By Huntress

Iolaus and Hercules had stopped in Seneta on their way to Corinth. Iolaus found it strange that Herc would want to stop in this town. For one thing, the townfolk were ardent worshippers of Ares. For the second, Ares himself was at THIS temple, as it was a big offerings week. But he didn't question Hercules. He figured Herc had his reason's as usual.

Since he had returned to earth, Iolaus had heard the rumors numerous times. But they couldn't be true. He'd been gone to the "light" for  only a year. Could so much have changed since then? He entered the temple hesitantly, afraid of what he would find. The noise he heard confirmed the rumors.

He wandered to the back of the temple and the sight which greeted him, well, he wasn't sure how to react.

Herc was standing against a wall, his eyes closed, his pants around his knees, and the War God had his mouth wrapped around his brother's cock, and was sucking hard.

Iolaus stayed quietly in the back of the room, unheard and unseen by the other two. He watched in fascination at what was happening.

Herc wound his fingers in Ares hair and moved Ares head up and down his shaft, the way a puppeteer moved his doll. There was no resistance as Hercules roughly pulled Ares head from his cock, and pulled Ares to his mouth for a deep kiss. Herc pushed his brother to the floor, and removed his own clothes. When Ares began to pull at his own pants, Herc pushed his hands out of the way.

"Let me," he said seductively.

Iolaus' eyes got wider as he watched the demigod 'work.' His mind would still not accept what he was seeing.

Pulling Ares into a sitting position, Herc removed the God's vest, tossing it across the room. He covered Ares with his body, and began to kiss the God, starting at his lips, and slowly moving down. He got to Ares chest, and took a nipple into his mouth, sucking on it hard, nipping at it, while his hand played with the other. Then he switched his attentions to the other nipple, repeating his motions.

Ares began to moan, and looked up at his brother with sex-drugged eyes, wanting and needing more. Understanding, Hercules knelt in between Ares legs, and began to rub the God's cock thru his pants. He smiled when he saw Are's cock look as if it were ready to burst thru the confining leather. He leaned back, slowly pulling off the God's boots, then his hands went to the waistband of Ares' pants. Undoing the belt, Herc slowly pulled the God's pants off, Ares pushing up at him, his eyes asking for more, which Herc was more then willing to give. Hercules mouth went back to the God's nipples, this time biting at them, giving Ares the pain/pleasure he wanted. His tongue continued on it's downward trek, reaching Ares' nine inches of thick, hard cock, and he gently sucked the head into his mouth, licking the slit, the taste of the pre-cum causing him to breathe harder. In one swoop, he took the War God's cock all the way down his throat, sucking it, while his tongue ran along the creases, tasting his brother.

Iolaus' cock was hard at the sight and the hunter, without even realizing it, instinctively undid his codpiece, and pulled his pants slightly down, releasing his cock from its confinement, and began to stroke himself. Ares was thrusting against Hercules now, his release close. Sensing this, Hercules removed his mouth, and kissed his way back up his brother's body, til he reached his mouth. Herc took two fingers and gave them to Ares to suck on, Ares tongue swirling around said fingers, getting them wet for the demigod to complete his journey of lust.

After a few moments, he removed them, replacing them with his tongue, taking possession of Ares mouth, and thrust the fingers deep into the War God's waiting tightness. He pushed in and out for a few moments, preparing Ares for the pleasure he was about to give him.

"Please...please Herc...give it to me now...I want you now...PLEASE!!!"

Ares was beyond rational thought at this point his mind focused on one thing. He wanted his brother fucking him, and fucking him hard.

Herc looked at his brother with an evil grin, removed his fingers, and replaced them with HIS nine inches of cock, sheathing himself in one move. He began a slow methodical fuck of his brother's ass, revelling in the moans that Ares was giving him.

Iolaus was nearing completion himself, his hand stroking his cock faster, his rhythm the same as the two sons of Zeus. He watched as Hercules took Ares cock into his hand, stroking him harder with each thrust.  With a swift move, Herc flung Ares' legs over his shoulders, and began to pound into him, his eyes closed, his head thrown back, throwing himself into complete and utter ecstasy. Ares shot his load into Herc's hand, but the demigod wasn't finished yet. Almost lifting the God off the floor, he fucked him harder, gave a shout, and spilled his seed into his brother.

Iolaus came as well, shooting his load into his hand, not to mention all over himself. His breathing was quick, his eyes still on the sight before him.

Hercules gently removed himself from his brother and gave him a knowing smile, which was returned. Then the demigod spoke.  "Come out Iolaus. I know you're there. I can hear you breathing."

The hunter, knowing he was caught, came out of the shadows, and walked toward the two men, his pants up, hoping they wouldn't know what he had seen and done. But the smell of his own cum was strong, and when he got within arms reach of Hercules, Herc grabbed him by the waist, pulling the hunters crotch to his mouth. The demigod nuzzled the hunter thru his pants, causing Iolaus to grow hard again, and with one motion, Herc tossed him onto his back. Before Iolaus was aware of what was happening, Herc had removed his boots and pants, and brought his mouth down upon the hunter's penis.

"Gods Hercules," the hunter moaned. "You feel so right....ohhhhh."

Ares was not remaining idle. He stroked his cock hard again, and straddled Iolaus' chest, bringing his cock to Iolaus' mouth. Iolaus' eyes met his, and he opened for the War God, taking him all the way in. Iolaus moved his hands to cup Ares' cheeks, pulling him deeper. The War God began a slow fuck of the hunter's mouth, pulling all the way out, before plunging back in.  Iolaus groaned in emptiness when Herc removed his mouth, but moaned when he felt first one then two fingers enter his ass, fucking him, spreading him for the demigod's large cock. He shouted with joy a moment later, when Hercules entered him, slowly sheathing his cock within the hunter's tight hole. He gently pushed in and out til Iolaus began to thrust up at him like a wild animal. Herc matched the hunter's thrust's and began to fuck him harder, various feelings washing over him. Love, lust, passion, need, want. Herc wasn't sure. Fucking Iolaus just seemed like the most natural thing he had ever done. He put his large hand over Iolaus' cock, stroking him hard and fast, in time with his thrusts.

Iolaus was totally lost in the sensations he was receiving. His eyes closed, he could only feel. Feel the War God's cock fucking his mouth. Feel Hercules' thick shaft in his ass, and Herc's hand stroking his cock. Feel his own release coming.

The two sons of Zeus knew when Iolaus was ready to cum. Ares turned and his lips met his brother's, their tongues intertwining, dueling within each other's mouth. Hercules grabbed Ares around the waist and began to push his brother's cock deeper into Iolaus' mouth, at the same rhythm he was fucking the hunter.

Ares came first, shooting his load down Iolaus' throat. He continued to stroke himself til Iolaus had drank every last drop of cum.

Iolaus came next, his seed shooting in the air, over Herc's hand, and over himself.

The sight caused the demigod to cum, deep into Iolaus, and he continued to fuck the blonde until he finally collapsed.

The three men lay there for a moment, a satiated pile of mush. They reluctantly broke apart, arms and legs akimbo, three pairs of sex-drugged eyes looking at each other.

Ares pulled the hunter's lips to his, his tongue winding its way into Iolaus' mouth, tasting himself, sucking on Iolaus tongue, trying to take back some of what he had given the hunter.

"Did you like that, my sweet Iolaus?" asked the demigod, his eyes gentle and yet feral at the same time.

"Oh...oh yeah," answered the hunter. "that was amazing. I never knew I could feel so good."

"Do you want some more?" asked the War God, his brown eyes blazing with lust.

"Yes please," answered the hunter.

The two sons of Zeus looked at the blonde beside them, and proceeded to make love to him all over again.

The End