I Shot An Arrow In The Air...
By Huntress

Author's Note: Bliss is the son of Cupid and Psyche-he is about 6.
Harmonia is the daughter of Ares and 'Dite-she is about 11.

"Well, are ya gonna do it or not," said Bliss. "'Cause if *my* dad finds out we swiped his arrows, we'll be in really big trouble again."

"Chill out cuz," said Harmonia. "My mom says that my dad has been feeling bad lately. So I figure we should cheer him up. He's the only one in the whole stupid family who talks to us as if we're real. Everybody else ignores us. Well, except Granny Hera when she's had a few martini's...whatever they are."

"Okay. But make sure he's looking at a pretty lady when ya shoot him. He could end up with some yucky lady." Bliss smiled at his cousin and she smiled back.

"Don't worry. I don't want your Grandpa Ares getting stuck with a cow either."

The two godlings lurked about Ares' temple in Parthus. They knew he would be there for the annual "Help Ares Plot A War" contest. Unseen by mortals, they waited until they saw the War God approaching. They had already picked the woman for him, and Harmonia was getting ready to shoot. She waited until her father was staring at a beautiful redhead and let the arrow fly.

"Ares!" yelled Hercules. Ares turned, and faced his brother *and* Iolaus, and that was the moment the arrow struck him.

Harmonia and Bliss looked at each other. "Oh shit!" they both said and vanished.


Ares turned, intent on growling at his brother. He knew how much Herc frowned on this contest. He also knew that Herc's little sidekick would be with him. 'Just peachy,' he thought.

However, the moment he faced the two, his demeanor changed. His brown eyes caught two pair of blue, and his heart melted.

"Hercules," he said with a lilt in his voice, "and Iolaus." His voice was light and airy, and Iolaus cocked his head at the God.

"Something the matter Ares?" Iolaus asked.

"The matter...now why would something be the matter Iolaus?" Ares sighed, and Herc stared at him.

"Ares?" asked the demigod. "You okay?"

Ares grinned at his brother. "Never better Herkie."

The two heroes looked at each other and mouthed 'Herkie?'

"Ares...." Herc started to say.

"Iolaus," interrupted the God, "do you know you have beautiful eyes? I could just stare into them all day."

"Ares...." Herc said again. Ares turned to him.

"He's so pretty Herc," Ares said, looking Iolaus over, from head to toe.

Herc and Iolaus looked at each other, then back at Ares, shaking their heads.

"You think he's been smoking lotus leaf again?" Iolaus asked. "Remember the last time? He chased Gabrielle thru two villages, then cornered her in that tavern. If you wouldn't have stopped him, well...."

"*You* have a selective memory. Gabrielle hit me over the head with her staff. Said she'd been *waiting* for him to make a move on her since the incident with that parchment. I had a bump on my head for a week."

Iolaus grinned at him. "Yeah. Maybe you should have let him. We could have watched. Now that would have been a...WHAT THE....!" Iolaus turned and saw Ares hand on his ass. "Hands off!" he snapped, pushing Ares away.

"But Iolaus, you have such a cute little tush," Ares said, with a giggle. "And it fits in my hands so nicely."

Iolaus backed away from the God. "Herc, would ya do something? Please?"

Herc was laughing. "But Iolaus," he said, in between giggles, "you do have a nice tush."

"Thanks Herc. Let's see how you react if he grabs your ass." Iolaus was still backing away from the War God, who was looking at the blonde like he was supper. "Herc!"

"Okay Iolaus. Ares, could you stop grabbing his tush? I know it's nice and firm and supple, but it is *mine*."

"Yeah! You tell him!" said Iolaus. But a moment later, he was ducking the God's hands again. "Herc, what are we gonna do? He can't be out in public like this. Next thing, he'll want to get naked and...."

"Naked," Ares said, a big grin on his face. He waved his hand and Iolaus was without his clothes. "Now we can have some fun." He lunged at Iolaus, but Iolaus sidestepped him, grabbed a plant, and attempted to hide his private parts. But another wave of Ares' hand and that was gone too.

"Heeerrrcccc!!" Iolaus' scream was more like a plea.

"Okay Iolaus. Ares, please give him his clothes back," said Herc, trying to stifle more giggles.

"If I do what will you give me?" Ares asked, his tone that of a spoiled child.

"What do you want?" Herc asked, more then a bit curious.

Ares leered at Iolaus. "Some time alone with blondie here. Not much. Maybe an hour, or five."

Hercules acted like he was thinking about it, something not lost on Iolaus.  And the demigod knew it. Finally after watching Iolaus squirm and trying to hide 'himself', he answered. "Nope. I don't share. You know I've never been good at that Ares."

"Well, how about we *all* play?" Ares asked, an innocent look on his face.

"Give Iolaus back his clothes and I'll think about it," Herc answered, biting his lip to contain further giggles.

"Herc! What are you doing?" Iolaus asked, his eyes widening.

"Shut up Iolaus. Do you want your clothes back or not?" Herc said, not taking his eyes off of his brother. "Well Ares?"

"Okay," Ares answered, with a small smile. "But if I don't see you thinking, I'm going to strip him again and drop him in the middle of Athens." Ares waved his hand and Iolaus had his clothes back. Iolaus turned tail to run, but Herc grabbed him by the vest.

"Iolaus, it doesn't matter if you leave or not. He'll find you. So just relax." Herc's tone was calm, and Iolaus sat himself on the ground, arms folded, and waited.

Herc paced, thinking about the situation. He knew he couldn't leave Ares like this, whatever *this* was, much as he was tempted to. Besides the fact that Ares *would* drop Iolaus in Athens naked, he needed to find out what was going on. And being that it seemed Ares was smitten, he decided to pay Aphrodite a visit. This sounded like one of her little 'pranks'. First things first though.

"Okay Ares. Here's what we're going to do. You are going to stay in our room at the inn until I can get this straightened out. Iolaus will stay with you." Herc saw Iolaus about to protest, but a look from Herc shut him up. "*You* will keep your hands off of Iolaus. Do I make myself clear?"

Ares opened his mouth, but Herc interrupted. "Yes or no Ares?"

"But Herc," Ares said, his eyes that of a small boy in trouble. "What needs to be straightened out? I feel fine."

"Yeah...sure...whatever you say Ares," Herc answered. "For once just do as I tell you. Okay?"

Ares looked at his feet, and then looked up at his brother. "Okay Herc. I promise to keep my hands off of Iolaus. Happy now."

"Very," said the demigod.

Iolaus stood up and the three went to the inn. The innkeeper stared at the sight of the God of War walking upstairs, but Herc pulled him aside.

"I'm Hercules, and my brother is going to be staying with us. You are not to say anything. Do you understand?" The innkeeper nodded and went back to his work.


The room was big and airy, windows on all sides, a fireplace and a large bed. Ares made himself comfortable on the bed, stretched out and looked straight at the two of them. Iolaus, in turn, pulled Herc aside.

"Herc, please don't leave me alone with him. On any normal day I wouldn't give a shit, but now...."

Herc put his hand on Iolaus' shoulder. "Iolaus, I need to find out what happened. This seems like something 'Dite would do. He promised he wouldn't touch you and no matter what, I *do* believe him. I *know* he won't lay a
hand on you. Okay?"

Iolaus shrugged his acceptance, knowing he had no choice. "Okay Herc, but please hurry back. I may have to kill him."

The demigod gave him a big grin. "Okay Iolaus. As quick as I can. I promise."

Iolaus nodded, Herc gave him a soft kiss, and left them, hoping to get an answer from Aphrodite.


The moment Herc left, Ares got 'that' look on his face again.

Iolaus was sitting by the door, keeping an eye on the God. As soon as the look crossed Ares' face, Iolaus stood up, and went for the door handle.

"Uh-uh-uh," said the God, a smug look on his face. "Little brother told you to stay with me. And you promised."

"You know Ares," Iolaus said, turning to face him. "I don't know what's got into you, and I don't like it. Don't be so nice. You're scaring me. What happened to the 'I'm going to kick your sweet blonde ass to Tartarus' Ares I know and love to hate?"

"I have other ideas about your sweet blonde ass, and believe me," Ares' voice got deeper, his eyes moving up and down Iolaus' body, "*none* of them involve Tartarus."

"You get that look off your face," Iolaus said, his voice tense. "You told Herc you wouldn't touch me."

"No Iolaus," Ares said, a big grin coming across his face. "I told him I wouldn't lay a *hand* on you."

The emphasis on the word 'hand' was not lost on Iolaus. He reached for the door handle again, but instead found himself naked, his wrists tied to the bedposts.

"No *hands* Iolaus," Ares said, with a laugh. Watching Iolaus struggle, he laughed even harder. "There is no way you can get yourself loose. Give it up Iolaus."

"What if I yell for help?"

Ares stared him straight in the eye. "If you yell one word, I will leave you naked. But not in Athens. How about if I leave you in the middle of the town square in, say, Thebes. That would be fun. In your home village. Or even better, how about in Lydicea? Isn't that where your mother lives? I'm sure she'd love that."

"Ares...." began Iolaus.

"Relax Iolaus. Although I must say, you're awfully cute when you're struggling. Your eyes get bluer the angrier you get. Like staring into the Aegean. Beautiful, clear, bright blue."

Iolaus was beyond words now. He was convinced Ares had gone over the edge. 'Must have been one war too many,' he thought.

"Now let's have some fun, shall we?" Ares stated. "I do need to get rid of my clothes too, don't I. Wouldn't be much fun with them on." A wave of his hand took care of this and he leaned over Iolaus. "Don't worry Iolaus. I'll keep my word to Herc. I won't lay a *hand* on you."

Ares placed both hands to the side of Iolaus' chest and leaned in for a kiss. Iolaus turned his head, so Ares licked at his ear, nipping the lobe, snaking his tongue in. Iolaus turned his head again, and Ares maneuvered his mouth quickly over Iolaus'. Iolaus tried to push him away, but only succeeded in allowing Ares to push his tongue over Iolaus' lips, and into his mouth. Ares' tongue found Iolaus', and the God teased it, tasted it, and sucked it so hard that Iolaus moaned.

Breaking the kiss, the God whispered, "Did you like that? I know you did. It felt good didn't it. You are so beautiful Iolaus." He kissed the hunter again, and this time there was no resistance.

With a smile, and being careful to keep his hands off of Iolaus, Ares moved his mouth to Iolaus' neck, lightly kissing, moving his lips down the hunter's lithe body. He reached Iolaus' chest and licked at a nipple. Iolaus moaned, and Ares smiled, moving to the other nipple. He sucked it into his mouth, and Iolaus began to writhe against him. Ares made a trail of soft kisses down the hunter's body, still careful to keep his hands off, his lips gently nipping everywhere. When he reached Iolaus' cock, he passed it over, and started to leave kisses down the hunter's thighs.

"Ares...please...." Iolaus moaned, his voice a whisper, his tone wanting.

"Tsk, tsk Iolaus. Begging doesn't become you. Then again, your voice is so sweet and melodic, I could listen to it all day." Ares bit him on the inner thigh and Iolaus yelped. "A little pain, a lot of pleasure. You like it. I can tell." He bit Iolaus on the other thigh, and moved his mouth back up, very slowly, drawing out the pleasure he *knew* Iolaus was feeling. Once he reached Iolaus' cock again, Ares reached out his tongue and gently ran it over the head, licking at the precum seeping out. "Ahh Iolaus, you taste sweeter then a peach. You smell like roses, and you feel like silk." He put his mouth over Iolaus' cock, and sucked gently, his tongue licking, listening to the sounds coming from Iolaus throat.

Iolaus however, had other ideas at this point. God of War or not, sane or insane, Iolaus was in need of a harder touch. Shifting his legs, the flexible hunter put them on the Gods shoulder's and pushed Ares mouth all the way down on his cock. He 'allowed' Ares to move his head up and down, and was thrusting into the God's mouth.

"Touch me...." Iolaus moaned, his head pushing further into the pillow.

"I promised Herc I wouldn't," Ares answered, his voice slightly muffled by Iolaus' cock.

"Herc be *damned* Ares! TOUCH ME...PLEASE!" Iolaus' voice was pleading. He moved his legs, allowing Ares to lift his head.

"You sound so sexy when you beg Iolaus. Beg some more and maybe I'll touch that pretty cock of yours." Ares' eyes met Iolaus'. "Your eyes are sooooo blue right now. I could get lost in them." He leaned up and kissed the blonde hard on the mouth, his tongue lingering for a few moments. He broke the kiss, smiling at Iolaus. "Well, are you going to beg Iolaus?"

"Yes Iolaus," came a voice from the doorway. "Are you going to beg or not?"

"Herc! Thank the Gods! Please get me out of here!" Iolaus was unsure what he was feeling now. How much had Herc heard?

Hercules closed the door and stood against it, arms folded, glaring at his lover. "A moment ago you damned me. Now you want me to help you?"

"Herc, I only said that so he wouldn't force me to do anything," Iolaus said, his voice raising an octave or two.

"BULLSHIT!!" said both sons of Zeus, staring at each other. It was rare that they agreed on *anything*.

Herc sat on a chair by the door, and slowly unlaced his boots. "Iolaus, you didn't answer my brother. Are you going to beg or not?"

"What?!" Iolaus' eyes were wide. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. He watched as Herc finished with his boots and stood, pulling off his shirts, leering at him. "Herc, what are you doing?"

"What does it look like I'm doing Iolaus? Do you think I'm going to let Ares have fun with you all by himself?" He smiled at Iolaus' shocked look, then looked at his brother. "Oh, and by the way Ares, I found out what happened to you."

Ares stared at him. "Herc, nothing happened to me."

"Really Ares?" Herc said, sitting beside Iolaus, smiling a soft smile, and stroking his lovers sweaty brow. "Then how come you're here with Iolaus rather then at your contest?" Herc slowly ran a finger down Iolaus' face, over his neck and down his chest, causing Iolaus to unconsciously arch his body up. Herc smiled at Iolaus, and licked his lips seductively.

Ares looked confused. "I...I don't know. Raging hormones?"

Herc shook his head. "It seems that Harmonia and Bliss heard you were unhappy and wanted to cheer you up by shooting you with an arrow and getting you a girl. But the moment before the arrow hit you in the ass you saw Iolaus and me. The only way to get rid of this is for Cupid to shoot you with another arrow, and except for the fact that no one can find Harmonia and Bliss *or* Cupid's bow, you'd be fine. They left a note for 'Dite telling her what happened, but they're to scared to come out of hiding."

"Herc, I'd never hurt them," said Ares. "My daughter and grandson. They're my favorites."

"They're not scared of *you* Ares," Herc said, leaning in to kiss Iolaus.  "They're scared of Cupid and 'Dite."

Iolaus stared at them. "Herc, are you going to untie me? Please?"

"Shut up Iolaus," Herc said. "I kind of like seeing you like this. Now answer the question. Are you going to beg?"

"NO!" snapped Iolaus.

Herc and Ares looked at each other, smiled, and shrugged their shoulders. If this were another time and place, Iolaus would have laughed at the way the two son's of Zeus moved together, in almost identical motions.

Herc's hand grasped Iolaus' cock, stroking it gently. "You want it Iolaus. Now ask nicely."

"Herc," said Iolaus, a bit frantic. "Are you sure you didn't get shot also? I mean this isn't like you."

"It isn't like you either Iolaus, to enjoy being tied up," Hercules said. "But you are enjoying it. I see it in your face. Whenever we make love, you're in control. I have *always* done what you've told me to do and I've never refused you. Much as I would have liked to on more then one occasion, I never have, because I can't. I belong to you. I am yours. I always will be. But just this once, I intend to do what *I* want. Your wishes *be damned*. And right now I want to watch Ares finish what he was doing. What *you* were enjoying when I came in." Herc's eyes met Ares'. "When I walked in you were kissing him, and about to make him beg. I want to watch."

"Hercules, what are you doing?" asked Iolaus. "You can't let him mmmmppphhff...." Ares shut Iolaus up with a kiss, his hands pulling at Iolaus hair, pulling him deeper into the kiss. By the time Ares stopped, Iolaus needed to catch his breath.

Herc looked into Iolaus' eyes. "You *did* like that my love." Herc leaned down, his hand reaching for Ares, who leaned over and allowed Hercules to pull him into a kiss. Herc broke the kiss, his hand wound in Ares hair. "Suck his cock Ares. But *don't* let him cum. Not yet."

Ares did as he was bid, kneeling between the hunter's legs. "Do you know you have a perfectly even tan?" Ares cooed, before he swallowed Iolaus' cock.

Herc leaned down, kissing Iolaus, and slowly undid his belts, letting them drop to the floor. He peeled the pants from his legs as slow as he could, and smiled as Iolaus began to pull harder at his bindings. Taking his thick shaft in his hand, he began to stroke himself, watching Iolaus' eyes watching *his* hand at play. He felt the first drops of pre-cum seeping out, and ran a finger over the slit, taking said finger and sucking on it, watching the look on Iolaus' face. He climbed atop the bed, straddling Iolaus' chest, and ran the tip of his cock along Iolaus' lips, teasing him. Iolaus reached out with his tongue, and licked at the slit, but Herc pulled away before Iolaus could do more.

"Uh-uh," said Herc, shaking his head. "Like I said. You want it, ask nicely."

Ares lifted his head. "Yeah! Ask nicely! You beautiful boy."

"Shut up Ares," Herc told him, reaching out and pushing Ares head back. Herc turned back to Iolaus. "Well Iolaus. What's it going to be?"

Iolaus gulped. He didn't want to beg, but he did want Herc in his mouth. "Please Herc?"

"Please what?" Herc asked, an evil grin on his face.

"Please give it to me...please." Iolaus' voice was soft, his eyes wanting. But Hercules didn't want to give in. To many times Iolaus had made him beg and plead and moan, driving Herc nearly to tears with want on more then one occasion.

"Still not good enough Iolaus. *Tell* me what you want." Hercules shifted himself lower so he was able to grab Iolaus' nipples. Taking one in each hand, he pinched them, remembering all the times Iolaus had done this to him. Iolaus moaned from the feeling. This was so different then anything he'd ever had before. He was always in control. To have someone else take over, especially someone as mellow and gentle as Herc, turned him on. He wanted more. Of what he wasn't sure. Only that he wanted it. He began to breath harder, Ares mouth bringing him close to the edge, but pulling back at the moment he was about to cum. It was driving him wild.

"Hercules...please...do what you want to me...kiss me...fuck me...I don't care...just please...LET ME CUM!!!"

Hercules smiled, this was what he wanted. Shifting back up, he slid his cock into Iolaus' waiting mouth, letting that sweet mouth bring him ecstasy. He fucked Iolaus' mouth for a while, thrusting all the way in, revelling in this feeling of power he had right now over his lover. Herc knew it wouldn't last, once this was over, he would be Iolaus' again. But now....

He felt the tightening in his balls, and knew he was near completion. He flung his head back and roared, his scream heard by people down in the street.

"IOLAUS!! YEEESSSSS!" was his cry, and he spilled down Iolaus' throat, opening his eyes, and watching Iolaus swallow all he had to give. Pulling out, he smiled at Iolaus, and was happy to see he got a smile in return. He sat there, stroking himself, feeling somewhat satiated. The vision of what Iolaus had just done was making him hard again, and he had another vision, this one of his cock inside Iolaus, fucking him til he screamed Herc's name. He got off Iolaus chest and moved around so that he was behind Ares. "Turn around Ares...fuck his mouth...but *don't* stop sucking his cock." Ares had no problem with that. The War God was enjoying this, more so then he had enjoyed anything in a long time. His cock, hard and wanting, was welcomed into Iolaus' mouth, and Ares moaned as the talented tongue began to work its magic on him as it had on Hercules.

Herc was fully erect once more, his cock still slick from his cum. Ares moved his hands under Iolaus' ass, and spread the hunter's cheeks wide. Herc put his cock at Iolaus' tightness, and entered him slowly, little by little, hearing Iolaus moan. When he was fully sheathed, he stilled himself, feeling Iolaus squirm beneath him, trying to push at Hercules, wanting more. Herc pulled almost all the way out, and thrust back in hard. Iolaus' anus was so warm around him, so right. Herc felt like he was flying. He pumped in and out of Iolaus, feeling Iolaus' muscles pulling him tight, and now Ares had his fingers at Herc's balls, caressing them, giving Herc new feelings to deal with. And he was dealing with them quite well. Herc's eyes widened as he felt Ares hands moving around to his ass, and felt the God's fingers enter him, causing him to push deeper into Iolaus.

Iolaus bucked harder, and spilled his seed into Ares mouth. Ares tasted the sweetness that was Iolaus, and he did the same to the hunter, and both were moaning from their completion. Hercules pounded into Iolaus, then shouted his own, filling Iolaus once more with his seed.

Herc fell back on the bed, totally exhausted, never having felt quite this way before. He leaned up and pulled Ares head from Iolaus' cock, kissing his brother deeply, tasting Iolaus, and moaning from that taste. Ares removed his cock from Iolaus' mouth and shifted, sitting up. He waved his hand, and the ropes that held Iolaus were gone. Iolaus jumped up, grabbed Herc, and pulled him into such a hard kiss, the demigod thought his breath was being stolen. The hunter then turned and pulled Ares to him, kissing him just as hard, and Ares found himself moaning from that kiss.

Hercules got up and pulled on his pants.

"Herc, where ya going?" asked Iolaus, a big satisfied grin on his face.

"Yeah Herc. The party's just getting started," Ares said with a small giggle.

"I need something to drink. I'm going to get some ale and some food. Don't worry Iolaus...I'll bring something for you too."

Herc watched as Iolaus cupped Ares chin in his hand and pulled him into another kiss, his other hand in Ares hair, pulling their mouths tightly together. He then saw Cupid appear on the other side of the room, bow in hand, ready to shoot Ares. Cupid looked at his uncle, as if asking if it was okay. Hercules nodded, and Cupid let the arrow fly, hitting his father right in the ass. But Ares didn't move away from Iolaus. Cupid looked at Herc and loaded another arrow, hitting Ares again. Still Ares and Iolaus remained locked together. Herc shrugged his shoulders and left the room. Cupid met him out in the hallway.

"Nephew, what did you shoot him with? I figured as soon as he got hit, he'd leap off Iolaus, get red in the face, warn us not to say anything, and pop out. What gives?" Herc was very confused. By the look on Cupid's face, Herc saw he was also.

"I dunno Uncle Herc. Dad *should* have run screaming back to his temple. That's the strongest 'anti-love' arrow I have."

"Wonderful Cupid," Herc said. "Now I'm going to have to contend with the two of them making 'goo-goo' eyes at each other for the time Iolaus and I are here. By the way, where did you find your bow? And can I assume you found Bliss and Harmonia too?"

"Yeah, and you wouldn't believe where they were hiding."

"Try me," Herc said, with a laugh. He had a feeling this was going to be good.

Cupid smiled. "They were with a woman. She fed them, played with them, and talked to them, finally convincing them to call me. She told me that if I tried to punish either one of them she was going to beat me senseless, and pull my feathers out one at a time." Cupid took a deep breath, his eyes showing a bit of fear, which put a smile on Herc's face. He enjoyed seeing his Olympian relatives in fear. "She scared me Herc. I know she'd do it too."

"So where were they...Cyrene's inn?"


"Travelling with Xena and Gabrielle?"


Herc was quite curious now. "What woman could possibly scare you that much?"

"Ummmm...well...it was...."

"Spit it out nephew! Don't keep me in suspense. *What* mortal woman could scare a God like that?"

Cupid turned red. He spoke in a quiet voice, almost a whisper.


Herc's smile got wider. "Yeah, *she* could do it." He turned and went downstairs for the food and ale, leaving Cupid staring after him.

The End