Nightmare Revisited
By Huntress

This story is a sequel (of sorts) to Nymphica's Mixed Signals. 

Iolaus woke again for the third time that night. The same nightmare. Visions of Herc, naked, sweaty, under a full moon. Visions of the demigod getting fucked hard. Visions of the cock that thrust into the demigod's ass, causing Herc to scream for more. Except it wasn't his cock sheathed inside Hercules, inside HIS lover. It was Ares.


They were in Plinth, on their way home to Thebes, when Herc suggested they stop at the inn for the night. Iolaus was surprised that Hercules was willing to splurge for a room. They were only one day from home. But he went along with it. At least he'd have a hot bath and a bed.  He noticed Herc was quieter then usual, but figured the demigod was tired. They ate supper, Iolaus doing his proverbial flirting with the serving wench, then he and Hercules opted for bed.

"Go on up," said Herc, smiling at his lover. "I'm gonna get us a flask of ale."

Waiting til Iolaus had gone up, Hercules got the flask and two mugs to take up. Outside the room, there was a flash and Ares was standing in front of his brother, with another, identical flask to the one Herc had.

"Don't panic. I'm not going to poison him," said Ares, with a small smirk. "I prepared this one with just the right amount. After what you did with the meats, I figure I better make sure you don't overdo it again. And do be careful not to confuse them, okay. Give him this one, he'll think it's the same as yours." Hercules took the flask from his brother and turned to enter the room. But Ares stopped him.

"Hercules, I have absolutely no fucking idea why I care or why I'm asking, but why are you doing this to Iolaus? For some reason I thought you loved him."

Herc leaned close to his brother, "No matter what I've done, Ares, I do love him. He's the other half of my soul. I went to Hades to get him back three times because of that love. But he couldn't accept what I have with you. I need him, and I want you. I don't want to lose either."

"Sooner or later Hercules, he's going to figure out something's not right. Iolaus is many things, but stupid is not one of them," Ares said, his voice cautionary.

"Let me worry about that moment when it comes, okay Ares," said Hercules, and he entered the room, leaving a confused War God in the hall.

Ares was not overly fond of the hunter, but, as God of War, he respected Iolaus as a warrior. He already felt regret over taking Iolaus down three nights previous, when the hunter had seen the two sons of Zeus together. He should have asked the blonde to join them.


When they realized their attraction to one another, Ares suggestion had been to tell Iolaus, telling Hercules that if Iolaus found out after the fact, he might never forgive the demigod. But the brothers' attraction to one another overwhelmed their thoughts of Iolaus, and they began to have 'meetings', late at night, in the woods, in Ares temples, even twice in Aphrodite's.

But one night Iolaus woke, and went on a search for Herc in the nearby woods. Iolaus nearly caught them together. So Herc decided to get Iolaus drunk the next time. But the hunter was so sick the next morning the demigod gave up on that plan.

It was Ares who suggested they use the drug. It was a mild sedative, not harming the user, and given in the right dosage, caused reality to seem dream-like. If Iolaus did wake, and he saw anything, it wouldn't be hard to convince him it was a dream. Given in the right dosage, Iolaus, in theory, would sleep deeply straight through the night. Too much, which is what Herc had given him 3 nights ago, could cause the hunter to walk around, albeit in a dream-like state, and observe things, and it might be hard to convince him something wasn't real. Ares had seen Iolaus that night and hit him with an energy bolt. Then he had refused to heal him, and been rather nasty about it, with the hope that the refusal would force the demigod to come clean with his lover.

Instead, Herc came up with some awful story about laying down in a thorn patch, and the hunter, as usual, took it as gospel. But the time for this was past, in Ares opinion. Ares somehow knew that if Iolaus found out the truth, he'd accept it. It might take him a while to forgive Herc for the drugs, but the War God knew Iolaus would do that also. So he did the only thing he could. The flask the demigod was giving to Iolaus wasn't drugged. The demigod's, however, was.

Now all he had to do was wait.


Hercules awoke with a start, and attempted to turn over. He couldn't.  His vision clearing, he saw he was on an altar in one of Ares' temples. He had been stripped, and bound, and his eyes grew wide at the sight before him.

Ares was on his knees, his lips wrapped around Iolaus' cock, and Iolaus' head was thrown back in pleasure, soft moans coming from his throat.  The hunter had his hands on Ares shoulders to keep himself steady, and Ares was helping him out holding his hips. The demigod's eyes grew wider as he watched Iolaus' face, and knew when the hunter was going to cum. He gaped as the muscles in Iolaus' back and neck tightened, and Iolaus wound his hand in Ares hair, pushing his cock deeper in the God's mouth. And then Iolaus spilled his seed within Ares, and the War God swallowed everything the hunter had to give him. Ares stood, and pulled the hunter into a hard bruising kiss,
his hands groping Iolaus' ass, gently caressing the baby soft skin on those muscular cheeks.

Iolaus turned, bending over a table, and Hercules watched as Iolaus prepared to give himself willingly to the War God. Ares materialized a bottle of oil, and prepared himself to pleasure the hunter.

Iolaus gripped the sides of the table, and spread his legs. Turning, his eyes met Herc's and he got a satisfied smile on his face, followed by a look of intense pleasure when Ares entered him. His eyes closed as Ares thrust in and out, taking the hunter's cock in hand, stroking it in time with the thrusts. They came together, Ares 'riding' Iolaus til both were finished.  Then they walked over to Hercules.

Ares kept his distance, choosing to lean against the wall and watch. Iolaus spread Herc's legs, and knelt between them, running one hand over the demigod's chest, grasping a nipple between his thumb and finger and twisting it, which caused Herc to yelp. He then grasped the other nipple and did the same.

"Iolaus, let me loose," said Hercules, pulling at the leather straps that held him.

"Give it up little bro," said Ares. "No way you're breaking those. I put a spell on them. Little trick I learned from Artemis." He smiled at Iolaus. "He's all yours blondie. I'm just going to sit back and watch. Oh, and little brother, Iolaus knows everything."


"Not nice, Herc," Iolaus said softly, still torturing Herc's nipples.  "Ares told me everything." Iolaus flicked a finger against Herc's (now-sore) nipple, and the demigod jumped from the sudden pain. "What made you think I wouldn't accept it?" Iolaus did the same to the other nipple, causing the same reaction.

"Iolaus please....." whispered Hercules.

Iolaus continued to speak in the same soft tone. "You drugged me, Hercules. So I wouldn't find out you were fucking your brother. Twenty-five years of friendship and you drugged me. You son-of-a-bitch." Iolaus moved up and straddled Herc's stomach, grabbing both nipples at once.

"Iolaus!!! Please....please stop," the demigod said, wincing from the pain.

"Does it hurt, Hercules?" asked the hunter. "How do you think I feel? I hurt. I don't know which hurts more." He reached around and grabbed Herc's cock in a vise like grip, and began to pump the demigod hard. "Your not trusting me, or drugging me."

Hercules began to groan from the pain/pleasure he was getting from Iolaus. He felt his balls tighten and knew he was close, but so did the hunter. Iolaus let go of Herc's cock, leaving the demigod with no way to get the release he needed. He twisted a nipple again, but this time Hercules gave a languid moan in response to the pain.

Iolaus crawled back in between Herc's legs. Kneeling, Iolaus ran his fingernails along the inside of Hercules' thighs, sending waves of pleasure to the demigod's groin.

"Does it feel good, Herc?" the hunter asked quietly.

"Yes....oh yes, Iolaus," replied the demigod.

Iolaus abruptly sat up, taking his hands from the demigod's body.

"Suffer," the hunter said, and walked to Ares.

Iolaus gave a last glance at Hercules before kneeling to take the God's cock into his mouth. Grabbing hold of Ares ass, he pulled the War God deep into him, his moans echoing through the temple. Ares placed a hand in Iolaus' hair, pulling the hunter closer, fucking his mouth as if the world were about to end. His eyes caught his brother's, and Hercules just stared back. Iolaus, HIS Iolaus, pleasuring HIS brother.  He struggled further against the straps that bound him, but all he did was frustrate himself.

"He's got a sweet mouth, brother," said Ares. "Too bad you don't appreciate him."

Ares continued to fuck the hunter's mouth and gave a shout, shooting his load down Iolaus' throat, and moaned with satisfaction as he watched Iolaus swallow his cum.

Iolaus removed his mouth, but didn't move, opting instead to sit at the God's feet, staring up at him, like a lost puppy with its new owner.

Ares gave Herc an evil grin. "Don't you see, Hercules? He accepts me. He has an affinity for me. And he's mine now. I've never lied to him. He knows what I am. Who I am. I've never hidden it. You on the other hand, used him. And he doesn't know why."

"What did you do to him?" asked Hercules.

"Nothing brother, nothing at all. I just told him the truth.  Something which you couldn't do." The God looked down at Iolaus. "He's yours for the taking Iolaus. How many times has he taken you? I'm sure you've always wanted to return the favor."

Iolaus stood, his eyes not leaving the God's. He grabbed Ares by the hair and pulled him into a deep, hard kiss, the hunter's tongue sharing Ares own taste with him. He broke the kiss abruptly, turning his attention to Hercules. Standing over the demigod, Iolaus grabbed him by the hair and pulled Herc's mouth to his, sucking on his tongue til Herc gasped for air. Breaking the kiss, the hunter's hands moved down Herc's body, fingertips gently caressing the perfect body laying there. Moving around, he climbed between the demigod's legs again, up to his chest, and positioned his cock so it was at Herc's lips. The demigod reached out for it, but Iolaus pulled away.

"Want it, Hercules?" he asked. "I don't think so."

Moving back down Herc's body, Iolaus positioned himself so his cock was at Herc's tightness. Lifting the demigod's legs over his shoulders, he sheathed himself all the way inside, no preparation, and Hercules screamed from the pain. The hunter kept his eyes on his cock, watching it pound into the demigod, ignoring Herc's pleas to stop, that this was too much for him, the pain too great.

Sanity returned to the hunter, however, when, upon pulling out, he saw blood. His eyes widened, his brain reconnecting with his body, and he pulled away from Hercules, backing up, his mind reeling at what he had just

Iolaus had raped Hercules. He'd wanted to hurt the demigod, but not like this. Herc had drugged him, but hadn't hurt him physically. Not like this.

"Ares, let him go," said Iolaus quietly. "Enough."

The War God nodded and released his brother. Herc sat up, and winced from the pain, gritting his teeth so he wouldn't cry out. Trying to stand, he stumbled, nearly falling on the floor. But a pair of small hands grabbed him and sat him down.

"Iolaus," Herc said, whispering. "I know you can't forgive me for what I did, what I allowed to happen, so I'm leaving." Tears began to flow from the demigod's eyes. "I just wanted to tell you I'm sorry and I know what I did was wrong. I wanted Ares and didn't even think about how you would feel.  I will regret that for the rest of my life."

Iolaus lifted Herc's head so their eyes met. "You're right Hercules. You were wrong and you didn't even consider my feelings, if I would have any objections over you and Ares, and especially for the drugs. But you're wrong when you say I can't forgive you. It's gonna take a while Herc, you hurt me, right here" (his hand moved over his heart), "but I can't just stop loving you. My love for you isn't a torch that can be put out in the dirt. Part of me wants to hate you, but I can't. I don't know how, but I know we'll work through this. I DO still love you."  He pulled his lover into his arms, holding him, knowing that they WOULD survive this.

The War God sighed, walking over, joining the two. "I told you Hercules, no secrets. They always backfire on you. You need to listen to your big brother sometimes. I have a lot more experience in these things then you do. Now, I would be more then happy to heal your "wounds", and then maybe we can all play nicely together."

"No Ares," answered the demigod, looking into Iolaus' eyes. "I need this pain to remind me of what I've done. No more secrets Iolaus. Never again."

"Never again Hercules," replied Iolaus, pushing the demigod onto his back. He kissed his lover gently, and began to slowly caress the demigod.

'It's good to be right once again,' thought the War God, with a smug smirk, and he joined the other two. It was going to be a long night.

The End