The Orgy
By Huntress

Hercules walked into his room at the inn, stripped off his clothes, folding them in a neat pile, and putting them on the chair. He lay on the bed, ready to take a nap. It had been a long walk from Pella and the demigod was looking forward to some rest. The only thing he couldn't figure out was where Iolaus was. His lover was supposed to meet him for dinner, but hadn't showed. He would nap for a while and then, if Iolaus didn't show up, he would head south, Iolaus' direction. He closed his eyes, and was nearly asleep, when he heard the commotion outside.

"IT'S ARES!"  "WOW...OH YEAH...."

"IT'S THE KING!!"  "COOL...LET'S GO...."



"IOLAUS!" All got quiet. One girl finally spoke, her voice very soft. "Iolaus...of Thebes? Blonde blue eyes." The man who brought the news nodded. "Purple vest, black leather pants?" Another nod.

"AHHHHHHH!!" Shouts and every woman in the area, (as well as a few men), ran to where the man had pointed.

By the time the dust cleared, he looked like he had been in battle with a hydra. "Tactus said don't say his name...say it's some blonde guy...but did you listen...noooo. You had to announce that it was Iolaus." He fell back, unconscious from the stress.

Hercules stared from his window. 'Ares, Iph, Iolaus, Nebula *and* Xena?' The demigod was thinking and a bit confused. 'Are they having a battle? No...I'd hear shouts of terror. All I hear are cheers. You better take a look Herc. If it involves Iolaus....' The demigod got dressed and headed to the shouts. He saw a huge crowd gathered, but couldn't get a clear view of what was going on. He pushed his way to the front and his jaw dropped open.

In the middle of the town square, there was an orgy going on.

Iphicles was laying on the ground, Nebula straddling his face, undulating her pussy against his mouth, while his hands gripped her ass, squeezing her cheeks as he drank of her. He felt something warm on his belly but couldn't see what it was. The scent of honey however, wafted to his nose, and he buried his face deeper into Nebula.

Xena and Ares knelt on either side of Iphicles, leaning down, and licking the honey from his body. Iphicles' muffled moan was heard as Xena and Ares each took a nipple into their mouth, Xena sucking hard, Ares caressing with his tongue. Each had a hand on a hip and the king was unable to move. He tried to shift his legs, but Iolaus was atop them before he could do it.

Something cool on Iphicles' groin and Nebula pulled away from him, shifting, grabbing his arms and pulling them above his head. Iphicles watched as Iolaus spread whipped cream over his cock, lightly fingering his balls, touching his fingers to the tightness, just teasing.

Ares and Xena moved further down, their tongues at the royal cock, licking the length, taking turns sucking on the head, the sweet smell of the whipped cream and the honey making for a heady mix. Iolaus pushed a finger into the king, then a second, licking his lips in anticipation. He knew he'd found the right spot when Iphicles arched up at him and screamed "MORE!" Removing his fingers, Iolaus spread the king's legs wider, and entered him slowly. A leer at Nebula, and the pirate moved her cunt back to Iphicles' face, leaning down to join Ares and Xena at his cock. While Iolaus fucked the king, Nebula took Iphicles cock down her throat, sucking hard.

A tap on his shoulder and Hercules whirled around, nearly knocking Gabrielle on the ground. "What is going on here?" he asked.

"I have no idea," Gabrielle answered. "Xena and I arrived in town a while ago, I went to get Argo into the stables, I came back and saw *this*."

"OH YEAH!" The War God's scream broke the air and both demigod and bard looked back at the scene.

Ares had his cock sheathed within Iolaus, who was still fucking Iphicles, and Xena knelt over Iolaus' ass, licking the God's cock every time he pulled out. "Fuck him Ares...yeah!" Xena squealed, a big smile on her face. She moved, kneeling behind Ares, and began to lick his ass, spreading his cheeks, her tongue licking his tightness.

Nebula sat up, Iphicles still making a meal of her pussy, and she reached out to Iolaus, pulling his mouth to hers. Her tongue played with his, and the hunter moaned into her mouth as Ares pounded harder, pushing him deeper into Iphicles. Ares leaned down, his tongue snaking into Iolaus' ear, whispering, "Cum inside him Iolaus...make him scream."

Iolaus couldn't help but pound harder, breaking the kiss with Nebula, who sat up, grinding her cunt harder onto Iphicles' mouth. Iolaus leaned back towards Ares, driving the God's cock harder inside him. Both Iolaus and Ares reached around, grasping Iphicles' cock together, stroking hard, while the king held on to Nebula's ass, pushing two fingers into her.

Xena moved, kneeling before the king's cock, sucking on the head, while Iolaus and Ares gripped it harder.

Nebula shouted her completion first, writhing harder upon the king's face. "YES...YES...YES!!!" Practically falling from the king, she moved around to Xena, laying underneath her dripping cunt, her tongue lapping at the warrior's juices. Xena sucked Iphicles cock harder, her thumb stroking across the slit, and she came also. She and Nebula fell on their backs, facing each other, smiling, kissing hard.

Ares was next. "Iolaus...oh sweet Iolaus...." He shot his load into the hunter, and Iolaus' face showed ecstasy, feeling the War God's seed bathing him, warming his insides.

Xena and Nebula grinned, moving to Ares, licking his cock clean, the God finally collapsing on the ground, unable to move.

Iolaus was still pounding into Iphicles, both men moaning, both still hard. Hercules had had enough. Gabrielle saw the look on his face and said, "Hercules, what are you going to do?"

"Something I should have done a few minutes ago...." Stripping, the demigod knelt behind his lover, sheathing himself in one fluid move, and Iolaus screamed from the sudden entrance, but found himself moving in rhythm as Hercules began to fuck him.

Iphicles screamed, spilling his seed over Iolaus' hand, Iolaus stroking him dry, leaning down to kiss Iphicles. Iphicles took his hand and slowly licked his sweet cum, while Iolaus moaned from the sensation. Still fucking the king, Iolaus screamed as Hercules drove his cock deeper within, pulling Iolaus hard onto his shaft. Hercules moved a hand to Iolaus' chest, pinching a nipple hard, Iolaus groaning from the pleasure he was feeling.

"Herc!" Iolaus' completion. He came hard, continuing to thrust his cock within Iphicles, while Hercules continued to fuck him.

"Ohhh Iolaus...." Hercules moaned, spilling his own seed within Iolaus, a look of satisfaction on his face.

He gentled himself from Iolaus, who slowly removed himself from Iphicles, and the three men collapsed, laying beside the other three, none of them able to move, all totally satiated.

The crowd disbursed, most going to the privacy of their own homes, ready for a little loving of their own with whoever they could get it with.

Gabrielle turned around and walked to a nearby temple. She smiled at the God sitting there and got a smile in return.

"Thanks...this was the best birthday present I could have had."

Cupid smiled back. "Hey, after what happened with Bliss and my bow, it was the least I could do. Besides, it *was* fun to watch."

"Yeah, it was wasn't it. But I didn't think Hercules would show up. When did you shoot him?"

"I didn't...I guess when he saw Iolaus, he just got excited and decided to join in."

The bard laughed. "An extra birthday bonus huh?"

"Yeah, and a very nice one at that."

The End