Grief in Darkness
By Jenn M

Death made her home in a cavern deep in the Underworld. By rights she could live on Mt. Olympus with the other Gods but she knew her presence wasn't welcome.

Celesta set her candle down on a small wooden table. The flickering flame was the only light. She preferred the darkness; it just seemed more appropriate.

Hades had just berated her in front of the other gods. Once again she had allowed herself to be captured by a mortal. Worse was that it was the warrior Xena. A lump formed in her throat as she choked back tears of humiliation and pain. Worse than the scolding she suffered was the knowledge that she was forever alone.

Death was not popular. Mortals feared her touch and did anything possible to try and avoid it. She understood that and always approached those whose time had come with compassion.  She tried to ease their fears as they crossed over. It was not her job to judge their misdeeds, only bring them comfort as they went on the journey to the Underworld.

Mortal fear she understood and accepted. It was the treatment from the other gods that hurt so much. As they had been born into their positions, so to was she. Being the bringer of death was not something she would have chosen for herself. SInce the beginning of her existence, always the odd man out.

Her presence made the other gods nervous. She couldn't hurt them but sill they avoided her. Never could she understand their attitude toward her. It had been so long since she felt the touch of another that wasn't meant to bring death. She had no lovers or friends. Only her brother Hades had ever come to her bed.

It was not in tenderness or love that he came.

She was a vessel for him to fill with his frustrations and anger. He made use of her body uncaring of her pleasure. Even so she allowed it. His was the only touch she knew.  Now that he had Persephone he never came to her. She had softened him some with her love. Celesta was jealous of the tender looks and caresses he bestowed on his wife. Never had he been like that with her.

Now she had only the darkness to comfort her.

Celesta was taken by surprise when she was blinded by a flash of blue light. Before she could turn to see who her visitor was strong arms encircled her waist.

She gasped as her soft body was pulled against a hard male body. She let out a sigh as warm lips pressed against her neck. She shivered with delight at the sensation. Never had she felt anything so pleasurable. Slowly she was pulled around.

In the darkness her visitor was faceless. At that moment it mattered not to her who he was. She wanted only to feel his warm lips against her skin again.

As if her thoughts were read his lips pressed against her temple. Slowly they moved down the side of her face. Stopping to nibble lightly on her earlobe. When his lips pressed against her own she was lost. What ever he wanted she would willingly give.

She melted against the hard chest as his tongue teased her mouth open and entered. Celesta prayed that this was really happening and not a dream.

Celesta took his hand and guided him to her bed. In the darkness he removed her gown, planting warm kisses as he moved his way down her body. She let out a soft cry as his tongue teased her nipples. The touch she had so craved was finally hers.

When she ran her hands down her lovers strong back she realized he was already undressed. It felt so wonderful to touch someone without it leading to death.  Slowly and carefully he entered her. She wrapped her legs aound his waist and gave herself over to the pleasure.

In silence their bodies melded. Each taking comfort from the other.

With their union an emotional floodgate was opened in them both.

Hers let loose the pain and anguish she had carried all her life.

He let loose the grief of losing the one woman he truly loved. Not only had he lost her but the child he had wanted to raise as his own.

They held one another close as their bodies were racked with sobs. Neither spoke aloud  but at that moment they knew one another's secrets and pain.

Long into the night they comforted one another.  Celesta accepting his sorrow and pain from losing Xena and Eve.

Ares accepting her hurt and pain from being rejected and misunderstood.

Finally exhausted they fell asleep, bodies wrapped together.

Upon awaking War kissed the brow of Death, leaving as silently as he had arrived.

The End