Table Manners
By Huntress

The banquet room in the Corinthian castle was bustling with activity. People mulling about, talking, comparing notes, and lavishing praise. On their King and his brother, who had saved the king's life, and helped forge a treaty with a neighboring kingdom.

It was the largest room in the castle, yet the two sons of Alcmene couldn't seem to find a place to hide.

Herc was being 'chased' by a woman who thought he would make a good husband for her daughter. He managed to lose her for a few minutes by hiding behind one of the large draperies hanging over the windows. Looking outside, Herc began thinking.

'If I jump I wonder how bad I'd be hurt.' He leaned over further, calculating the distance. 'Not too bad. Maybe a broken arm. One or two ribs. I could deal with that.'

A hand on his shoulder pulled him out of hiding.

"Uh-uh little brother. I'm stuck, you're stuck."

"But Iphicles, I wasn't...."

"Yeah, I know Herc. You were just getting some air. If you intend to jump, we go together. We're brother's. Besides..." Iph put a hand over his brother's shoulders, leading him to the table, "'s time to eat. Then maybe people will leave and we can get back to our poker game. I want a chance to win back the fifty dinars from Thaulus. I think he cheats."

"He's *your* captain of the guard Iph. He wouldn't cheat," replied Hercules with a grin. "You just stink at cards."

Iphicles growled at him and pulled him to the table. Seating was casual, the way Iphicles (and Herc), liked it. Neither cared for pre-arranged seating, as it was way too formal. But when Iphicles turned to his left and saw who he was next to, he decided that formal seating would win out next time.

Her name was Glynna and she was the wife of a very prominent landowner. She also had the loudest mouth in the province and enjoyed complaining about things. Anything. From sensible subjects, such as needing new schools, to complete and utter nonsense. Iphicles tried to avoid her at all costs, but he was stuck tonight. He took a deep breath and prepared himself.

Hercules, for his part, didn't know the man seated to his right. He found out the man was a shopkeeper, who wanted to talk fruits and vegetables. Hercules too, considered the positive side to pre-arranged seating.

They sat and listened to further praise, the many toasts made to them, and they smiled, but they were both groaning inside.

They both fidgeted, moving in their seats, playing with their food, like two little boys forced to sit at Sunday dinner while their pals were playing ball. Their movements were in sync, and, to someone watching close, they moved like twins.

"Herc," whispered Iphicles, pulling his brother close. "I *can't* take much more of this. I knew this was going to happen, but I want out of here. Maybe we *should* have jumped."

"Look Iph," Herc replied, his face sympathetic, "They're just happy you're alive that's all. So just sit and relax. It'll be over soon." The demigod closed his eyes real tight and then opened them, appearing to search the large banquet hall for something. "Damn," he whispered.

"What's wrong Herc?" Iph asked.

"I was praying for a hydra to pop in. But no such luck. Oh no."

Zara, wife of Apostrophe, a local scribe, was walking over to him, with her daughter.

"Shit...Iph, what do I do now?!" Herc asked quietly, his voice panicked.  "That woman's been chasing me all night."

"Her daughter's not that bad Herc. Nice piece of ass." Iphicles giggled at his brother. "Maybe you'll get lucky tonight."

"Hercules," Zara said. "I would like you to meet my daughter, Imogene. Imogene, say hello to Hercules."

Herc looked her over. 'Iph's right,' he thought. 'She does have a nice ass. Nice tits too. I wonder if she's flexible enough to....'

"Hello Hercules," Imogene said.

Herc's eyes got wide when he heard her voice. It sounded worse then fingernails on a blackboard. Iphicles pinched his leg to bring him back to earth.

"Huh...Oh hello Imogene. Pleased to meet you. I'm...I'm...."

"Hercules," Iphicles finished for him.

"Yeah...that's right...I'm...uh...Hercules." He turned to his brother for help.

"Yes, he's Hercules. My little brother. And he was just about to start eating, weren't you Hercules?" Iphicles was fighting the urge to laugh out loud.

"Yes. I have to eat," said the demigod, nodding quickly. "We'll talk later."

"Okay Hercules," said Imogene. "Bye."

Herc started to get up from his seat.

"Where are you going? Sit down, shut up, and eat. Like I said, I stay, you stay. Got it?"

"But Iphy...." Hercules whined quietly.

"No buts. Okay? Please?" Iphicles' eyes were wide and pleading with him.

"Okay Iph. But once dessert is done, I'm outta here."

"Me too," replied his brother.


Iolaus was on his way to Corinth. He hadn't seen Hercules in two weeks. He had spent the time helping Leandra move from Cillabos to a small house by his mother's. It was weird for him, travelling with a young and very beautiful woman, ten years younger then he was, and calling her "Grandmother". But he was glad she was finally away from Cillabos. The townfolk had never really liked her, trying to sacrifice her to Hephaestus, and Iolaus was glad she was now with family. Erytheia needed someone to help her out and Leandra was the perfect person. But now he had one thought on his mind. Actually a few, but they all involved one demigod. Not watching where he was going, the hunter suddenly found himself flat on his back, having walked into an immovable object.

"Ares," Iolaus growled. "What do you want? I'm in kind of a hurry here."

"Yes, I know. I figured since we were both going to the same place for the same reason, maybe we could go *my* way." At Iolaus' questioning look Ares clarified his statement. "I haven't seen Iphicles in two weeks, stupid war in Parthus, so if you're in a hurry...."

"Ares, the last time we did that, you took me to an orgy in Tesius. Not that that was a bad thing, but I wanna see Hercules."

"Oh stop complaining. You couldn't walk straight for a week after that. Besides, we're going direct to the castle. No stops." He paused, and gave Iolaus a wicked smile. "Altho Cupid is having his annual orgy in Thessalonika. We could go there for a while." Ares stood there, arms folded, waiting for an answer.

"Orgy or Herc?" Iolaus thought aloud. "Orgy...Herc...Dammit Ares, why do you give me such hard choices?...*What* the fuck am I saying?! I want Herc."

"You got it Iolaus," said Ares and moved to wave his hand.

"Wait a sec'," said Iolaus. "How long does Cupid's party last? I'd love to take the big guy. That would be something different for him."

"At least two weeks."

"To the castle then," Iolaus grinned and they vanished, reappearing a few seconds later in an upstairs bedroom. Iolaus looked around, remembering the last time he'd been in a bedroom with Ares, (and Herc *and* Athena), and glared at the God. "NO! I am not playing Pirate and Captive with you again."

"Relax Iolaus. It was fun though, wasn't it?"

"Yeah, but only because I got to be the pirate. Anyway, I still want to go see Herc. Where is everybody?"

"Downstairs at a banquet. We can wait here," Ares said, pacing the floor.

"I'm hungry," said the hunter. "I'm going to find food." He moved toward the door, but a hand on his shoulder stopped him.

"Iolaus, I have a better idea. Trust me."

"Trust you? The last time I trusted you, well, remember Athens, and the bakery lady?"

"You had a good time," said Ares, with a big grin. "And Herc learned how to do that thing with his know...where he...."

"Okay Ares," interrupted the hunter. "I trust you. Now what?"

Ares waved his hand....


And the next thing Iolaus saw was the underside of a table, and Ares beside him.

"Now what?" he asked.

Ares gave Iolaus a wicked grin and turned the hunter's head face-forward.  "You wanted to eat, and so do I, so let's do it."

Iolaus was confused, but only for a moment. He pointed to the legs in front of him and mouthed "Herc?"

Ares nodded, mouthing "Iph", and pointing to the legs in front of him.

They smiled at each other, and began their little torture.


Hercules was listening to the shopkeeper drone on about the prices of fruit when he felt a hand on his leg. He shook his head, thinking he was imagining things.

The man was speaking. "So I can't figure why the price of apples has gone up so much in the last month. there hasn't been any drought or too much rain and the price still goes up. Why do you think?"

"Well I suppose it could be...*what the*?!" Hercules nearly jumped out of his chair. He felt cold all of a sudden and, putting a hand under the table, realized his pants were gone. He also felt a tongue licking up his leg. Looking at the shopkeeper, Herc tried to keep his face straight. "Apples?" Herc had lost all train of thought as he felt teeth nipping the inside of his thighs, followed by the tongue laving his balls. Nonchalantly lifting the edge of the tablecloth, Herc glanced under the table, and was greeted by the sight of Iolaus, who gave him an evil grin. Herc reached down, trying to grab the blonde, but Iolaus grabbed Herc's hand instead, and began to lick and suck on Herc's fingers, while Iolaus' other hand caressed Herc's cock, feeling it grow beneath his touch. Hercules quickly pulled his hand away, slamming it on the table. At the looks he got, he quickly said "a bug," and left it at that.

Iolaus placed both his hands on Herc's inner thighs and massaged them, while his tongue found it's way to the base of Herc's cock. He began to lick the demigod slowly, from base to tip, revelling in the fact that Herc was trying to keep some of his dignity, but was slowly becoming a wreck. Taking both his hands, Iolaus placed them on the demigod's shaft, and played with it, then took it into his mouth, slowly moving his head up and down.

"So what's your opinion Hercules?" asked the shopkeeper.

"Huh? Oh, the apples. Yeah. Well, you know how people are always trying to make dinars. Maybe you should find someone else to buy from."

Herc pulled his chair closer to the table, lest the serving wenches see his nakedness, and shifted in his chair. Somehow Iolaus managed to slip his hand under the demigod's ass, and pushed a finger into his tightness. Hercules, in the middle of taking a piece of meat, stabbed his fork into the plate with such force, that the plate cracked.

"He's *really* hungry," said Iphicles, staring at his brother, and wondering what was going on. He leaned over to Hercules, whispering, "What's wrong Herc."

"Nothing," replied the demigod. "Absolutely..." Iolaus slipped another finger in. "...nothing." Herc's voice went up about 3 octaves, but he smiled at Iph, so Iph let it go.

Iolaus for his part, was enjoying Herc's reaction. He knew that his lover would make him pay dearly for this, but he really didn't care. He was having too much fun.

Hercules couldn't eat, just played with his food and his fork, and when Iolaus slipped a third finger in and began to suck harder, the demigod bent his fork. Now Iphicles knew something was wrong.

But before he could ask his brother again, he heard Glynna's voice.

"Your highness, the school in Cresus is falling apart. There are further dinars needed. New scrolls and quills for the children." She paused to put some food in her mouth.

"Glynna," Iphicles replied, "I am aware that the..." His eyes got wide when he felt the cool breeze on his legs and realized his pants had vanished. He continued, in typical royal fashion. "...schools need new items..." Iph then felt a tongue licking it's way up his cock. He struggled to finish his answer. "...the budget has been...SHIT!"

All eyes fell on the King, who was starting to turn red. "Cramp in my leg." Everybody nodded, and went back to what they were doing. Iphicles, like his brother, casually looked under the table, saw Ares grinning at him, and quickly turned, amazed (and relieved), that Glynna hadn't even noticed.

"Now Iphicles," Glynna continued, "I know that scrolls and quills may not be at the top of your agenda, but the children *are* in need and the parents in Cresus would like to know when they will get funds."

"As I was saying, the budget has...." Ares bit him on the thigh. "...been gone over and we will have the funds to..." Ares moved his mouth slowly up Iph's cock, licking at the head. "...lick, I mean fix, the school."

Ares pulled Iphicles' chair closer, placing his hands firmly on Iphicles' thighs, and deep-throated the King. Ares' strong godly tongue played at the same time, licking at the base of Iphicles' cock. His finger's found their way to Iph's scrotum, and Ares gently caressed his lover, sucking him harder. Iphicles was biting his lower lip, staring around the table, not wanting to open his mouth lest a moan escape. When Iph shifted in his seat, Ares was able to do the same thing to Iphicles that Iolaus had done to Herc, but he had to go one better. He thrust two fingers into the King, and Iphicles, in the middle of putting some meat in his mouth, spit it onto his plate.

"Fatty piece," he said, with a slight smile. Ares moved his mouth to the tip and nipped while he licked the pre-cum seeping out. Continuing to finger-fuck the King, Ares bit his way back down Iphicles' thighs, and then reversed direction. By the time he was back at Iphicles' cock, Iphicles had begun to thrust, as best he could, against his lover. Ares placed his palms against the King's hips preventing the thrusting, and just sucked harder.

"Now the magistrate's building has been painted red and I think that that is a bad color for a magistrate. I think you should order him to repaint it." Glynna stated.

Iphicles was pretty far gone at this point and he turned to her and very quietly said, "Look, *everybody* in this kingdom receives a good education. And as far as the color of the magistrate's building, why don't you tell the magistrate, because I really don't care about the color. Also I don't..." he felt Ares fingers stroking him faster, and knew he was at the edge. "...think that you should be sticking your nose into this...OH GODS!!!" He spilled his seed down Ares throat, and looked around. "Cramp again," he said, grabbing his goblet of wine and taking a big gulp. "I think I'll go see Pyretus later."

Ares cleaned Iphicles up, his tongue lapping up each drop of semen, and when he was done he gave the King his pants back. Then he turned and watched Iolaus.


Iolaus had Herc's cock as far in as he could take it, his fingers fucking Herc's ass slow and easy, his tongue making lines along Herc's thick shaft as he sucked.

"So Hercules," said the shopkeeper, "do you think that there should be a set price for food? I mean it's getting to the point where people can't afford to eat."

Hercules was trying his best to appear as if nothing was going on. "Well if you set the prices, that wouldn't be fair to the other business people now would it?" Herc gulped as he felt Iolaus' fingers stroking him quicker, and his tongue moving faster. "I mean, people thrive on cumming, I mean, competition, don't they?" Knowing Herc was about to explode, Iolaus moved his mouth to the tip of Herc's cock, and sucked gently, while he nipped at the head.

"So you think that everyone should be able to set their own prices?" asked the shopkeeper.

"OH YEAH!!" shouted the demigod, as he felt Iolaus mouth covering his cock again. Hercules shot his load down Iolaus' throat, and Iolaus swallowed what he could. As Ares had done to Iphicles, Iolaus cleaned the demigod with his tongue, and Ares put Herc's pant's back.

The God and the hunter smiled at each other and with a wave of Ares' hands, they were back in the bedroom.


"Herc's gonna kill me," said Iolaus, still grinning. "But I don't care. It *was* fun."

"It was, wasn't it," replied Ares. "And Iphicles is not going to be thrilled with me either."

"We're both in deep shit you know," Iolaus said.

"You want to go hide in Thessalonika?" asked Ares, with a leer.

"I don't know Ares."

"IOLAUS!!" the demigod's voice was heard screaming down the hall.

"ARES!" came the King's voice.

"Thessalonika it is!" shouted the hunter.

The God smiled, waved his hand, and they were off to the orgy.

The End

Disclaimer: Courtesy of Athena, the sons of Alcmene found their lovers at the orgy in Thessalonika. But they all had such a good time that no revenge was taken. At least not yet.