KSA NonFiction

Acronym Guide and Glossary
Confused by all of those abbreviations?  Go here for help.

Author Interviews
Go here to read interviews with a variety of KSA authors.

Bribe a Writer
Encourage one of the great KSA authors by offering a bribe to finish an unfinished story. Click here to view the bribes.

Shamenka's "Mostly Ares and Strife's Guide To Often Confused Words."

Meditation and Visualization for Creativity 
Kyn's techniques to help blocked writers.

Mysteries of the Herc-Xenaverse
A few of us ponder the inconsistencies from HtLJ and XWP.

Slash Rules in the Herc-Xenaverse
This is a light-hearted poke at the cliches in the fandom.  If you want to add any, email me.

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