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July 26, 2001
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April 15, 2001
Amorette's Mourning Becomes Ares (angst, slash)
Cycnus' Morning After (Ares/m)
Cycnus' Moments in Transience (Ares/Iphicles)
Melora's Wildfire part 48 (Ares/OFC)

April 14, 2001
Juxian Tang's Imprinting (Ares/Heph, male pregnancy, implied rape)
Juxian Tang's Skin Tight (Ares/Xena, Het)
Juxian Tang's Sniper Girl (Ares/Deimos)

March 12, 2001
Amorette's Because I'm Your Mother (implied slash)
Candace's Red (Strife/Iphicles) and Great Expectations (Ares/m)
Circe's Hurrying Down the Dark Road parts 6-11 (het, slash, ff)
Claire's War and Order part 17 (Ares/Mike Logan)
Lorraine's Rival (Ares/Strife, Hera/Alcmeme)

March 11, 2001
Updated:  Nonfiction page with Shamenka's homonyms list and Kyn's meditation and visualization techniques for creativity.

March 10, 2001
Emcee's Archiving  (Ares/Muses)
Emcee's  How Do I Love Thee? (Ares/Hercules; underage sex)
Ghared's Smoke and Mirrors (Ares/Iolaus; issues of consent)
Salem of Normandy's First Lesson (Ares/Iphicles; underage sex)
Shamenka's Requiescant in Pace? (implied Ares/Hercules, mpreg)
Sophia's Mars Rising 13 (Ares/OMC)
Strandia's Pity  (Ares/Hercules)
Sunraven's All in the Family (various; m/f; OFC)
Sunraven's Love Workshop (various; m/f, m/m, OFC)
Sunraven's Soul of War (various; m/f, m/m, OFC)
Thamiris's His Mouth, My Ear (Ares/Homer; other)

February 11, 2001
Cycnus' Fragment and Salvation (gen); Infestation and Lesson (implied m/m); Comfort (Ares/Iphicles)
Laurissa's Mother Love chapters 3 and 4 (incest, het)
Nemetona's Distant Screams part 3 (Iolaus/Ares/Hercules, torture, m/f)

February 2, 2001
Eirene's Ares in Space (het, OFC, slash, AU)
Eirene's Bitter Land; Bedroom Suite (Ares/Timor)
Strandia's Too Easy (Ares/Autolycus)
Thamiris' The Alchemist's Dream (Ares/Hephaestus, Aphrodite/Hephaestus, AU)
Toridon's The Best Revenge (gen)
**Added the concluding chapters of the Round Robin, Dry Bones (m/m; f/f, centaur/god)
**Added the Round Robin, Go Tell In On The Mons Veneris (m/m, f/f, m/f)

February 1, 2001
Hind's Blood's The Gift
Isos Arei's Iphiklos (Ares/Iphicles)
JaimeBlue's  First Night
JaimeBlue's Till I can Make it Through the Night

January 28, 2001
Beth's Deer Afroditie (humour; implied slash)
Cycnus' Acquisition (Caesar/m; Ares/Caesar; mpreg)
Cycnus' A God's Best Friend (slash)
Cycnus' Captured (gen)
Melora's Wildfire part 47 (Ares/OFC)

January 18, 2001
Emcee's Educational Tours (gen)
Emcee's A Lesson In Seduction (Iph/Ares, Iph/Herc, Iph/Rena)
Emcee's Tit For Tat (gen)
Sunraven's Who Is Killing The Gods Of Greece (slash, het, OFC)
**Updated the challenge page.

January 14, 2001
Amorette's All in a Day's work  (implied slash)
Amorette's The Difference Between Me and Thee (slash)
Amorette's Natural Born God (gen)

January 06, 2001
Roo's Waiting for the Dawn (Iphicles/Hercules) and the sequel, After Dawn

January 03, 2001
Eirene's Love--All (OFC/Ares GOL)
Salem of Normandy Sacrificial Seed (slash, rape)
Shamenka's With Unjust Cause 3 (Lawless; implicit slash; sequel to I Cried)

December 31, 2000
Conquest  - Isos_Arei , Oshun Anat and Jaime Blue
Jill Rowdy's Dawn (M/F)

December 28, 2000
Lorraine's Foiled Again (slash)
Melora's Wildfire part 46 (Ares/OFC)
Mithica's Fear (Ares/Xena, PWP)
Mithica's Eternity conclusion (slash, AU)

December 12, 2000
Lorraine's Reconciliation (slash)
Mistress Twanky's Penance (slash, Stargate SG1 crossover)
Mithica's Loyalty (Iphicles/Ares, AU)

December 5, 2000
Adrastea's A Thread, Severed (gen)
**Updated: Slash Rules
**Updated: KSA Links

November 29, 2000
aly's Ashes in his Mouth (gen)
Laurissa's Mother Love parts 6-11 (het, incest)
Lorraine's Consequences (Ares/Hephaestus, questionable consent)
Narcissus' Playing the Pawn (slash, questionable consent)
Nymphica's  Fabric of Whispers (JIolaus/Iphicles, AU)

November 15, 2000
Sarah Saint Ives' Mythicism (HtLJ/PTL)

November 14, 2000
MB's Distraction (slash)
MB's Prisoner in the Room (torture, slash, Ares/Joxer)
Oshun's Love is a Multi-Species Thing (slash, comedy, bestiality)

November 12, 2000
Adrastea's Dealing With the Unexpected (gen; comedy)
arachne's World Enough and Time  (AU; crossover with Moorcock universe; het, slash)
Arami's Thievery and Punishment (Ares/Autolycus)
Eirene's Bitter Land; Bedroom Suite (slash; AU)
Emcee's Rules (Ares/Hercules)
Emcee's Writer's Block (comedy; slash)
Emcee's A Slave Muses (Ares/Hercules; AU)
Ghared's Vow of Silence (Ares/Orestes)
Sarah Saint Ives' Change of Life (Ares/Hercules; mpreg; non-con)
Shamenka's I Cried to Dream Again (Lawless; implicit slash)
Shamenka's In Absentia Deo (slash)
Shamenka's Vengeance is Mine (slash)
Shamenka's With Unjust Cause 1-2 (Lawless; implicit slash; sequel to "I Cried")
Strandia's Thaw (implicit Ares/Iphicles)
Thamiris' For Giving (Iphicles/other; implicit Ares/Iphicles)
Vampry's Elements (gen)

October 12, 2000
Circe's Hurrying Down the Dark Road (het, slash, ff; ongoing)

October 7, 2000
JaimeBlue's Weep Not For All the Memories (Iphicles/Joxer)
Jill Rowdy's House God (humor)
Jill Rowdy's Forbidden Pleasure (humor, slash, het)

September 24, 2000
Emcee's Hercules' Tale (Ares/Hercules)
Emcee's The Price of Immortality (Ares/Caesar)
Emcee's Saving Iolaus (slash; issues of consent)
Foxmonkey's Joxer's Moon (implicit slash; mpreg)
Joez RZ's Obsessed (Caesar/Iphicles)
Shamenka's Comfort and Joy 7-8 (implicit slash)
Shamenka's First Time For Everything (Iphicles/Strife)
Shamenka's To Ride the Fire 6-7 (rape)
Strandia's Liebestod (slash)
Thamiris' The Brass Wish (Ares/Joxer)
Thamiris' Fidelis Constans (Ares/Caesar)
Toridon's The Sting of War  (Ares/Cupid)
**Added chapters of the Round Robin, Dry Bones (slash; f/f, centaur/god)

September 20, 2000
**Updated: The KSA Birthday List

September 10, 2000
Roo's Typical (Adventure, comedy, no rating.)
**Updated: Links to Slash Pages

September 4, 2000
JJ's  Going Home (slash, AU)

September 3, 2000
arachne's Blind Faith (Ares/Joxer)
Aly's Like Father (gen)
Melora's Wildfire part 45 (Ares/OFC)
Mithica's Eternity parts 4 and 5 (slash, AU)
Mistress Twanky's Rededication (Ares/Joxer)
Mistress Twanky's Alternate Loving (Ares/Heph, AU)
Mithica's The Novitiate (Ares/Iphicles, OMC)
Narcissus' Cupid's Chastisement (Ares/Cupid)
Oshun's Confessions (Iphicles/ Caesar)

August 23, 2000
Strandia's The Inevitable (Ares/Hercules)
**The KSA Birthday List
**Fixed some links on the Fiction: S page

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