Ares' Legendary Journeys
By Huntress

"NO! Absolutely, positively *NOT*!" Hercules was fuming.

"I would rather spend an evening listening to Joxer sing his theme song!" Ares yelled. 'Although the girls at Meg's must know *something*,' he thought. '*They* sing it.'

"Too bad," Zeus said calmly. "Because this is the way it is going to be for the next week. Maybe you'll think *before* you trash one of Cupid's temples again."

"He started it!" Herc shouted.

"Did not!" Ares snapped back.

"Did too!" Herc yelled.



Then the two launched themselves at each other.

"ENOUGH!!" Both God and demigod got still. Neither had ever heard Zeus scream like that before. "I have made my decision. For the next week Hercules, you will be the God of War. As for you Ares, *you* can be Iolaus' sidekick." Herc guffawed and nearly collapsed from his laughter.

"I am *no ones* sidekick," Ares growled. "Especially not that...that blonde slut's."

"Who are you calling a slut?" The usually staid demigod got a look on his face Ares had never seen. Ares reacted the way any child would...he hid behind his father.

"You're not going to let him do anything to me are you daddy?" Ares asked in a sweet voice.

Zeus pulled his son from behind him and lifted him by the vest, so Ares was dangling about three feet from the ground. "*Don't* daddy me. One week. Have fun boys!"

That said, he vanished, and his two son's each made fists and lunged at each other. Another bright flash and....

Hercules found himself in Ares' main temple in Thrace, watching in horror as a woman was about to be sacrificed.

Ares found himself by a campfire, Iolaus sleeping soundly beside him.

Both groaned when they realized Zeus had stuck to his threat. The next week was going to be Tartarus on earth.


Iolaus woke at first light, and snuggled against Hercules. He brought his head up to nuzzle his lover's neck, and jumped up when he felt the beard. His eyes popped open, and, when he saw who it was, he reached for his sword.

'Nice Iolaus,' he thought. 'He's the God of War. A lot of good your sword will do.' He poked Ares in the side, and couldn't help smiling when he heard the God giggle. "Ares..." No answer. "ARES!"

The God jumped up, grabbing *his* sword, ready to fight. He saw Iolaus, and sneered, "Oh, it's you." He lay back down, and within seconds he was snoring again.

Iolaus looked up at the sky. "This is a test...right? To see how much stress I can handle? Well, I guess I fail because I can't *HANDLE THIS*!" Ares jumped up again, and growled at the hunter. Iolaus growled back. "What have you done with Herc?"

"Me?" Ares answered. "I did nothing. This is my father's idea. Ask him."

"Okay," said Iolaus. "Zeus." It was a whisper. "Ummm...calling Herc's dad...Iolaus to Zeus...come in Zeus."

Ares shook his head in amazement. "ZEEEUUUSSSS!!" This time it was Iolaus' turn to jump.

The King of the Gods appeared, and Iolaus walked over to him. "Hi Zeus...sorry to bug you, I know you're busy, but I have a question. Can you tell me why I woke up next to *him*, instead of Herc?"

"Quite simple Iolaus. After that fiasco in Cupid's temple I decided to punish them. Ares is going to be your sidekick for the next week. Maybe you can teach him a thing or two about being *nice*. I know it will be tough, but I think *you* can do it."

"Okay...but if he's here...then where's Herc?"

Ares answered that one, with a gleeful smile. "He gets to be God of War for the next week.

"Don't worry Iolaus," Zeus said, smiling at him. "I think you can handle this for a week." That said, Zeus vanished, leaving Iolaus standing there, mouth agape.

'The Gods truly hate me,' he thought.


In the meantime, Herc was having problems of his own...big problems. Popping into Ares throne had scared the worshippers and they took off in all different directions. He turned his head, looking everywhere, but didn't see anyone...except the unfortunate young woman who was about to be sacrificed. He walked over and untied her and she stood and ran out of the temple, frightened.

He heard voices from outside. He couldn't figure out how he could hear them so clearly and then it hit him. He balled his hand and 'threw' some energy at the temple wall, making a large hole. 'Hmm...this could be fun,' he thought. He threw some more around the temple, doing more damage, then concentrated on one of Ares' temples in Ambracia. He was there in an instant and proceeded to do the same.

He made it through four temples when Zeus showed up. "Just what do you think you're doing?"

"Redecorating," Herc said with a big smile. He then disintegrated a wall. "I could learn to enjoy this." He was about ready to take out another wall when Zeus picked him up by the front of the shirt.

"I said you would be *GOD OF WAR* for a week. Not Marthius Stewartus! Now stop this right now, and pick up your duties as God of War. Because son, if you don't, I'm going to make you God of...God would you like to be God of Mischief? I could make Strife God of War. I think he may be able to do a pretty good job."

"NO!" Herc shouted. The thought of Strife doing the job was pretty damn scary. "I'll do it. I don't know what to do, but I'll do it."

"That's my boy," Zeus said and vanished.

"Now *what* does the God of War do other then coordinate wars?" He heard shouts from outside, and one voice was heard above the others. He didn't need godly hearing to know who was speaking.

"You must be mistaken. It can't be Hercules. It's probably Ares trying to scare you. I'll go take a look."

The woman walked in quietly, and looked around. All of a sudden she was grabbed around the waist. "Hello Xena!" Herc yelled, spinning her around. "Am I glad to see you. You have to...." He found himself, a moment later, sprawled on the floor, Xena's sword at his throat. "You can't kill me you know. For the next week I'm a God."

"What kind of sick joke is this Ares? Pretending to be Hercules. You can't think of anybody else to be?"

Hercules frowned at her. "You don't like Herc? I thought you two were buddies."

Xena growled at him. "You didn't answer my question. Why are you pretending to be Hercules?"

"Because he is," came a light voice. Cupid materialized next to them. "*They* trashed my temple in Olynthus and Gramps switched them for a week. Uncle Herc has to be God of War."

Xena stared at him. "And Ares? What happened to him?"

Cupid giggled. "He gets to pal around with Iolaus for a week." He looked at his uncle. "That's what you get for messing with *my* temple." He vanished as quickly as he had appeared. Xena resheathed her sword and helped Hercules up.

"Lucky you," she said with a smile. "Well, if you'll excuse me, I have to meet up with Gabrielle in Larissa. That's at least a three day ride. So if you'll excuse me, I'll be on my way." She turned to leave, but Herc grabbed her and pulled her back.

"You *can't* leave. I don't know what to do. I don't want to start any wars. I was hoping you could help me out. I don't know what else Ares does."

Xena smiled at him. "You're telling me that you have no idea what Ares does? Other then making war?"

Herc looked at her, his eyes showing confusion. "I never thought about it. Since there's nobody else to ask...please Xena. Help me for a few days and I will take you to Larissa myself. Please?"

"Hercules, stop looking at me like that."

"Like what?" Herc asked, his face a mask of innocence.

"Like *that*," Xena replied. "Like a lost puppy. Okay, okay. But don't misunderstand me. No matter what else Ares does, he is *still* the God of War, and making war is his main job."

"Okay Xena. Now talk."

"Okay. What I know is from what Gabrielle has told me." She took a deep breath. "Besides making war, Ares: defends Greece, helps people to put new ideas to use, (after war there are always new ideas), takes care of the fatherless children, (those that have lost a father in one of his wars that is), and is occasionally known to take on the same injuries as his soldiers in battle. Although that last one had Gabrielle and I debating for a month."

Herc laughed at that thought. Trying to win a debate with Gabrielle was like trying to get Iolaus to stop eating for five minutes. "What about stopping wars? Mende is about to go to war with Scione. These are two small provinces. If they battle there will be nothing left."

"I know Hercules. They are both very close to Potadeia and Gabrielle has been worried. I don't know if Ares stops wars, but then again, who knows?" She gave him a grin. "Why don't we give Ares some new duties then? When he finds out you stopped a war, it'll drive him nuts."

"Then let's go and stop a war. Next stop, Mende." Hercules concentrated, then paused. He looked at Xena. "Just getting Argo somewhere safe," he smiled. Then they vanished.


Iolaus was getting very frustrated with his 'charge'. "Ares, you *don't* do things like that. Those people needed help from that madman. You don't go around encouraging people to give up their sons for no reason. There was no way in Tartarus the boys in that town would have stood a chance."

"But it would have been a glorious battle," Ares sneered. "Lots of bloodshed and mayhem. Just what I like."

"Except you're not God of War right now," Iolaus said. "Herc and I stop these things, not encourage them." He saw he wasn't getting through, so he tried a different tactic. "Ares, if those boys had died, think of all the potential worshippers you would have lost." He grimaced, thinking, 'Wonderful Iolaus, now you're giving him a swelled head.'

They had been in Pella, where a nutcase named Zetes had been terrorizing a town. Instead of trying to rally the townspeople into a fighting force and to help them defend the town, Ares had almost persuaded them to send out their sons, who were almost all farmboys, to fight. Iolaus knew they would have all died, and had given Ares a lecture on these things. Then he had disappeared for a few moments, going to a nearby building and banging his head against the wall, wondering what he did to deserve this.

They had made camp by a lake, but then a storm began, and they got soaked running to a cave for shelter. Iolaus managed to make a fire, but the two were shivering from the damp clothing they were wearing.

"Take off your clothes Ares or you are going to be really sick come morning. They have to dry." The War God was hesitant but complied. He watched as Iolaus did the same, and found himself staring at the hunter's very 'large' attribute, which jumped to attention when his breechclout came off. Iolaus noticed this and said, "I can't help it. I miss Herc. I was thinking about him and this always happens." He noticed that Ares wasn't exactly flaccid either.

"I'm thinking about...well none of your business what I'm thinking about." Ares giggled, thinking, 'If he knew *who* I was thinking about, I'd be in big trouble.'

Iolaus threw him a blanket, and spread his own out. "*You* stay over there. I'm sleeping here. Come near me and I'll cut off something very important to you. Got it?"

"Yes," Ares answered. "And believe me, there are other things on my mind." Iolaus nodded, and lay down, quickly falling asleep. 'Other things Iolaus,' he thought. 'And they involve *you*.'


Iolaus was still asleep when he felt the hand stroking his cock, and he pushed against it, undulating his ass against the body behind him. He immediately put *his* hand over that one, and stroked with it. It took but a moment before he shot his load across the cave. "Oh yeah Herc...feels good," he moaned. "More please."

Ares smiled, taking some of Iolaus cum and using it on his own cock. He flipped Iolaus onto his stomach, spreading his legs, and began to stroke his inner thighs, lightly scraping his nails along the soft skin. Iolaus' eyes flew open when he realized who it was and he tried to push Ares away. But Ares was larger and stronger, and held the hunter steady underneath him.

"Ares stop," Iolaus said. He had meant for it to come out strongly, but instead it came out as a moan. "Please."

"Please stop Iolaus," Ares whispered in his ear. "Or please keep going." He pushed a finger into the hunters tight ass, and Iolaus moaned louder.

"Stop," Iolaus whimpered. "Gods please...stop...ohhhh." Another finger joined the first, and Iolaus couldn't help pushing back. Ares grabbed him around the waist and pulled him onto his knees. Ares continued to fuck him with his fingers, until Iolaus was writhing beneath him, and his moans had become almost screams. Iolaus was now balancing himself on his hands and knees, and Ares let go of him, removing his fingers, and moved his hands onto Iolaus' hips. His cock caressed the hunter's tightness and a grin came over his face.

"Tell me Iolaus...tell me what I want to hear." Ares continued to tease him, and was enjoying the fact that Iolaus was whimpering...for him. "Come on Iolaus...tell me." His voice was low and seductive and Iolaus was fargone at this point. All he wanted was that cock inside of him.

"Fuck me," Iolaus whispered.

"More Iolaus," Ares said. "Tell me the rest...."

"Fuck me Ares...please...PLEASE!" Iolaus was screaming now, pushing back hard, trying to impale himself on Ares cock.

Ares pushed his cock in part of the way, and took one of his hands, winding it in Iolaus' soft curls, pulling the hunter's head back. He kissed the hunter's neck, licking and nipping the flesh, listening to Iolaus' soft moans of pleasure. He pulled out, until only the tip remained, and said, "Do you want me Iolaus? Hmmm?"

"YES!! I WANT YOU!! NOW FUCK ME ARES...SHOW ME HOW GOOD YOU REALLY ARE!" The hunter was screaming and writhing and that was what Ares wanted.

Ares sheathed his cock all the way and stilled, taking his hand from Iolaus' hair and grasping Iolaus' cock. The other hand grabbed the hunter around the waist, and he leaned over, whispering, "You are so tight wonder my brother loves to fuck you." He pulled out and pushed back in hard,  and within seconds the two were moving in sync, both reveling in the pleasure they were both getting. Ares was stroking Iolaus harder, and the two were moaning and groaning, and they shouted their completion together. Iolaus spilled his seed over Ares hand, and Ares into Iolaus' ass, and the two
collapsed, Ares falling atop the hunter. "That was so nice Iolaus," Ares whispered into his ear, biting the lobe and snaking his tongue in. Iolaus could do nothing more them whimper, and Ares got an evil smile on his face. Gently removing himself, he scooted down the hunter's body, spreading his legs, and massaging his cheeks, slowly spreading those as well. He leaned down and began to ream Iolaus, his tongue making love to the hunter now.

"What...." Iolaus jumped at the sensation, but Ares soothed him, running one hand over his back, before returning it to his cheeks.

"Hush Iolaus," the God said. "I just want to pleasure you some more. Herc's never done this to you before, has he?"

"No," Iolaus said, crying out when Ares stopped. "Please...more."

Ares continued to lick the hunter clean and by the time he was finished, Iolaus was a boneless heap, barely moving. He had almost no strength left. Ares rolled him onto his back, and lay atop him, kissing him hard. Iolaus wound his hand in Ares hair, and pulled him harder into the kiss, his tongue sucking on Ares', tasting himself. It was a very heady experience, and one which the hunter would not forget in the near future. He broke the kiss, and his eyes met Ares'.

"*You* are good," he moaned.

"So are you," Ares moaned in reply.


Hercules and Xena appeared outside of Mende.

"Now what?" Hercules asked. "Do I just walk into town and...I don't know...tell them to stop fighting? I mean I have the power of a God."

"Hercules, it doesn't work that way. You know that. I know how much you despise war, and I have grown to feel the same, but this has to be done carefully. If you go in full force, when you leave they will go right back to it. Trust me on that...that's what I would have done."

"I trust you Xena," Herc said with a smile. She smiled back and the two
entered the town.

Hercules immediately went to see some of the soldiers and managed to calm them for a while. He didn't tell them what he was doing there, well not all of it, and decided that he would go to Scione in the morning.

"I know that I don't have to sleep, but I'm hoping if I do, maybe I'll have some nice dreams. Ares has a temple at the other end of town. You're welcome to sleep there. I'm sure there is plenty of room."

"That's okay Hercules," Xena answered. "I prefer the outdoors. I'm going to make camp over there," she pointed to a cluster of trees, "and I'll see you in the morning."

They said their goodnight's and Herc entered the temple. He nearly got lost trying to find a bed. 'There have got to be a hundred rooms in this place. It doesn't look that big on the outside.' He groaned, hoping he could find his way out in the morning. 'Now that would be embarrassing,' he laughed to himself. 'Xena having to come help me find my way out.'

He lay down and quickly found himself dreaming pleasant dreams about Iolaus.


He woke in the middle of the night and felt a body pressed against his. At first he thought it was Iolaus, then realized the body was too tall. Then he thought it might be Xena, but the cock pressed against him told him that wasn't the case. He felt kisses on his neck, and fingers on a nipple, and sighed. His cock was beginning to swell, and he instinctively moved against the body behind him. He felt a tongue in his ear, and heard a whisper.

"Sweet, sweet Ares...did you miss me?" The room was pitch dark, and he couldn't see who it was, but he knew the voice. He moved again, shifting his body, so the other man's was under his. He had wanted this man for quite some time, and intended to take advantage of the situation. Slowly moving down, he sucked on a nipple, nipping at it, causing moans to come from the body beneath his. He switched nipples, biting on the other, while one of his hands moved to the cock fully erect now and wanting to be touched.

'Knowing Iolaus, he's probably fucking Ares, so no reason why I shouldn't have some fun too,' he thought.

"You shaved," said the voice. "I like it. I never knew you had such soft skin." The body arched up against his, and Herc smiled, moving his lips further down, kissing a path to the cock wanting him. Taking it in his hand, he stroked it gently, listening as the man under him moaned for more. Herc licked at the tip, his tongue moving along the slit, licking the precum gathered there, listening as the moans got louder. He took the cock into his mouth, licking while he sucked, then removed his mouth and began to lave the
man's balls, taking them, one at a time, into his mouth, sucking on them. Then his mouth was back at the cock, sucking harder, licking faster, taking it all the way down his throat. He had to concentrate to keep quiet, and to stop the moan that threatened to come from him when the man came in his mouth. He was not about to give away who he was.

He lifted his head, taking some of the cum into his hand, and went back to sucking while he stroked the cum over his cock, all the while listening to the moans beneath him, feeling the body writhing, wanting more. He moved onto his knees, spreading the man's legs, and pushed a finger in, stroking softly. He knew he'd found *that* spot, when the body arched hard against him, and he smiled, adding another finger, and hitting the spot over and over, causing the body beneath his to shout.

"Please Ares...please my love...more...want you inside me...been too long...." Hercules was more then happy to oblige. He removed his fingers, and slowly eased his cock within the warmth beneath him, and began a slow steady fuck, smiling more when the body beneath his began to buck up at him. He lifted the man's legs onto his shoulders, his hands finding purchase on his ass, and pulled the body harder onto his cock, fucking him hard, hitting that spot over and over. His hand moving to the man's cock, stroking it in time with his thrusts, and they came together, the man's legs sliding off Herc's shoulders. Herc slowly and gently removed himself, smiling to himself, quite pleased with what he had just done.

"By the gods Ares, that was the best you have ever given me. Oh that was magnificent. I didn't know you could fuck so good. You've been holding back on me."

Hercules smile got even bigger, and he knew it was time for the truth.

"I never knew that you and Ares had a relationship. I'm glad you're not alone anymore."

He waved his hand and the torches were lit. They looked at each other, and, even though he saw wide-eyes and a surprised look, Herc was happy that he got a smile as well from the man beneath him.

Hercules told his bedmate the situation, and was pleased when he learned that the man was in the town to make peace between the two kingdoms, both of whose rulers he had known for a while.


Six days later a treaty was finally agreed upon, both Mende and Scione were at peace, and Hercules was very happy. Xena had gotten word to Gabrielle and the two were getting ready to ride out of town.

"You did good Hercules," Xena told him, a grin on her face. "And I'll bet Ares will be a total wreck when he finds out."

"I didn't do it alone Xena," Herc answered. "I had some help. Until we meet again."

Xena and Gabrielle rode off, and Herc turned to the man next to him, the man who had been in bed with him every night for the last five.

"Well, I have to get to Zeus," he said. "I want to be a demigod again. Thanks for *everything*. You do good a lot of different ways." He leered at the man and got a leer back.

"You're not so bad yourself Herc. But please don't tell Iolaus. I don't think he'd be too happy with me."

"I wouldn't worry about that," Herc smiled. "He's probably been fucking Ares all week. I'll see you soon." The men shook hands and Hercules vanished.


The next day, Herc and Iolaus were sharing their experiences, both leaving out the part that each knew the other was aware of. But it didn't matter. They were very happy to be with one another again. As they settled down for the night, the blonde wrapped up in the demigod's arms, they said the words to one another they hadn't been able to say in a week.

"I love you Hercules," Iolaus said.

"I love you too Iolaus," Herc replied, holding his lover tightly against him. He was happy to be 'home'.

As for Ares, he told his lover how disappointed he was that Herc kept the peace between the two countries, as he had gone to a lot of trouble to start the war.

"I helped too you know," said the man pressed against him.

"Yes, but I love you too much to hold it against you," Ares replied.

He pulled Jason tightly against his body, and the two slept peacefully, happy to be together again.

The End