Forbidden Pleasures
By Jill Rowdy

I was sitting at my computer, bored to tears, when Strife popped in. "Hey baby, what's shakin'?" he said. I almost groaned at the sight of him. I like Strife, but he can be a little annoying. After all, he is the god of mischief. "What are you doing here? I thought your uncle Ares would have you off provoking a war or something." I asked. "Nope, Unc's too busy messing with those WebTV people. He's really fucking with their heads!" Strife laughed. I had to laugh at that! I could imagine what kind of torture Ares would inflict on them. After the missing penis fiasco at AOL, Ares was becoming know as quite a mischief maker himself!

"So what are you gonna do? Hang out with me all day?" I asked him. "Sure! Why not, you're buddies with 'Dite, why not be my friend too?" he said. "Okay, but what is Ares going to think?" I said. "Well, he said I could hang out with you, but not to get too close." he answered. I had to laugh at that too. Leave it to Ares to be possessive about another man's wife! "Well, make yourself at home. I got stuff to do." I said as I started doing the dishes. Strife wandered into the kitchen and started rummaging through my fridge. He got a Mountain Dew and leaned against the sink. "You know I can take care of that for you." he said. "Well, go for it!" I replied. A few seconds later I was surprised by clean dishes stacked neatly on the sink. I thought maybe hanging out with Strife might turn out to be a good thing.

After Stife did my dishes and helped clean up the house, we sat around awhile and watched some soaps. Strife really got into Days of Our Lives. He was actually yelling at the tv! I was happy he at least didn't zap anyone. That time Ares almost killed Dan Rather still makes me shudder. After the soap we started talking about sex. It seems to be a god's favorite topic. We somehow got on the subject of same sex relationships. "You just don't understand. When you get it on with another woman, she knows how to please you. She's got the same parts as you and she knows what feels good." I of course gave my 'right equipment' speech, but had to give that up when Strife pointed out that you can now buy the right equipment. "Have you ever fucked another woman?" he asked. "Well, no." I replied. I was seriously worried by the gleam in his eye.

"NO Strife!" I said for the hundredth time. "Oh come on! Russ won't mind, I'll tape it for him!" Strife said as he danced around. I knew Russ, my husband, wouldn't mind, it was one of his fantasies. "What about Ares?" I said, hoping for a way out of this. "Are we talking about Ares, 'Sex in Leather' God of War? I'm surprised he hasn't had you in a three-way yet!" he said. Well, he had me there. Ares was already wanting me in a three way dance with him and Iphicles. "I don't know Strife, I've never done this sort of thing before." I said. "Just trust me!" he said. "Oh hell, here we go!" I thought as he grabbed my hand and the room swirled.

The world stopped spinning, and I looked around at the forest that surrounded us. I heard a woman's voice, singing softly. "What am I supposed to do Strife!" I asked. "Just start a conversation." Strife said as he disappeared. I walked to where the singing was coming from. There was a young blond girl, sitting by a stream. She had a small build and beautiful green eyes. Just then she spotted me, she smiled the sweetest smile as she started walking over to me. "Hi, I'm Gabrielle" she said. Oh man! I'm gonna kill Strife. He had to talk me into this, and now he has me hooked up with Xena's girlfriend. "I'm Jill." I say. Just then she notices my ring. It is a thin silver band, with a single ruby. Ares gave me the ring to remind me who I belonged to. "That is a beautiful ring. Did your husband give it to you?" she asked. I take a deep breath and say, "Well you could say that, Ares gave it to me."

After a look of suspicion from her, I explained how I belong to Ares, by his side and in his bed. She listened, still suspicious, but I could see her curiosity growing. After I told her my tale, she surprised me by asking, "What is it like, you know, being with Ares." I was at a loss. How could I explain the pure bliss he gives me? I couldn't. I felt something on my back. It was a bag, and inside it were the stories I had written. Strife must have done this! I handed her the scrolls, and sat down on a log to watch her face as she read them. As she read, I could see the play of emotions across her face. She grew flushed, and her breathing increased. I could tell she was feeling the first stirrings of desire. She put down the scrolls and turned to me. "Is he really like this?" she asked. "Yes, and more, my writing only captures his actions, not the way it feels." I reply. "So show me." she said. I couldn't believe what she just said! "Do you know what you are saying?" I ask. "Yes, show me how it feels." she purrs.

I watch as she slips out of clothes. She has a muscular body, with beautiful curves. She shivers a little. I think she is a little nervous. I slowly shed my own clothes and move toward her. She lifts her fingers to my lips. I kiss them and lean in to kiss her. Her lips are soft and moist, she parts them and our tongues meet. We press our bodies closer as our tongues do their slow dance. I put my arms around her and stroke her back. She starts trailing her fingers across my stomach. I pull away from our kiss, and seek out her breasts. They are soft, creamy mounds topped with rosy nipples. I start to suckle her nipples, first on then the other. She lets out a soft moan, and entwines her fingers in my hair. We both sink to our knees. She pushes me back and I lay on the soft grass. She mimics me by suckling my nipples, and then works her way slowly lower.

As she spreads my legs, I wonder if she will feel the same as Ares does when he does this. I feel her start to explore me with her soft mouth. It feels similar to Ares, but completely different. She has such a light touch. Almost like a soft breeze. She starts to slowly circle my clit with her tongue. It feels like sparks shooting through me. I feel myself building, as she enters me with that soft tongue, as she strokes my clit with her thumb. All at once I become overwhelmed by my senses. Feeling her touch, hearing her gasps, smelling the flowers around us, and seeing this beautiful blond between my legs. When I come it is more than a release, it is a sweet surrender.

I kneel over her body now. I want her to feel the same release as she gave me. I don't know where to begin. I hear a voice inside me. Strife! He is going to tell me the secrets to pleasing her! *Kiss her thighs* I start to slowly lick and kiss the inside of her thighs. *Spread her skin* I lovingly spread the folds of flesh. *Lick and nibble everywhere but her clit* I comply, I lick and nuzzle her, carefully avoiding the bud of her desire. I softly blow on her clit and I feel her body tense. She is almost writhing. Finally, she looks at me and says a single word, "Please". I rake across her clit with my teeth. I suck it and almost pound it with my tongue. As she moans, I insert two fingers inside her. She bucks against my hand and explodes.

I stand up, kiss her softly and walk away from the clearing. I know Strife will be waiting on me. He is leaning against a tree as I approach. He has a huge smile on his face. "Was I right or what!" he asks. "I hate to admit it Strife, but you were right!" I say. He grabs my hand and the world spins again as he takes me home. Later on, in the Halls of War, a very satisfied Ares congratulates Strife on a job well done. "I knew she would never go for a woman if I suggested it." Ares said. Strife smiles. "It was a stroke of genius to disguise yourself as Gabrielle!" Strife said."Well, I got my fantasy, Jill got hers, and thanks to a little scrying mirror, Russ got his!"

Little did the boys know, Aphrodite and I were watching and laughing. "How did you know?" she asked. "Ares is Ares, no matter what body he's in!" I laugh. I just hope he never finds out I know!

The End