Mental Image
By Iphenys

It is a beautiful day, there is a light breeze and the sun is shining. You are admiring the clear blue sky when you realize that Ares is walking nonchalantly toward you.  You stand up to greet him, but he has yet to utter a word.  You realize, as he grows near, that he is smiling. So you smile back.  No words need to be exchanged.

He reaches for your cheek, to caress with his hand.  Your eyes close as you feel his touch. Your eyes open and gaze into his, you are no longer in the field where you began, but a paradise within each other.  With his hand still on your cheek, he draws your face closer to his in slow motion.

His lips touch yours, feather light, almost missing the intimate touch.  He kisses you again, with more passion.   His tongue meets yours in the middle and a shiver is sent down your spine.  As the kiss grows longer with more passion, his other hand finds his way through your hair to gently hold your head.  While your one hand rest on the top of his hip and the other touches his face.

At the touch Ares ends the passionate embrace and pulls back.  Still with no words you move to the soft ground where a blanket appeared.  Here the kissing resumes where Ares' left hand is behind your head and his right rest on your stomach...

Ares leans away from your lips to give you a smile that conveys innocence.  Looking upon his eyes you realize the smile is to make you curious, part of a wordless game.  You return his smile, but it forms into a smirk while your hand reaches down toward his pants.

At first, Ares is surprised by the initiative, but you are rewarded with a seductive grin as he leans in to kiss you again.  As your hands massage his body through the leather pants, you feel droplets of water on your legs.  In the middle of this beautiful afternoon, a sun shower has begun. You smile to yourself because you have always wanted to make love to Ares in the rain.  What else can be more provocative then the two of you fully dressed and soaked to the skin?

The thought of skin brings you out of your day dream and back to reality where Ares has begun to unlace your shirt.  As he skillfully removes your body from the restricting clothes, you begin to undo his pants.  Ares lets out a moan as you succeed in disrobing his lower body.

Tired of the slow moving foreplay, Ares removes the remaining clothes with a wave of his hand.  He positions his body so that he is completely covering you.  Legs on top of legs, his manhood pressing up against you, chest to chest, and arm over arms where fingers are intertwined.  Through several passionate kisses, kisses that move through your body.  Kisses in which your tongues lightly caress each other, exploring each others mouths.

You run your fingers through his wet hair.  The movement send streams of rain water down his face onto your own.  The sensation is something you had never felt before.  Ares breaks the kiss and begins to leave light kisses down your neck and across you shoulder.  He returns to your mouth where the kissing becomes more urgent.  As if the weather can sense what is going on between you, the rain gets harder.

With one last deep kiss, Ares slowly enters you.  You squeeze his hands in a reaction to the pleasure that he is stirring in you.  His pace is slow at first, the kissing grows more urgent by the second.  He breaks the kiss, you gaze into each other's eyes.  His eyes betray his heart, in them you see need, caring,  Things that he so closely guards.

You smile and convey all your emotion and knowing through your eyes, his timing falters as he realizes you understand.  That you understand the way he feels about you.  He grips your hands tighter and the two of you begin to move faster as one.

The rain is becoming so hard that it tingles your exposed skin.  The gaze between you has not been broken. With each deep stroke and plunge, it seems that two souls are becoming one, not just bodies.  As the two of you begin to feel the climax of this coupling, Ares rests his forehead on yours, never breaking eye contact.  With this final skin to skin touch you both arch your back in ecstasy.  You heard a distant clap of thunder and the rain falls faster for a moment, then begins to slow.

As your bodies are still writhing with pleasure Ares presses his lips to yours in one last passionate kiss.  Ares shifts his weight so that his one leg is draped over yours, and his head rests on your shoulder.  While the rain begins to recede, you drift off to sleep.

When you awake you find yourself dressed, not in your own clothes, but still on the blanket.  You look around, you are no longer in that same field, but in a garden.  A garden, that at first you don't recognize.  A garden that is filled with purple flowers of all kinds.  Lilies, orchids, carnations, roses... various flower types, but all in the shades of purple.  From plum to lavender.

You rise to examine your clothes: a long black skirt with a slit up the right side, and a blouse that ties up in the front with ribbon and is also a deep purple.  The deep color matches one of the orchids.  You pick the flower from the ground and place it in your hair, sighing.  The garden, you realize, is on temple grounds, Ares' temple.

You glance upward toward a window, where you see Ares smiling holding the same type of flower that is in your hair.  You return his smile and walk toward the temple doors, where you expect to see Ares himself welcome you into his home.

The End