by Oshun Anat, Jaime Blue, Isos Ares and Strandia

"Conquer thyself, till thou has done this, thou art but a slave; for it is almost as well to be  subjected to another's appetite as to thine own."--- Sir Richard Francis Burton

Iphicles waded through the tall, dry grass.   His bare legs were aching to be scratched, but the  ropes tied around his wrists forced him to suffer. All he could see was the back end of a  northbound horse. He had been captured earlier that day. He bit back the curses that threatened  to flow and maintained an icy silence.   There were ways to fight back, even when forced to  trail a horse.

Iphicles looked around him.   The countryside seemed to stretch forever, and only that damned  horse was in sight.   He tugged on the rope binding his wrists, proving his hypothesis that  whoever had tied him up had to be a professional.

The soldier kicked the horse up to a trot. "Come on your highness, you are making me late to  our rendezvous, and I for one do not want to face his wrath." Iphicles ignored him, refusing to  speed up his tired, lagging pace. *His* wrath?   Who the fuck had gone through all this trouble  to capture him? And what were they going to do with him when they got him?

Finally, the horse drew to a halt in a small clearing. The soldier dismounted and pulled  Iphicles over to a large tree. "Forgive me Your Highness, I'm just following orders." "Fuck  your orders!" Iphicles growled. "Who the fuck ordered this?"

"I did."   Iphicles schooled his features into a neutral mask and turned toward the low voice.    "I should have known it was you.   Why can't you take no for an answer?"   He turned away  dismissively, a gesture certain to enrage his captor.

In an instant, he found himself spun around, and his head cracked against a tree.   Bark dug  against his back as his captor's rough hands restrained him, but he struggled. Just when he  thought he had broken out of the man's hold, he was slammed against the tree again, his head  making a pitiful sound as it collided with the hard wood.   Iphicles fought against the stars that  seemed to blur his vision.   As his brain failed to keep hold of consciousness, the last thing he  saw was a pair of deep brown eyes.

Iphicles woke up a few hours later, squinting as he adjusted to the darkness and the throbbing  pain in his head. Somehow, he had been transported to a bedroom draped in silks of deep reds  and purples. He tried to sit up, but quickly realized his arms and legs were tied to the posts on  the bed. "Welcome to my home away from home. What do you think?"

"I think you're a motherfucking, cocksucking bastard who's got some messed up control  issues," Iphicles growled.   "With bad taste in interior decorating."

"Tsk, tsk, tsk...we'll have to do something about that mouth." Iphicles felt some sort of smooth  material slide against his skin,   and around his head before it was placed between his lips,  stopping any further words from being spoken. Rough hands slid up his thighs, skirting around  his groin to grasp at his waistband. His leathers were ripped off in a violent swoop. Iphicles  gasped into his gag as cool air hit his bare flesh.

Iphicles groaned as something warm, viscous, and sweet-scented was massaged onto his  thighs.   The skilled hands never touched his cock, and he hated himself for wanting them to.    Just as the hands approached Iphicles' cock, they left his skin altogether.   "Let me go,  asshole!" he mumbled through the gag.   Iphicles desperately hoped he'd kept the need out of  his voice.   He di dn't want this, yet he couldn't help what his body was telling him.

Caesar slapped Iphicles across the face. "That was for trying to talk. Do it again, I'll shove my  cock down your throat! Understand this: I don't care about you, I hate those that spurn me.  Please me and I'll forgive you for turning down my treaty offer. Fight me, and I'll burn Corinth  to the ground faster then Hercules can save it. Got it? Nod if you understand."

Iphicles closed his eyes, his chest heaving in reaction to the sheer malice in Caesar's voice.    He tugged desperately at his bonds, disappointed yet not surprised when they didn't give.    Well,   if he couldn't get away, he may as well enjoy himself.   He slowly nodded his head, his  cheeks flushed from the humiliation.

Satisfied with the king's response, Caesar's attention returned to what he had been doing.  Admiringly, he slid his hands down Iphicles' torso, over the masses of hard rippling muscles  to the wanton cock straining to be touched. He trailed one fingertip up the underside, watching  as the king squirmed in torment.

"Oh no, *you* don't want it, Iphicles.   The king of Corinth is a whore...a beautiful whore, but  a whore nonetheless."   Caesar's hand closed over the cock and Iphicles convulsed against his  restraints.

"Get your hands off him, Caesar.   He *belongs* to *me*!"   The God of War arrived without  preamble, roughly grabbing Caesar's hair, and pulling him to face blazing eyes.

Iphicles' head dropped against the pillow cushioning it.   He let out a sigh around his gag, as  well as a small smile.   Ares didn't take well to other men who played with his toys, and  Iphicles didn't want to miss a thing.

Caesar smirked. "Ares. What an expected surprise. Of course, I was expecting you a few  hours ago. So tell me Ares, are you really here to protect your slut, or are you here because  you love the thought of him being tied up and dominated by me?"

Ares slammed Caesar against the wall, grinning as the breath was knocked out of Caesar.   He  pressed his body against Caesar’s, pressing his leather-covered cock harshly against the  emperor’s.   As Ares moved to lick at Caesar’s neck, he heard him fight to suppress a groan.    He pulled back, pushing Caesar to the side, smiling humorlessly as he sprawled messily on the  floor.

"Ridiculous.   As if I'd give you any satisfaction after you take my lover. No, you can watch."    Caesar found himself bound in Iphicles' place, looking up at his captive now standing next to  the dark god.   "Only a bastard like you takes things by force because you can't get it any other  way," Ares taunted.

Ares glared at Caesar one more time before running his hand through his lover's hair,  miraculously healing the man's injuries.   Iphicles smiled, relieved by the gag's  disappearance.   "This is how you treat a subordinate. Iphicles, bend over!"   In no time at all,  Iphicles was bent over, his ass open a willing to his God.

Trying not to stare at Iphicles' inviting ass, Caesar retorted, "He really is your slut isn't he? He  responds faster than the whores in Rome.

Ares’ clothing disappeared.   “At least Iphicles is responsive, and people want to fuck him.    He knows what he likes, and enjoys it.   He doesn’t just lie still like a virgin whimpering for  me to fuck him, please fuck him.” Ares stepped forward, and pushed his cock into Iphicles’  ass.   “And people want to fuck him, he doesn’t have to bribe them with power.”

"And by the way, not everyone is a slut or a whore.   But I know that's all you've ever had."    Iphicles pushed back against Ares' cock.   "Like Iphicles here.   Look at him, Caesar. Look as  his face while I fuck him.   Listen to his moans.   That's the sound a lover makes."

Caesar kept a straight face as he surreptitiously struggled against his bonds.   No matter how  he tried, he couldn't keep his eyes off the sight of the God's humongous cock pounding into the  Corinthian King's tight ass, nor could he block out the moans the King made with every motion  of the God's hips.

"You want this don't you, Caesar. You wish you were in Iphicles' place right now, don't you?  Admit it." Ares grabbed Iphicles' cock and slowly started to stroke it.

“You want me to fuck you like the whore that you are.   You want me to make you feel like  nothing but a toy, only good for one thing.”   Ares stroked Iphicles faster, drinking in the  muffled moans Iphicles was making.   “You want to be mine, Caesar, and that’s all you’ll ever  want, until it happens.”

"Oh fuck, Ares, you're so good."   Iphicles cried out and came in the god's hand.

"Who do you belong to, lover?"

"You, Ares.   Only you."

Ares turned to Caesar and said, "You see what you're missing, *Imperator*? Are you willing  to learn?"   Caesar felt his restraints loosen.

Caesar slowly pulled his limbs away from the now-slack bonds.   He walked over to the God  and the mortal now laying on the floor.   One side of the Emperor's lips quirked up in a smile  at the God as his foot collided with the King's side.

Ares growled, and with quick bolt of power knocked Caesar out. When Caesar came to, he  was naked and strapped to some sort of X frame. Ares sat with Iphicles, talking quietly, when  he noticed Caesar come to. "You just don't get it, you piece of shit, do you? I was willing to be  nice. Let you get fucked by me, and maybe Iphicles. But no, you couldn't let yourself give in,  could you? Now you've forced me to do something about that attitude of yours.”

"Or, at least, let this slut do something about it."   Ares pushed Iphicles forward and leaned  back against the wall, waiting to enjoy the show.   "Go on, Iphicles.   Fuck him.   Make Caesar  beg for you to fuck his ass with your gorgeous cock."

Iphicles leered.   "I'm going to enjoy this.   And if you threaten Corinth again, I'm sure Ares  can level several choice sections of Rome."   Caesar couldn't control a surge of excitement on  hearing the threat in Iphicles' voice.

Caesar closed his eyes in an effort to keep control of his reactions.   He couldn't let the  damned King get to him.   He felt a gentle touch at his foot, gradually running up his leg.   He  forced down a shiver before it had begun, but worried he couldn't last for long.

Ares walked over to the bound Roman and began whispering in his ear. "Open your eyes  Caesar. Look at his cock. So thick and perfect, and would fill you up like nothing else. You  want it to stretch you, Caesar. You want it stretch you, you want it to hit your pleasure spot.  You want to be a slave to it. Give in Caesar. Say it. Say you want to be fucked."

“No,” Caesar said as Iphicles thrust his index finger into his ass.   “Fuck!” Iphicles fucked him  with his finger, lowering his head, kissing Caesar’s thighs.

“Say it,” Ares growled.   “You want it.   You want to be a slut, you want Iphicles to fuck  you.”   Iphicles’ mouth moved up his thigh.

"Fuck you, Ares!"   Caesar fought against his bonds again, but now it was mostly for show.

"Maybe, but you've got to beg for Iphicles first.   And he might wear you out."   Iphicles licked  slowly along the side of Caesar's engorged cock.   His breath was torture to the emperor.

The General's teeth ground against each other as he tried to dull his senses, but it was no use.    He could feel that terribly talented tongue move from his cock to his balls, and he couldn't stop  a grunt from breaking past his lips.   As the tongue made it's way towards his ass, Caesar  bucked off the bed, straining at his bonds to no end.

Iphicles grinned and worked his finger against Caesar spot. "Say it Caesar. Beg to *my*  whore. Beg to suck my cock before I fuck you with it." Ares added incentive by dropping to  his knees and taking the tip of Caesar's cock in his mouth.

Caesar arched his back and bit back a scream.   “Fuck!” he exhaled, trying to force his cock  further into Ares’ mouth.   Ares pushed his hips down to the ground and began to leisurely lick  the head of Caesar’s cock.

"I think he likes it, Ares.   But he's supposed to beg for *me*."

Ares' lips slid off Caesar with a final caress.   "You're right, of course...Imperator, start  begging *now* or we'll just leave."

Caesar bit back a surge of homicidal rage mixed with panic.   *Bastard!   God, don't leave  now!* "...Iphicles...I..."

The last functioning cell in Caesar's brain forced his lips shut before he could finish the  sentence.   Iphicles looked up at him.   "Were you about to ask me something?"   The Emperor  shook his head no.   Iphicles turned to Ares, who simply nodded.   Iphicles pulled his fingers  out of Caesar's ass and began walking away from the Emperor.   As he approached Ares, he  was stopped by a single word.   "Please!"

"What was that? I think I heard the beginning of a beg, Ares."

Ares nodded. "I think you're right. What did you say Caesar?"

"You bastards, fuck me! I'll do anything, just fuck me now, damn it!" He bit his lip, making it  bleed then cursed himself for his weakness.

“I don’t know, Iphicles.   Was that a beg?”

Caesar pounded his bound wrists against the floor.   “Please fuck me, oh gods, please fuck me  now!”

Iphicles moved forward and pulled Caesar's legs wide.   Iphicles pushed the head of his cock  against Caesar, and paused.   "I didn't hear you actually beg for *me*, by name.   I want Rome  to beg for it."

Caesar bucked his hips, unsuccessfully trying to impale himself on Iphicles' cock.   With a  final gasp, he relented.   "All right!   Fuck you, I'll get you for this!   Fuck me Iphicles!   Fuck  me now!"

Iphicles smacked Caesar on the ass. "Normally I'd say that that isn't good enough, but I want  cum, so I'll do you a favor and fuck you. Ares, go and fuck his mouth. Make him into a true  slut; a slave to both of us."

“If you weren’t so fucking hot, I’d kill you for ordering me around,” Ares muttered, moving  over.   “Shall we?”

“Oh, yes,” Iphicles said, positioning his cock.   “Now!”   As Ares shoved his cock in Caesar’s  mouth, Iphicles buried himself in his ass.

Iphicles shoved his cock roughly into Caesar, enjoying the feel of   Caesar's ass and the sound  of cries muffled by Ares' cock.   "You're so fucking tight, Caesar.   And I'll bet you've got a  great mouth, too.   Doesn't he, Ares?"

Ares growled.   "Oh yes!"   Iphicles paused, his cock inside the Emperor, to watch his God's  cock swallowed by the man's lips.   The sight was enough to make him lose control.   He  began pulling his hips back and slamming against Caesar's ass.   "Suck his cock like that!    You're such a good slut, aren't you!"

Caesar wanted to scream as he felt his flesh being rubbed raw by the king's thick cock, but  then Iphicles hit his spot and he saw stars, and bit down on Ares.

Ares screamed and pulled his cock out of Caesar’s mouth.   “You fucking bastard!   You know  I’ll kill you for that!”   He stood over Caesar, presenting his cock to Iphicles’ mouth.   “You.    Suck it, and fuck him harder.   Don’t let him come.”

Iphicles took Ares into his mouth and smoothed away the sting of Caesar's bite until the god  growled with desire again.   The emperor writhed with each slam of Iphicles' hips, and his  ragged breath betrayed his rising excitement.   "Oh, no you don't, Caesar.   Fuck *me* now,  Iphicles," Ares said, and pulled out his cock.

Iphicles pulled his cock out of the General's ass, his eyes following his God as Ares got onto  his hands and knees next to the still-tied Caesar.   One look at the God's perfect ass told  Iphicles he was already oiled and ready. Ah, the benefits of loving a God.   "Now, Iphicles!"    In one swift plunge borne of practice, Iphicles' cock entered Ares' ass, hitting the God's sweet  spot immediately.

Caesar groaned, and mentally kicked himself for his error. Ares and Iphicles made sure to  deliberately tease the frustrated emperor as much as they could, but Iphicles was so hot that he  didn't last long and started to cum deep into Ares' ass.

“Fuck!” Ares grabbed Iphicles’ hand and wrapped it around his cock, guiding it with his own  to quickly stroke his cock.   When Iphicles squeezed on the down thrust, Ares groaned,  shooting his come over Caesar’s face and chest.

Caesar couldn't stop himself from tasting the god's semen.   "Oh, god, Ares, Iphicles, please  make me come.   I'm...sorry.   At least let me touch myself."

Ares looked at Iphicles with a raised eyebrow.   "I still have to punish you for coming before  me.   On my lap, now!"   Iphicles managed to pick himself up and crawled over the God's  lap.   The God let his hand fly, landing on the King's ass.   With every smack, Caesar felt his  cock harden impossibly and twitch.   Caesar sighed, thinking he was going to get some relief  simply by watching the other two.   All of a sudden, the blows stopped.

Ares kissed Iphicles. "Next time, Iphicles..." He left the threat hanging. He then turned to  Caesar. "Now it's your turn. Don't think I'm going to be as easy as you." He materialized two  paddles--one covered in leather, another in wood with holes in it. He gave the leather one to  Iphicles. "We're going to give you 25 strokes each. You like the thought of that?"

Caesar moaned, writhing against the cold floor.   “Fuck, do it, do something, please!”

Ares turned Caesar over, twisting his bonds even tighter.   He and Iphicles moved to opposite  sides of Caesar’s exposed ass.   “Remember to count, Imperator.”

God and king took turns punishing Caesar for his arrogance.   With each hit of a paddle, his  cock filled even more painfully.   "Please!   Stop!   Harder!" Ares looked at Iphicles.   "What  do you think, should we let him come now?"

Iphicles grinned at his God and nodded.   "Every good King must know when to be lenient."    Ares nodded back and, with a wave of his hand, Caesar was unbound.   His hands  immediately flew to his cock and he stroked himself rapidly.

Caesar closed his eyes and tried to ignore the leers of the god and mortal before him. Sobbing  with relief, he cried out as he came. "Good slut. Lick it off your hands now and I'll consider  your punishment finished."

With a trembling hand, Caesar brought his wet hands up to his mouth and sucked the cum off  them.   He swirled his tongue around his fingers, sucking it into his mouth, licking up the salty  fluid.

“Look at the little whore we’ve created!” Ares laughed cruelly and took Iphicles’ hand in  his.   “You can stay here in your little bungalow, Caesar. Now that you’re broken, I’m sure  we’ll be back for you.   Someday.”   He dematerialized with Iphicles, leaving Caesar on the  floor, covered in cum, gasping for air and wondering about what he had become.