KSA Archiving Policies

The KSA archive is only for writers subscribed to the Ksmithares mailing list, and who post their fic there first.  To subscribe, go here.  All stories posted to the Ksmithares mailing list will be automatically archived, provided they conform to the guidelines below:

All stories must be posted with the following template:

Title:  An Audience of One
Author:  Thamiris
Distribution: KSA/my page only
Length:  131 k.
Content:  m/m, m/f, NC-17, N/C, character death
Summary:  Joxer watches Caesar seduce the war god.

Note: The summary should apply to the entire story, not a particular chapter.  It's in place as much to help the archivists as it is to help readers; we cut that summary and paste it onto the author-pages.  It can be up to two lines in length.  Also, if you're writing a serial and your content changes, you must inform your archivist, so she can make changes to the author page.

All stories must clearly state that KSA has exclusive archiving rights.  This means that we won't archive fic submitted to another list also having an automatic archiving policy (Joxerotica, for instance, or Autoerotica), unless that list is not within our fandom, so you must include a clear statement at the outset of your story.  "KSA has exclusive archiving rights" is fine.   This is to keep down on crossposts, a breach of netiquette.  Fic sent to Ksmithares for archiving can also be posted on personal pages, or on independent archives not affiliated with a mailing list, like Ashera's Adult Xena Fan Fiction Archive.  If you don't want us to archive your fic, please state that clearly in your disclaimer. Fic posted to the list that does not mention archiving will not be posted here.

All stories must be edited by the author for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.  If grammar's not your strong suit, find a beta-reader who will help you (a beta reader is a person who volunteers to edit a story). Also, run your work through both a grammar-check and a spell-check before you submit it to the mailing list.  We reserve the right to refuse fic that doesn't conform to this rule.  For further help with grammar and punctuation, go to here.

Stories must be formatted according to established fanfic conventions.  This means each fic must be single-spaced, but double-spaced between paragraphs, with no indenting at the start of a new paragraph.  For an example, go here.  Fic that isn't properly formatted will not be archived; authors will not be notified.  This policy is in place as a courtesy to the busy archivists.  If you don't know how to punctuate dialogue, go here.

Stories should not depict real people, including but not exclusive to the actors from the shows (Kevin Smith, Michael Hurst, etc).  Stories following "Yes, Virginia" and its sequel may be exceptions, if the author remains very carefully within the perimeters established by these episodes.  We reserve the right to refuse fic that exceeds these boundaries.

Stories must revolve in a substantial way around a character played by Kevin Smith. This includes Ares, Iphicles, Bacchus, Timor  from HtLJ, XWP, YH; John Lawless from Lawless; Ricky de la Cruz from F/X; Lawrence Hayes from Desperate Remedies, etc.

We prefer stories to be at least two pages in length.

On a different note:

Unfinished stories posted to this archive may be removed if the author has not posted a new chapter in six months.  Authors will not be notified in advance, nor will these chapters be kept.  This rule is in place both as a courtesy to readers of the archive, and as encouragement for writers to finish stories.  Note, though, that once finished, stories can be (re)submitted for archiving.  Simply contact the relevant archivist, send her a text copy of your entire story; it will then be posted.

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