A Day at the Beach
By Jenn M

Ares and Hephestus were tired of  Golden Boy Apollo acting like he was better than them. His arrogance even surpassed Ares. He was just down right cruel to Heph because of his looks. The two brothers decided it was time to teach Apollo a lesson or two.


Apollo was riding his board along the shoreline. He was on the prowl for unsuspecting babes out sunbathing.

A fireball came out of now where and knocked Apollo off his board. He fell from the sky to land unceremoniously  flat on his face in the wet sand.  He lay stunned for a moment and than started to rise. A booted foot pushed on Apollo's shoulder forcing him back down in the sand.

Now Apollo was pissed. He growled his out rage as he tried to get up again. "What in Tarturus is going on here!" he yelled.  He found he couldn't get up: someone was holding him down. Before he heard the voice Apollo knew who it was.

"Now, now, Apollo--we wouldn't want you to leave our little beach party, would we, Heph?"

Apollo looked up to see the mocking smile on Ares' face.  He heard Heph's laughter from behind him.

Ares stooped down and grabbed his chin. Apollo knew from the look on his face  that he was in trouble. "You're the guest of honor brother  ear.  We are going to enjoy this delightful body that you like to flaunt."

Apollo squirmed but couldn't get loose from Ares' hold.

"How dare you treat me this way! The two of you will pay for this!"

Ares and Heph laughed at Apollo's threat. They intended to use him and toss him aside like he had done to so many.

Apollo felt a hand down his back and across his ass. He realized that he was naked.  Looking up, he saw that Ares too was nude. He couldn't help but take in the way Ares' body rippled with muscle.  When he saw the large hard cock protruding out from his body Apollo gulped hard.  He knew than exactly what the two of them had in mind.

He struggled to free himself. He had never been treated like this. He was always the one in charge. The two gods had a strong hold on him and he knew he wouldn't get free.  He whimpered when he his hair was yanked hard pulling him to his knees.  Ares' cock was before him. He tried to turn away but his head was held firmly in place. He couldn't pull away as Ares forced his cock between his lips. His mouth was being fucked hard.

Hephestus watched Ares' assault on the blond god's mouth. His cock grew hard. He admired Apollo's firm body. By the God's he wanted to fuck that ass. He wanted to make Apollo pay for the times he was cruel to him.

Ares kept thrusting into Apollo's mouth enjoying the feel of the soft lips and tongue against his cock. He smiled wickedly when he noticed that Apollo's cock was getting hard.

Apollo tried to fight the pleasure he felt. Even though he was being humiliated he couldn't help the lust he was beginning to feel. Ares tasted so good and he wanted more of him. He started to actively suck and lick the large cock in his mouth and all thoughts of escape left him.

Ares groaned loudly as Apollo sucked him, licking around the head and slit. He shuddered as his climax hit him. His seed spilling into Apollo's mouth. Apollo hungrily took it all in and licked his cock clean.

Hephestus had seen enough. The sight of Ares with his cock in Apollo's mouth turned him on so much he thought he was going to cum. "Now it's my turn." He grabbed Apollo's hips and with one thrust forced his cock into the tight ass.

Apollo cried out from the pain. He had never been penetrated before. He felt like he was going to be ripped in two. He was forced on all fours as Heph rammed his ass. Soon the pain subsided and Apollo couldn't believe the sensations that hit him. His cock was hard against his belly and begged for release. All to soon he felt Heph's hot seed fill him.

Ares kissed Hephestus, their tongues entwining. Ares stroked Heph's nipples, than he followed his fingers with his tongue.

Heph released Apollo. Apollo fell on his face inthe cool wet sand. Water swept over him. His cock ached and his knees hurt from the sand. He turned over on his back and sat up. He saw his brothers in a passionate embrace. He was forgotten.

Ares and Hephestus ignored the blond god. Ares pulled Heph down on the sand. He parted his thighs and slowly entered him. They were lost in their passion.

Apollo watched with envy. he needed release and couldn't believe they just left him unsatisfied.  He watched as Ares' cock went in and out of Heph, then the two gods collapsing together as they reached climax.

Ares turned and looked at Apollo. The wicked grin back on his face." Oh are you still here? You can go now--we're done with you."

Apollo jumped up angry and ready to show Ares a thing or two. Before he could reach them they disapeared in a flash, and Apollo could here Ares' mocking laughter.

Apollo's cock throbbed and as he stroked himself he thought of the ways he would make those two suffer for using him and than leaving him unsatisfied.

The End