By Jen

Fucking on the wet sand.  Waves crashing onto the beach as your lover cums inside you.  Sounds good, doesn't it?  Take it from me, it's bloody painful.  Do you know how those grains get *everywhere*?  Do you know how they rasp against your cock as Ares is pounding into your ass, grinding you deeper and deeper into the beach?

Well, if you don't, you're lucky.  He has this thing about beaches. Something about the pull of the tides, he says.  Something about the grains of sand inside me as he rams in, I reckon.  He loves it. So I'll put up with it.  At least it stops the gossip in the castle, if we're fucking here rather than there.  Oh all right, I love it too.  It fucking hurts, but it's Ares.  And me.  Together.  Alone.  It lets me know how much he wants me.  That he feels something for me more than his other lovers. Lovers?  I don't believe I said that.  Fuck toys.  That's all the god of war ever has.  Fuck toys.

So I'm drowsing in the sun, sore but satisfied.  And Ares is off somewhere. Gods don't need the recovery time.  He's prowling the beach, revelling in the pull of the tides no doubt.  I turn over onto my back, shielding my eyes from the glare of the sun, to see where he is.

Pull of fucking tides?  Right.  I don't know who he is, but there's this guy there.  Just laying on the beach.  His body's raised slightly on his arms so that his head is hanging, face disguised, but that body..  Sculpted golden muscle, a suggestion of sweat glistening in the sun, light and shadow highlighting his beautiful form.  That firm smooth ass.  And he looks so wanton, just lying there.  Gods, I'm hard as I've ever been as I see him.  And then I see Ares.  Naked as he prowls around the figure, predatory, hot, his cock already at attention.  I can't blame him.  I'd do the same if I had the chance.  But to do this in front of me.  when he's spent the last hour coming into me, calling me his beautiful whore, his fuck toy.  Yeah, you heard me.  *His*.  So why's he prowling round like a dog on heat when he knows I can see him?

This guy. he must know Ares is there.  But he does nothing.  Just lies there like he's offering himself up on the fuck altar to the god of war.  And Ares can't take his eyes off him.  Yeah alright, he's beautiful.  But he's nobody.  Just a body, right?  Why's Ares so fucking taken with him?

Even as I'm watching, he's kneeling down beside this guy, leaning forward, hot breath whispering over bare skin and then his tongue's licking the sweat from the hollow of his back.  No preliminaries.  No speech.  No kissing.  No hands.  Just Ares' hot tongue moving insistently against salty skin.  And the guy doesn't react.  Nothing.  No surprise.  He knows.  He's known all along that Ares was there.  He wants to trap him, I can see that.  But Ares.  all he can see is that beautiful form in front of him.  His tongue's moving down, tracing down the crack in this guy's ass.  Gods, even for Ares that's blunt.  I mean, the first time with someone, a little bit of foreplay, even an exchange of name's usually a good idea.  Isn't it?

And then it strikes me.  Maybe it's not his first time with this one.  I watch that moist clever tongue working down, see it probing, watch this guy's muscles tightening in response.  Still he's not looking up, pretending Ares isn't there, pretending he's not aware as the god is pulling his legs further apart so he can kneel between them.  His cock's so hard as he teases the stranger's ass with it, pushing, then pulling back, until at last there's a reaction.  The stranger raises his ass slightly, that's all.  And then Ares is pushing in.  No preparation, just a shove and he's inside this guy, his hands planted firmly in the wet sand on either side of him as he leans over him, dark against blond, Ares' teeth biting into the tanned shoulder as he thrusts inside, quicker and quicker until he's coming.  And then he's silent for an instant, slumped over the bronzed body beneath him, until he's pushed off onto his back and this guy is kneeling over him, guiding his cock towards Ares' lips.

"Suck me," he says.  That's all.  But that voice.  Even from this distance it's amazing.  My own hard-on throbs like you wouldn't believe.  That voice tugs at something deep inside me that I didn't even know was there. And Ares takes it from him.  Takes his cock and starts to suck it, while this guy is fucking his mouth,  hips moving hard and faster until he comes into the god's mouth.  They're still for a moment, silent, looking at one another.

Then this guy turns and looks across the beach at me.  I drop my hand from my hard cock.  It's a bit embarrassing to be found jerking off to your lover's - sorry, fuck toy owner's - public blowing of a complete stranger. Specially when you know he won't blow *you*.  I glare.  I hate this fucker, whoever he is.  His face is as beautiful as the rest of him.  Bastard.  The damned sun's in my eyes, so I shut them.  I lie on my back and hate myself.

"So you're Iphicles."

I hardly have time to register the words before his weight descends on top of me, a knee on either arm, pushing them deeper into the sand.  I try to fight him off, but he's got me.  My arms are pinioned against the sand, his weight on them, and his cock jutting only a few inches from my mouth.  I buck my hips to try to dislodge him, but the only thing that gets me is a stinging slap.  I gasp in surprise and he takes the opportunity to start to feed his cock into my mouth.  I think seriously for a moment about closing my jaws, hard, but he tastes so fucking good.  And that hint of Ares on him too.  My tongue's moving against his length as he pushes into my mouth, tasting his salty taste, then he's pulling back so that I can roll my tongue around his tip, lash it again and again across his slit, encouraging the fluid that's already leaking from it, tasting it, until he groans and thrusts back in.  Only for an instant, then there's a familiar presence.  I open my eyes to see Ares there.

"Enough," he says.

This guy ignores him.  He thrusts in deep a couple more times before finally withdrawing and standing up.  I'm left feeling empty.  And frustrated.  Not for long.  Ares tells me to turn over.  My hard cock nestles into the warm sand and I start to hump it.  Gods, it hurts but it feels good.  I'm almost there, almost finding relief when there's a dead weight across my shoulders and Ares' deep voice in my ear.  "Stop that," he warns.  I want to tell him to go fuck himself, but there's still that pressure on my shoulders.  And I know if he gets pissed, he's liable to break my neck.  So I stop.  Another stinging slap, this time on my ass.  "On your knees," Ares tells me.

I do it.  On all fours, weight supported on my hands in front of me, thighs spread obediently.  Then I hear him saying, "Which end d'you want first?"

I look up in anger.  What the fuck does he think he's doing?  And who the fuck *is* this guy?  I don't believe what Ares is taking from him.  If anyone else had ignored Ares the way he did earlier, they'd be dead by now.  But I'm not putting up with this.  I make my decision just as Ares grabs this guy by the back of his head and pulls him in for a kiss.  Still no hands, just mouths and tongues battling to take and to give pleasure, to break the other's control.  They're so close their cocks are pressed against one another, moving in their own unbidden rhythm as tongues plunge and tease.  I swallow.  That damned sand's in my throat now, making it dry. Gods help me, I can't walk away from this.  Not even for my own sake, the sake of whatever dignity Ares has left me with.  I can't walk away from the mating of gold and black, smooth and rough, that's taking place right before my eyes.  One so dominant, the other seemingly pliable, except he's not. There's a sense of power that I've only felt before from Ares.  And then it
hits me.  It's another of the gods, it must be.  Fuck, and I was about to assert my independence and walk away?  Good move Iphicles, if you're bored of living.  I resign myself to doing whatever they want me to.  And the way my cock jerks at the thought lets me know that it's not gonna be too much of a hardship.

Eventually they call it a draw.  They're moving back from one another and turning to me.  I can't see their faces, just shadows against the sun, moving.  One of them's kneeling in front of me, hand in my hair pulling my head back so I'm looking up, eyes screwed up against the sun.  I still can't tell who it is.  Then I feel familiar bruising hands on my hips as the one behind shoves into me.  It's the other one who wants to fuck my mouth then. I'm glad.  I didn't have enough earlier.  He's demanding, like Ares, but different.  I wrap my lips around his tip and tease until his hand shoves my head forward so his cock's all the way in.  That's what I wanted, what I was waiting for.  He knew it.  He knew I was teasing myself as well as him.  His hips are thrusting, his hard cock filling my mouth, Ares' thick cock filling my ass, pushing me forward with every thrust to take the other god's cock even further into my mouth.  Gods, any minute now and their cocks are going to be meeting.

Ares is thrusting quicker, harder, grunting.  It's quick, too quick for him. Usually he'd just be getting warmed up by now.  There's something about this other god that's doing it to him.  Then I feel him slow off.  He *never* does that.  Even through the sensation of cock thrusting into my mouth I wonder what he's doing.  Then his hand moves and takes my cock in his hand and starts to move his hand up and down it, fingers moving over the leaking tip until I'm whimpering deep in my throat, moving my mouth frantically up and down on this god's cock like it's the only thing in my life while Ares starts to push inside me again.  I'm grazing this god's cock with my teeth and he shudders, then I start to suck him, hard, my lips soft against his hardness, before I push my head deep deep down on him until I'm gonna choke but I don't care it just feels so good sofuckinggoodAresohgodsfuck.  Through the scream of my own orgasm I'm aware that he's coming into my mouth, and Ares is completely still, his hand on my cock slick with my seed, his cock still in my ass, hard as it's ever been.  Only when we've both come does he thrust in again, setting up a rhythm that I know means he's close to coming.  My eyes close, giving into the pleasure of Ares' cock deep inside me, my tongue cleaning off the other god's cock as Ares' teeth tear into my skin and he comes.

When they both pull away from me and stand up, I take the chance to let myself down so I'm lying on my front, cheek pressed against the warm damp sand.  Fuck.  That was.  Gods, if anyone'd told me I'd be the battleground for a war between two gods, I'd never have dreamed it'd be like this.

But it's not over yet.  Ares tells me to turn over so I'm lying on my back. The sand's sticking to the cum on me so I'm beginning to look like one of those crumb-covered fish that Falafel serves up.  Although from the looks on their faces, my guess is I'm gonna taste a hell of a lot better.  No formalities here, Ares just kneels astride me and starts to shove his cock in my mouth.  Not that I'm objecting mind.  I close my eyes as he fucks me, tasting his muskiness.  The other one tasted sharper and lighter somehow, but this. this is like coming home.  This is where I belong.

And then I freeze for an instant as I feel my legs being parted, my hips lifted and the other one's sliding inside me.  Either he's done the god thing and cleaned the sand up, or Ares' cum has washed it out of me. Whatever, he's pushing inside me like it's the sweetest easiest thing in the world, no friction, no pain, just his cock angled to hit that spot inside me again and again until I'm whimpering around Ares' cock, unable to suck it as he wants, unable to do anything but arch back and moan helplessly.  He's gonna kill me I know that, but there's nothing I can do about it, not with that amazing pushing inside me.

Ares moves off me.  I try to look to see what he's doing, but those deep thrusts are making me forget everything.  I'm dazed when they stop.  I don't understand what's happening, but ungentle hands are turning me over onto my front, pulling my hips and holding me.  All I can think is how badly I want him inside me again.  And then he's pushing back into me and I'm almost crying with relief.  But something's different, it's changed.  I try to move my head to look behind me, but a hand tangles in my hair and pulls my head straight back so I'm staring up at the sun and can't see anything.  All I can feel is his cock inside me, a deep thrust, his hands bracing my hips to accept it.  And then it's beginning to make sense, the noises I can hear, the power of his thrusts so that he's grinding against my ass when he pushes.  Ares is behind him, fucking him.  At the image of that dark beautiful god fucking the blond beautiful god, and both of them fucking me, I'm gone.  I'm begging for someone to touch my cock, to let me come.  Gods Ares please, please, let me come.  "Ares gods *please*."

The hand in my hair tightens, pulling my head back even further, then there's that voice.  "Come for me Iphicles."  That liquid golden voice that slides deep inside me like his cock, smooth and beautiful and sooo..  I'm crying out as my cum spurts onto the sand beneath me.  And then he's pounding into me, harder than I can take.  I know I'm gonna be split in half before they've finished, cos I know it's Ares slamming into him, punishing us both.  I'm almost out of it when they finally come.  And then they're rolling me over again, one on either side of me.  Gods no, I can't.  No more, please.

Apollo - I know it's him now, from the obscenities Ares was growling as he fucked him - is leaning over me, his tongue exploring my mouth.  He's good. I suppose he's had centuries to practice, but that tongue's doing things to me I didn't think possible after what I've just been through.  Oh gods no, please.  I know about sibling rivalry - with Herc as a brother, you better believe it - but competing over who's gonna make me come first or which of them is gonna keep control the longest while they fuck me, that's just too much.  Or it is when both of them are gods and I'm just a mere mortal who Ares had already fucked half into the ground earlier this afternoon. I'm seriously not sure I'm gonna survive this.

My plea for him to stop is lost in his mouth as his tongue probes and strokes inside me.  And then I freeze.  There's a tongue on my cock.  I open my eyes to check.  Yes, hazel eyes, blond hair above me.  Which means.  I'm moaning helplessly at the knowledge that it's Ares who's tonguing my cock, whose warm wet mouth is closing around it, sucking it back to hardness. Apollo knows he's lost this one.  His fingers move to my nipples, grazing them, then rolling and twisting gently.  It's good, but it's no match for knowing that Ares is giving me a blowjob.  With rueful acceptance in his hazel eyes, Apollo sits back and just watches, lightly fingering his cock as he does so.  My throat is ripped apart by my scream as I come into Ares' mouth.

"Ares," I whisper afterwards, "Please."  I want to hold him.  I want him to hold me.  But he's looking at Apollo, who's looking back at him.  And then they're leaning forward across my body, ignoring me as they kiss, sharing my cum between them.  I close my eyes.  It's too much.  Gods, I can't tell if I'm in Elysium or Tartarus.  At least they get distracted and start to fuck one another then.  Again and again, fucking or fighting, it's hard to tell as they pin one another down, biting, bleeding, coming, kissing, while I'm lying there, watching.  I'm hardly able to think.  Certainly unable to walk for the next month.

At last, at long last, they've had enough.  I don't know who won.  I don't think they do.  I don't know if winning was what this was about anyway. They come back to me, and drop down one on either side, hands wandering idly over my body.  Then a glance between them, an unspoken agreement, and they don't do it.  They just sprawl in the sun.  And I'm lying there thinking what the fuck am I doing here with a god on either side of me.  The sun's warm still, their sweat-damp bodies are strangely comforting against mine, and I'm falling asleep.

I'm only half-aware when his voice whispers in my ear.  Quietly, so as not to disturb the other god whose rhythmic breathing announces he too is drowsing in the sun.  "Come on lover, let's go home."

I wake up fully when my eyes open and I realise it isn't my bed we're on, nor my bedchamber we've turned up in.  I don't know where I am. I don't recognise anything.

"Where are we Ares?" I start, trying to sit up and look around me properly.

His possessive arm across my chest keeps me from sitting up, his leg flung casually over my hips holds me close to him.  When he doesn't answer I turn over in his hold to look at him.

Hazel eyes glint at me.  "You're home, Iphicles," he tells me.

The End