By Huntress

"So Ares, where are you going on vacation?" Hercules asked with a smile. "Athena said your vacation time was coming up and she was getting ready to fill in for you."

"Not sure this year Herc," Ares answered with a bigger smile. "I was thinking about a cruise down the Nile. You know, big ship, lots of slaves, Iolaus tied to the mast."

"WHAT!" Herc's face grew feral.

"Gotcha!" Ares laughed. "Actually, I *was* thinking about asking Iphicles. He needs some break time. What about you? Weren't you going to go back to Eire? To see that bimbo Morrigan? I meant it when I promised no wars for a while. We all need a break."

"Yeah, that's for sure. And with Iolaus back, it's over between me and her...I mean Morrigan. She was nice and all, but she's not Iolaus. So he and I are going to stay here, in Thebes. Get some work done around the house, fix the roof, dig a new well...."

"Sounds like your days will be spent having *lots* of fun," Ares snickered.

"The days yeah...but it's the nights that get steamy." A wink to Ares and the War God turned red.

"Herc, behave yourself. This is supposed to be a *relaxing* vacation. Look, if you have no other plans made, maybe you guys should come with me and Iph. I was only kidding about the slave part. We can make Iolaus row."

"Iolaus rowing." Herc said, thinking about that. "That would be nice. I love it when he gets all hot and sweaty. Turns me on."

"Hercules, if he takes a breath it turns you on. When he eats you get hot. When he fights you get excited...and so do I."

Hercules and Ares both got identical looks...vacant, vacuous looks.

"The look of determination on his face when he defends himself." Hercules sighed.

"His hair flowing behind him as he strikes." Ares gave a breathy moan.

"The sweat dripping from his brow...."

"Chest muscles rippling...."

Two voices, in unison...."ahhhh."

From behind them, just out of sight, two men stood and watched.

"Why do they do that Iph?" Iolaus asked.

"I don't know Iolaus. Maybe it's a son of Zeus thing."

"Who were they talking about anyway?" Iolaus asked.

"How should I know? But I did hear that we're going sailing this vacation."

"Cool," Iolaus said with a grin. "Herc was talking about repairing the roof, digging a new well, the usual. But sailing...Iph, you ever been laid on a ship?"

"No...although Ares and I did it in my old tree house once." Iph took a slow, deep breath and let it out, sitting down on a bench, his legs on either side of it.

"Yeah well it's fun on a ship." Iolaus said softly. He sat behind Iphicles and put his hands on Iph's shoulders, massaging with slow strokes. "Close your eyes and imagine you're sailing..." One hand moved to Iphicles' codpiece, which he undid with ease. "...the waves pounding beneath you..." Iolaus slowly eased his hand inside Iph's pants, freeing his cock, and began to stroke gently. "...a rhythm like no other." His free hand brushed Iphicles' hair aside and he began to kiss the king's neck. "Iphicles...." Iolaus began to stroke faster and Iphicles leaned hard against his body.

"Iolaus...." A whispered moan and Iphicles came over Iolaus' hand. The hunter
continued to stroke him until Iphicles was dry. The king turned around, taking Iolaus by the wrist and bringing the hand to his mouth. Iolaus leaned in and he and Iphicles licked the sweetness from Iolaus' hand.

"That was fun," Iphicles finally said.

"I'm not done yet," Iolaus smiled. He motioned Iphicles to stand and he slowly pulled the king's pants down around his knees, bending Iph over the bench. Freeing his own cock, which had been starting to feel painful in his leathers, he reached around, to stroke some more cum from Iphicles' cock, which was getting hard again. Spreading it over his own, he sheathed himself in one move, Iphicles biting his lip to keep from crying out from the sudden pain/pleasure. Pulling out, he thrust back in, taking Iph's cock in his hand and playing with it, gentle touches, hard strokes, running his thumb over the slit. "Very nice my King." Iolaus heard a noise behind him but before he could react, a hand reached around to join the one he had on Iph's cock. Lips at his neck, then a tongue sucking, teeth nipping, marking him. "Hercules...."

Two fingers at his mouth, Iolaus took them, sucking, wetting them. Hercules pulled them away and slowly pushed both into Iolaus, the hunter's shout filling the air..."Hercules!" Pulling back and pushing in again, the demigod made love to Iolaus with his fingers for a while, then pulled them away, his cock replacing the fingers, burying himself within Iolaus. Beginning slow, he fucked the hunter, driving Iolaus deeper into Iphicles with each thrust, then sped up, his hand moving around again to stroke Iphicles, his hand with Iolaus', pleasuring the king.

"Iolausmmm," Iphicles moaned, his voice muffled by a cock finding its way to his mouth.

"Didn't your mother tell you not to talk with your mouth full?" Ares laughed, his hands in Iph's hair, pulling hard, his cock deep within Iphicles' throat.

"So fucking tight...." Hercules moaned, his thrusts coming faster, as he and Iolaus stroked Iphicles at the same pace.

Iphicles exploded, his cum bathing the hands stroking him, Herc pounding harder into Iolaus, Iolaus harder into Iphicles. Herc's hand moved to Iolaus' mouth, and Iolaus sucked on his fingers, tasting Iphicles. Turning his head, his lips met the demigod's, fusing with them. He bit Herc's lip as he came, releasing into Iphicles, collapsing atop the king's body.

Ares next, shouting, "OH YES MY KING!", shooting his load deep into Iphicles
throat, watching and feeling Iphicles swallow his seed, continuing to stroke himself until Iphicles had sucked and swallowed every last drop of the God's cum.

Hercules was still pumping his cock into Iolaus' tightness, and he pulled out as he released, his cum shooting over Iolaus' ass. Sliding back on the bench, he leaned down, taking his tongue and cleaning the hunter's ass, while Iolaus writhed against him.

Finally done, Hercules moved away and so did Ares, and they watched the two mortals collapse, Iolaus head upon Iphicles back, Iphicles head resting on the bench.

"Very intense," Iolaus whispered, his breaths deep.

"Very much so," Iphicles added.

"You want to go sailing Iolaus?" Hercules asked, smiling at his lover. "Or would you rather fix the roof and dig a new well?"

"Lemme think Herc," Iolaus said, smiling back. "I guess the sailing. It might be fun."

"Good," Herc replied, smacking the hunter on the ass. "Then get your butt moving and get some stuff packed up."

"No need," Ares said. A wave of his hand and luggage appeared before them. *Lots* of luggage.

"Ares," Herc said with a laugh. "This looks like what 'Dite packs for an overnight trip. Why do we need so much?"

"Hercules," Ares smiled. "Be prepared. Didn't you learn anything from the 'Warrior Scouts of Greece'? It might get cold, or we might get stranded on an island, and we'll need things to survive."

"No waves of the hand this vacation Ares?" Iphicles asked.

"Vacation Iph," Ares answered. "That's the key word. No waves of the hand, no Godly energies. Just fun."

"Now that would be different!" Iolaus laughed. "Let's do it!"

Part 2

Iphicles' pallor was green and Iolaus' was no better. The seas were rough and both king and hunter had been turning colors for two days.

"C'mon Ares," Herc was whining. "Do something. I know that you said no Godly
powers, but enough is enough. Look at them."

"A vacation is a vacation Hercules. No more no less." Ares went back to the rigging, which he was manually adjusting.

"No more, no less?" Hercules' tone had changed and both Iphicles and Iolaus took a break from seasickness to watch. "Okay I said...enough is enough."

Herc's voice was sweet, but Iolaus knew that tone. "Iph, I think we should go below deck."


"Uh-oh," Iolaus said. "Too late."

Herc put his arm on Ares' shoulder, turning him so they were face to face. Ares smiled, Herc smiled back, and belted his brother on the jaw.

"Fix them now!"

"NO! This is a vacation! I don't do the God thing on MY vacation!" He punched
Hercules in the stomach.

"I want to get laid!" A punch to Ares' face again.

"Tough shit!" A punch to Herc's face.

Hercules lunged at Ares, tackling him. Unfortunately, the tackle caused both men to go overboard.

Iphicles and Iolaus looked over the side.

"You think they're okay?" Iph asked.

"Yeah. Ares still has his powers, and Zeus won't let anything happen to Herc." Iolaus shrugged, then changed color again. Iphicles did too and the two men proceeded to vomit over the side...again.

A few minutes later, there was a flash of light and both men managed to look over, figuring it was Ares. Instead they saw Poseidon standing there, one nephew in each hand, holding them by their shirts. Both men were sopping wet, and looked like they had been beaten within an inch of their lives.

"Would you boys mind keeping *them* out of my domain? And stop giving me your
insides." Poseidon looked angry and Iphicles shrank back.

"It's cool Iph," Iolaus said with a smile. "Poseidon's an OK kind of God. He...." Unfortunately the ship was hit by a barrage of waves and the mortal men returned their heads to the side of the ship.

"Enough!" The God snapped. Dropping his nephews onto the deck, he pulled Iolaus and Iphicles back from the edge. "If I heal the two of you and keep the seas calm around you, will you do as I say?" Two nods. "Then so be it!" He couldn't help laughing though. "Iolaus, why do you bother sailing? Everytime the seas get a bit choppy, you get sick."

"And give up a chance to avoid work? Believe me, I'd rather be throwing my guts up here instead of fixing a damn roof."

"You know, I liked it better when they fought." He looked at his nephews. "It was easier to deal with. Hades and his stupid ideas. Oh well, back to my wife...the slob."

Another laugh and the God vanished. The two men's color returned to normal, they were cleaned up, and the seas were calm. Two groans from the deck....

"Did you get the driver of that chariot?" Herc asked.

"Yeah," answered Ares. "Poseidon."

Both glanced up and saw the other two staring at them. Arms folded, with scowls.

"Did you have *fun*?" Iolaus asked.

"Oh yeah," Ares answered. "Getting pummeled by my uncle is one of my favorite pastimes."

Herc rubbed his jaw. "That hurt."

"Poseidon?" Iphicles asked.

"No," Ares laughed. "Neaera, Poseidon's youngest. Poseidon *won't* hit Hercules. Like most of dad's brothers, he's the favorite nephew. But Neaera...."

"Ares grabbed her ass and made it look like I did it!" Herc snapped. "And she hit me."

"Well, you were thinking about it Herc."

"Was not!"

"Was too!"

Hercules lunged at Ares again, but Iolaus was in the middle this time, and *he* got tossed overboard.

"Now look what you did!" Herc yelled.

"ME! It's your fault!" Ares retorted.

"Guys...." Iphicles voice. "Guys!" Both men turned to Iphicles. "The sea is calm, Iolaus is floating over there, so somebody go get him. At least throw him the life preserver."

"You do it!" Herc growled.

"He belongs to you!" Ares growled back.

"I thought you loved me!" Iolaus sputtered.

"Go get him!" Iphicles pushed both men over the side. "Now you can both rescue him."

Ares and Hercules got Iolaus back to the ship and Iphicles helped the hunter back on board. The moment Iolaus was on the deck, Iphicles pushed both men over the side again.

"Try swimming for a while!" He shouted at them. He glanced at Iolaus. "I say leave them to tread water for a while then let them back on board."

"Sounds good to me Iph. I'm going down to change. You got the rigging?"

"Yeah...under control."

Iolaus went to change his clothes and Iphicles took care of things on deck.

Meanwhile, the son's of Zeus were still arguing. Until Hercules saw the shark fin.

"Uh, Ares, remember what you said about no powers?"


"Well, maybe now would be a good time to think about using them."

"Huh?" Ares turned. "OH SHIT!" Before he could do anything, the shark butted Herc in the ribs with such force that the demigod went under. "That's all I need...having to tell dear old dad that Hercules got eaten by a shark." He swam under, grabbing his brother and pulling him up for air. The shark made another go at them, but Ares was not in the mood. A brief thought and the shark was now a goldfish. A very large goldfish, but a goldfish nonetheless. "Teach you to mess with the king of combat," he sneered. Another wave and he and Herc were on deck. Ares looked at Iphicles, who glared back at the God. "We promise to behave, no more fighting. Can we stay?"

"I'll think about it," Iphicles answered, turning back to his work.

"Aww, come on Iph," Herc said. "Like he said, we promise to behave."

"Okay," Iphicles replied, looking a bit skeptical. "But one word and...."

"It's a deal Iph." Hercules looked at Ares. "I take it that was the extent of your power use?" He nodded to the large goldfish, which had taken up residence and was swimming alongside the ship.


"Well, then we better go get changed." He headed below deck and Ares followed.


Coming back on deck a short while later, they spotted Iphicles sitting quietly, enjoying the view.

"I say we dump him overboard," Herc smiled.

"Go for it," Ares encouraged.

Hercules silently snuck up on the king. "Gotcha!" he yelled, wrapping his arms around his brother and lifting him up. He lifted Iphicles over his head and held him over the side of the ship. "Should I dump him in Ares?"

"I don't know Hercules." Ares said with a shrug.

"I think I should." Hercules' grin was unseen by Iphicles.

"WAIT!" Iphicles shouted.

"Yes Iphicles?" Herc asked.

"I promise if you don't throw me in I won't whine anymore."

Herc made a face at Ares. "No way Iph. Whining is part of your annoying part, but a part anyway."

Iphicles tried again. "I promise to let you play in my dungeon next time you come to visit."

"I thought only *I* got to play there?" Ares asked, a hint of mischief in his voice.

"Okay...okay. If you put me down...."

"...Maybe you'll both get laid this vacation." Iolaus had come up on deck. "Put him down"

"But Iolaus...." Herc started.

"I said *now*."

Hercules put his brother down on the deck.

Ares laughed. "Well, I can see who wears the codpiece in this relationship."

"Okay Ares...." Herc started, but a warning glance from Iolaus shut him up and he and Ares headed to the other end of the ship to put up the sails.


"You know Ares, you're a God. I'm a demigod. Why are we listening to them?"

"I've been thinking about that myself," Ares muttered. "I know I said no powers but...."

" made a big goldfish. I want to see Iolaus tied to the mast like you promised. Naked and tied up."

"You could do that yourself you know," Ares smiled. "You don't need my powers for that."

"But Ares," Herc smiled back. "It would be so much more fun if he just found himself that way, wouldn't it?"

"And what about Iphicles?"

"I don't know. Iph enjoys getting tied up."

"Hercules, how do you know that?"

The demigod got red-faced. "He's my brother...."

"Does Iolaus know?" Ares asked.

"Know? Ares, it was his idea. He gave me this whole speech about brotherly love. How we both needed to share with each other. How things would be better between us. I gotta give him credit though...he was right." Hercules grinned. "I think I'm gonna tie Iph to the mast instead of you Iolaus begs for it too."

"What do we bet?" Ares grinned back.

"How about...if Iolaus begs for it, you let me fuck you...while *you* are tied up."

"Okay little bro'," Ares answered. "But if he doesn't beg, I tie you up...and spank you until your ass is red and raw."

"I love it when you talk dirty," Herc said with a leer.

"I know," Ares leered back. Reaching out a hand, the God caressed his brother's face with the back of his hand, moving down to cup his chin. Lifting Herc's eyes to his, Ares slid his hand along Herc's neck, reaching around and grabbing a handful of the demigod's hair. Ares pulled him into a soft kiss, then whispered, "You're going to beg later little brother...oh yeah."

"We'll see," Herc answered, giving Ares a harder kiss in return. "We'll see who begs."

More kisses, and clothes were shed quicker then a lightning bolt. Herc smiled at his brother, licking his lips, and when Ares reached for him, Herc pulled back, and the two began to chase each other around deck.

Iolaus and Iphicles watched, smiling at each other.

"You wanna tackle one of them next time they come by?" Iolaus asked.

"Sure...why not," Iph answered.

Running past them again, Ares suddenly found himself pinned to the deck, Iphicles straddling his chest, Iolaus on his legs. Turning around, Herc saw what was happening and frowned. "Nobody tackles me."

"I'll tackle you bro'," came a sweet voice. He looked up to see Aphrodite, very naked, and his mouth dropped open. His eyes moved up and down her form, and he stepped back, a bit wary.

"I wish you wouldn't do that."

"Oh Herkie," she said with a lilt in her voice. The demigod stepped further away. "You're not scared of *me*, are you?" He nodded. "Herc, I don't play know that. I just thought since you were getting ignored you might want to play with me."

"I'm not getting ignored!" Herc snapped. "They just...they...OKAY...I'm being ignored. And what are you doing here anyway?"

"Oh relax." The Goddess was fully clothed and Herc gave a sigh of relief. "I was bored. Hephie's working on some new weapons for Ares and is like, *totally* ignoring me. So I figured I'd come bother Ares. Instead I found you too...and sweetcheeks and Iphy. Now why don't we watch them for a while."

"Only if you give me some clothes."

Aphrodite rolled her eyes. "Okay...geez and I thought Artemis was prudish." A wave of her hand and Herc was a dress. "Herc, it brings out the blue of your eyes." He growled at her and she smiled and gave him his own clothes. "Happy now?" A nod. "Then let's watch." She materialized two lounges for them, and Herc sat next to her. She then 'made' popcorn and slushies. "It's the latest's crushed ice with flavored syrup. Your friend Falafel is selling them and my little studmuffin is promoting them...shocking that they're good." Herc just nodded, and he and his sister sat back to enjoy the view....

Iphicles pulled off his shirt, his body glistening with sweat, nipples becoming erect at the feel of the cool ocean breeze. Iolaus' hands on his shoulders, gently massaging, while Ares' fingers moved to his nipples, pinching, then caressing. The king leaned back, right into Iolaus, whose hands remained, on his shoulders. Then Iolaus' lips on his neck, moving up to his ear, whispering, "Remember I told you what it was like to make love on a ship..." His teeth nipped the earlobe. "...the waves pounding beneath you..." Iolaus' tongue in his ear. "...a rhythm like no other." Kissing his way back down Iphicles' body, Iolaus pulled him backward, so Iphicles was laying in his arms. Then, a brief glance to Ares, before he plundered Iph's mouth, his tongue moving deep, while his fingers wound in the thick mane of hair. When Iolaus pulled away, Iphicles moaned, trying to pull Iolaus' mouth back to his own, wanting to taste that sweetness yet again. But Iolaus moved out of his reach, smiling, and Ares' hands grabbed him around the waist, steadying him.

Iolaus stood, kicking off his boots. His shirt was pulled off slowly, and flung at the demigod, who brought it to his face and inhaled the scent of his lover. Next his pants, which he kicked into the water. (Thanks to 'Dite, however, they were retrieved and dried.) His breechclout was next, and, like his shirt, landed on the demigod's head. The scent of *this* article of clothing, however, had a different effect on the demigod then the shirt, (as well as to a prominent part of his anatomy), and *that* was not lost on
Iolaus, who turned his attentions, purposely, back to Iphicles and Ares. It was also not lost on Aphrodite, who grinned, and decided to keep an eye on *that* particular part of Herc's anatomy.

Iolaus, a salacious look on his face, moved around, kneeling to face Iphicles, his cock caressing Ares lips. His hands moved to remove Iphicles' boots, then deftly undid Iphicles' pants. Rising, Iph eased his pants down, gasping as Iolaus took his cock in hand and began to stroke gently. He managed to get his pants off, (he wondered how), as Iolaus' hands moved to his waist, pulling him close, the blonde's talented tongue licking his cock head, blowing into the slit. Iphicles didn't think he could get any harder,
but the sight of Iolaus beginning to fuck Ares mouth was a bit much for him. He braced his hands on Iolaus' shoulders, moaning as Iolaus' hands moved around to his ass, finger's gripping his cheeks. Iolaus' mouth moved over his cock, sucking so gentle and taking him so deep, that Iphicles felt his legs grow shaky, and he reluctantly moved from Iolaus' mouth, repositioning himself between Ares' legs.

His cock wet from Iolaus' mouth, Iphicles eased his way inside the War God, hearing his muffled moans of pleasure. Ares continued to feed on Iolaus' cock, which was alternating between teasing the God's lips with his cock head and fucking Ares' mouth deep. Iphicles slowly eased out, his eyes meeting Iolaus'. Iolaus smiled, leaning down, and, while Iphicles caressed Ares' cock, Iolaus moved his tongue up and down the hard shaft. Then Ares was filled with the king's cock again, Iph's fingers leaving bruises in Ares' thighs as he held tight, and began to fuck his lover. Iolaus' hands moved to Ares' cheeks and he parted them, allowing Iphicles to go deeper.

Ares began to do the same to Iolaus. His hands on Iolaus' ass, he caressed the soft cheeks, slowly pushing a finger in, hearing Iolaus moan, and gently adding another finger. Iolaus raised his head from Ares cock. "Oh yeah...give me more...." Then Iphicles' hands in his hair, pushing his mouth back onto Ares, a motion Iolaus more then welcomed. Ares fingers teased, moving slow and easy, pushing Iolaus to the edge, then pulling him back.

Iphicles' cock quickened within his lover, his hands tightening in Iolaus' hair. Iolaus sucked harder, Iphicles lifting his head up and down. Ares' fingers pushed deeper within the hunter, knowing he'd hit the prostate when Iolaus moaned and arched his body, thrusting deeply into Ares' throat. He hit the spot again and again, moaning himself when Iphicles touched that spot within him.

Then the world exploded for the three of them....

Iphicles pounded his release into Ares, not stopping until he was flaccid and dry. He watched as Iolaus drank Ares' sweetness, Iolaus swallowing what he could. When Iphicles released his hair, Iolaus took Ares' cock in hand and began to lick him clean. Iolaus was overwhelmed with the sensations and shot his load down the War God's throat, all the while Ares continued to finger-fuck him. Ares kept sucking until the hunter collapsed, catching his breath. The three men just lay there staring at each other, all with silly grins.


This was all too much for the demigod. His shirt long pulled off, he was sweating, and his cock was hard within his leathers. He stood, undoing his pants, pushing them off, ready to join his lover and his brothers. But before he could take another step, he felt hands on his thighs, followed by a soft tongue tracing the path of said hands. Looking down he saw his sister's blonde head, and tried to pull away.

"No." Hercules meant the word to come out firm and strong, but it came out softly. All Aphrodite did was move her hands up to his waist. "Please don't...." More words meant to stop her, more words moaned, without meaning. "Please...ohhhh...." Aphrodite's hand on his cock, holding it, lightly caressing with her fingertips. Then her tongue on his cock, licking the length, while her other hand fingered his balls. Then her mouth was gone and she looked up at him.

"Tell me you've never wanted this and I'll stop." A statement with no hidden meaning, no innuendo.

"Please..." the demigod whispered. "...more...." Her mouth returned to his cock, this time lapping at the precum gathered on the slit, gripping his shaft a little harder. "I gotta sit down." The demigod meant to move into the lounge but missed, landing on the deck. "Aphrodite please...." Another moan.

Aphrodite's mouth returned to his cock, kissing the head, looking up into Herc's eyes, and slowly took him into her hot mouth. Her tongue moved in tandem with her teeth, giving Hercules pleasure he had never known, while her hands wandered up his body, finding his nipples and pinching them. Her hands moved down to his hips, and she removed her mouth. "Hercules...take me...please?"

The demigod didn't care...all he knew was that he wanted her, a want he had fought since he was a teenager. Rolling her onto her back, he kissed her mouth hard, his tongue lingering on her lips. Then to her neck where he purposely left a bruise. ('Try and explain *that* one to Heph.') Moving his mouth to her hardened nipples, he suckled on each, making her writhe beneath him. Then further down, slowly spreading her legs, his fingers on her inner thighs, so soft and touchable. The thought of taking *this* sister was intoxicating, and he spread her lips, inhaling her womanhood, the scent of her going straight to his head. His tongue dipped in, tasting her, and her hands wound in his hair, pushing him hard onto her pussy. But Herc wasn't ready to give yet, and pulled away. "In my time." Then his mouth was back, tongue slowly sucking on her clit, two fingers entering her, while his other hand lifted her body, drawing her closer to him. His head moving from side to side, lapping at her wetness, her screams heard by all.


A grin, and the demigod covered her body, his cock finding its way inside her. His hands finding purchase on her ass, he sheathed himself in one move, then began the slow slide out, then thrust back in again. These movements were driving the Goddess into a frenzy of lust, and her movements against the demigod were driving him mad, and he pounded into her with wild abandon, taking her, pulling her as deeply as he could.

Previously oblivious to what the demigod was doing, the others attentions shifted upon hearing 'Dite's shout. Three mouths fell open at the sight before them, three cocks began to harden while they watched.

Iolaus moved first, crawling over and covering his lover's back, hands massaging the rippling muscles, moving down to Herc's ass, spreading his cheeks, and dipping his tongue in. "IOLAUS!" The demigod screamed, taking his sister harder. Iolaus licked for a while longer, then pulled away. Hercules' groan of loss was quickly replaced with a moan of passion, his lover's cock pushing inside of him, and he gripped Aphrodite's hips harder.

Iphicles and Ares looked at each other, then moved as well. Both knelt before the demigod, cocks in hand, and Hercules was completely lost. Aphrodite's warmth around his cock, drawing him in deeply, Iolaus taking him, and now this. Balancing himself on one hand, the other took Iph's cock and pulled it to his mouth, inhaling the length, sucking hard. As he moved, 'Dite slipped a hand in between their bodies and began to roll his nipples within her fingers, making them hard. Iph smiled and pulled away, but before the demigod could complain, Ares' cock was in his mouth, the God stroking hard and deep, his eyes not leaving the demigod's mouth, watching it work. Then Ares gone, and Iph there again. This went on for a while, the demigod being brought to the edge of orgasm again and again. Then both his brothers bringing their cocks to his mouth and he sucked them each in turn.

Aphrodite was having the time of her life and reached up, caressing Ares' balls, feeling them tighten. Her other hand moved to Iphicles, and she did the same. Both men gave a loud shout of "Yeah!" both cumming, the demigod doing his best to drink of both. What wasn't swallowed dripped down to his sister, who opened her mouth, licking her lips at the tastes. Her pussy contracted around Herc's cock and she orgasmed with a fury, pushing up at him, still feeling him hard inside of her.

Hercules was there, and he intended to take Iolaus with him. Clenching his ass muscles, he drew Iolaus in deeper, feeling Iolaus' hands on his hips, then the feeling of Iolaus' warm seed bathing him. It sent the demigod into a maelstrom of lust and he came hard, filling his sister, collapsing atop her, not wanting to move. Iolaus' hands pulling him off of her, pulling him onto his back, covering his lover like an afghan. His mouth on Hercules', kissing him, then crawling into the demigod's arms, said arms moving around him,
holding him close.

"Tired Herc," a whisper from Iolaus. "Wanna sleep for a week."

A glance at his sister, and Hercules found himself below deck, in bed, Iolaus snuggled against him. "Who knew vacations could be so tiring?" he mused, holding Iolaus tight to his body, laying his head above the blonde's, watching him sleep. "So beautiful." His final words, before he fell asleep as well.

"Did you guy's have fun too?" 'Dite asked Ares and Iph, a lilt in her voice.

"Can I have a turn with you?" Iph asked innocently.

"No you may not!" Ares answered. "I'm not as liberal as little brother. Now go away sis'. I want my Iphy."

"Aww Arry, you're getting boring in your old age," she grinned, clothing herself with a thought. "See ya around Iphy." She vanished, her giggle echoing in the air.

Ares looked at his lover. "Don't even think it."

"Okay 'Arry'," Iphicles laughed. "But what are we going to do for an encore?"

Ares leered at him. "We have a couple of days left. I bet we think of something." A wave of his hand and the two were in bed, Iphicles tied to the bed posts. "Now this, this should be fun." A sudden grin. 'And I still have a bet to finish with my little brother.'

The End