A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste
(So Is A Golden Opportunity)
By Huntress

Iolaus was in deep shit. Five large men, towering over him, all angry with him. He had bedded two of their wives, (at the same time no less,) and had tried to get out of town before anybody could come after him. But they had him cornered in an alley now, and he had nowhere to run.

'I should've listened to Herc,' he thought, as the first fist was thrown in his face. 'If I'd been faithful to him I wouldn't be here now. Oh shit, not the face again.'

The fist caught him on the jaw, and he fell back, hitting his head on a wall. The last thing he saw was Hercules tossing the men all over the alley, a look of intense anger on his face.

Iolaus woke on a soft bed, and sat up, grabbing his head against the sudden pain. A voice spoke to him, softly.

"You need to stay put. You have a nice concussion. And we need to talk."

"About what?" Iolaus said, his hand still at his head.

"About what happened out there. Iolaus, I told you to stay away from those women. Both married. And bedding them at the same time? Iolaus we talked about this."

"Okay, so we talked about it. I only have two questions for you."

"Go ahead," said the demigod, exasperated.

"Who's Iolaus? And who are you?"

"It's not going to work Iolaus. We are going to talk about this."

"I don't understand," said the hunter, his face a cacophony of emotions. "WHO ARE YOU???"

The demigod studied the face of his friend and stepped back in shock. Iolaus really had no idea who he was or what had happened. He noticed Iolaus' eyelids drooping and figured the hunter needed rest.

"It's okay. You just get some sleep. Maybe your memory will come back when you wake up. You'll be fine. I won't let anything happen to you."

Something in the stranger's eyes reassured Iolaus, and he lay back, letting himself drift to sleep.

Hercules stepped out of the room, going outside, his thoughts racing.  "Fortune!!" he shouted, and the goddess of luck appeared before him.

"Hiya Herkie," she said cheerfully. "What's up?"

"Again! I can't believe you. Didn't you learn from the last time?"

"What are you talking about Herc? What again??"

"Iolaus. His memory is gone and I want you to give it back!"

The daffy goddess was more confused then usual. "I didn't do a thing to him.  If he lost his memory he did it on his own, no help from me. Is he okay? Is there anything I can do for him? Get him a cold compress? A cold ale? Some

Herc smiled, knowing that Iolaus had obviously had the effect on Fortune that he seemed to have on all women. They wanted to take care of him and make sure he was okay, something that still bothered the demigod, even after the two years they'd been lovers.

"No. He'll live. I'm sorry Fortune. I shouldn't have jumped to conclusions."

"Oh, that's okay Herkie. We're family. You're forgiven. See ya around." And she was gone.

Now, knowing that Iolaus had genuinely lost his memory, he went in search of the local healer, hoping something could be done.

But a figure in the darkness, who had been keeping an eye on them, got a malicious look on his face. Without his memory Iolaus could be manipulated, and convinced of certain things. Yes this could be a lot of fun.

And Ares, God Of War, vanished from the street, and reappeared in Iolaus' room.


The hunter slowly opened his eyes when he heard the movement. He shrunk back, unsure and a bit frightened. But Ares held his hand out and Iolaus took it.

"Time to go home, my love," Ares said seductively.

"Home?" asked Iolaus. "But the other man told me to rest here."

"Yes, well, he obviously didn't know who you were."

"He called me Iolaus."

"Well that is your name. He probably knows you by your reputation." The God was smug within himself. This could be the biggest boon he'd ever had. "You are one of my finest warriors, known far and wide."

"And you are....?" asked the blonde, a bit unsure of what he was being told.

"I am Ares, God of War. And you are my......"

"Lover?" Iolaus asked. At the God's surprised look, Iolaus added, "You called me 'my love' before, so I just figured."

"Yes, well Iolaus, shall we go?"

Iolaus smiled, and Ares held his hand tighter. They vanished just before Herc arrived with a healer.

Herc looked around, and was worried. The last time Iolaus had lost his memory, he had ended up as a 'collector' for a local warlord. Herc turned, explained the situation to the healer, who said he'd be around when Herc found his friend. Hercules hurried out of the inn, and began a search.


Ares materialized with Iolaus in a bedroom. Iolaus looked around.

"This ours?" he asked Ares.

"Oh yes," replied the God. "Yours and mine."

"How long?" asked Iolaus.

"How long what?"

"Have we been together?"

"A while," answered Ares. The God quickly changed the subject to something he figured would be foremost in Iolaus' mind. Memory or not, he figured some things would never change. A table of food appeared in the room. The look on Iolaus' face told Ares he was right. "Something to eat?"

"Oh yeah!" said the hunter and dove into the food.

'At least that didn't change about him,' Ares thought with a smirk. He watched while Iolaus ate enough for four large men, and was very glad that he didn't have to feed the hunter on a regular basis. Then again, if all worked as planned, he might have to. 'At least I don't have to pay for it.'

Iolaus finished and flopped back on the large bed, staring at Ares.

"Something wrong?" Ares asked.

"No, not really," Iolaus answered. "It's just that...well it doesn't seem right. Being here I mean."

"Iolaus, you say that everytime we're together. You always say that you can't believe you're here with me. Or that I would want you. I always tell you the same thing."

"What?" questioned the hunter.

"That...well....that we belong together."

The hunter smiled and the God smiled back. Ares lay on the bed next to Iolaus, and pulled him into a deep kiss. Iolaus broke the kiss and eyed the God warily.

"Something's still not right," he said.

"Iolaus the only thing that's not right is that you have no memory. Now kiss me and don't worry about it. Your memory will come back soon."

Ares pulled Iolaus into a sitting position and drew him into a deep kiss, and Iolaus responded, his sweet mouth sending a shiver down the God's spine.  'Hopefully not too soon,' Ares thought.

Ares brought his hand up and slid the vest from the hunter's body, his hands roaming Iolaus' chest, and the hunter moaned at his touch. Ares brought his mouth to Iolaus' nipples and nipped at them, and Iolaus threw his head back in pleasure. The God moved his mouth to Iolaus' neck, leaving a trail of kisses, his hands moving to the hunter's pant's. He fondled Iolaus' cock thru his pants, causing Iolaus to push at Ares hand.

"More," Iolaus moaned, his eyes closed, and his breathing deep.

The God smiled, and lay Iolaus down on his back. He kissed his way down to Iolaus' waist, then pulled the hunter's pants down just enough so he could lick at the head of Iolaus' cock. Iolaus sat up, and pushed Ares onto HIS back, and returned the kisses, removing Ares shirt, his hands massaging Ares' broad chest. Iolaus leaned down capturing Ares mouth with his, his tongue sucking on the God's. Iolaus broke the kiss, leaving a panting God, and made a trail of kisses from Ares mouth down to his chest. He took one nipple in his mouth and suckled at it, switching to the other and gently licking, driving Ares close to the edge.

It was now Ares turn to moan, and he did, his voice echoing throughout the temple. Iolaus moved to the foot of the bed, and slowly removed Ares' boots, then his pants. Ares' cock jumped free and stood straight up.

"Mine?" asked the hunter.

"Yours," whispered the God.

Iolaus smiled and knelt between the God's legs. He brought his mouth down to Ares cock, gently licking the head, his tongue moving a path up and down the length of the shaft, then took it into his mouth. He sucked gently, but, when he felt Ares respond, he sucked harder. Ares wound his finger's in Iolaus' curls, and pulled him closer.

"Oh Yes...Yes.....sweet Iolaus."

Iolaus continued to suck hard, and the God gave a shriek of pleasure and came down the hunter's throat. Iolaus lapped up all Ares gave him, then raised his head, smiling.

"Do I always make you do that?" he asked.

The God didn't answer. He pulled Iolaus on top of him, thrusting his tongue into Iolaus' sweet mouth, tasting himself on Iolaus' tongue. He pushed Iolaus onto his back, repeating the motions that Iolaus had done to him. The hunter lay spread before him, nude, and very, very appealing.

"Let me return the favor," Ares told him. Iolaus nodded, leaning his head into the soft pillow and closing his eyes. The God took Iolaus' fully erect shaft into his mouth, and sucked the hunter gently, fingering his balls with one hand, the other playing with Iolaus' nipples. Iolaus pushed into the God's mouth, his screaming drifting in the air.


"Your wish is my command lover," said the God. Ares removed his mouth, and lifted Iolaus' legs over his shoulders. He gently thrust a finger into Iolaus' ass and the hunter's eyes snapped open at the pain.

"Sorry," said Ares, materializing a bottle of oil. "I got carried away." He poured some oil onto his hands, anointing his cock, and now thrust two finger's into the hunter's ass. Iolaus moved with him, wanting more. The God removed his fingers, and slid his cock into Iolaus. He moved slowly, wanting to stretch this pleasure out as long as he could.

Iolaus began to thrust at him, but his mind wandered from the physical sensations. Something just wasn't right. Herc never took him like this. HERC!!! His memory came back in a flash, and his eyes snapped open in shock. He saw Ares face, eyes closed, enjoying what he was doing. He forced himself to calm down, not wanting to allow Ares to know he had regained his memory. He didn't know what the God would do then. He did know, however, that good as it felt, he felt violated. It was the same as if Ares had forcibly taken him.

'Calm down Iolaus,' he thought to himself. 'The son of a bitch used you. He knew you had no memory and he did this. But now what do you do?' He smiled to himself when a thought came to mind.

Ares moaned and shot his load into Iolaus, and Iolaus allowed Ares to think he had truly enjoyed it. He hadn't. At first yes, but not now, now that Iolaus knew who he was.

Ares gently pulled out of the hunter, and kissed Iolaus. The hunter had to fight with his inner self to avoid decking the God right then.

"Ares," he said seductively, his face innocent. "I got the urge, and I don't know why, to try something. I don't know if we've done it before tho."

"What is that Iolaus?" Ares crooned into Iolaus' ear. The hunter felt like throwing up.

Iolaus rolled himself so he was atop Ares. "I'd like to tie you up," he said.


The hunter's eyes got downcast. "I'm sorry," he said softly, pulling away. "I guess your being a God and all we don't do that sort of thing. Nothing could hold you anyway."

The God's eyes got wide. 'Now what?' he thought.

Iolaus had the same thought, sort of. 'Now what? I got him thinking about it. I'm gonna have to convince him. Well, look at the bright side Iolaus. He hasn't read your mind and has no idea what's going thru it. At least he want's to play with you. Then again Iolaus, how much mind could you have to try something like this?'

He lay back on Ares chest, nuzzling the God's neck. Moving his mouth down, he licked at Ares nipples, biting them, and Iolaus smiled to himself when the God jumped at the sudden pain.

"I'm sorry," Iolaus said, with that same innocent look.

"It's alright Iolaus," whispered Ares.

Iolaus shifted onto his back, and urged the God to straddle his chest. Ares' cock was at his mouth and Iolaus began to stroke it, licking his balls, taking each one into his mouth and sucking on them. Ares was in total ecstasy. Iolaus moved his mouth to the tip, gently sucking it in, then pulled back, licking at the precum seeping out. Closing his eyes, he took Ares' cock all the way in, grabbing his ass and pulling him closer. Ares buried himself in Iolaus, and moaned as Iolaus spread his ass and thrust two fingers in. He fucked the hunter's mouth, and Iolaus knew when the God was ready. He caressed Ares' cock with his tongue while he sucked, and the sensations caused Ares to cum again. Iolaus drank all, and wouldn't let Ares go until Ares fell back, satiated for the moment.

He crawled back atop Ares, and kissed him hard, sharing the God's seed with him. "I still think it would be fun to tie you up. But this is good too. Not as good, but good. Do you want to tie me up?" Iolaus was doing his best to look totally innocent and ignorant, but didn't know how long he could keep it up.

"Iolaus...." began Ares.

"No. It's okay Ares. You're a God. I guess you don't do that sort of thing. I understand." Iolaus now forced a look of hurt onto his face, and brought his eyes down again, not wanting to look at Ares.

'Damn. Now what?' Ares thought. 'You have him where you want him and he wants to get kinky. If I let him tie me up maybe he'll be happier. And if he's happier, I will most certainly be.' Ares came to his decision.

Aloud he said, "Iolaus...wait here...I'll be right back." He vanished and Iolaus was alone with his thoughts.

'Iolaus, I hope you know what you're doing. Because if this backfires on you, there will be Hades to pay. Ha! You'll probably be speaking with Hades face-to-face again.'

The God reappeared a few moments later with a set of manacles. Iolaus just stared at them.

"From Hephaestus," Ares said. "I won't be able to break them, and you can have your fun with me."

The hunter tried to keep his composure. "Oh Ares," he said, fighting the urge to giggle. "Thank you. This will be good. I promise." He smiled innocently at Ares and Ares smiled back, handing the chains to Iolaus. Iolaus lay Ares flat on his back, and chained him to the bed.

"Try and get loose," Iolaus said.

Ares pulled at them. "I can't."

"Good. Now why don't you be a good boy and wait here for me. I'll be back."

He pulled his clothes on and Ares stared at him. "Where...where are you going?"

Iolaus grinned. "I said I'd be back. I have to go get something."  'Actually someone,' he thought.

The God stared at him as he left, wondering what Iolaus could possibly have to get.

Part 2

Iolaus ran out of the temple and was happy to see that he was in the same town. He hurried to the inn, looking for Hercules. The demigod was not going to believe what happened. Well, then again......

He ran in and found Herc pacing. "Herc, you are not going to believe....."

"Iolaus!!" shouted the demigod. He pulled Iolaus into his arms, and hugged the blonde in a crushing grip.

"Herc...you're gonna break my arms."

Hercules released him, and just stared. "Iolaus, I was so worried. I didn't know where you'd gone to. Wait a second, you know who you are. You're okay."

"Yeah Herc, I'm fine, and I gotta tell you......."

"Since you seem to be back to normal, we are going to have a chat about what you did with those women."

"But Herc..."

"No but's Iolaus." said the demigod with a frown. "We'll discuss this now."

"WILL YOU SHUT UP!!" said the hunter, exasperated. "Herc, Ares is here. That's where I've been. In his temple. And he's..."

"Aww, did the big bad God hurt you?" came a familiar voice.

Iolaus turned and saw the one man he wanted to hate, but couldn't, hard as he tried.


"In the flesh, curly. Now what did the bad God do to you?"

"Come upstairs. I'll tell you. Not here."

Hercules followed him, but Autolycus stayed behind. Much as he enjoyed teasing Iolaus, he didn't think he was welcome.

"You too Auto," said the hunter. "Come on up. You might as well hear this too."

They got to the room and Iolaus told them what had happened. Well, most of it anyway. Herc just pulled Iolaus into his arms and held him, feeling somewhat ashamed. Iolaus saw the look, and spoke.

"Herc, it's not your fault. You couldn't have known what would happen."

"I shouldn't have left you alone Iolaus," said the demigod, pulling his lover into a soft kiss. "You didn't have your memory and I left you."

"Herc, would you stop it. You want to feel guilty, I'm sure I can think of something. But not this. Okay?"

Iolaus looked at the two men, and took a deep breath before he spoke. "Now look, I've got him chained up. He's waiting for me. I told him I had to get something and that something was you Herc."

"Chained up?" asked Autolycus. "How'd you manage that? And can't he bust the chains?"

"Yes, don't ask, and they were made by Hephaestus, so they'll sap his strength too," Iolaus answered.

"Iolaus, you left my brother, Ares, God of War, chained up?" Herc asked, with an incredulous look and a slight giggle.

"Yeah Herc. Now you wanna go visit him? You too Autolycus. I thought you might have a few things to say to him about the chicken."

"You know," Auto said, "there are a few things I wanted to mention to him. But after what he did, maybe we should hand him over to the slave traders instead." The thief was quite serious. He respected and cared for Iolaus. He would never tell the hunter that of course, but the feelings were there.

"That doesn't sound like a bad idea," Herc said nodding to Autolycus. "We could take him to Parnesus. Slavery is legal there and we could......."

"Hercules!!" Iolaus snapped.

"Iolaus I......"

"No Hercules. No slave traders. It's tempting, I'll admit, but no. Not even for Ares. Let's just pay him a visit. Okay Herc?" The last thing Iolaus wanted was for Hercules to do something he'd ultimately regret. And he knew Herc would regret something like that eventually.

"Okay Iolaus. I'd like to have a 'CHAT' with him about what he did to you."

They walked out and Iolaus turned to Hercules. "I thought you were against slavery?"

The demigod gave his lover a smirk. "Yeah, well, for Ares I'd make an exception."

As they walked to the temple, they discussed what they were going to do. Herc was fingering Iolaus' knife and talking about the wonders of castration. Autolycus was naming places where slavery was legal. And both men were debating on combining the two. Iolaus just stared at them, wondering if both men had lost it completely.


They entered the temple and walked back to the bedroom. Iolaus opened the door, and stuck his head in. He had to stifle the laugh that threatened to burst forth seeing the God of War chained naked to the bed, his face showing strain. 'Either trying to get loose, or trying to get himself off,' thought Iolaus.

"I'm back," he said, with a lilt in his voice, and a smile on his lips.

"About time!" growled Ares. "Did you get what you needed?"

"Oh yeah," replied the hunter, his smile wider. "And an extra bonus too."

He pulled the door all the way open and Ares face went pale when he saw 'what' the hunter had brought him.


"Hello brother," smiled Hercules. It was not a friendly smile. If anything, it made Ares want to get loose and run to another part of the country. Or another part of the world. Hades, the way Herc looked Ares wanted to leave the planet.

"Well, well. The big bad God of War in chains," came another voice. Looking beyond Herc's shoulder, Ares saw Autolycus, but the thoughts regarding the thief were quite different. The thief was rather.....appealing.....to the God.

"Hercules," said Ares, trying to sound casual. "Umm....How good to see you.  Pull up a chair and we'll talk. How's your mother? Fine I hope. And....."

Hercules sat on the bed beside his brother, running a hand down Ares chest.  He grabbed a nipple and twisted it.

"OWWWWWW!!!" screamed the God.

"I see you still like pain Ares," Herc said, with a leer. "I thought you and I would have a nice 'CHAT' about Iolaus." Herc grabbed the other nipple and did the same, albeit harder.

"YAHHHHHH!!" Ares screamed this time, his voice rising to a high pitch.

"Did you have a nice time taking advantage of Iolaus?" asked Hercules. The demigod's face was no longer smiling, in any way, shape or form. If anything, Herc's expression did, much to Ares' own surprise, scare the God. Herc looked like he was going to kill him. "Why Ares?? Why Iolaus? You could have anyone, so why him?!!"

"Ah little brother, wouldn't you like to know?" Ares said smugly. Herc drew his arm back, so tempted to smack him, but Iolaus grabbed him, and yanked him away.

Pulling Herc aside he whispered, "Herc, I know you're pissed, and I don't blame you, but hurting him will do nothing to change what happened. I don't want anybody hurt. Please."

Hercules smiled at the other half of his soul. The gentle hunter would forgive almost anything and had on numerous occasions, usually over something the demigod did.

"Besides," Iolaus added, with an evil smile. "There are worse things to do then to make him bleed."

"Like what?" Herc asked, quite innocently.

"I don't know. Maybe....."

A moan from the bed caused them both to turn. Autolycus had Ares' cock in hand and was slowly stroking it. "You like that Ares?" Auto asked.

"YES!!" growled the God.

"Too bad," he laughed, and removed his hand.

Iolaus turned to Herc. "See, there are worse things to do to him."


Iolaus led Hercules to the bed. Herc sat on one side and Auto on the other.  All three watched as Iolaus stripped and knelt between the God's leg's. Herc smiled at his lover's golden body, Ares leered, and Autolycus just stared.

Iolaus gave the God a smile, then bent down, taking the tip of Ares' thick cock into his mouth, sucking gently on it. He pulled back, licking the slit, tasting the precum seeping out, then moved his mouth wholly over it, taking it deep into his throat. He sucked hard, bringing the God to the edge, and when Iolaus knew Ares was ready to cum, he stopped, and sat up.

"I don't think so Ares," he said with a smirk. Iolaus moved around to Hercules, sitting behind him, and began a slow massage of the demigod's shoulder's, the demigod leaning back into his lover's touch. His head moved from side to side, Iolaus ministrations causing him to grow hard. Iolaus pulled Herc's shirt off, and hooked his arms over Herc's shoulders, his fingers moving to Herc's nipple's, caressing them, noticing that Ares was watching very closely. Iolaus pulled Hercules' back and straddled his chest, bringing his cock to Herc's mouth. He touched the tip to Herc's lip's and pulled back when Herc reached for it, wearing a big smile. Herc smiled back and grabbed Iolaus by the ass, pulling his cock into his mouth. Iolaus moaned and began a slow fuck of Herc's mouth, pulling out almost all the way, then thrusting back in. Hercules groaned, and held Iolaus in his mouth, sucking him hard, not letting him pull out.

"So sweet Hercules," he whispered. "So very sweet."

Iolaus felt a hand on his shoulder and turned to see Autolycus, naked, his eyes full of lust. Iolaus took one hand and pulled the thief's mouth to his, kissing him, the other moving to the hard cock that wanted Iolaus' gentle touch. Iolaus didn't disappoint him. Autolycus and Iolaus both moaned, albeit for different reasons. Then Iolaus gave a shout and shot into Herc's mouth, nearly collapsing. But Autolycus' arms held him steady. The demigod extricated himself, and stripped off the rest of his clothes. He pulled the other two apart, much to their chagrin, and kissed Iolaus, running his tongue all over his lover's mouth. He broke the kiss, then did the same to Autolycus, who was out of breath by the time their kiss was ended. Then they turned their attentions to Ares, who was panting, and looked like he'd been run over by a chariot. Iolaus crawled back between the God's leg's, but Herc pulled him back.

"Uh-uh," Herc said simply. Iolaus nodded, and moved away, allowing the demigod to take his place. Herc grabbed Ares' cock, and began to stroke it, til it was hard in his hand. "You know what I want to do Ares?"

The God stared at his brother, who now looked like a very angry hydra. Once again Ares wished he were anywhere but here. He would have rather been locked in a room with twelve angry Xena's at this point. His eyes widened when he saw Herc pick up Iolaus' knife.

"They say castration makes you a better person," he said, smiling inwardly at the shock, not to mention fear, on his brother's face. He ran the blade along Ares cock, while Iolaus and Auto just stared at him, both convinced the demigod had gone somewhat mad, but neither wanting to do anything. "But in your case, nothing could do that." He tossed the knife into a wall, leaned down and took Ares cock deep into his throat, sucking him hard. Iolaus and Auto both breathed a sigh of relief, and then got their own ideas.

Autolycus climbed on Ares' chest, and placed his cock at the God's mouth. "Take it Ares. Make me feel good." He thrust his cock in, and Ares sucked him in such a way that the thief nearly fell off the bed. But Iolaus was behind him now, holding him steady, and Autolycus felt a finger slide into his tightness. He pushed back, and Iolaus pushed another finger in, pushing Auto further into Ares' mouth.

"Iolaus...that's sooooo good," Autolycus moaned. Iolaus turned Auto's head and pulled him into a hard kiss, and the thief moaned as that talented tongue played in his mouth. He'd never felt anyone like Iolaus before. The hunter's touch was gentle and sure, and Autolycus began to thrust back at the fingers within him, letting Iolaus know he wanted more. Iolaus, always happy to satisfy, removed his fingers, and placed his cock at Autolycus' ass, rubbing it along the crack.  "Please Iolaus......." he moaned, "More......"

Iolaus put his hands hard on Auto's hips and pushed his cock slowly in, burying Auto's cock completely in Ares mouth. Iolaus pulled his cock out, and thrust back in, his hands moving around to caress Autolycus' nipples. Auto arched his back, pulling Iolaus further inside him.

Iolaus' mouth wasn't idle. He was kissing Autolycus' back, and, without thinking, he pulled Autolycus' head back, moving his lips to the thief's neck, giving him a bruise, marking him.

"Autolycus.......so tight......you feel so good.....oh yeah.....OHHHH!!!!" Iolaus moaned and gave a final thrust, spilling his seed within the thief.  Auto shouted and shot his load into Ares. Iolaus pulled Autolycus off of Ares, and pulled him into a kiss.

"So nice and tight....." Iolaus murmured against Autolycus' mouth. He broke the kiss and the two looked down at the demigod, who was prolonging Ares erection, and still hadn't allowed Ares' release.

"He could keep him at the edge all night if he wants," giggled Iolaus. "Hey Herc, you gonna let him cum?"

The demigod lifted his head and his eyes met Iolaus'. "Iolaus, why do you care? After what he did to you? I think I will keep THIS up all night." His eyes moved to his brother's. "Torture Ares, isn't it? You should have stayed away from Iolaus." His hand stroked the God and Ares moaned from his brother's touch.

"Hercules...please.......I'll do anything...please let me cum......." Ares' voice was ragged, his need for release quite apparent.

"Anything, Ares?" asked the demigod.

"Yes...anything...just let me cum......"

Herc gave his brother an evil grin and returned his mouth to his brother's wanting cock, still taking his time.

Iolaus, watching what was going on, found himself hard again. He grabbed Autolycus and tossed him on his back, so his mouth was under Herc's cock. He whispered, quite seductively, "Suck his cock Autolycus. Make him cum." Iolaus then moved behind his lover, and thrust two fingers in. Herc moaned, the sound muffled by Ares' cock. Iolaus fucked the demigod like this for a while, then pushed his cock slowly in, til he was sheathed all the way. He pulled out and thrust back in like a wild man. God's how he loved taking Hercules.  Iolaus' thrust's moved faster, as did Auto's mouth on Herc and Herc on Ares.

Then the world exploded for the four men.

Ares shouted and shot his load into Herc's mouth. Herc pulled back, and Ares watched as his semen coated Herc's tongue. The demigod licked his brother, until Ares was nothing more then a boneless, satiated God, unable to move.

Herc shot into Auto's mouth, the thief's swallow's echoing in the large room.

Last came Iolaus, who continued to pound into his lover's ass til Herc collapsed onto Ares. they all lay there, none able to move for a while.

It was Iolaus who moved first, gently leaving his lover, his lips caressing Herc's ass, and giving him a love bite on his cheek before he left the bed to get his clothes.

Hercules was next, pulling out of Autolycus' mouth, smiling at the thief, and giving Ares cock one last lick, before he followed Iolaus.

The two were dressed, but Autolycus hadn't moved.

"Autolycus? Time to go," said Hercules.

"Yeah Auto," said Iolaus. "Time to get out of here."

"Oh, by the way Ares, about what you owe me," said Hercules. "Stay away from Iolaus. Be thankful that he's a gentle soul. Because if I catch you near him again, he won't be able to stop me from castrating you. Got it?!"

The God just nodded. He was still overwhelmed by what he had seen and felt.

"Hey Auto! Come on already," said Iolaus.

"That's okay Iolaus," replied Autolycus. "I think I'll stay and keep the War God company for a while. By the way, do those things have keys for 'em?"

"I dunno," answered Iolaus.

Autolycus smiled at Ares. "It's gonna be a long night. Maybe a long week. Who knows?"

"You're sure Autolycus?" asked Hercules.

"Very much so," said the thief.

"See ya around Auto. Have fun," smiled the hunter.

"Oh I will Iolaus. I will."

The last thing the hunter and demigod saw was Autolycus covering the God's body with his own.

They left the room and headed to the exit.

"I'm okay Herc," said Iolaus.

"I know," replied Hercules. "But you wanna try and keep the flirting to a minimum?"

"Okay. I promise. I hope they'll be okay tho," said Iolaus motioning to the bedroom.


"Yeah," smiled Herc, nodding his head. "I think they'll both be fine. You know, we do still have a room at the inn."

"I was hoping you'd say that," said Iolaus.

They headed back to the inn and the nice soft bed waiting there.

The End