Ares' Journal: Or The Ramblings of an Olympian Voyeur
 by Huntress

Day 1:

It was Hades' idea for me to keep a journal. He seems to think that one day people will want to read about all the glorious battles I've overseen, all the carnage I've caused. I'm not so sure. Then again, why not. I have nothing better to do with my spare time. I mean I do, but this could be fun. And maybe if I write down what happens, I can make the next battle much better and more efficient. I have a war starting tomorrow, (well hopefully tomorrow, if the rain stops-I hate having wars in bad weather), and will write about it as the battle goes on.

Day 4, Morning Entry:

Well, the war started two days ago, as planned. It has been so dull that I haven't had anything to write. But I found something much more interesting. Being a voyeur. And oh what visions I have seen. And they are much more fun to write about.

For two days I've been watching. I've been tempted to join them, but have held off on it for now. Joxer and Strife have been watching with me, also enjoying the view, and from what they've been doing to me, and each other, the visions are also getting to them also. I guess I should have written this sooner but I simply haven't had the chance. But, better late then never. So I will begin on the second day....

Day 2, Morning:

The other day started out average. Start a war, rape, pillage, maim, maul, the usual stuff. Strife had assisted in twisting a King's mind so he would attack a neighboring kingdom. Strife does wonderful work. Then Joxer showed up, and Strife got a goofy grin, (well goofier then usual), and they got involved with each other. I left them on their own, checking on them once, when I heard Strife yell..."How did you manage to do that!"...Well, I was very curious - I thought Strife had done it all. But then I was back to my mirror, watching the battle. I wanted to peek in on something, actually someone, else. Looking around to make sure no one was watching, I quickly changed the view to keep an eye on Herc.

Most people think that I hate my brother. That's just not true. He doesn't hate me either. In fact, we've spent more then a few steamy nights together. He's about the only one that can keep up with me, and can stay harder and go at it longer then I can. I used to be jealous, but that passed after a while.  I've had some of my best nights with him. Taking me, using me, and pleasuring me. And vice-versa.

Then there's Iolaus. In public, I tend to refer to him as 'Hercules' short, annoying, and slutty sidekick.' But that's only in public. I do have an image to uphold. In reality, I have spent quite a few nice evenings with him as well, and Herc and I together have done some pretty kinky stuff to him. Iolaus enjoys everything, every which way,  and he enjoys it immensely. He especially likes it when Herc and I tie him up and make him beg. Although I must confess, I don't like him tied up and begging for long. He's quite
talented with both his mouth and his hands, and has taught me a thing or two about pleasure.

But the past two days....

I'd managed to find Hercules, which wasn't easy. I found him in bed with that blonde twit, Gabrielle. I wondered how Iolaus would react to that, until I heard Iolaus' giggle and saw his head pop out from under the covers. Now how did that harpy get both of them into *her* bed?  As I watched, I knew. Now when did Xena's bitch learn how to do all that? Maybe she knew all along. I *knew* I should've taken advantage of her when she and that scroll made me mortal. I could've you know. But it was too late for that now. So I watched. I laughed as I saw a chambermaid pound on the door, telling them that Xena had arrived. I've never seen those two men move so quickly to grab their clothes and run out the door. They ran across the hall to their room, and a moment later stepped out, fully dressed, and greeted Xena as if nothing had happened. A few words, and they headed down to breakfast.

Day 2, Afternoon:

Xena and Gabrielle left for Gods-know-where, and Gabrielle gave the boys a wink before she and Xena took off. Iolaus blushed, (he's so cute when he does, rare as it is), and Hercules smiled at her. I knew what was going thru Iolaus' mind, didn't have to read it to know, but I was curious as to what Herc was thinking. Shame, his being a demigod. I can't get into his brain to see what's going on. Oh well.

A little while later, they were involved in a poker game, which quickly turned into a brawl when Iolaus caught the dealer cheating. I watched as they fought, kicking ass in their indomitable fashion, and of course, when all was done, Herc carried the unconscious hunter up to their room. Iolaus had gotten hit on the head, and had a nice lump. Herc cleaned him up, and covered him with a blanket, kissing him on the forehead, as a parent kisses a child. But I know better. Hercules cares for Iolaus more then life itself, and I have seen his sacrifices more then once. But enough mush. On to the more exciting stuff.

Hercules went out for some air, and was quickly called away from the town due to a warlord who was terrorizing a nearby village. Not one of mine, but a barbarous heathen. Although he asked the innkeeper to keep an eye and ear out for Iolaus, *I* decided to keep an eye on Iolaus myself in case he woke and had any pain. I have a few cures for aches and pains. And *NO* -- none of them involve physical contact.

A few minutes later, I watched as Iolaus got himself out of bed, went downstairs, and asked where Herc had gone. Iolaus kept his face blank when he was told, but the moment he hit the stairs, a big grin came over his face. The little dirtbag had been faking unconsciousness all along. Bounding up to the second floor, he went to another room and gave a light tap on the door. I watched as the door opened, and who did I see in there? None other then Autolycus. What a pain in the ass he is. He steals everything. He even stole one of my mom's favorite cows, and had a nice meal. It took me a few days to calm her down. But I digress again....

I watched Iolaus enter the room, closing the door behind him, leering at the thief, and I couldn't believe what happened next...Iolaus pulled Auto into a kiss, and shoved him down on the bed, climbing astride him, and touching him. Not that there was anything appalling about it. I know, as Herc does, that although Iolaus loves my brother with his heart and very soul, he has no qualms about having a good time wherever he can get it. But his good times are always with strangers, never with someone they know. It's easier that way, no jealousy involved, no strings attached. I was half-tempted to get Hercules back, and take care of the barbarian myself, but thought this would be more interesting. I was not disappointed.

Iolaus pulled Auto's tunic off, ripping the seams as he did so, and his mouth found purchase on a nipple, which he proceeded to suck on until Autolycus was panting. Then he switched to the other nipple doing the same. Scooting further down, Iolaus pulled off the thief's boots, and eased his pants off. I watched as a big grin came over his face as he stared at the cock in front of him, then took it, in one swoop, into his mouth.

My own pants were feeling a bit tight at this point, so I eased them down a bit, freeing my own hard cock, and began to stroke myself, not taking my eyes from the view. Autolycus moaned and so did I, but I must have been loud, because Strife and Joxer were in there in a minute, both looking around for the cause of the noise. They stared at me, then Joxer noticed the mirror and hit Strife to get him to look. They looked at each other, then at me, and I shook my head, but to no avail. Strife waved his hand and we were all in my bedchambers, and the mirror had shifted above the bed so we could watch while we played. Somehow my nephew had managed to remove my clothes as well, and both of them pounced on my cock as if they hadn't seen one since the Trojan
War. Strife's oh-so talented tongue, (YES!! STRIFE!!), was licking up and down the length of my shaft, while gentle Joxer sucked on the head. It was ecstasy. I closed my eyes, just feeling them on me, then remembered the mirror. I opened my eyes and was very glad I did at that moment.

Iolaus was still sucking Autolycus' cock, but he had taken off his own pants, and was stroking himself while he sucked Autolycus. Then, with a swift move, Autolycus pulled Iolaus atop *his* body, flipped him onto his back, and crawled between Iolaus' legs, obviously intent on returning the favor. I laughed to myself, knowing that Iolaus let it happen. The thief wouldn't stand a chance against him unless Iolaus allowed it. Much to my surprise, Autolycus was very talented. I don't know why I thought otherwise. He sucked on Iolaus' cock, moving his hands to Iolaus' nipples, teasing them, making Iolaus moan this time. Iolaus grabbed one of Auto's hands and brought to his mouth, sucking on his fingers. God's watching Iolaus made me hotter than Tartarus on a summer day.

I couldn't take it anymore. I grabbed Joxer's head and pulled his mouth all the way over my cock, accidentally knocking Strife on the floor. He stood up, but instead of trying to move Joxer, (as he usually did), he lay on his back, scooting under Joxer, and took Joxer's cock into *his* mouth, and Joxer began to thrust in. I wasn't quite sure what *I* should do right now, so I just went back to my viewing pleasure.

Iolaus was in the throes of an orgasm, bucking up at Autolycus, and I watched as Autolycus swallowed all that Iolaus had to give. Knowing what I did about Iolaus, I was even more impressed with the thief. Iolaus collapsed, and Autolycus moved over him, kissing a path from his hips up to his mouth. When he reached said mouth, Iolaus pulled him into a hard kiss, and I could see that he was sucking on Auto's tongue, tasting his own sweetness. He broke the kiss, reached over for a clay jar on the nightstand, smiled at Autolycus, and rolled them over so he was on top. Jar in hand, he slid down Auto's body, touching everywhere with his free hand and his mouth, til he reached Auto's cock. Iolaus kissed it gently, running his tongue along the length, and then he sat up, kneeling between Auto's legs. He opened the jar, and poured some oil on his hands, rubbing them together to warm it, then stroked his own cock, preparing himself for Autolycus. Taking one finger, I watched as he slowly pushed it in, his eyes not leaving Auto's. Then another finger, and he slowly fucked the thief this way, til Autolycus was begging for more. Iolaus, never one to refuse a lover, placed his cock at Auto's tightness, and just touched his cock there, not moving in, just teasing.

"You want it?" Iolaus asked.

"Please," Autolycus answered.

Iolaus smiled and slowly pushed his cock in, stopping about half way, just to torture Autolycus.

"Iolaus...Iolaus please," Autolycus was begging. Iolaus smiled even bigger, and sheathed himself, stilling once he was inside, undulating against Autolycus. I knew what he was doing. Herc and I have done it to him, and I watched Autolycus' face light up when Iolaus hit his pleasure center, and he thrust up at Iolaus. I noticed, as I'm sure Autolycus did, that Iolaus' blue eyes were suddenly dark with desire. He pulled out, and thrust back in, hitting that spot over and over. He grasped Auto's cock, and began to stroke him, slowly at first, making the thief beg some more, but then his own lust took over, and he was fucking and stroking at the same pace. He placed one of his hands on Auto's thigh, and ran it up and down, giving the thief even more pleasure. It took but a moment more before I saw Autolycus shoot his load all over Iolaus, then watched as Iolaus had another orgasm, filling Autolycus with his seed. He collapsed upon Autolycus, and they kissed, and touched, and whispered such sickeningly sweet words of endearment that I can't even bring myself to write them. They then proceeded to clean each other up with wet cloths, but ended up getting each other hard again, and starting from the top.

It was at that point that I felt Joxer's teeth on the head of my cock, and glanced down to see Strife sucking him hard. I couldn't hold it in any longer. I shot down Joxer's throat, and moaned as I watched my gentle lover swallow my seed, then watched as Joxer did the same to Strife. The three of us collapsed the same way Iolaus and Autolycus did, and they lay on either side of me, all of us touching and kissing. But none of those sickeningly sweet endearments for us. I mean, I do use them with Joxer when we're alone, but not in front of Strife. It's another one of those things that just wouldn't fit with my image.

Anyway, we watched for a while longer, and Strife wanted to know where Herc was. I looked at him and he said that he knew I kept an eye on Hercules, but not to worry. He wouldn't tell anybody. I smiled at him, and, as we all looked into the mirror, Strife giggled, Joxer groaned, and I could feel my mouth hanging open.

Hercules was entering the inn, and asking the innkeeper about Iolaus. I quickly changed the view, (much to Strife's chagrin and Joxer's relief), looking in at the nearby village. The barbarian was in custody. Herc had moved quicker then usual, no doubt wanting to get back to Iolaus.

Anyway, Strife decided that he wanted to watch the inn again and the view changed. We were back to watching Hercules and the innkeeper. The innkeeper was telling him that Iolaus came downstairs the moment after he left, and Herc looked a bit confused. After all, he'd left an unconscious Iolaus just a few minutes before. Herc thanked him for the information, and started to walk up the stairs. But he was stopped by the chambermaid, who wanted to know if they were changing rooms. Herc asked why and the woman told him that his friend had changed rooms and was now sharing a room with Autolycus. Hercules questioned her further, and she said she knew it was Autolycus because she had met him a while back. Hercules walked back to his room, sitting on the edge of the bed, and thinking. He shook his head, and began talking to
himself. *I* enjoyed that because I couldn't read his thoughts.

"Now why would he be in Auto's room? I left him out cold. Didn't I? Yeah I did. But the innkeeper said he was down the moment I left. Now why would he...." Herc paced the room, and I could tell he was trying to make sense of this.

I saw Strife about to wave his hand, and grabbed it, warning him that if he interfered, I'd send him back to Hades, and this time Hades wouldn't let him out. He stilled. Joxer, on the other hand, wanted me to put Iolaus somewhere else, so Hercules wouldn't find out. That's one of the things I love about Joxer. He cares about everyone, and hates when anybody get's hurt. I can understand that. He's been hurt enough himself. Anyway, I explained to him that if I wasn't getting in the way, nobody was. This was something Hercules, Iolaus, and Autolycus would have to deal with.

We watched as Herc left his room, walking down the hall, and put his ear to the door of the room that Iolaus and Auto were in. His hearing is that of a god, and he listened for a few minutes, then headed back to his room. He wasn't angry, he rarely gets that way. Mostly when I do something he doesn't approve of, or when Iolaus gets into brawls for no reason. But I could see by the look on his face that something was going through his mind, and, once again, I wished I could read it. However, I did notice one little thing about his look. It was the *exact* same look that Strife gets when he's getting ready to do something mischievous. I was a bit taken aback by *that* look on Herc's face, til I realized that Strife and Hercules are related, so the look must be a family trait.

The three of us lay there, watching and waiting. Whatever was going to happen, it would happen soon.

Day 2, Evening Entry

Well, we continued to watch, Joxer, Strife and myself, but we had to break because Joxer, being mortal, had to eat. Strife and I don't, but we joined him in a brief meal anyway. Strife conjured up a banquet fit for a king, though I don't think Iphicles would have gone for the stuffed prawns. He's not a big fan of seafood. But Iphicles is another entry altogether.

Anyway, we finished, and lay back on the bed, watching what was going on at the inn. A couple of hours must have passed, because Herc and Iolaus were sitting in the dining room, and Iolaus was eating enough food for five men. Herc had finished his meal, and just stared and watched Iolaus eat. I've always been fascinated with Iolaus and food. I've sometimes thought that he should weigh about as much as a small elephant. I think all the weight gets split between his head and his cock.

Strife decided that he wanted to look in on Autolycus, and changed the view. I changed it back, and Strife changed it again. This went on a few times, until Joxer started to scream that we were making him dizzy and to please make up our minds. I gave Strife one of *those* looks, but he gave me a pouty look back, so I gave in and we watched Auto for a while. This isn't the first time Strife has had *that* look. He reminds me of someone, but I'm not quite sure who. But I'll figure it out.

Autolycus looked miserable. I wanted to turn back time on the mirror to find out what had happened, but one look at Joxer's greenish tinge and I decided against it. Auto was moping about his room, looking at the door, as if waiting for someone. It didn't take a genius to figure out he was waiting for Iolaus to come back. I asked Joxer if it was okay to go back to Hercules and Iolaus and he said yes, so we did.

The next view was of the two of them in their room. Iolaus was naked, his wrists tied to the bed. Hercules was standing beside him, also naked,and he was grinning at Iolaus. Joxer and Strife were starting to go at it again, and getting noisy, so I had to turn the volume up.

"IOLAUS," Herc's voice boomed. Strife jumped about three feet and Joxer got tossed off the bed, and I realized I had made it louder then I intended.

I grinned, shrugged, and turned it down a bit.

"Did you have fun today?" Herc asked him.

"Oh yeah Herc," Iolaus answered, with that innocent look he always has. "You know me. I love to brawl. "

"I wasn't talking about *that*," Herc said, and *I* knew where he was leading. But, judging by the look on Iolaus' face, Iolaus had no idea. "I was talking about Autolycus." All the color seemed to drain from Iolaus' face. I nearly called on Asclepius, but all Hercules did was get a funny look on his face, and I wasn't quite sure what it was. Not jealousy, not anger, it was weird. I've seen that look on Phobos' face when Harmonia beats him at something. Revenge. But not the mean kind of revenge. Not *MY* kind of revenge. No, Herc couldn't be mean.

His blue eyes were blazing as he sat astride Iolaus, bending over him, kissing him hard, while his large hands gripped Iolaus' shoulders.Iolaus was moaning, (I love it when he does that), and then whimpering when Herc's lips left his mouth. Joxer and Strife stopped what they were doing when they heard  Iolaus scream with pleasure, and we all watched as Hercules nipped and sucked on one spot of Iolaus' neck, marking him as Herc's. Iolaus once told me that he was waiting for the day that Herc would publicly claim him as property,  and now it looked like he was finally getting his wish. It sure took Hercules long enough to get around to it. Then again, Herc isn't always swift of mind. Oh, he's brave of heart and soul, but sometimes it takes him longer to get a handle on something. But he eventually figures it out.

While Herc marked Iolaus, one of his hands wandered to Iolaus' chest, and began to twist a nipple. That made Iolaus scream even louder, and Herc released Iolaus' neck, slowly licking his way down Iolaus' body. He spread  Iolaus' legs, kneeling between them, leaned down and took Iolaus' cock deep into his mouth. He sucked and nibbled and licked, and drove Iolaus to the edge three times, (I could tell...I've teased Iolaus like that myself), but didn't let Iolaus cum. Herc decided to take the other nipple in his other hand, and pinched them both. Iolaus didn't scream this time. I think he was overcome with ecstasy, because his body arched, he thrust his cock deep into Hercules' mouth, his eyes rolled back, and his head pressed into the pillow.  My eyes moved to Herc and I watched as he swallowed what Iolaus was giving to him, his fingers still torturing Iolaus' nipples. I've given Iolaus my own share of orgasms, and I think I did magnificently. But the only times he's had such intense orgasms is under Herc's touch. I guess practice makes perfect...they've been at it, on and off, for over twenty years. Although, I must admit, Hercules has a very talented mouth. Not as talented as Iolaus or Joxer, but definitely better then Strife and his mother. Yes, I've slept with Eris. She's actually not a bad fuck, but her blow jobs leave alot to be desired.

When Iolaus stopped moving, (I think he was exhausted), Herc lifted his head, and covered Iolaus' body with his own, kissing him again, whispering in his ear. We couldn't hear what was going on, so I turned up the volume again, but this time ensured we wouldn't all go deaf. Hercules' words made Strife sneer,  but Joxer cast a look at him that shut my nephew up straight away. I'm proud of Joxer. A while back he would have cow-towed to Strife. But Joxer now knows that Strife's bark is worse then his bite. But I am going off track again...

"You're mine, you know that don't you?" Herc asked, with a bit of menace to  his voice. I was impressed. I didn't know my brother could sound like that.  And from what I saw of Iolaus' face, Herc had never used that tone with him before. "*YOU* are to stay away from Autolycus...DO YOU UNDERSTAND!"

Iolaus nodded, and he actually looked scared. Herc began to give him lecture number eight - No hopping into bed with people they know. (Yes, I have catalogued all of Herc's lectures...there are thirteen different ones - so far.)Iolaus said something about Gabrielle, and for a moment I thought Herc was going to hit him for talking back. But all Herc did was tell him that that was  different because they were both involved. I had to agree with Herc on that one. It would be like me fucking Strife without Joxer or Iphicles around.  (Ahhh, sweet Iphicles, if Herc knew about us I'd be in traction right about now. Actually, if Joxer knew about Iph, I'd be even worse. But Iphicles knows about everybody, and thinks everyone should leave everyone else alone.His  motto is, "Fucking is fun, and everyone is entitled to fun." He's a very wise king.)

Anyway, Herc told Iolaus that he was going to leave him for a while so Iolaus could think about what he'd done. He didn't untie him, and when Iolaus asked, Hercules said he was being punished, and to be thankful that he didn't get a spanking, or worse. I shuddered, thinking about what my mellow brother could possibly have in mind. I had a couple of visions, but quickly put them out of my mind. I couldn't handle them.

Herc left their room, and I thought he was going to go out for some air. But instead, he went to Autolycus' room. I switched to the inside of the room, and saw Auto bounding to the door. He must have thought it was Iolaus, and when he opened the door, and saw it was Hercules, he backed up. I think he expected to be beaten within an inch of his life. Joxer yelled at me to move Autolycus to another town before Auto was hurt, but I reminded him that Herc would never intentionally hurt anyone.

Strife asked if he could tie Joxer up, and Joxer got a horrified look on his face and hid behind me. I told him not to worry, I wouldn't let Strife do  that to him. Strife told him he was only joking anyway, and Joxer hit him. Of course, being Joxer, he only succeeded in hurting his hand. I healed him, and then gave Strife a swift kick in the ass, sending him across the room.  But then, once again, Joxer being Joxer, he yelled at me for hurting poor Strife, and went to help Strife up. He turned his nose up at me, kissed Strife, and  they 'poofed' out. Where Strife took Joxer, I didn't care. I knew Joxer would have a good time, and Strife would bring him back in one piece. It didn't matter what they were going to do, I just wanted to keep watching the show at the inn.

So, anyway, Herc stepped into the room, closing the door behind him, giving Autolycus the strangest look. Auto had moved to the other side of the room, and backed into the wall, and looked everywhere for a way out. But there wasn't one. He smiled at Hercules and I started to giggle, (yes...I do giggle sometimes), when I heard the conversation.

"So, big guy, how ya doin'?" Auto asked, trying to sound very nonchalant.

"I'm doing fine Autolycus. And yourself? Are you doing okay?" Herc's tone wasn't threatening, but it was the same menacing tone he used on Iolaus.

And,  of course, Autolycus being Autolycus, he got scared and tried to get out of  the room. He ran, ducked under Herc's arm, and made it to the door. He even managed to turn the knob and open it. But a large hand grabbed him by his shirt, and threw him across the room, (not to worry-he landed on the bed), and the door was closed. Herc turned to him, and scared me with the look he had, but only for a moment. It was another one of those familiar family looks - this one the same as the one Aphrodite gives Deimos when he wets his pants.  She tries to scare him, but it never works. Her eyes give her away. (And we  are working on the pants wetting. It seemed to start after the last time he spent the weekend with his Grandma. I don't know what my mother did to him, but I really do need to find out. He can't be the God of Terror if his pants are constantly wet.) But I am digressing again...I can't help it...anyway....

Herc sat next to Autolycus, leaned down, and kissed him. The kiss started gentle, but Herc deepened it, pulling Auto's mouth hard on his.  He broke the kiss abruptly, and while Autolycus was recovering, (Herc's the best kisser I know), Herc's hands started to rove Auto's body, pulling off his shirt, (actually, Herc tore it off), then pulled off his own. He moved down the bed, pulling Auto's pants off, staring at the cock standing at attention in front of him, and smiled. Autolycus smiled back, so Herc, (intentionally, *I* could tell), stopped smiling, and his face got a bit malicious. I think he was trying to scare Autolycus, and I think it worked, because Autolycus tried to push him out of the way, and had a frightened look on his face. But Herc just shoved him back on the bed, then stood, kicking off his boots, and taking off his pants so he was as naked as Autolycus. He climbed onto the bed, from the end, so he was kneeling between Autolycus' legs, and bent down. I thought he was going to suck on his cock, but instead he 'moved' Auto's cock aside, and began to lick his balls. Auto gasped, then moaned, as Herc began to lave his tight hole, fucking Autolycus with his tongue. I've never seen Herc do that before, and it was very arousing.

I decided to switch back to Iolaus to see how he was getting along. He was struggling with the ropes around his wrists and I debated whether or not to pay him a visit. I could just pop in, fuck his mouth, watch him swallow my cum, and then pop out. No one would be any the wiser, and Iolaus would enjoy it. Then again, what if Joxer came back and saw us? He'd be hurt. So I decided not to...but I did decide to help Iolaus out. I loosened the ropes so he was able to get himself free. I figured he'd go on a search for Herc, but he got this sad look on his face, and I thought he was going to start crying. (He's very emotional, especially when it comes to Herc.) I decided right then and there to give Herc a lecture of my own when I saw him next. How dare he  upset Iolaus so much! But he turned over and went to sleep. I had a quick chat with Morpheus, and Morpheus agreed to give Iolaus some pretty hot dreams, so I felt better.

Anyway, I switched back to Hercules and Autolycus, and I was sorry I left them. Things had changed since I last saw them.

For one thing, Hercules was now on his back, and Autolycus was sucking his cock. Herc's eyes were closed, and he was smiling...actually, there was a big grin on his face. He had his hands wound in Auto's hair, fucking his mouth, and I could hear the moans and groans coming from Autolycus. Herc was moaning too, and suddenly grabbed Autolycus by the arms and moved him so he was laying atop Herc. Herc rolled them over, once again kneeling between Autolycus' legs, but this time he had other ideas. He stroked Autolycus' cock, til Auto yelled and shot his load over Herc's hand and chest. Herc took  the cum on his hands and spread it over his own cock, and I thought he was going to take Autolycus right then. But instead, Herc slowly pushed two fingers into the tight hole before him, fucking him like this while Autolycus shouted "MORE!". But Herc's a tease when he wants to be, and just continued with his slow pace. He had Autolycus writhing beneath him, pushing up at him, and I could see that Autolycus was trying to get him to do it harder.  But Hercules wasn't going to make it so easy. With his free hand, Herc leaned  over, pinching one of Auto's nipples, and Auto's breathing got faster, and  Herc's grin got wider.

My own hand, at this point, had found its way to my cock, and I started to stroke myself, not taking my eyes from the view. Herc was fucking Autolycus harder and faster with his fingers, and my hand matched his pace. Then Herc started talking...well, he wasn't exactly talking. It was more like he was moaning his words, and I was getting hotter as I listened.

"You like this don't you?" Herc asked him.

"Oh...oh yes...." Autolycus managed to moan in response.

"Is this what Iolaus did to you? Fuck you this way? Tell me Autolycus...I want to know. Did he shove his fingers in your ass and make you moan?  Did he *fuck* you hard and make you scream?" Autolycus didn't answer, and Herc removed his fingers, just staring at Auto's face. "Do you want it from me? Should I fuck you like he did? Or just make you suffer?"

"PleasePleasePlease...." Autolycus' voice was getting louder, and Herc just continued to stare at him.

"Tell me what you want." Herc's voice was very seductive. I've never heard that tone from him before. That was twice today I learned something new about  my little brother.

"I want...." Autolycus moaned. I couldn't hear the rest because at that moment there was a flash and Hades was standing before me, and he had Iphicles with him. They stared at me, (well I must have been a sight--laying there, staring into my mirror, and playing with myself), but I finally gained control and asked Hades what he was doing with Iphicles.

It seems that Iph had had an accident, falling off a horse, hitting his head, and dying. Hades didn't want to keep him, as he figured that either me or Herc would come get him, so he brought him to me. I thanked him, and he said I owed him one. I asked him if he wanted to stay, but he said no. He was buried in paperwork again, and Persephone was going to be with him in three days and he wanted everything caught up. I bid him farewell, and he vanished, leaving me and *my* King alone.

I started to say something to Iphicles, but his eyes were drawn to the view. I moved down to the end of the bed, grabbed him by the ass, and pulled his body to me. I got rid of his clothes, and took his cock into my mouth. He has such a huge cock. And it's so tasty too. He started to scream my name and came in my mouth. Gods, he is sweet. Anyway, I wasn't done yet, so I flipped him on the bed, kissing him hard, but he gently pushed me out of the way so he  could watch our little brother and Autolycus. I had missed what had been said, but it didn't matter, because words were meaningless compared to the view.

Hercules was sheathed within Autolycus, and was slowly fucking him. I could see Herc's sweat-filled face, see that he was trying his best to not go hard or fast, and just fuck painfully, agonizingly, slow. Then Herc picked up the pace a bit, but not much. He was obviously going to draw this out as long as he could. One thing about my brother, he has more self-control in the bedroom then anyone else I know. I've seen, (and felt), him go for an hour or more. He once made me cum three times before he allowed himself release.

Anyway, I turned to look at Iphicles and he was wide-eyed and his hand had moved to his cock. He was getting just as aroused as I was. I shifted, so I was between his legs, and I took his hand from his cock, putting mine there instead. My mouth joined my hand, and I sucked him again, trying to be like Herc, and draw it out. It didn't work. My self-control isn't that great.  Iph came again, and I caught some of his cum in my hands and stroked his essence over myself. He watched me, licking his lips, and giving me that sexysmile he gets when he's ready for me. I thrust my cock into his ass, and took him hard, watching the salacious look on his face. It didn't take very long for the two of us to cum together. We collapsed, and I gathered him in my arms, holding him close, and he smiled at me. His eyes moved back to the mirror, and my eyes joined his. Once again the view got us aroused.

I guess Herc couldn't take it anymore, because he was pounding into Autolycus like it was the last fuck he'd ever have. Auto was bucking up at him, his eyes closed, and he was revelling, (as did most), over being fucked by Hercules. (The only person I ever saw who didn't enjoy Herc was Apollo. But then again, Apollo is more of a slut then Iolaus, (I mean that in a nice way regarding Iolaus), so he didn't appreciate it.) Hercules gave a shout and spilled into Autolycus, and a moment later, with a scream, Autolycus came. I switched back to Iolaus, (the scream was pretty loud), and watched as Iolaus' head popped up, and he looked around for the noise that had woken him. His head fell back on the pillow, and I switched back to Herc and Autolycus.

Iphicles had, by this point, taken my cock into his mouth, and was sucking hard. Then, with a move I didn't expect, he put his tongue in my ass and  started to fuck me with it, the same way Herc had fucked Autolycus. Both sons of Alcmene are quite talented.

Anyway, while Iphicles was making love to me with his tongue, Hercules had collapsed upon Autolycus, and both were panting. Herc slowly removed himself, stood, and got dressed. He smiled at the thief, still laying on the bed, obviously unable to move, and told him this: "If you *ever* fuck Iolaus without me, I will make your life a living nightmare. Do you understand Autolycus?" Autolycus nodded, and Herc left the room. I was very proud of my brother. I *really* like that tone coming from him.

I was jolted back to my room when Iphicles stopped with his tongue, and now his cock was pushing into my ass, and I was pushing back, wanting to be filled. One thing about Iphicles, he doesn't waste any time. He sheathed himself all the way inside me, and began to fuck me hard, just the way I like it. It took but a few moments before we came again, and lay in each other's arms. Iphicles looked at the mirror, which now showed a very tired and worn out Autolycus falling asleep, a big smile on his face. Iph asked me if we could watch Herc again, so I switched the view.

Hercules slowly walked into his room, and smiled gently when he saw Iolaus asleep. He walked to the bed and fingered the ropes, and I could tell he was trying to figure out how Iolaus got loose. But he shrugged, and forgot about it. He took off his clothes and climbed into bed beside Iolaus, pulling his lover against him, kissing him, and caressing him. Iolaus started to respond, turned over, looked into Herc's eyes and pulled away. He sat up, and I could see his eyes still looked sad. He was faced away from Herc, but there was a mirror in their room, and he got a look at Iolaus' face. Herc got a sad look
on his face too, (I know he gets upset when Iolaus gets like this), and pulled Iolaus to him, turning him so they were face to face. He kissed him softly, and apologized for yelling at him. A smile slowly came across Iolaus' face, and he returned the kiss, holding Hercules tighter. I couldn't help grinning when I heard the conversation.

"You didn't hurt him did you?" Iolaus asked.

"Hurt who?" Herc replied, quite innocently.

"Autolycus. I figured that's where you went after you left." Iolaus tilted his head, looking at Herc, waiting for an answer.

"No. I didn't hurt him. I just let him know that if he's going to fuck you, he's going to fuck me too." Herc didn't need to say more about that. Iolaus understood. "Iolaus, how did you get out of those ropes?"

"I don't know Herc. I pulled at them for a few minutes, then they came loose. I was surprised. I didn't think anybody could undo knots you made." Iolaus looked a bit confused, but didn't seem to care that much. Herc got a funny look on his face, and his eyes looked around the room. Somehow he managed to look *directly* at me, as if he knew I was watching, and I quickly got rid of the mirror, putting it back in my throne room. Iphicles laughed, so I kissed him, flipped him on his stomach and gave him an intense and thorough fucking.  That shut him up.

So that's what happened two days ago. But yesterday was even more interesting.

Day Three, Morning Entry

I decided to peek in on Hercules and Iolaus this morning to see how they were getting along. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they

(The author now takes over for Ares....)

Ares writing was interrupted by shouts and screams. He was able to make out the voices, though there were quite a few.

"I'm going to KILL him!" Herc said.

"You need to take a number!" Joxer yelled.

"*YOU* should talk," said Autolycus. "*YOU* were watching."

"He slept with Iphicles behind *my* back!" Joxer screamed.

"*IPHICLES*?!" Herc shouted.

"Yeah, after me and Strife left him!" Joxer was pissed.

"Ares slept with Strife?" Eris had popped in. "Nobody takes advantage of *my*  son! And don't worry Joxer, I know you slept with him too, but I like you. You're a nice guy."

The four went to find Ares.

"You think anybody would notice if we disappeared?" Iolaus asked Strife.

"Nah...where d'ya wanna go?"

"How about Corinth? If Ares is fucking Iphicles, then Iph must be really good." Iolaus grinned, Strife grinned back, and the two vanished, off to Corinth to see how good the King really was.

Hercules found Iolaus and Strife with Iphicles and decided that "Love Thy Brother" was the theme for the week. Strife popped out, leaving them alone, and went off to find Joxer.

Joxer decided he was fed up with Gabrielle treating him like shit, so he tied her up. Then he and Strife did 'things' to her. But she had a great time, and didn't complain at all.

Autolycus saw Eris in a whole new light, and they 'snatched' up Xena, and the three decided to tire each other out.

And everybody was happy...with the exception of Ares. *He* ended up in a bed at Ascelpius'. He had various broken bones, blacks and blues, and aches and pains. And what was the first thing he did? He moved his mirror to his sick bed so he could continue to watch the action and have something new to write about. But he did learn a lesson. 'If you're going to be a peeping Tomasis, do it alone.'

The End

Author's Note1: Hera is not only the Marriage Goddess...she is also the Bovine Goddess.

Author's Note2: Whether or not they played poker in ancient Greece is irrelevant to me. If Xena can discover electricity, the boys can play poker. Actually, if Xena can exist, the boys can play poker.