By Jenn M

'By the Gods his cock feels good deep inside me. Filling me completely like nothing else ever could.  When he's in me nothing else matters. When he's away from me everything seems wrong.

I want so much to tell him how I really feel, but I know he's only in this for the sex. I swore it was all I wanted too. That was a lie.

He's everything to me. My very reason for living. It's been that way forever it seems.

If only I could tell him, if only he felt the same, if only...'


'What was I thinking? Why was I so cold and unfeeling to him? He must think I care nothing for him, that he's nothing more than an ass to fuck.

I keep telling myself that this is it. This is when I will tell him how I feel. Tell him I love him.

I'm such a bastard, and a coward.

Every night when I go to him I can see it in his eyes. His love for me. I know he would do anything I asked just to please me.

I try to tell him I really do. Something always stops me. I guess it's my damn pride. Yeah my pride and fear. Fear of rejection.

I mean what if I got him all wrong? What if I'm mistaking lust for love.

I couldn't bear it if he didn't feel the same way.'


'Why hasn't he returned? He's never been away this long.

Maybe he knew what I was feeling. That's probably it. He didn't want to be around a love sick puppy.

DAMN! why did I have to be so obvious?

He's probably off fucking someone else right now. Maybe they are even laughing about what a sap I am.

Why can't he love me?

Why can't I stop loving him?'


'I'm going to do it this time. I'm gonna tell him.

I"ll hold him in my arms, make love to him. I'll put every ounce of my love into my actions. Make him feel how strongly I want him, need him.

Than I'll tell him.

Why did this have to get so complicated?

It was so much easier when we spent all our time fighting one another. Then everything changed.

One minute we're bashing each other's heads in, the next we're kissing.

The sex that night was the most intense thing I ever felt. So much passion.

It just got better from there.

I guess I better go now, before I lose my nerve.

I swear this time I'll do it.

I'll tell him I love him.'


'I swear this time I'll do it.

I'll tell him I love him.'





'By the god's he looks so damn sexy. I'll tell him. I swear it. Just after he fucks me.'


'Damn, he's so sexy. I swear I'll tell him. Just as soon as I fuck him.

The End