apparently looking down the front of his body to watch what was happening.

"That's my brother, all right," his voice was lazily mocking.  "Straight in for the kill."

The handling at his groin continued, while uneven breath warmed Iphicles' face from the front.  With a final squeeze that warned him not to move, Ares' hands released Iphicles and moved to pull his shirt open.

"See, Heph, it's all for you."

The insistent pressure against his crotch was removed, and then callused hands were greedily moving across his chest, a tongue licking at the rising sweat before swiping roughly across his nipple, leaving him trembling in the heat.  Ares' breath in his ear seemed shockingly loud, the god's cock pressed hard against his ass, and still the hands explored him, squeezing and stroking, until they began to unfasten his pants.  Melting in the heat, Iphicles pushed his hips further forward, silently demanding, and Ares bit his neck.  Obeying the warning, Iphicles forced himself to remain still, trying not to whimper as the tight leather was opened to release his full cock.

"So beautiful."  Iphicles trembled again at the soft whisper of breath against his face.  And then the hands which were pulling his pants down stilled.

"Ares, you're sure..."  The voice trailed away uncertainly, leaving Iphicles trying to identify the tone.

"No, he can't see you.  Now are you going to fuck him or not?"  Ares' hands were pulling Iphicles' pants down further until his ass was naked.  Ares' hips thrust forward once, unmistakably, and Iphicles moaned slightly, pushing back and rubbing himself against Ares.  Another warning bite, harder this time, and he stopped.

"Come on, Heph," Ares' voice was velvet against his ear.  Suddenly he was naked, warm air caressing his damp skin as he stood still, wondering which of the gods had done it, and wondering what the owner of that deep voice and insistent touch looked like, what he would feel like as he came inside Iphicles.  He shivered and pressed closer to Ares.  Lips brushed his neck all too briefly, and then Ares' voice added to the heat in the room.

"Or do you need me to remind you how it's done, brother?  I thought you were the one who wanted to do the fucking this time, but I should've known better.  You just like to take it, don't you?  To bend over and beg while I - "

"The anvil."  Anger sounded in the deep voice as it cut across Ares' low-voiced taunts.  "Bend him over the anvil."

The metal was warm against his wet skin as he stayed where Ares had put him. Those uneven footsteps were approaching, and Iphicles wondered how lame the lame god really was, and just how monstrous he was in appearance.  His thoughts were abruptly interrupted by Ares' booted foot kicking his legs wider apart, causing his weight to be taken fully by the metal over which he lay.  The faint but familiar creak of leather informed him that Ares was moving back from him and he closed his eyes beneath the blindfold and lay, waiting.

He jumped as his wrist was grasped, and oil poured over his fingers.  "Oil yourself."  The deep voice sounded breathless.

Finding the angle awkward at first, he stroked a finger around himself, and then as he became aware of  Ares' impatience, he slid the finger inside. All awkwardness was forgotten as he moved inside himself, spreading the oil until he was as hot and slick inside as out and his breath came in hitched gasps.


Swallowing, Iphicles removed his fingers and waited.


Obediently he spread his thighs as wide as they would reach, and from behind him he heard a satisfied sigh at the sight.

"You know brother, you do good work."  Ares' voice was amused, but Iphicles could hear the flame of arousal licking around his words.

His breath stopped as his ass was parted, and hard warmth slid against him, rhythmically slipping up and down the sweat and oil slicked cleft.  Moaning he pushed back slightly, as well as he could in this position, and the hardness was moved away from him.  He moaned again, in disappointment this time, only to be rewarded by the bluntness that nudged at him.  His groan was lost beneath Hephaestus' gasp as the fullness slid home inside him. Struggling for breath, the sweat trickling into his eyes, all he could feel was the cock inside him, stretching him and promising more.

Hephaestus' harsh breathing as he started to thrust deeper inside was not enough to drown out Ares' voice.

"Feels good, doesn't it, Heph?  Nice and tight.  He's probably still got some of me in there from last time I fucked him, you know.  It's my cum in him makes him so slick."

Hephaestus' thrusts were fast now, and hard, and Iphicles' breath came in tortured gasps of air that was too warm.

"How's it feel, Heph, being where I've been so many times? "

He cried out under the sudden onslaught as Hephaestus lunged frantically into him, unyielding metal beneath him and unforgiving god above him.  And then it was over, and Hephaestus was easing out.

"What did I tell you, brother?"  Ares' voice was smoky, and Iphicles' cock wept at the sound.

"I want to see his face this time."  Hephaestus sounded breathless, but determined.

Iphicles could almost hear Ares' shrug.  "So do it.  Just realise that you'll owe me a favour."

He was being pulled upright, recognising Ares' touch before the voice close to his ear confirmed it.  "Where d'you want him?  On the floor?"

"You know I can't."  Bitter anger spiralled through Hephaestus' words.  "My bed."

Iphicles was pushed forwards, hands guiding him across the warm stone floor. The air grew cooler as they moved, and he shivered slightly as his damp skin began to dry.  Then he was falling forwards, hands reaching out to save himself and encountering the softness of a mattress.  There was a noise next to him, the shift of the bed as a fresh weight bore it down, and then Ares' hand fondling his cock.  With a cry, Iphicles thrust his hips up, but the hand left him.

"Not yet."  The voice in his ear was low and filled with promise.  "Later."

Dragging footsteps intruded, and the bed shifted on Iphicles' other side. He heard a barely withheld sound of pain, and he wondered again how crippled the lame god was.  Couldn't be too badly, if the state of his ass was anything to go by.

The next few minutes reinforced that impression, as Hephaestus' hands and mouth explored everywhere, leaving Iphicles writhing and pleading to be taken.  He had his wish, that cock filling him again and thrusting inside him until he was bucking and sobbing with need and delight.  The harsh hand closed around him and pumped him until sticky warmth spurted onto his skin. He was vaguely aware of Hephaestus thrusting inside, of his face being touched as the god came, but it was some time before he was fully aware again.

When he was it was to find a tongue moving over him, licking at the seed on his chest.  Iphicles reached out and twined his hands into the short hair. It felt so different from Ares'.  Curious, he loosened his grip in the hair and began to explore, wanting to feel the face of the god who had fucked him, to find out what he looked like.  He was suddenly held fast, his wrists taken in a grip as dangerous as that of Ares.

He was obediently still, remaining unmoving as with a small noise of discomfort, Hephaestus moved himself so that he knelt above Iphicles. Feeling the cock bumping against his mouth, he opened to receive it, only to find that that was not what Hephaestus wanted.  Not yet, anyway.  Leaving a slippery trail in its wake, the god's cock rubbed repeatedly over his face, until finally it slid home between the open lips.

"That's two favours, Heph."

Hephaestus tasted as his forge smelt - hot and smoky, with an underlying metallic tang.  Completely different from Ares, but not at all unpleasant. So far from unpleasant in fact that Iphicles made a sound of protest when the god pulled away from his mouth.  He felt the shift in weight above him and realised that the god was looking at Ares.

"I'll offer you one of those favours now, Ares."

The bed shifted again and he felt Ares moving, but wasn't sure what was going on.  All he was sure about was that he could no longer reach Hephaestus' cock properly, so instead his mouth moved over what he could reach, the soft flesh of his thigh, and then the heavy sac between his legs.

The jolt in response delighted Iphicles, and his mouth moved very gently against the god's balls, sucking lightly, flicking with his tongue, until Hephaestus was writhing against his mouth.  And then the movements he had felt began to make sense as he heard the familiar noise from Ares, the grunt of satisfaction that he always made when he pushed fully home for the first time inside Iphicles.  Hephaestus' strangled cry made it doubly clear, and as Ares began to fuck his brother, Iphicles manoeuvred himself from under the gods until he was in front of them and his mouth finally found Hephaestus' cock again.

It thrust deep into Iphicles' mouth every time Ares drove in, but he knew Ares' rhythm, knew it as intimately as he knew his own heartbeat, and was ready each time.  And it seemed no time at all before Hephaestus was jerking helplessly and crying out, screaming Ares' name as his seed filled Iphicles' mouth.  The sound of Ares' own satisfaction followed swiftly.

The gods shifted on the bed, presumably to find more comfortable positions, and then Iphicles found those fingers tracing his face again, over his lips. Automatically his mouth opened and his tongue flicked against a seeking finger.

A low laugh followed and the finger was removed.  "I see why you keep him, Ares."

There was no response.

The fingers continued their gentle exploration of Iphicles' face. "Beautiful."  It was a whisper not meant for his ears.  "Gods, it's uncanny."  Hephaestus' voice raised again.  "You say he's not one of Zeus's?"

There was an abrupt movement on the bed, and Iphicles found himself being shifted until he was disorientated, aware only of Ares' hands and Ares' voice.  "D'you want to talk or d'you want to fuck?"

"Hmmn?"  It sounded sleepy, sated almost.  "Depends what you have in mind."

Iphicles could feel and hear movements, and then Ares' finger was at his mouth demanding entry.  Opening obediently, he sucked hard as he tasted the god's own seed on his finger.  He fought its withdrawal, following after it as best he could, until Ares' hands guided him to different flesh.  An exploratory lick gave him the taste of more of Ares' seed.  Suddenly realising, he set himself with a will to exploring fully, licking up the trails of seed that adorned Hephaestus' skin, pausing to allow his tongue to flicker over the god's sensitive balls, before following the trail to its source.  He heard Hephaestus groan as his tongue slipped inside and probed the velvet heat, plunging, licking and trembling in his excitement as he desperately searched for every last trace of Ares' seed.

His own cock had hardened again, and his hips thrust excitedly as he felt Ares' hand close around it.  Lost in the taste of Ares inside the other god, he barely registered when Hephaestus cried out hoarsely and jerked in submission.  It was Ares who pulled him away, who stroked his cock to climax, and whose tongue drove deeply into his mouth as he did so.

"So, you'll have them ready for me by tomorrow?"

Iphicles lay in a boneless sweating heap, and from the sound of Hephaestus' breathing he suspected that the same might be true for him.

"By tomorrow," Hephaestus confirmed, his voice slurred.

"Good.  And don't forget, brother, you now owe me another two favours."

A sleepy grunt was the only answer.

And then Iphicles was blinking in the sunlight-splashed council room.  He was clean, fully dressed, and Petronius was still boring on about taxes. There was only the tenderness in his ass to let him know it had really happened.  That and the memory of Ares' lips briefly against his, and the whispered promise of tonight.

The End