A Cruel Fate 1-5
By Jenn M

Part 1

The servants heard the call. Caesar had returned. They scurried about making sure everything was in its place. If Caesar found anything to his disliking there would be hell to pay.

Caesar stormed in to the main hall. It was evident that he was in a very foul mood. His men followed behind.

Caesar stopped before a young dark haired woman. He grabbed her by the hair and took a good look at her. He flung the girl away and instructed one of his men to have her sent to his chambers, bathed and waiting within the hour. She was dragged off by a large blonde man.

The servants were instructed to get back to their duties. They went back to work knowing they'd never see that girl again. Alive that was.

The girl's name was Alesia. She had only been in service at the palace for a few weeks. She was a pretty girl who was always pleasant and worked hard. The other servants had liked her very much. She had no idea the fate that awaited her, but they did. Caesar had lost to Xena again.


Caesar stormed to his chambers and stripped naked. He entered his bathing chamber and immersed himself in the hot bath that awaited him.  He stared ahead at the walls before him. He didn't see the beautiful tapestries that hung there. He only saw the face of a dark haired warrior princess. By the gods how he wanted to hurt her, make her pay.

He sat envisioning the tortures he would inflict upon her. He wanted to see the pain and fear in her eyes. He wanted to hear her pleas as she begged for her life. Begged for the pain to end. Then and only then would he kill her. It would be a slow excruciating death for the warrior bitch. Only than would he be free from her.

At night he dreamed of either killing er or fucking her. He couldn't get her out of his thoughts. She haunted him day and night. Awake or asleep. By killing her he believed he could eradicate her from his thoughts and dreams.

He had thought he would finally get her on the battlefield this day. He had come so close to burying his sword into her chest. How did she always manage to escape him. He thought he would finally be free of her.

Caesar sat in the tub until the water turned cold. He finally got out and wrapped a towel around his waist. He couldn't have Xena tonight, so another would take her place this evening. Another would feel his anger and hatred for the Warrior princess.

He entered his bed chamber. His mouth curled up in to a cruel and vicious smile. There shackled to his bed, was a young dark haired beauty. Caesar did not see the young servant girl. He only saw Xena.

The girl whimpered as he approached the bed. She knew by the look on his face, she would not like what was in store for her.

Part 2

Alesia lay on the bed, staring up at the ceiling. She kept reliving the last several hours over and over again in her mind. A tear slid slowly down her swollen cheek.

Her entire body hurt. She had been violated in every way imaginable. Her virginity had been taken cruelly and not in the loving manner she had always dreamed. She bore bruises and bite marks on her pale flesh. Her body hurt but it was her mind that received the most damage.

Her cries for mercy had fallen on deaf ears. Caesar had enjoyed the torture and indignities, he'd inflicted on her. It was not her though he was seeing or hearing, it was someone named Xena.

She heard that name over and over again as Caesar thrust into her. He laughed when she screamed in pain and shame. Once she struggled free and when caught was beaten until she thankfully blacked out. When she woke it was to find herself on her stomach being sodomized.

Alesia turned and looked at the sleeping form next to her. She wished she had a dagger to plunge into his black heart. She wanted to see him suffer for the crimes committed against her. A loathing and hatred like she had never known swelled up in her. Not just for this man, but for Xena.

She did not know who this Xena was, but if it had not been for Xena, she would not be in this pain now. This Xena was to blame for her innocence taken and her body battered.


Alesia was so tired that she drifted off. She was startled awake by a hand clamped over her mouth. She stared wide eyed at the shadowy form above her.

The man bent down close to her face. He held a finger to his lips in a gesture of silence. He whispered into her ear that he was there to help her escape.

Alesia recognized him as the one named Brutus. He helped her from the bed and wrapped a robe around her battered form. He took her hand and led her to a tapestry hanging on the wall.

Brutus lifted the tapestry back to reveal a hidden panel in the wall. He opened the secret doorway and led the young woman through.

Alesia took one last look back at the sleeping man. A shiver coursed up her spine as she remembered what he had done to her. Than she turned and left the room.

Brutus led her down a narrow corridor. At the end was a small wooden door. Waiting there was a burlap sack. He withdrew from it a coarse brown tunic and handed it to her. He turned his back so she could dress.  The material was rough and irritated her, but she didn't complain.

She was instructed that a wagon waited her outside the door. It would take her out of Rome and from there she would be taken to Greece. She was handed the bag and a money pouch filled with dinars.

When she went out and was on the wagon she thanked her savior. Than the wagon slowly made its way through the streets. She sat dazed and exhausted by the evenings events.


Brutus quietly made his way back to his chamber. He knew Caesar would be furious when he saw the woman was gone. Brutus didn't care though. He couldn't stand to watch another innocent woman pay because of Caesar's
obsession with Xena.  He only wished he could have gotten to her sooner, but at least she would be safe now.

Hours later as Alesia sat being rocked by the motion of the wagon she made a vow to herself. She would never let anyone hurt her again. She would make Caesar pay. Not only Caesar but the woman named Xena.  Xena would pay dearly. Than Alesia fell asleep and dreamed of her revenge.

Part 3

Greece Four Years Later:

Alesia watched as fire engulfed the body of her only friend these last few years. The funeral pyre floated out across the lake. It burned brightly, lighting up the night time sky around it.

Alesia sighed as she remembered the events that brought her here. She owed the old woman so much but there was nothing she could do when the fever came. She had tended to her friend for three nights, begging her to hold on. Finally the old body gave in to death.

Alesia was the only one to see her off into the next world. Other people had shunned her because they believed her to be a witch. They believed she was evil, but in reality she was just a lonely old woman.

Alesia leaned her head back against a tree and closed her eyes. By the Gods she was tired. She would miss her friend dearly but no tears would be shed. Alesia had stopped crying three years ago.  Looking back on that time Alesia marvelled that she survived it with any of her sanity intact.  The painful memories of Caesar's attack on her and the following years bubbled up in her.


The night of her escape was a big blur to her. When next she awoke she was in Greece. She was told later she had slept through for three days. She remembered how sore and stiff her body was.

She had been taken to the home of an elderly woman. The woman was a distant relative of one of the drivers, and they assured her she would be well take care of. Apparently Brutus had paid them quite handsomely for their efforts.

Her new benefactors name was Anna. She was a wise and gentle woman. She was well learned in the healing arts. She tended to Alesia and made her feel at home.

Alesia had wondered around like a zombie for months. She would be crying for revenge one moment and than begging for death to take her the next.

One day Anna noticed that Alesia was gaining weight. She placed her hand on the young woman's belly and felt a gentle movement.  Alesia had been so busy feeling sorry for her self she failed to notice the signs. She had not noticed that she was with child.

The pregnancy became a wakeup call to her. Even though this child had been conceived under brutal circumstances it was still an innocent. It deserved to be cared for and loved. For the first time in months she felt like living again. She talked to the unborn child and sang to it daily. This child would be loved.

Anna watched Alesia's belly grow and with it Alesia's spirit. She had come to love the young woman like a daughter. It was so wonderful to see life in her instead of that pale existence she was living.

Alesia still had nightmares about that night but not as often. Anna smiled when she heard the girls voice raised in song. She prayed that all the sadness would soon be behind her for good.

That was not to be.

One night Anna was jolted from sleep by Alesia's screams. She rushed to her side. She saw the blood, but tried to remain calm for Alesia's sake. She worked to save the mother and child long into the night.

Hours later exhausted and drained, Anna sat down and cried. She had tried so hard but she just couldn't save them both.

The child had come to early. It had been a little girl. She had her mother's dark coloring. The baby had struggled to live but it finally lost the battle. she had wrapped the little body in a blanket and laid it on the bed next to her mother.

Alesia had lost a lot of blood and was very weak. It took all of Anna's skill to save her. She was afraid the babies' death would be to much for her but the young woman fought death and won.

When Alesia was strong enough they had a funeral for the baby. Alesia named her Leia after her mother. Pain worse than anything she had known constricted her heart. Her chest burned with the pain and she found it difficult to breathe. She sat along the edge of the lake and watched as her child's body burned.

Tears was all she knew. She cried her self to sleep each night and awoke feeling the emptiness in her heart. Than the tears would begin anew.

One day the tears stopped. She had nothing left to give. Her heart was dead. The only thing she had left was the hatred for Caesar and the woman named Xena. Had it not been for them she would not be mourning a child or her loss of innocence.

She remained with Anna. Plotting her revenge. She hurt and now she wanted to lash out and hurt back.

Anna had worried about her but nothing she could say or do helped ease her pain.


Anna was gone now and Alesia was alone. She knew it was time to leave and fulfill her destiny. She would destroy the ones that brought this pain into her life.

She said a final farewell to her friend and turned and walked into the cool night air. Now it was time to make them pay. Maybe than this pain would ease up its hold on her heart, maybe just a little.

Part 4

The salty sea rushed in to shore. It embraced Alesia's legs in its cold embrace. Than it released its hold and receded.

Alesia stood looking out to the horizon. Watching the sun as it greeted the day. Seagulls called out to one another as they flew over head. In the distance she could see porpoises playing together.

She had been on the beach all night. She spent the evening in meditation and honoring the full moon. She had been looking for guidance but she received nothing. She needed reassurance she was about to do the right thing but got none.

When she left her home she had taken everything of value and sold it. When that money ran out she used the skills she learned from Anna for healing.

She got by from day to day. Her hatred and desire for revenge driving her on. Sometimes when she was cold and weary, she wondered if she should just give in to her pain and end it all.

How easy it would be to end her life and join her child and friend in Tartarus. Sometimes the desire was so great. Than she would remember what had happened and her anger would drive her own again.

She had finally tracked down the warrior princess. It was time to meet the woman that drove Caesar to madness. The woman that was the cause of her pain. If it hadn't been for her Caesar would not have brutalized her and she would not have lost a child.

In Alesia's hand she held a vial. The vial contained a deadly poison. She knew she could never beat Xena in a fight so she had to use what she knew best.

Anna had taught her many things. One of the things she learned was how use herbs to heal. She had also learned how to mix up deadly combinations and one of these was contained in the vial.

Xena and her blonde companion were staying in the same Inn as she. Xena's presence had been a shock to her. She had heard many stories about her but had not been prepared for the affect she would have on her.

Xena's essence was so strong. She was so confidante and commanding. She demanded respect were ever she was. At the same time Alesia could sense a kindness and vulnerability in her. She was so caring and protective of her friend.

Alesia had watched the two woman while they ate their evening meal. She was envious of the easy manner they acted with one another. They had a genuine affection for one another. It made her long for her sweet Anna.

She had a moment of self doubt and left the inn. Could she really go through with her plan to end Xena's life. She rode her horse hard to the beach.  The cold night air rushing by her . She needed to contemplate her actions, so She spent the night on the beach.

She had almost considered giving up her plot to kill Xena. For so long she had felt dead inside. As she had looked out at the morning sky feeling the cold water against her skin she almost felt alive again.

Then the blackness crept back in. The pain of all she lost grabbed her heart and squeezed so tight she felt she couldn't breathe. Every part of her cried out for revenge. Someone had to pay, feel some of the pain tearing her apart.

Her moment of self doubt fled and was replaced with a firm resolve. Today Xena would pay. Only after Caesar and Xena were dead could this pain loosen its grip on her.

She turned and walked back to her horse. She mounted and kicked the animal hard. It bolted forwarded. She urged it on into a fast gallop. The wind lifting her hair. She enjoyed the feel of the brisk morning air on her face.

When she neared the village she pulled her horse down to a walk. She watched the bustle of morning activity as people prepared for the day. She listened as children laughed and dogs barked.

She made her way to the inn and dismounted. Inside her destiny awaited. She hesitated for a moment and entered.

Xena and Gabrielle sat eating their breakfast. Gabrielle entertained Xena with her stories of adventure.

A young woman bumped into Xena knocking the drink from her hand. She quickly cleaned up the spilt drink and went to fetch her another. Xena accepted the drink gratefully, assuring the young woman no harm was done.

Alesia's heart pounded as she watched the dark haired woman finish off the beverage. Soon, very soon Xena was in for a surprise.

Part 5

Xena slammed the mug down after finishing the ale in only a few gulps.

Alesia watched with narrowed eyes to see what would happen.

Xena turned and spoke something to her blonde friend before she turned and left the inn.

Soon after Gabrielle gathered her belongings and headed out the door in the direction of the market place.

Alesia followed closely behind. She observed Xena's companion as she moved from vendor to vendor eyeing their goods. She had such a glow and innocence about her. Alesia felt a pang of envy.She had once been like the blonde. Innocent and carefree.

A commotion from the stables drew Alesia's attention.

Someone was yelling for a healer. Xena had collapsed.

Gabrielle dropped her newly acquired wares and ran to the stable.

She reached the building just as her friend was being carried out.

Xena was pale and sheen of sweat covered her face. It was apparent the Warrior Princess was unconscious.

When Gabrielle's cries reached Alesia's ears a feeling of guilt overwhelmed her.

Where was the sense of justice or satisfaction? Why did she only feel the strong stabbing pains of guilt and remorse? This wasn't how it was suppose to feel.

Alesia ran. Ran until her sides burned with pain and tired legs felt like lead.

When exhaustion took over she ducked into a nearby temple.

Inside it was dark aside from a couple of torches burning. They could not penetrate the shadowy corners. Only the altar was visible.

Alesia went to the altar collapsing against it, sides heaving.


Gabrielle sobbed quietly.

Xena lay in unwakable sleep.

The Warrior Princess was dying.