Ares and the Fomors 1-11
By Jenn M

Part 1

Ares was bored. Nothing exciting was happening lately and he was sick of hearing Hercules this and Xena that. He decided to go see what trouble he could stir up outside of Greece. Along the way he didn't see anything that really caught his eye until he came upon Eire. When  he saw what was taking place he decided this  was the perfect place to have some fun.


The Fomors had been the ruling deities of this land since before man had come to the land. Now the Tuatha DeDanann had come to try and and drive them out. A great war had broken out and it looked as if there would not
be an end anytime soon. The Goddess Danu was the mother of the Fomors and she was determined to see the Tuatha De Danann destroyed. The Tuathians were the children of her sister Dana. The two sisters had hated each other for so long Danu couldn't  remember what had caused the rift between  them. Her children had suffered a great loss today.  The Tuathians had gained ground and several of her children had been hurt. Danu paced restlessly as she tried to think up some strategy that would help them regain their position. She was so deep in thought that she did not feel the presense of another being watching her from the dark shadows of her room.


Ares watched with great interest at the beautiful creature that paced before him. He hungrily took in the way her red hair fell to her hips. The diaphounous blue gown clung to her very full breasts and skimmed down over her hips. He began to get aroused at the thought of bedding this lovely creature.  Ares had watched the battle that day and knew of her plight. He needed a distraction and figured this was exactly what he needed. Ares stepped out of the shadows and cleared his throat to get her attention.

Danu startled by the noise spun around and there stood one of the best looking men she had ever seen. She couldn't help looking at this dark and hansome being clad in tight black leather with powerful looking arms crossed over a very broad, muscular chest. She took in his muscular thighs encased in leather so tight  she could see the definition of the muscle.  Before she could decide if he  was a hallucination  he spoke. " Allow me to inroduce myself, I am Ares The God of War".

Part 2

Before Danu could respond to his introduction he moved closer to her. She couldn't help but notice his masculine scent and the way his muscles moved under the tight black leather. She felt an undeniable jolt of arousal. She was not usually caught of guard and didn't like her reaction one bit.

Danu stepped back. She didn't want to appear intimidated but needed some distance to get a grip of her self. Feigning a bravado she didn't feel she tossed back her hair from her face and looked the stranger in the eyes."God of War, am I to be impressed? I'm afraid I don't have time to acquaint myself with lesser god, I have more
important things to do."

Ares threw back his head and laughed. He had noticed her reaction and enjoyed watching the way her cheeks flushed and her breathing had quickened when he had gotten close to her. He quit laughing when he saw the anger flare in her incredible green eyes.

Danu couldn't believe it when he started laughing. Who did he think he was? He stood there looking at her with a smug look on his face and she decided she was going to teach this so called God of War a lesson.

"So you find this all amusing well laugh at this" Danu lifted her arms out before her. A bolt of blue fire shot out and lifted Ares off the ground. She lifted him up high over head and held him there for a moment enjoying the look of suprise on his face.

Ares hadn't expected her reaction and was taken aback to find himself dangling above her like a rag doll. He couldn't free himself from her hold. He didn't like this situation one bit. Suddenly she released her hold and he was  dropped unceremoniously to the floor.

Now Danu was the one laughing. "What's a matter little god aren't you having fun?" Danu stood over him and bent over to look into his glaring eyes."Now why don't you just run on back to what ever land you call home before you get hurt."

Ares growled and jumped up. " I am Ares God of War!" he shouted. " It's time you learned who you are dealing with!" Ares threw a bolt of fire at her and sent her crashing against the wall. Before she could recover he hit her again. When she didn't get up Ares stopped.

She was crumpled on a heap on the floor. He cautiously stepped closer to her. He studied her face. Her long lashes layed against finely sculpted cheek bones. He looked at her full red lips and had the urge to kiss them. Her long red hair was splayed out around her. His eyes were drawn down the length of her body. He couldn't help but notice her full breasts and the way they rose with her breath. Her gown had ridden up and showed off her long shapely legs and for a moment he imagined them wrapped around his waist.

Suddenly her arm shotup and she grabbed Ares by his throat. He couldn't believe her strength as she shot up and flipped him on to his back all the while keeping a firm grip on him. Ares tried to pry her hand off of him but her grip was to strong. He had never met a woman , immortal or mortal that could hold him down like this. She straddled him and placed her knees on his arms.

"Now would you like to try that again Little God? Or do you need to be taught a lesson?" Danu slowly released her grip and Ares scowled at her. She didn't like to admit it but she liked the feel of his strong hard body under her. The feel of him struggling under her aroused her.

Ares tried to free himself. This Goddess was not one to be toyed with. He decided he was going to use a different tactic with her.

Part 3

Ares stopped struggling. He gave Danu his sexiest smile. She was on his arms but he was able to move his hands on to her thighs. Her gown had ridden up her legs and her flesh was exposed.

Danu felt a jolt of pleasure at this brief touch. She knew what he was up to. Why not enjoy this beautiful god for awhile, when finished she would send him packing with his tail between his legs.

She smiled seductively back and shifted her weight back on his groin. She felt his hard cock straining against the tight leather. She started to slowly grind against him.

A low moan escaped from Ares lips as she rubbed against him. His arms were free now and he ran his hands up and held onto her waist holding her tighter against him.

Ares groaned with frustration when suddenly she stood up and walked off. He smiled when he saw her motion to him to follow. He followed her into a bed chamber with a very large bed. When she reached the bed she turned towards him. With a wave of her hand Ares found himself standing naked before her.

Danu studied the hard muscular body before her. Her eyes followed the trail of soft furring on his chest down to his cock. His large cock stood out from his body hard and ready for attention.   She knelt before him and grasped him in her hand. "Well maybe I was wrong in calling you little godling." With that she took him in her mouth sucking slowly up and down. She licked hungrily at the head and around the slit.

Ares grabbed her hair to pull her closer, thrusting  into her mouh. He watched as  she sucked harder taking him all the way in. He groaned when he felt her tounge on his balls. She licked and sucked at them while she used her hand on his cock. When she took him in her mouth again, Ares held her head while he fucked her mouth. She greedily licked up his seed as he came in her mouth.

When she finished cleaning him off with her tounge, Ares pulled her up and they shared a deep kiss, he could taste himself on her lips and tounge. When their lips parted Ares grabbed the neck of her gown and ripped it off her body exposing her to him.

He pushed her back on the bed and knelt before her. He grabbed a nipple in his mouth and sucked on it. He switched back and forth lavishing attention on both of the tawny buds. He parted her legs and kissed his
way down so he could have a taste of her.

Danu whimpered with desire as he licked and sucked at her clit. She couldn't believe the way this arrogant young god made her feel. She felt her climax hit when he inserted a finger inside her and fucked her with it as he expertley used his tongue on her.

Danu couldn't wait any longer she wanted him inside her now. "Now my God of War show me how well you can wield your sword."  She looked down at his cock, that was again hard.

Ares gave her a wicked smile as he grabbed her hips and pulled her tight against him, entering her with one thrust. "My sword is always ready for use." He growled in her ear. He thrust in to her hard pressing her legs back against her so he could penetrate deeper.  The bed shook under his assault.

Danu pushed him off of her and flipped him over on his back. Straddling him she impaled herself on him and rode up and down on his cock. Ares thrust up to meet her movements pulling her down hard against him. She leaned down and kissed him. Biting his lips lightly.

Ares lifted her off him and moved behind her. She cried out as he entered her from behind. He drove into relentlessly, fucking her hard and fast. Her muscles contracted around him with her  climax, causing him to cum hard. They both yelled out with their release, collapsing in a heap on the bed.

Ares pulled her against him and they fell asleep briefly in each other's arms. When they awoke Danu turned to him " So now that that's out of the way, why are you here?" she queried.  She ran her hands across his muscular chest still lightly covered with sweat.

Ares was about to answer when he felt her mouth on his cock. His answer came out as a deep groan instead. He suddenly couldn't remember the question.

The two lovers were so involved in their pleasure they didn't sense the presence standing in the doorway, and the angry eyes that watched.

Part 4

Ares and Danu were so involved with one another they didn't notice that they were being watched. They'e cries of pleasure drowned out the sound of an angry snarl. Forthem there was only each other.

Bile watched as his mother fucked a stranger. He hated anyone but him touching her. He loved his mother more than anyone or anything. He didn't care that she usually ignored him. He lived for the moments when she allowed him to touch her and pleasure her. He even tolerated it when she forced him to pleasure her lovers. She enjoyed humiliating him but he didn't care.  He loved that much.

Bile wished he had the nerve and the strength to storm in there and tear that bastard to shreds. He clenched his hands into tight fists and watched his Mother give the stranger a blowjob. As she licked and sucked his cock and balls, Bile couldn't help but wish it was him recieving her attention. She never pleasured him like that.

As Bile watched he couldn't help but notice how handsome the man with her was. His eyes roamed over the well built muscled frame. How he wished he looked like that. He leant against the door trying to get a better view, when he lost his balance and tumbled headlog into his Mother's bedchamber.

Danu and Ares stopped their activities when the heard the loud thud as Bile crashed to the floor. "Bile you clumsy fool! What are you doing here?" Danu scolded as she jumped up and grabbed her son by the collar and yanked him up before her.

"Ares meet my idiot son Bile."  Bile glared at Ares beneath  mousy brown bangs that fell in his face. He wanted to kill him.

Ares laughed at the scrawny god before him. He was even more pathetic a god than his nephew Strife was.

Danu released him and lay back on the bed. " Well son why have you interrupted me? You should know better than that." She lazily stroked the covers as she waited for Bile to answer.

"Forgive me Mother, but Bres wishes to meet with you. He wants to discuss the strategy for tomorrows battle." Bile nervously shifted his weight from foot to foot. He was getting a hard on watching his Mother stroke the bed, naked before him. He didn't want them to notice his excitement.

"Bres can wait, I've got other things on my mind." She sat up and grabbed her son pulling him down on his knees before her. She had noticed the bulge in his pants and decided to have fun with him. She knew he lived for the moments when he could touch he. Besides Ares might enjoy a cock sucking from him. Her son wasn't good at much but he sure knew how to use his mouth.

She forced Bile down and instructed him to pleasure her. Bile was more than happy to do so. He started licking and sucking her clit. He could taste Ares on her.

As her son worked on her Danu turned her attention to the naked God standing near by. "So Ares now that we got the pleasntrys out of the way, why don't you tell me why you're here.

Ares was enjoying watching Bile. Danu's question caught him by suprise. He had almost forgotten his reason for being here. "I'm here to help you win your war."

Danu smiled up at him. "Well, If your half as good at fighting as you are at fucking winning won't be a problem" She grabbed his arm and pulled him down for a deep kiss.

Part 5

Ares enjoyed the taste of her. His tongue exploring her mouth. He loved how she groaned softly when he deepened the kiss.

Ares almost forgot Bile was there. He broke off the kiss and watched as he lovingly caressed his mother's cunt with his mouth and tongue.  He wanted to tear him away and continue the job himself. He was about to do just that when he heard a crash.

Ares spun around to see a very large man standing in the doorway. He didn't like the murderous look on his face.

Bres had tired of waiting for his son and wife to return. He was going to find them and drag them back here. He left the group that had assembled and headed to his wife's bedchamber.    When he arrived at her room he heard an all to familiar sound. His slut wife was at it again. He flung the door open hard and it slammed against the stone wall. It crashed loudly and he heard the wood splinter. He was surprised to see a stranger with his wife and son. Now he knew why Danu didn't bother to show her face this evening.

Danu pushed Bile away from her and stood to face her husband. With a wave of her hand she was clothed in a pale blue robe. She glared at her husband. She did not appreciate the interruption.

"Must you be so dramatic Bres? A knock would have sufficed!" She yelled in his face. Bres glared down at his wife and fought the desire to throttle her.

"I summoned you, but apparently getting fucked is more important than winning the war against your sister and her children."  Bres shoved her to the side. He yanked Bile up by his collar, disgusted with his youngest child.

Bile stared wide eyed at his father. He had let his desire for Danu to get him in trouble again. He knew father would punish him severely. "Please Father, I tried to do as you asked. I only meant to summon her as you asked," he whimpered.

"I will deal with you later." He growled as he flung him aside to face the stranger. He took in his naked form. Had he not been so angry he would have been aroused by the site of the well muscled frame before him. "As for you,What the hell are you doing with my wife and son?"

Part 6

Ares took a step back from the large God. With a thought he was once again clad in black leather. He felt more confident now that he wasn't nude before all in the room.

Giving Bres a big grin he introduced himself. "I am Ares, God Of War.  As for your wife and son we were just getting acquainted."

Bres's lip curled up in a snarl. He was about to rid the world of the cocky bastard when his wife snapped his name." Bres! you can play the jealous husband later, let's get this meeting over with."

She started to leave the room when she turned back to Bres. "Oh and by the way dear, He's here to stay. My new friend is going to help us win the war. I expect him at the meeting as well." With that she left the room and strode down the hall with a regal air.

Bres turned to the dark war god." I will tolerate your presence for the time being. I have a war to fight and that's more important than my wife's latest toy. I'll be watching you. Keep your hands to yourself."  Bile tried to sneak out of the room. He froze when he heard his father's below. "HOLD IT RIGHT THERE! I expect you to return to your quarters. I will be by later and you had better be there." Bile nodded weakly and ran off.

Ares smirked, amused when Bres mumbled to himself about his pathetic excuse for a son. As He followed Bres he couldn't help thinking what an interesting lot these Gaelic Gods were.

When Ares entered the Great Hall, he found an interesting group indeed. At the Head of the table sat Danu. Her queenly presence left no doubt who was in charge here. Bres sat to her right. He sat rigidly, his eyes glaring out from beneath heavy brows.

To Danu's left sat a goddess. Under each eye and around her arms she bore the blue warrior tattoos. She wore a gold helmet and a gold breast shield over a brown leather tunic. A black crow sat on top of the high chair back behind her. She stared at Ares with the cold steely gaze of a killer. His kind of gal he thought.

Two other Goddesses sat next to her.  They were just as fierce looking. They appeared to be triplets. All dressed in warrior garb and ready to do battle. A crow sat behind their chairs as well.  Ares didn't know it yet but these three were called the Morrigu. The sisters names were Badb, Nemon and Macha. Fierce Warrior Goddesses.

Before Ares could finish inspecting the other attendees, Danu called the meeting to order." Before we get started I want to introduce you to our new ally, Ares. He is going to help us defeat the Tuathians."   All eyes turned and stared at the leather clad stranger standing at the end of the long table.

Part 7

Ares nonchalantly sat at the empty seat at the end of the heavy oak table. He was feeling abit unnerved by the stares of cold eyes boring into him. He wasn't about to let them know that though. He flashed his most charming smile at the group as he made him self comfortable.

He had never seen so many warrior gods. There was at least twelve by his quick guess. The only one that looked eager to have him here was Danu.  The rest looked as though they'd be happy to do him in for fun. If he could just help them win this war, he would have very powerful allys to help him secure a stronger position with the Olympians.

A gruff voice spoke up "What can this puny God do for us?" Ares looked to the source of the insult. A very large man, larger than Bres sat glaring at him. He had long,copper colored hair, pulled back and secured at his nape. The most striking thing about his appearance was the patch over his left eye. It was decorated to look as if it was an open eye. His other eye was a piercing blue. It flashed with open contempt for the stranger in their midst.

"Ares please ignore Balor. I'm afraid my oldest son doesn't have the best of manners," Danu stated. She stood up and walked to were Ares was seated. She stood behind him and placed her hands on his shoulders.

"Ares is a God of War. He is going to help us fight my Sister's brats. After today's fiasco I think we could use all the help we can get. Now shall we get started?" She looked around the room at her children. She noticed that one of the seats was empty.

"Where is Lugh? Why is he not in attendance!" Danu's voice raised, letting all know she was not happy by his absence. The other gods stirred restlessly, none wanting to be the bearer of bad news. "Well I'm waiting! Bres! What's going on?

Bres stood,nervously clearing his throat. He knew she'd explode when she heard of Lugh's betrayal. " It seems he has switched sides.

All braced for her reaction. The news had come when she had been off in her chambers, otherwise occupied. Ares winced when her fingers tightened, digging into his shoulders, but he didn't dare move. "He what? she asked disbelievingly.

Bres swallowed hard before continuing.  "He has fallen in love with Dana's daughter Dechtire. She has promised her in marriage if he agreed to help them defeat us."

Danu released her grip on Ares, much to his relief and turned her back on the group. Pain piercing her heart.Lugh had always been her favorite, she loved him more than any other. Her chest tightened and she felt like she couldn't breathe. Tears pricked the corners of her eyes, but she blinked them back. She would not allow anyone to see her cry.   She proudly threw her head back and spun to face the other gods.

"Why was I not told of this immediately, Bres?" she ground out through gritted teeth. Before he could answer she cut off his response. "Well then it seems we have now have a traitor todeal with." She seethed with anger. Lugh would pay.  "Alright, let's figure out how we're going to squash those Tuathian bugs. Shall we?" Danu strode to her seat. "Most of all I want Lugh captured and that bitch Dechtire dead." The cold anger of her voice went through the group. All shouted their agreement.

The Gods planned long into the night. At last a strategy was agreed on. The group broke up and Ares watched as they left the great hall, one by one. He admired their warrior minds. He sat back in his seat, arms crossed casually  and smiled to himself. He was looking forward to the battle. He glanced up to see Danu looking down at him.

Danu had a lot of tension built up and Ares was going to help her with that. She reached down and yanked him up. Their lips met in a passionate kiss. Ares took her hard there on the oak table. Danu forgot for a short time her anger and pain, feeling only the desire and pleasure this dark God could give her.

Bres stood outside the hall. Listening to the sounds of their union, wishing it was him that his wife had turned to. He sighed and turned from the door. They had a long day ahead of them and he still had Bile to deal with. He would take care of Ares later.

Daybreak fell. A great battle was about to be waged.

Part 8

A fog had settled over the valley of Mag Turied. The air was damp and chilly. Ares took in a deep breath of the morning air. Nothing got his heart pounding or his blood surging through his godly veins like a good, bloody war.

The Fomorians were ready for battle. Bres inspected the group offering words of encouragement. His large frame covered in battle armor.

Ares watched him as he moved through the mist. Appreciating the muscular frame covered in armor. Blue war paint under his cold steely eyes. His long coppery hair pulled back in a low pony tail. If not for the clear hatred in the Irish God's eyes Ares would have enjoyed a romp with the Irish God.

Bres felt the greek's eyes on him. How he wanted to knock the arrogant bastard back to were ever he came from. He intended to do just that once this damn battle was over with. He'd had enough of Ares and his wife rutting under his nose. The greek god would be sorry for making a fool of him in front of everyone.

Bres'  thoughts were interrupted by the approach of his son Bile.


Bile approached cautiously. He had felt his Father's wrath last night. He remembered the feel of sharp leather as it tore into his back. His Father had given him a severe lashing, that he would not soon forget. He didn't want to face him now, but after his discovery he felt he had to share it with Bres.

"Father, I have something..." Bile's words were cut off by his Father's bellow.

"GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!" Bres' voice echoed through the valley. "I do not wish to look upon your face, SO GO! before I give you another lashing in front of everyone. DO YOU UNDERSTAND!?"

Bile recoiled from his father's sharp words. "But Father, you don't understand. I have something of the utmost importance to tell you." Bile managed to sputter.

"You have nothing I want to hear. NOW LEAVE!" Bres approached the cowering Bile. He was prepared to give him the lashing he promised when he heard his wife's voice.

Taking the chance to escape unscathed, Bile ran off vowing to make his father pay for this humiliation.


All eyes turned at Danu's approach. Mounted on a large blood bay stallion, she made her way to were her husband stood. Even though she was a goddess and didn't need a horse to get around, she enjoyed the feel of a powerful animal between her thighs.

She pulled the horse to a stand still in front of Bres. He did not like the fact, he had to look up to face her.

Danu smirked at her husbands obvious annoyance with her.  She talked soothingly to her mount as he danced nervously under her. "Really Bres, must you be so hard on Bile. You take everything much to seriously."

Before he could remark Danu spurred the horse past him to Ares side. "Are you ready to fight for my honor? Little God." she asked coyly.

Ares ignored her little barb and admired her lithe form straddling the prancing animal.

Atop her head she wore a horned headdress. Her long red hair hung in braids down to her waist.  Under her eyes was the same blue paint as the other warriors. Her brown leather outfit appeared to be painted on her body. Her breasts were covered with a silver plating. The skirting of her out fit ended mid thigh, exposing her creamy flesh. Boots encased her lower legs.

Ares very much approved of her appearance. She was even more incredible in her battle garb.


The sun finally began to burn the fog off the land. Across the valley the Tuatha De Danaan prepared. Their Allies the Fir Bolg joined them.

The Fir Bolg didn't like the Tuathans but their hatred of the Fomorians was greater. They wanted to see them wiped from lands, everyone of them dead.

The Fomorians had destroyed half of their race and now it was time for retribution.


A dark cloud shadowed the sky. All eyes, from both sides of the valley stared at the approaching darkness. unearthly shrieks and cries emanated from the cloud.

"What in Tartarus is that?" Ares asked with wonder.

"Not what, Who." Danu corrected. "They are the Unseelie Court. They are going to help us decimate the Tuathian scum." She said scornfully.

Bres ran to their sides. The shrieks and wailing coming from the darkness was so loud now he had to yell to be heard. "Why have they come? Danu, did you do this??

Danu looked at her husband. He could tell by the gleam in her eye and the smile on her face that she had.

An icy shiver coursed down Bres' spine. Only a fool would not fear the Unseelie.  He looked with trepidation as the sun was completely covered from sight.


On the other side of the valley, The Tuathians and Fir Bolgs watched helplessly. The Unseelie Court had arrived.

Part 9

Lugh stared up at the swirling mass of darkness covering the daytime sky. Fear gripped his heart. There was only one so foolish as to call upon the Unseelie Court. "Oh Mother, what have you done?" he whispered to himself.

Guilt seared him. He knew if it had not been for his betrayal his Mother would never have gone this far.

He feared for them all. When the Unseelie Court was around no one was safe. He feared most for his beloved Dechtire. She would become the most likely target for his Mother's full wrath.

He closed his eyes and called forth an image of his beloved. In his mind's eye he saw her long ebony hair highlighted with red streaks. Her brown eyes dancing with joy. Her full red lips waiting for his kiss.

His thoughts were interrupted by the shouting of the men around him. Many were frightened and chaos was about to break out. They knew what the arrival of the Unseelie meant. Death for all in their way. Lugh pushed his way through the panicking crowd in search of Dana.


Ares watched in amazement the effect the Unseelie had on these warrior gods. The only one not bothered by their arrival was Danu. He had to admit that they bothered even him. He didn't know the first thing about them, but he could sense they weren't to be messed with.

He could see genuine fear on the upturned faces around him. Nothing he had ever experienced could cause this reaction. The Unseelie must be a real force to be reckoned with.

His head started to hurt because of the horrible sounds emanating from the dark mass. He considered leaving before they arrived, but at the moment he was to curious.

As he watched dark forms started to separate from the mass and settle down around them. He could feel the pure evil radiating from them.

A large misshapen creature set down in front of Danu. She bowed before it. The creature stared at her with yellow, cold unblinking eyes.

"Greetings Urisk, Lord of the Unseelie. I am honored you have answered my petition for help." Danu said in her most queenly and gracious manner.

The deformed hulk shuffled closer to her. He reeked with the stench of decaying flesh. His voice came out in a low hoarse rumbling. "Greetings Danu, Queen of the Fomors. We look forward to serving you."


Ares watched the exchange of greetings. He had a bad feeling, a very bad feeling. He got the distinct impression that the Unseelie would command a high price for their service. A price that would most likely be paid in blood.

Part 10

Members of the Unseelie Court continued to separate from the writhing mass. Several hundred of the denizen made their way to the ground.

 As if an unseen signal was sent the dark, swirling mass began to recede. With its retreat the sky began to brighten and the sun broke through once again. The horrendous shrieking lessened and than faded. As quickly as it came the cloud was gone.

Ares' dark eyes scanned the group of demon fae. Most were horrible misshapen creatures. Some looked as though a cruel hand had taken parts of various animals and smashed them together to form a terrible new creation. He was surprised to see that several were human in appearance.

Ares was distracted by the frightened neighs of Danu's mount. He watched in horrid fascination as four of the hulking creatures descended upon the poor beast. The Unseelie toyed with the bay stallion.

The stallion ran back in forth in circles. The fae would allow just enough of an opening to give the animal hope of escape. As the horse raced to escape, the opening would close and claws would strike. The animal ran in circles kicking and striking out but always missing it's target. After awhile the stallion finally gave up. Its head hung in defeat. His body was covered in foamy lather and his sides heaved.

Ares felt sorry for the bay. When he saw the proud light go out of its eyes and saw the look of resigned defeat he considered saving it. The animal knew it was about to die and stood ready to accept its fate. Ares had always appreciated the proud, majestic beauty of the horse.  Watching as the animals pride was stripped of it left him feeling cold. He raised his hand and was about to strike the nearest demon with a lightning bolt when he felt a steely grip around his wrist.

He snarled in frustration as he watched the deformed monsters pounce upon the beaten animal. He cringed when he heard the pitiful whinny that the animal let out right before its heart was ripped from its chest. The once proud gleam in the horses eyes was now gone and replaced with dullness.

He turned on the offender holding him. He came face to face with the flashing green eyes of the Fomorian queen.

"Don't interfere Ares, If it means sacrificing a few animals for their pleasure than so be it." Danu's warning came out in a harsh whisper.  "I've had enough of your games, I want nothing to do with these creatures. " Ares pulled his arm away in disgust. He appreciated a good bloody war as much as the next war god, but she had gone to far. Ares didn't like losing control of a situation and Danu was definitely not to be controlled. The Fomorians had planned along time and had come up with a good strategy. One that Ares had Thought out very carefully.

"This is no game Little God. I intend to win this war at any cost. The Unseelie will see to that victory. Your just angry that your ego is bruised because I didn't inform you of my changes." Danu hissed the words angrily. "Just because I've fucked you a few times does not mean you have any say in this matter."

Before she could utter another word, A blue bolt of light hit her in the stomach. She hit the hard ground with a thud. Slowly she stood up. Nonchalantly she brushed any dust that clung to her.

When Danu hit the ground all activity around them stopped. All watched in suspense. The Queen would not take kindly to that hit.

Ares realized a little to late he'd let his anger get the better of him. He wasn't exactly liked around here and now he pissed off the only person that wanted him there. Ares figured now would be a really good time to get out of Erie.

With a flash of blue light the Greek God was gone.
Part 11

Ares released a sigh of relief. It felt good to be home. He peeled off his sweaty, dusty leather vest and tossed it to the floor. He was tired and needed some rest.

He sank back on his bed. The coolness of the chocolate, brown, satin sheets felt good on his flesh. In a matter of moments he was sound asleep.


A hard stinging smack woke him from deep sleep. "Welcome back Godling."  Danu's booted foot pressed painfully on Ares' chest. "Did you really think it would be so easy to leave me?" The Goddess removed her foot and kneeled beside him.

Ares struggled to rise but found that he was staked spread-eagled to the hard ground. "What in Tarturus do you think your doing?  You crazy bitch!"

Danu laughed at his helpless outrage. Nonchalantly she ran a sharp nail down his chest. Beads of blood sprang to the surface of his skin.  "Did you think you could just fuck me than run? It's time you learned who the boss around here was. No one fucks with me, especially some cowardly little God that turns tail and runs. Some fine War God you make."  Obvious sarcasm colored her last words.

An uneasy feeling settled in the pit of Ares' stomach as members of the Unseelie court surrounded him.

The Goddess leaned in close.  "I have a war to go fight. I'm going to let my friends here keep you company." Her cackling laughter followed as she got up and left the helpless Greek.