In The Arms of Death
By Jenn M

Hades sat before his scrying glass. He was watching his favorite human, Iphicles. No matter how often he watched the King, he never tired of him.

Often he had considered approaching his nephew's brother, but Hades knew Hercules would never understand. Not to mention how Persephone would react.


The King had just lowered himself into a hot bath tub. The steam rising off the hot water curled seductively around the exposed parts of his body. He sighed as the hot liquid lapped about him.

A young woman entered the bath quarters. In her arms she carried fragrant oils and drying linens. She put the items down and knelt behind Iphicles.

He turned to look at her. She was indeed lovely to look at. The helot had long cascading hair, her body was full in all the right places and her eyes were the deepest brown he'd ever seen.

Despite her luscious charms Iphicles felt nothing. He wanted to desire her, take her there in the bath, but there was nothing. She was not Rena.

Iphicles did not protest when she began rubbing warmed lavender oil into his tight shoulders. Perhaps her ministrations would be able to get his libido going again.

Not even when she stood and disrobed baring her henna rouged nipples and perfect thighs did he respond. How he wished this beautiful young serf was his deceased wife. Disgusted with himself he sent her away.


Hades watched as the helot did her best to seduce the King and fail. He reached into Iphicles mind and knew his deepest desire and greatest wish.

The God of the Underworld decided to grant it. Sending Rena back was not an option he cared for. Hades knew how to satisfy his burning own obsession  and Iphicles' as well.


Iphicles lay with his eyes closed trying to gain a measure of peace. Rena's death had left him hollow and bitter inside. With her passing had gone the best part of himself and he didn't know if he'd ever find it again.

Just then he felt delicate fingers at his temples. He started to protest and tell the servant to leave him, but she hushed him.

Slowly her fingers traced a circular path on his temples and forehead. He sighed as her talented hands worked into his hairline. Despite himself he began to relax.

Than a familiar scent caught his attention. Iphicles spun around and couldn't believe who was kneeling by the bath. Rena. There in all her naked glory, smiling in that coy seductive manner he loved so much.

His breath caught in his throat as her lips descended to meet his.

It was madness, he told himself. She was dead, this was a dream and if he opened his eyes she would be gone.  He opened them, but Rena was still there.

Wrapping his arms around her, Iphicles pulled her into the tub. She laughed at his impatience. 'They had the whole evening,' she promised. Hades had allowed her one evening with her husband.

Then she straddled him and leaned her soft body into his hard one, making him forget all the questions he wanted to ask.

Slowly Iphicles entered her, smiling at the soft cooing noises she made. Rena met his thrusts, rubbing herself against him, taking him in deeper.

Iphicles took one perfect nipple into his mouth and than the other. Suckling deeply on them, making her cry out for more.

He shuddered violently as his orgasm ripped through his body. Rena cried out his name and then collapsed upon him. She whispered the goodbyes to him that she had not been able to before her death.

For what seemed an eternity, they held one another. Soon the warm water and steam lulled them to sleep.

Iphicles woke sometime later to find his arms empty and the water cold. He still felt some bitterness and pain but she had given him the closure he needed.

Hades removed his helmet of invisibility and went to his scrying glass to watch Iphicles sleep.

Iphicles would never know that his wife had really been Hades in her form. Persephone and Hercules would never know either and for that Hades was grateful, for both would surely skin him alive if they knew.

He had fulfilled Iphicles' deepest desire, and his own.

The End