The Heat is On
 by Huntress

"You don't believe me do you?" asked Ares, with an innocent look.

"Well you have been wrong before," said Hercules. "I need to see it for myself, that's all. The last rumor you heard, Xena was eloping with Autolycus. We finally track them to Athens and what were they up to? Helping Gabrielle with a play. Oh and let's not forget Joxer and Salmoneus? You said you heard......."

"Alright. I admit I shouldn't listen to idle gossip and rumors but I got this from my son. Why would Cupid make this up? Why don't we go find out?"

"Okay. But ONLY because Cupid told you. And if you're wrong, I'm going to......"

Ares smiled. "Look Hercules, if I'm wrong, I'll walk thru Thebes naked okay."

Herc smiled back. "Make it Athens and you got a deal."

"Okay. If I'm wrong, I stroll thru Athens naked," Ares agreed. "Now let's go."

The two vanished in a cloud of blue sparkles and reappeared inside the castle in Corinth.


"Now what, oh wise God?" Herc said sarcastically.

"We wait," said Ares. They heard voices and stepped back into the shadows. "But we don't wait long."

Two men came down the hallway, and silently slipped into one of the guestrooms. Neither man could believe what he had just seen. Their own lovers, together.

"I think I need to spank him more often," said Hercules.

"Yes, I agree," said Ares. "It would teach him to keep his hands to himself."

Hercules growled at his brother. "HE does. Maybe you should teach yours to behave himself."

"Enough of this!" said Ares. "Let's go and......"

"Wait a minute. No barging in. Let's see what's going on. Can you, umm, do the 'god thing' and make us invisible?"

Ares grinned at his brother, nodding his head. "The 'god thing' Herc? Yeah. I can do the 'god thing.' A moment later they were in the room, unseen, observing the two men.

Iphicles was on the bed, his chest bared, his hands tied above his head. His eyes were closed, his breathing heavy, and he was thrusting up at the man straddling his legs.

Iolaus' talented hands tortured the kings nipples, taking both between thumb and finger & pinching them to hardened peaks. His luscious tongue licked the King's lips, but pulled away, teasing, when Iphicles tried to touch it with his own. He moved that tongue down Iphicles' neck, down his chest, coming to rest on one of his nipples. Iphicles groaned  as Iolaus gently licked it, caressing it with his tongue. Iolaus switched to the other nipple and did the same.

"By the God's Iolaus.......that is so good......OHHHH!!!" Iphicles shouted as Iolaus bit at his nipple, the feeling of pain/pleasure overwhelming him. Then Iolaus' mouth was gone, and the King moaned from the loss.

"Shhhh," whispered Iolaus, sitting up, stroking the king's sweaty brow, planting a soft kiss on his lips.

Iolaus kicked off his boots, and stood, letting his vest slip to the floor. He slowly undid his belts, Iphicles eyes not leaving his hands. Iolaus smiled over this reaction, and worked as slow as he could. Iphicles was panting by the time Iolaus undid the belts. Iolaus slowly eased his pants down, his cock free of its prison, fully erect and wanting something. The King of Corinth. Crawling back onto the bed, Iolaus wasted no time in pulling off Iphicles pants. He sat back when he was finished, and looked at the body before him, before covering Iph's body with his own. He kissed the King hard on the mouth, then ran his tongue to his ear, gently nipping the lobe.

"What do you want my king?" he whispered. He pulled Iph into another hard kiss, and released him. "Tell me Iphicles. Tell me."

Iphicles voice was ragged. He could only whisper at this point. "Want take me Iolaus. Fuck me. Do what you like.......just touch me........make me feel good."

"Yes my King," said the hunter. Iolaus moved his body snakelike down Iphicles', coming to rest in between his legs. He slowly spread Iphicles legs, gently massaging up his inner thighs, til he reached the king's cock. Bending down, Iolaus gently licked the slit, tasting the precum seeping out, and began to slowly lick his way from tip to base and back again. By the time Iolaus was on his third lick, Iphicles was moaning and pulling at the straps that bound him.

Iolaus sat up and reached for the jar of oil on the nightstand. Smiling at Iphicles, he poured some in his hands, rubbing them to warm it. His left hand went to his cock, stroking it, annointing it with the oil. His right hand stroked Iphicles ass, and thrust two fingers in, causing the King to yelp in surprise. He fucked Iph's ass like this for a while, slowly stroking himself at the same pace. Iolaus was at the edge and knew Iphicles was too. Removing his fingers, he pulled Iphicles' legs over his shoulders, and slowly pushed his cock into Iphicles' tightness. When he was fully sheathed, he pulled out slowly, and thrust back in hard. No longer gentle, his lust overcoming all his other feelings, Iolaus continued to fuck Iphicles hard, grabbing the king's cock in a tight grip, stroking him in time with his thrusts.

"Cum for me my King," growled Iolaus. "Cum for me NOW!!!"

"Yes......YES!!!!" screamed Iphicles, and he exploded over Iolaus' hand and his own stomach.

Iolaus continued to pound into the King, his eyes closed, head thrown back. A moment later and the hunter was in the throes of one of the most amazing orgasms' he had ever had. He continued to pump into Iphicles' ass til he couldn't move, Iph's leg's sliding off his shoulders, and he collapsed atop the king, fully exhausted.

The two men held each other, kissing and giggling to themselves.


Iphicles' eyes got wide when he saw the two son's of Zeus appear across the room.  "Uh-oh," he said quietly.

"Uh-oh? What?" asked the hunter.

"Look behind you."

Iolaus turned, seeing both their lover's standing there, and his eyes widened too. He scooted off the bed, grabbed his clothes and ran for the door.  "Wrong room!!" he said, and reached for the handle. But a strong hand grabbed him and tossed him back on the bed.

His lover was quite upset with him. "Iolaus, we talked about this. You need to keep your hands where they belong. Which is NOT on Iphicles!"

The hunter stammered for an answer. "He....Iphicles....He made me do it!"

"What??!!" shouted Iph.

Herc couldn't help smiling. "Yeah. Right Iolaus. He tied himself up, then stripped you, and then forced you to fuck him. Is that what you're telling me?"

"I...ummm...that is I......"

"Enough Iolaus," said the demigod. "You both deserve to be punished."  He turned to Ares. "Any ideas?"

The God got an evil grin. Pulling Herc aside, he whispered in his ear. Herc whispered back and then they began to laugh. Herc removed his belt, and walked to Iolaus. The hunter's grin faded.

"Herc, you're not gonna..." Iolaus' voice cracked. "I mean the last time I couldn't sit for two days."

The demigod gave him an evil look, grabbed him by the wrists and tied him to the bed, next to Iphicles. "This is even better," Herc said. "You two are gonna watch."

"Watch what?" asked the King.

"This!" said Herc and he pulled Ares into a deep kiss.

The King and the hunter watched as their lover's entwined around each other, hands roving.

"Too many clothes Herc," said Ares, and lifted his hand.

Herc pushed it away. "No. We do this the old-fashioned way Ares. Like so."  The demigod slowly eased the vest from Ares' body, his hands stroking the broad shoulders, moving down his chest, til Herc reached his nipples.  Taking one between his finger and thumb, he gently rolled it around, causing the God to moan from the pleasure. Herc smiled, and his mouth found a home on the other nipple, nipping at it, and smiling as Ares began to thrust his body against him. Herc moved further still, til he was on his knees before his brother. Looking up at Ares with a seductive grin, Herc pushed him onto the bed, pulling off Ares boots and easing his pants off his body. Leaning over the God, Herc took his brother's thick shaft into his mouth, sucking at the head, tasting the sweetness that was Ares. Ares brought his hands to Hercules' head and tried to push the demigod's mouth further over his cock, but Herc batted his hands away.  Herc removed his mouth and said, "In my time, Ares. Don't rush it."

Putting his mouth back, Herc continued to lick at Ares' cock, and with a sudden move, swallowed the God, taking him deep into his mouth. One of his hands found purchase under Ares ass, and Herc pulled the War God deeper. The other hand caressed Ares' balls, causing Ares to push up at Hercules, his movements frenzied. Herc slipped a finger in Ares tightness, and Ares moaned.

"Gods...Gods you're good are so ohhhhhhh!!!" Herc slipped another finger into Ares, and the War God was dizzy from the pleasure.

"Do you want more brother?" Herc asked with a sly grin.

"Hercules.....don't do this to me...PLEASE!!!" the God begged.

Herc slipped his other hand under Ares ass, and continued to suck his cock, Herc's tongue working in tandem with his mouth. Another moan from Ares and Herc removed himself again, standing, and slowly removing his clothes while three pairs of eyes watched him, none more closely then Ares. When he was finished, Herc leaned over Ares, planting a kiss on Ares lips, their tongues dueling. Herc broke the kiss, looking down at his brother. He began a gentle massage of Ares' cheeks, spreading them for his waiting cock. Hercules slowly eased his cock into Ares waiting tightness and when he was fully sheathed, he drew back, and began to fuck his brother at a maddening pace, each thrust sending Ares to the Elysian Fields and back. Ares' hands were stretched out over his head, and Herc grabbed the cock standing in front of him, gently placing his fingers around it, and began to slowly stroke his brother. A few moments of this, and Ares was lost. If he had known Hercules was this good, he would have made nice to him over the years, instead of trying to constantly kill him. But that didn't matter now. The God was pushing wildly at his brother now, his head thrashing from side to side, moaning for release. Herc gripped Ares cock harder, stroking him faster, the muscles in his neck and back tightening. He was ready to cum, and wanted Ares to cum with him.

"NOW HERC!!!.......NOW!!!!" shouted Ares and he exploded in Herc's hand.

"ARES......OHHHH YESSSSSS!!!!" screamed Herc, and he filled his brother with his seed.

They collapsed together, both satiated, oblivious to all else but themselves and the pleasures they had just felt.

But two voices from the other end of the bed jolted them back to reality.

"Ummm....Guys," said Iphicles, his voice strained.

"You guys finished?" asked Iolaus. "You gonna untie us?"

The two sons of Zeus looked at the two mortals bound on the bed.  They looked at each other, both thinking the same thing, and looked  at the other two.

"Not yet," said Herc.

"Definitely not yet," added Ares.

Part 2

"Then what are you going to do?" asked Iphicles.

"Have some fun," answered Hercules with a leer. He looked his older brother up and down, his eyes coming to rest on Iphicles' cock. "You know Iph, I always wondered what you'd be like to touch." He reached out his hand and lightly stroked the King's cock, running his fingertips over the head. Iphicles shivered from the touch. The demigod smiled at this reaction. He'd expected the King to protest.

"I, personally, have always wanted to know whether blondes really are more fun," said Ares, looking at Iolaus like a starving wolf.

"First things first," said Hercules, pulling Ares into a kiss. He whispered into the God's ear, bringing a smile to Ares' face.

"Hey, what are you on about?" asked Iolaus. "Stop whispering."

"Shut up Iolaus," said Herc, "or you get a cloth in your mouth, and you stay unsatisfied for the rest of the night. Got it?"  The hunter nodded, knowing the demigod would do just that.

Hercules turned his attentions back to Iphicles. "Now, as I was saying, I always wondered what you'd be like to touch." He spread Iphicles' legs, stroking Iph's cock again. "Very nice." He lowered his head and gently licked the slit, the precum slowly seeping out. His tongue licked it away, while his hand gripped Iphicles' cock, slowly stroking it. His other hand began a caress of the King's scrotum, and Iphicles pushed his head back into the pillow, eyes closed, the sensations causing his breath's to come heavier. Herc smiled, enjoying this reaction, and, with a swift move, swallowed Iphicles cock, taking it deep into his throat, sucking it so forcefully that Iph thought he was going to faint.

The War God watched this, stroking his own cock, which was now quite swollen and wanting for release. While Herc 'worked' on Iph's cock, Ares knelt beside Iphicles' face, his cock wanting the King's mouth. He brushed his cock along the King's lips, teasing him. Like Hercules, he was very pleased with the reaction they were getting. But he couldn't wait any longer, and, bringing his cock to Iphicles' lips again, he pushed in, Iphicles' mouth wanting as much as Ares wanted to give.

Herc felt Iphicles' balls tighten and knew his brother was ready to cum. So he removed his mouth, and grabbed the vial of oil. He poured some on his hands, stroking his cock, Iphicles' tightness waiting for him. He slowly pushed one finger into Iphicles, eliciting a moan, and followed with another finger, slowly stretching his brother. He removed them, and pressed his hard waiting shaft at the aperture. But he didn't enter his brother.

"Ares," Herc said, in a low seductive voice. Ares eyes met his, and the God shifted, his cock not leaving Iphicles mouth. But now he was facing Hercules. He pulled Herc into a deep kiss, and Herc thurst his cock into Iphicles, sheathing him in one move. Ares began to fuck Iph's mouth, and in the position he was in, he took Iphicles' cock into his mouth, sucking him hard, his tongue licking the slit on each upward lick. The King was writhing from the pleasure he was getting, and Ares decided more was needed. He took his mouth from Iphicles' cock, and leaned further over so he was able to watch Herc sliding in and out of his lover's ass. His hands spread Iphicles wider, and he reached out with his tongue, licking at Herc's cock each time Herc moved out. Hercules knew he was close, but didn't want to cum yet, nor allow Iphicles the same. Not yet. Meeting Ares eyes again, the two sons of Zeus changed their positions. Ares' cock was now at Iphicles ass, and Herc was straddling Iph's head, his cock inching back each time Iphicles reached for it.

"What do you want my King?" asked Hercules, echoing Iolaus' word's of earlier. "Tell me Iphicles. Tell US."

The King could only manage a whisper. "Fuck me.......please........PLEASE!!!!!!"

Herc turned, kissing Ares, and both men shoved their hard cock's into Iphicles. Ares fucked his lover hard, pounding into him, his hands moving to Herc's back, massaging him, the feelings causing the demigod to push harder into Iph's mouth. Herc turned, his tongue snaking out, meeting Ares, and the two played like this for a few minutes. Iphicles was at the edge, and he grabbed Herc by the ass, pulling him deeper. Herc turned back and thrust hard into Iph's mouth, while Ares fucked his ass, matching Hercules' pace. Herc was near completion, and grabbed Iph by the hair, pulling him hard onto his cock. Ares, seeing this, pulled Iphicles leg's over his shoulders, continuing
the hard pace they had set, and gripped Iph's cock, stroking it in time with himself and Herc.

Between all the sensations flooding his inner being, Iphicles bucked and moaned, and exploded into Ares hand, his seed bathing Hercules' back.

"OH YESSSSSS!!!" shouted the demigod, and he shot his load down Iphicles throat, the king swallowing the sweetness that was his younger brother.

"Are you ready my King?" asked Ares, in a soft tone. He thrust one last time, then shot his load into Iphicles ass, continuing to fuck him until he couldn't move any more. He collapsed, his head coming to rest on Herc's back, his tongue licking Iphicles cum off the demigods back, the demigod's now soft cock still resting in Iph's mouth. Ares grabbed Herc by the hair, pulling him around for a kiss, and Herc slowly eased himself from Iphicles' mouth, while Ares removed himself from the King's ass. The look on Iphicles' face told them he was not happy, but neither God nor demigod cared. They pulled back from him, smiling at his still hungry look. But they were done with the King for now, and both turned toward Iolaus.

The hunter was pale from what he had just seen, his cock standing erect, needing to be touched, needing release.

"Now what do we do with you?" asked Hercules, giving Iolaus an evil grin.

Part 3

Ares pulled Hercules to him and whispered something. Iolaus rolled his eyes. This was ridiculous.

"Guys, enough with the secrets okay. Just do what you want. Please?? I'm dying here."

"Shut up Iolaus," they both told him, and went back to their whispering.

Iolaus turned to Iphicles. "This is your fault you know. You and your stupid ideas."

"My stupid ideas!" Iphicles answered, indignant. "You're the one who felt me up. I didn't want to do this, but YOU insisted."

Iolaus glared at him. "Oh yeah! Well you're the one who wanted to be hog-tied. I just wanted to get laid. But no, you had to get kinky."

"Will you SHUT UP!!" said Hercules. "WE don't care who started what. Iolaus, Ares and I have come up with a suitable punishment for you." A grin spread across the hunter's face. "And wipe that grin off your face. I don't
think you're going to like it."

Hercules went over and untied the hunter. Then he stepped back, staring at him.

"Well?" asked Iolaus, quite curious.

"Absolutely nothing," said Ares. "You're on your own."

"WHAT??!! What do you mean I'm on my own!! you're leaving me alone!! WHY??!"

"Because that's the perfect way to punish you," said Hercules, with a perfectly straight face.

"But Herc, I want...that is to say I need....Aww Herc....please?"

"No Iolaus. You're on your own." Herc turned to Ares and gave him an evil grin. This was going to be good.

Iolaus turned and picked up his clothes, giving a last glance at Hercules. He started for the door, but Herc's voice stopped him.

"If you want it Iolaus," said the demigod, "you can have it. But you're going to have to tell me what you want. Describe it and you'll get it. Can you do that?"

"Describe it?" said the hunter, his voice rising two octaves. "You mean in words, not actions? Tell you what to do?"

Hercules nodded in confirmation.

Iolaus stood there, unsure if he could do this. He was never aggressive with his lover. He left that to Hercules, always giving himself over to the demigod and his strength. But then he saw it, out of the corner of his eye. The look that passed between Ares and Herc. And Iolaus figured out what was going on.

'So they want to play with me huh?' he thought. 'Well I can play games real good. By the time I'm done they're gonna wish they'd just molested me.'

"Okay Herc, Ares. I think I can do this. Whatever I want?"

"Just say it Iolaus, and it's yours," answered Herc.

Neither he nor Ares had any true intention of leaving Iolaus to his own hand. Herc was sure Iolaus couldn't do this, and Ares had concurred. They were going to let him stew for a while, then they were going to take him.

But Iolaus was about to change their plans.

"Okay then. Come here Herc," Iolaus said softly. The demigod obliged and stood in front of Iolaus. "Get down on your knees." The demigod did.

Iolaus took his hardened shaft in hand, and held it in front of Hercules. "Touch the tip with your tongue."

Herc reached out with his tongue and gently licked the slit, tasting the precum already seeping out. Iolaus reached down with one hand and slowly stroked Herc's hair. The other hand braced itself on Herc's shoulder.

"Take me in, Hercules," Iolaus said, his voice just above a whisper. Hercules tongue licked Iolaus' cock from tip to base a few times, then sucked it in, the force nearly causing the hunter to fall over. But strong hands on his hips prevented that. Those same hands were now moving around to his ass, massaging his cheeks, pulling him deeper into Hercules' mouth.

With a sudden move that surprised the demigod, Iolaus grabbed him by the hair and yanked him away, bending down and pulling Hercules into a hard kiss. Breaking the kiss abruptly, he stood, his hands not leaving Herc, and looked at Ares.

The God was standing there, staring in disbelief. The last thing Ares expected was for Iolaus to get aggressive. Iolaus was a fine warrior, but he was always so mellow. And now, thanks to his and Herc's stupidity, and their underestimating the hunter, Ares was at his mercy.

"Untie Iphicles," Iolaus told him. Ares complied.

"Come here my King," Iolaus said, and Iphicles slid off the bed, and stood, walking over to Iolaus. Iolaus' free hand stroked Iphicles' cock, and he knelt down, taking it into his mouth. Iphicles' moaned as Iolaus' tongue made love to his cock, licking from base to tip, sucking on the head. His hand began to caress Iphicles' balls, and knowing Iph was close, he sucked harder. Iolaus took his hand from Hercules' hair, and now both his hands were gripping Iphicles' ass, pulling his cock deeper into his mouth. Iphicles gripped Iolaus' shoulders, spilling his seed down the hunter's throat, the hunter drinking the sweetness that was Iphicles.

Iolaus' eyes met Iphicles' and he took his mouth from his cock. He pulled Herc's mouth to his and whispered, "Your brother is sweeter then mead. Have a taste." He plunged his tongue into Herc's mouth, kissing him deep, letting the taste of Iphicles pass to Hercules. Iolaus broke the kiss, and Herc found Iphicles' cock in front of his face.

"I want you to suck his cock," said Iolaus. Herc hesitated, but Iolaus grabbed his hair and pushed his mouth over Iph's cock. "Does he taste good Hercules? You didn't get to taste him before did you?" While he spoke, he moved Herc's head up and down Iph's shaft, watching it slide in and out of his lover's mouth. He took Iph's hand and put it on Herc's head, and let the king take over.

Iolaus now beckoned Ares to join them. The God stood in front of Iolaus, his cock hard, and wanting for release. He would have touched himself, save for the fact that he wanted to see what Iolaus was going to do next.

"What do YOU want War God?" Iolaus asked, his fingers caressing Ares' cock. "I've seen the way you look at me. Do you want me Ares? My mouth on your cock?" He reached out with his tongue and gently licked Ares' cock. The God shivered, and placed his hands on Iolaus' shoulders so he didn't fall off his feet. Iolaus' tongue was magnificent, licking up and down his shaft, his fingertips lightly brushing the God's balls.

Then as quickly as Iolaus had grabbed Ares shaft, his mouth was gone. His attentions back to the sons of Alcmene. Herc was sucking Iph's cock hard, his hands playing with Iph's ass, pulling him deep. Iolaus knew what he wanted next. Pulling Herc's mouth from Iphicles, Iolaus pushed the demigod onto his back, straddling his legs, his tongue moving over the demigods nipples, nipping and licking them til Herc was writhing beneath him, wanting more. He slipped first one, then two fingers into the demigod's tightness, pressing them deep, til he hit the demigod's pleasure center. The sound that came from the demigod's mouth was pure ecstasy, and he pushed against Iolaus, wanting even more.

"I want to be inside you Herc. I want to fuck you hard, make you scream. Do you want that Hercules? Do you want me to take you?" Iolaus removed his fingers, causing Herc's eyes to open wide at the loss. "Tell me lover. Do you want me inside you?"

"Yes....oh yes please Iolaus........want you......" Hercules was moaning incoherently, his need for Iolaus overriding any other feelings he had.

Kneeling between Herc's leg's, Iolaus began a gentle massage along Herc's inner thighs, and he returned his fingers to that sweet aperture, while his cock stroked along Herc's leg. Turning to Iphicles, Iolaus took him by the hand, and eased him down so his cock was, again, at Herc's mouth. Then the hunter pulled Ares behind him, thrusting his ass at the God. He was making it quite clear what he wanted to do, but said it anyway.

"Fuck his mouth my King. Fuck it hard while I fuck him." Herc opened his mouth for his brother's thick shaft, and Iolaus' breathing got heavier as he watched Iph's cock slide in, til he was buried completely in Herc's mouth. Hercules pulled Iphicles astride him, and sucked him in, the King's head thrown back in pleasure.

Iolaus now turned his attentions to Ares. "You want me Ares, so take me. I want your cock inside me." The God, his cock ready to burst from the scene in front of him, knelt behind Iolaus, stroking his ass. Ares pushed two fingers in, stretching the hunter, and Iolaus touched Herc in the same way. Ares removed his fingers, placing his cock at Iolaus tightness, and Iolaus did the same to Hercules.

"Now War God!! FUCK ME!!" Iolaus shouted. Ares hardness thrust into him, and Iolaus thrust into Hercules. Ares brought his hands around to Iolaus' nipples, rolling them hard between his fingers, the hunter moaning from the pain/pleasure he was getting. Iolaus leaned down doing the same to Hercules, and he smiled as he heard Herc moan with Iph's cock buried in his mouth.

Hercules was totally lost at this point. The cock in his mouth tasted so nice, and he was watching his lover getting fucked by his brother, while Iolaus fucked him. They were all moving at the same rhythm, pleasuring each other.

Iolaus too was lost, lost in the sensations of the God's cock fucking him, and the sight of his cock sliding into Hercules. His eyes moved to Iphicles, straddling Herc's head, and Iolaus leaned forward, his cock moving deeper into the demigod. Reaching out with his tongue, he started to lick Iph's ass, slowly moving to the tight hole right in front of him. Iolaus' hands found purchase on Herc's nipples, and he pinched them, his tongue plunging into Iphicles.

"Oh...OH GODS IOLAUS!!!" shouted the King, thrusting harder into his brother's mouth.  He gave one last push, and exploded in Herc's mouth. Hercules' hands gripped his ass tighter, and he swallowed all Iphicles had to give, the taste making him dizzy. Iolaus sat back up, still sheathed within Hercules, and began to pound into him. Grabbing Iphicles head, Iolaus pushed it onto Herc's cock, moving it up and down, til Herc couldn't take anymore and shot his load down Iphicles' throat. As his brother had done unto him, Iphicles swallowed all, and, like his brother, revelled in the sweetness that was Hercules.

Ares was fucking Iolaus harder then he thought possible, the hunter's ass muscles clamping around his cock, like a vise. Ares thrust hard and came inside Iolaus, and the feeling of the God's seed caused Iolaus to shoot his load into Hercules. They continued to fuck until neither could move, collapsing in a heap on the floor.

Separating, albeit reluctantly, the four looked at each other. Hercules grabbed Iolaus and pulled him into a kiss, his hands wandering the hunter's back.

"I take it you liked that?" Iolaus asked, his eyes still lustful.

"Very much Iolaus," Herc answered, his voice barely a whisper. "I should put you in charge more often."

A soft moan caught both their ears, and they glanced over to the bed, watching Ares plunge his cock into Iphicles. With a shout, the God came, releasing his seed into Iphicles, as Iphicles lay on the bed, totally exhausted, unable to move. Ares, satiated as well, dropped beside Iphicles, taking the King into his arms, stroking his brow, and lightly kissing him.

"Sleep my King," said the God, with a soft smile. "You'll need your strength for later."

"Promises, promises," whispered Iphicles, but let himself drift to the realm of Morpheus, safe in Ares' arms.

"Have fun Ares?" asked Iolaus. The smile the God gave him was answer enough.

Hercules lay down beside them, pulling Iolaus into his arms, his hand caressing the hunter's cheek. "Don't stray again Iolaus," Herc said, a tone of warning behind the statement. Iolaus nuzzled Herc's neck, planting light kisses, and smiled at his lover.

"Never Herc?" he asked, looking at Herc's two brothers.

Herc smiled back at him. "Only if we stray together."

The hunter reclined into Herc's arms and joined Iphicles in slumber. He didn't stay awake long enough to see the son's of Zeus smile wickedly at each other.

"We should have done this a long time ago Ares," Herc whispered.

"Better late then never, brother," the God answered. He then spoke to the air. "Cupid," he called.

The winged god appeared and smiled at his father and his uncle.

"Well did it work?" he asked. "I mean, Iolaus and Iphicles, they'd both kill me if they knew I shot them."

"Perfectly," said Hercules. "They had no idea they were being set up."

"You do good work, son," said Ares. "Thanks."

"Hey, if you can't do things for family..........." and he vanished, leaving four very tired, very satisfied men laying together.

The End