Did I Do That? by JaimeBlueThe woman began setting up her bedroll for the night.  She lay down, reveling in the rare silence that surrounded her.  It wasn't often that she spent time alone, and she planned on taking advantage of the little time she had to herself.

She saw a bright flash of light from the corner of her eye and immediately grabbed for her weapon of choice, standing at ready.

"Ares, what do you want?"

"I think you know what I want.  Moreover, I think you want it too."

"You're insane."

"Am I?"

Ares stepped over to the woman.  She swung her weapon at him and he caught it easily in one hand.  He raised his other hand to wrap in her long hair, holding her in place before him.

"Let me go, Ares!"

"You don't really want that."

He lowered his lips to hers.  She struggled at first, but eventually the feel of his lips against hers weakened her resolve.  Her weapon dropped from her limp hand.

Ares knew he had won the struggle, and now it was time to claim his reward.  He flicked his tongue against her lips, demanding entrance.  Her lips fell apart, allowing him in, as she wrapped her arms around his neck for support.  He held her soft body against his and lowered her to the ground.

He ran his hand along her side and pulled away the material covering her breasts.  As his fingers grazed one pert nipple, he heard her hiss at the sensation.

"So, you like that, do you?"


"Please, what?"

"I want you to touch me."

He cupped her full breast in his hand, kneading it as he ran his thumb over the nipple.

"Like that?"

"Oh, yessss."

He kissed his way down her neck, his beard tickling her skin, until he reached her other breast.  He took the hard little nub in his mouth and suckled, causing her body to arch beneath him.  His lips left a trail of soft kisses as they moved from one breast to the other, and he lavished the same attention on the other aching nipple.

"Tell me what you want."

"I want you, Ares.  Gods, I want you so much."

He lowered a hand to remove the remaining clothes on her body, then ran his hand through the soft fur between her legs.  He felt a thrill of satisfaction as his fingers found the wetness that lied there.  He began kissing and nipping his way down her torso until his lips moved to replace his fingers.

The woman reached down to wrap her fingers in his dark mane, holding him to her as she would a lifeline.  He began running his tongue up and down the slit before him, hearing her breathing catch and speed up, feeling the small shivers that passed through her body.  He skillfully sped up his ministrations until she was moaning and writhing beneath him.  Then he stopped.

"Oh, please, don't stop now Ares!"

"I have no intention of stopping now."

With a thought, he removed his own clothes, then he moved above her.  With one swift, well-aimed thrust, he was buried deep inside her.  He paused, relishing the feel of her hot flesh around his cock.  Her hands grabbed onto his hips, trying to pull him in closer, deeper inside her.

He pulled his hips away from hers, then plunged right back in.  He kept moving, keeping an even rhythm, building their passions higher and higher.  Finally, she came, her muscles closing in around his cock, milking his own orgasm from him.

He collapsed next to her and she gently rolled into the shelter of his arms.

"You know what?"


"I think I finally know what Joxer sees in you."

"Oh, will you shut up, Ares!"

"Whatever you say, Gabrielle."

The End