KSA Beta Readers
The beta readers listed here are all volunteers, and have not passed any test to get the job.  If you don't like the response you get, feel free to contact another reader. Remember, too, that different readers have different reading styles, so it's all luck of the draw.  If you'd like to volunteer as a beta-reader, contact Thamiris.

 Note:  You must be a member of the KSA mailing list either to use this service or to be a beta-reader.

I'd be willing to read both slash and het, if they want a nitpicker for the english/grammar, that'd be me; and while I don't like to plot-pick, I can make sure the story flows together well.

I'll read absolutely anything, and I mean that. Any fandom (or crossover), any length, any content... I'm willing to read. And I'll check it for whatever you want, too!

Prefer slash, but will read a het/slash mix if slash is predominant.  Good with plot holes, continuity, and structure.  I prefer shorter stories (10 pages or less).

I'm pretty good with grammar and spelling. I have always been better at reading other people's creations than my own. And I love to get into the characters, so.... I think that about covers it. Oh and I can be honest.

Will take any type of story.

I've belonged to a writers' group for about four years now, so I have plenty of experience in critiquing other  people's stories.  I'll read  pretty much anything.

Mdm Tonyris
I would be willing to read anything, but I prefer slash.  I am good with spelling and grammar.  I also look for detail in a story.

Will read slash or het, even gen if the plot's intriguing. Prefer working with authors who let me know in advance what they want: anything from a quick read through for grammar/usage errors to more intense review for characterization, plot, consistency.

Oshun Anat
I specialize in minor character (almost all deities and a few mortals) and issues with plot. I'm not great at grammar so if you need help with that I strongly recommend a second beta. Slash only, no romance or smarm, the kinkier the better ;-) . Please email me with pairing/summary first for approval, I know some characters better then others and won't beta a story with someone I'm not comfortable with. (I.e. Herc/Iolaus) Must be short stories (7-8 preferred, 10 pages tops) and no serials. Be warned: I can and will tear a story to shreds if need be, if you want to be patted on the head and sent on your way, please find another beta.

I'm good at characterizations, plot and spelling.

I'm best with structure and plot.  Content does not matter.

I'm good at characterisation, dialogue and plot. I can usually spot a grammatical error and my spelling is excellent, although English style. I am however absolutely no good at sex scenes, except to know when it gets confused.  I will tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth; specialise in Herc/Iolaus and to an extent, Ares, and would prefer slash.  Will look at stories under 10 pages.

Good with characterization and plot.  Rigorous.

Experienced beta.  Detailed reading, lots of feedback.  Expert on grammar, punctuation.  Rigorous.  Slash preferred.

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