By JoeyRZ

The god of mischief teleported into Ares' bedchambers.  He turned towards  the oversized bed, complaining about Deimos and his pranks.

As he neared the bed, he saw the war god sleeping, wearing only a pair red  silk pants, and his pet panther, Mir, around his legs.

Mir had been a gift for Ares from Pan, while the cat was still a barely  weaned kit.  That had been two centuries ago, before the panther drank from  a cup of wine laced with ambrosia that Ares had spilled during one of  Olympus many banquets.

So Mir had become a god, yet him being a panther, his powers were limited to  just immortality. Strife had great respect for the big cat, for it could  cause heavy and painful damage, no matter how temporary it was for a god.

Mir woke up at the smell of blood.  Growling softly, he lifted his head and  recognized the godling standing almost next to the foot of the bed.  The  panther graciously slid from the big bed and stalked towards Strife.

Just then Strife remembered why he had come to see his uncle.  Deimos had  found it extremely funny to make Strife trip and fall face first into a  puddle of blood in a battle field they had been supervising.  His shirt and  pants had been ruined with the blood.  Strife had tried to choke Deimos with  his shirt and had left him to untangle himself from the knots he had made  with his shirt around Deimos head.  So now he stood bare-chested, wanting  for Ares to arrange for Deimos to have a long, long trip to Tartarus, as Mir  came closer and started licking at the blood.

Strife had stayed quiet until Mir licked at his groin, then he yelped and  whimpered.

The noise woke Ares, and he leaned up on his elbows to see his pet nuzzling  at Strife's groin and nip at the leather laces of his pants.

"Umm... Unk, ya think ya could call Mir off?"

"Oh, don't worry about him, he's very well trained.  As long as you do as he  wants, he won't bite... too much," Ares said, a mischievous grin gracing his  lips.

"Unk!" Strife yelped in indignation and surprise as Mir bit through the  laces and started ripping away the pants off the godling.

Mir had, without Strife realizing it, butted the godling next to the bed and  pushed the nervous, but by now, very much aroused Strife on the bed.  Mir  ripped of the rest of Strife pants and boots and parted the godling's  thighs.

The panther started to lick his way up Strife's legs.  The rough scrape of  the cat's tongue sent shivers up his spine and had him moaning and groaning  out loud.

All the while, Ares had discarded his silk pants and was stroking his cock.   When the god of war saw Mir trying to get on the bed, but stay between  Strife's legs, he let go of his cock and pulled Strife up by his armpits,  settling him back to chest in between his legs.

Mir jumped onto the bed and settled himself gently on top of Strife, mindful  of his three hundred plus pounds.  The panther started licking Strife's  neck, ears, shoulders, collarbone and nipples.

Ares started thrusting his shaft over the cleft of Strife butt cheeks, the  sight of black, velvet fur against soft, alabaster skin, and the knowledge  of just how good Mir's tongue baths were spurring on his own arousal.

Strife had been reduced to incoherent words between moans by the time Mir  reached his cock.  Mir gave Strife's cock long, raspy laps, making the young  god lift his hips of the bed.  With one last lick, Mir butted Strife, trying  to get him to roll over.  Ares shifted and pushed the mischief god off him  and onto his stomach.

Mir settled between Strife's widespread legs and began to give his back long  licks, from neck to tailbone.  Shifting lower, Mir nuzzled his face in  between Strife's cheeks and probed his center with his tongue, giving  occasional little nips on the tender skin with his sharp teeth.

Strife let out a moan of pleasure when he suddenly felt himself oiled.  Mir  realized this too and moved up, keeping his weight off Strife.  The panther  took hold of the godling's neck with gentle pressure and pushed inside in  one swift stroke.

Strife howled out in the pain/pleasure of Mir's barbed cock thrusting  forcefully inside him and moved onto his knees, giving Mir more leverage to  stimulate his prostate.  Ares started to pump his erection in time with  Mir's thrusts and reached out to grasp Strife's cock.

The extra stimulation is all Strife needed to come, his muscles contracting  around Mir's cock and pulling the cat's climax out of him.  Ares came last,  his seed covering his stomach and chest.

After a few minutes, Strife started to notice the extra weight on top of him  and tried to buck Mir off him.

"Stop that," Ares drowsy voice stopped Strife's movements.

"I can't breathe, Unk," the godling ground out.

"You either wait it out or teleport out, unless you want his barbed cock to  cause serious damage."

Strife winced and nodded, teleporting to the end of the bed while Mir  collapsed onto the bed, where Strife had been.  The panther growled softly  at the lack of the body beneath him.  Ares reached over and gentled him to  sleep, and turned to his grinning nephew.

"You wanted something, Strife?"

"No. Nothing at all, Unk."


"Well, there is something.  Deimos pulled of a very good prank today.  I  think we should reward him," Strife finished with a grin and left Ares to  sleep with his very well trained cat.

The End