The Meeting
By Huntress

Everyone in the room knew each other. They were all here for the same reason. They were addicted.

Some had admitted it, like Jason and Xena. Some hadn't the courage yet, like
Persephone and Joxer. But tonight, well tonight there were some who would finally come to grips with it...finally admit they had an addiction, and learn to deal with it.

As the first member took the stage, some gasped and some smiled, and others were just indifferent. He cleared his throat, and began to speak, and there was no mistaking the royal tone in his voice....

"My name is Iphicles. And I'm an Aresaholic."


Iphicles nodded in response. "It all started when I accidentally walked into his temple one day and saw him naked. (I thought it was another temple.) I knew then and there that I wanted him. I walked over, and spun him around. I told him what I wanted and he smiled. He grabbed me, threw me onto the altar, and made my clothes vanish. He took my cock into his hand and stroked me gently, his touch light. Caressing me, making me moan. He played like that for a while, then he growled. 'I'll have you now King!' He slowly pushed two fingers into me, moving them around, until I was shouting, 'More Ares! I need more!' He grinned at me and removed his fingers. I felt his thick cock at my ass, teasing it. 'PLEASE ARES!' I shouted in ecstasy. He continued to grin, and slowly eased his cock inside of me. I'd never felt anything like it before. He pounded into me, giving me pleasure I'd never imagined, making me cum again and again. By the time he was finished, I didn't think I would be able to move. But somehow I managed.

He backed away, and I came before him, kneeling, and looking up into his eyes. I took his cock into my mouth and began to suck on him hard, and I made *him* moan. He grabbed my hair and pulled my mouth harder onto his shaft, fucking my mouth, taking possession of me. I had never felt anything like it. I moved my hand to his ass, and my fingers entered him. He wound his fingers in my hair tighter, and with a shout of 'OH YES!', he came down my throat. I drank all of what he gave me, never having tasted anything as sweet. Then he said, 'We'll meet again King.' And he vanished. I left the temple, but my eyes kept moving back, thinking of the pleasure we had shared. I haven't been able to get him out of my mind since."

Iphicles left the podium, to the sound of applause and congratulations. It did feel good to tell what had happened. As soon as he had walked back to his seat, another took his place in front of the crowd.

"Hi...I'm Hercules." The demigod paused, not sure if he could do this. But Iphicles nodded to him, smiling, and the demigod smiled back. "I'm an Aresaholic."


"I...I got addicted a few years ago when we were having a fight. We'd had battles before, but this one...." Hercules took a deep breath and continued. "I realized, after we were both laying on the floor, bloody and bruised, that my cock was hard. The violence had gotten me all sweaty and horny. I tried to fight it, thinking of Iolaus and how much I loved him."

In the audience, the hunter grinned and blushed, shouting out, "I LOVE YOU TOO HERC!"

"SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN!" came Xena's warning. The hunter sat...and shut up.

"Anyway," the demigod continued, "as I looked at him, I saw his cock was hard too. I guess neither one of us had ever realized how we had felt, because we both got red in the face, and moved to opposite sides of the room. We stared at each other for a while, not saying anything, but I finally moved towards him. He was looking at his feet, and I grasped his chin, lifting it so his eyes met mine. 'You want it too, don't you?' I asked him. He nodded and said to me, in a quiet voice, 'I always take Hercules...but this time, I want to be taken.' I was a bit shocked, as I had heard tales of him being such a wild
man in bed, but I kissed him softly. He parted his lips, allowing my tongue to taste him, and I moved my hands to his belts and began to undo them. But, being that he was very needing, that *we* were very needing, he waved his hand and made both our clothes vanish. Our cocks touched, and I felt a wave of lust sweep threw me." The demigod grinned and blushed. "The last time I had felt like that was my first time with Iolaus."

(Audience gives collective sigh....)

The hunter started to say something, but Xena removed her chakram and made a
motion to throw it. Iolaus stayed silent.

Herc continued. "I moved my hands over his body, touching him gently, listening to his soft, whispered moans. My cock was getting harder, and so was his. I knelt before him and took his cock into my mouth, licking the slit, and tasting his essence. It was sweet and I suddenly wanted more. His eyes looked into mine and I knew he felt the same way. I flung him onto the floor and lifted his legs atop my shoulders. 'Are you sure you want me to do this?' I asked him. 'Yes...please' he moaned, his eyes meeting mine. He
reached up with both hands and pinched my nipples hard between his fingers. I felt as if the world were on fire, and I was burning right along with it. I looked at his face and he had closed his eyes, his voice now soft moans of pleasure. I knew what I had to do. Knowing how much he enjoys pain, I thrust into him, sheathing my cock in one move. He jumped, and I thought I had hurt him, but he moved his legs around my waist and held me there, inside of him. 'Show me what you can do!' he growled at me. I don't know what came over me, but I began to fuck him hard, taking him the way he wanted. He writhed under me, pulling me deeper, and I grabbed his cock, stroking him with the same rhythm I was fucking him with. Before I knew it, I was shouting, 'YES! YES!
YES!' and filling him with my seed, as he came all over my hand. We collapsed
together, and just stared at each other. 'That was good little brother,' he said in a ragged whisper. 'Yeah,' I answered, my voice the same. 'It was.' We separated, and he went off to wherever it is he goes, and I returned to Iolaus, and doing good deeds."

Hercules stopped his tale and left the podium to wild applause and a shout of, "That musta been some sight!" He looked over and saw Jason, with Nebula's head between his legs. Smiling at his old friend, Herc took his seat next to Iolaus, who wasn't there. It was now the hunter's turn at the podium.

"Hi, I'm Iolaus and I'm an Aresaholic."


A woman sighed. "Iolaus." Then she fainted.

The hunter giggled. "That always happens and I don't know why. Anyway, my first experience with the War God was a bit different. And I wasn't alone." He paused, smiling at Herc, who smiled back, knowing the tale the hunter was about to tell.

"I was on my way home, back to Herc, and I was with Autolycus. We stopped at
Hermes' temple for a bite to eat, (Hermes always has good food), and we found Ares jerking off over Hermes' altar. He turned around when he heard us, his cock standing at attention, and he smiled. 'The Son-of-a-Bacchae fucked one of my priestesses,' he said. We both nodded in understanding, and Auto whispered to me, 'His cock sure does look good. How about we have some fun.' I looked at Auto as if he were insane, but then my eyes wandered back to Ares' cock and I nodded. 'Why not?' We both jumped at him, knocking him onto his back, and began to kiss him all over. He was a puddle of goo within a few seconds. I moved first, stripping my clothes off, and knelt between his legs. Autolycus sneered at me, because I got my mouth on Ares' cock first. I took his huge cock into my mouth, wanting to swallow him deep right away, but his cock's almost as big as Herc's and I had to slowly take it in."

"So that's why he calls you 'big guy'," Gabrielle whispered in Herc's ear. Herc blushed, Xena frowned, and the warrior grabbed her bard and pushed Gabrielle's head in between her legs. Gabrielle stopped talking.

But Iolaus didn't. "I moved my head up and down his shaft, licking every bit. I sucked on the head for a while, and I saw his hands moving to my hair. But then other hands grabbed his, and Autolycus was sitting on his chest, holding Ares wrists. Autolycus leaned forward and Ares reached up with his mouth, taking Auto's cock in, and began to suck hard and fast. I could see his hands reaching around to Autolycus' ass, pulling him deeper. My own mouth returned to Ares' cock, and, as I began to caress his balls, I felt them tighten under my touch. I pulled back, tightly grabbing his cock with my hand, and began to pull at it. I heard his muffled moan, and I leaned down and blew on the head, my other hand joining the first. Ares came, shooting his seed over my hands,
and I began to stroke myself, spreading his seed upon my own cock. My mouth
returned and I drank him dry, watching Autolycus fuck his mouth. I moved to my knees, and spread him wide, pushing two fingers into him. He was so ready and he moved against my fingers, impaling himself on them, undulating against them. I knew what he wanted, and I pushed deeper, while my other hand stroked my own cock, waiting for the right moment to enter him. I heard a loud muffled moan, and he thrust violently at my hand so I knew I'd hit his...pleasure spot." The hunter paused, grinning. "Autolycus had moved a bit, teasing his cock at Ares lips, and I heard Ares growl, 'Give it back or I make it go bye-bye.' Anyway, so Autolycus returned his cock, and I knew it was time for Ares to be fully, and thoroughly, pleasured. As Herc and Xena
could tell you, I'm good at giving pleasure."

Hercules blushed again, and Xena was oblivious as Gabrielle was sucking hard on her clit now.

"I teased Ares ass for a while," Iolaus continued. "I rubbed my cock along his ass, starting to enter him, then stopping. I played with his cock, stroking him lightly, then hard, watching him try to push against me. His cock was hard again, and I ran my thumb over the slit, bringing the drops to my lips, and tasting him again. That was all it took. I slowly eased into him, allowing him to pull me in while I pushed at the same time...." He was interrupted by another voice.

"Sorry I'm late," said Autolycus, smiling at Iolaus. "I had to bail Luscious out of jail again."

"I'm glad you're here," said Iolaus. "My throat was starting to get sore from having to tell *all* that happened. Your turn now. I'm going over to Hercules. I have the sudden urge to eat a demigod."

Autolycus nodded, and took his place on the podium, while Iolaus wandered back to his lover.

"Hi. I'm...I'm Autolycus. And I'm an Aresaholic."


Auto smiled. "I guess I'll pick up where Iolaus left off...."

"I was fucking Ares' mouth, and it is a hot warm mouth, I gotta tell you. He started to thrash his head about, and his hands grabbed my ass tighter, pulling me deeper then I thought possible. I turned and saw Iolaus, pushing his cock into Ares' ass, while he played with Ares' cock. I briefly removed my cock from the warmth that was the War God's mouth, and turned my whole body, so I could face Iolaus and watch him take Ares. I felt Ares' hands returning to my cheeks, and felt a finger begin to enter me, while his Godly strength balanced me above him. I eased my cock back into his mouth and
continued to fuck him. I heard myself moaning, and Iolaus' eyes, which had been watching his cock fuck the War God, looked up to meet mine. I felt another finger enter me, and I screamed, 'Fuck me Ares!' Iolaus reached out and pulled our mouths together. I have never been kissed in such a way...I don't think anyone kisses that good." He paused, and moved to the edge of the podium. "Hey Jett, give me that flask would ya?" Auto took a long pull, savoring the taste of the unwatered wine, and handed it back. "Thanks." He returned to the stage, refreshed.

"As I was saying, Iolaus kissed me, and I got lost. That's the only way I can think of to describe it. Ares mouth sucking me all the way, Iolaus' lips on mine, the taste of his tongue on mine, it was ecstasy, pure and simple. Then Ares added one more finger, and with an upward thrust hit my...Gods did I feel pleasure! I screamed, pulling back from Iolaus, but he grabbed my hair and pulled me back. I could feel him fucking Ares harder, and Ares' fingers hit that same spot and I lost it. I shot my cum into Ares mouth, while Iolaus sucked my tongue. He broke the kiss abruptly, and moved back, fucking Ares faster and harder, his hand on Ares' cock moving the same. Ares was drinking me dry, his hands gripping my ass as he fed off of me, and he sucked me hard suddenly, as I watched him cum over Iolaus' hand. Iolaus shouted, 'OH YEAH WAR GOD!', and the look on his face told me that he was cumming in Ares. His eyes closed, and he continued to pump and thrust, until he looked exhausted. I certainly was. I fell off of Ares, laying down on the floor, panting, and wanting to sleep for a week. Ares looked at me and I saw he felt the same. But Iolaus, he pulled out of Ares, crawled on top of him, and started to kiss him. I couldn't help staring when I saw that he was getting hard again. He was ready to go at it again. But Ares smiled at me, and Iolaus vanished, along with his clothes. 'Don't panic,' he said. 'I sent him to Hercules' bed. And tied him to it. My baby brother's going to have a nice surprise when he gets home.' Anyway, he took us to his bedroom, and we rested for a while. Then I had to go. I let him talk me into staying twice, but that was it. Once again I felt lost, only this time, it was when I left the temple."

He walked off the stage and got applause and handshakes on the way back to his seat. He paused, however, when he passed Herc and Iolaus, and Xena and Gabrielle.

Gabrielle was laying beneath Xena, while the warrior princess pleasured her bard, fucking her with an eight inch dildo. Gabrielle moaned and writhed against it, screaming, "MORE XENA MORE!"

Iolaus was laying beneath Hercules, while the demigod pleasured his hunter, fucking him with his nine inches of manhood. Iolaus moaned and writhed against him, screaming, "FUCK ME HERCULES!"

Four people orgasmed simultaneously, and Autolycus made a face. He looked at his palm. "Well hand, I guess it's just me and you tonight."

He felt a hand on his shoulder. "I can think of other things your hand can play with." Iphicles soft voice, whispered in his ear. It was followed by a tongue licking the lobe and snaking in. "And I can think of things mine would like to play with too."

Three hours later, the room was cleared. As per usual, everyone left the meeting worn out. Xena and Gabrielle went to visit Cyrene and Herc and Iolaus returned to the forge, battling a warlord and rescuing a damsel in distress along the way. Iphicles took Autolycus to the castle at Corinth for a few weeks, and Jason and Nebula decided to take a cruise.

After the room was cleared, another group of people took seats, and another addiction meeting had started. This one was just as crowded as the first. A new member was walking down the aisle, about to take the podium, and there were gasps, wide-eyes, and the sound of a man having a heart attack from the shock.

"Hello. My name is Ares. And I'm a Hercaholic...."

The End