Prying Eyes:
A series of vignettes
By Jenn M


The King of Corinth and the King of Thieves were lovers. They had been secretly meeting for months. They were very careful about their rendezvous. They thought no one knew but them. They were wrong.

Unbeknownst to them Ares was well aware of their involvement. He enjoyed watching them through his scrying glass. It gave him hours of enjoyment, and today was one of those days.

He sat before his scrying glass. He licked his lips with anticipation of the events about to unfold before him.

The King and the thief met in the middle of the room. Lips coming together in a passionate kiss. Their tongues waging war with one another. Hands roaming one anther's bodies, removing the garments in their way. Iphicles knelt down before Autolycus, kissing his balls, thighs and finally taking his cock in his mouth.

Ares grinned wickedly as he watched. Alright, the good stuff, he thought to himself. His hand found its way to his had member, stroking it through leather.

Auto watched as his lover took him all the way in. He stroked the King's hair lovingly.  Iphicles licked the head, his tongue lapping up the fluid that seeped out. When he heard Auto groan at his touch, he began to suck harder.

Autolycus grabbed the copper curls as he thrust into the willing mouth. When Iphicles grabbed his balls, he couldn't hold back any longer. With one final thrust he poured his seed into the King's mouth, down his throat.

The king accepted the hot, salty fluid, milking the thief of every precious drop.

Ares leaned forward, not wanting to miss a second. How he enjoyed watching a good blowjob.  His cock strained painfully against the tight leather, begging for freedom. Ares released it from its confines and began stroking it. He
couldn't wait for what was coming next.

Auto led the king by the hand to the large bed. He pushed Iphicles back against the pillows. He leaned down and kissed his lover. He moved down his body and took one pink nipple in his mouth and then the other, sucking gently.   He made his way down the well muscled body and took the hard cock in his mouth. He licked it up and down the shaft.

Iphicles moaned softly when Auto took his balls in his mouth, sucking and licking them gently.  The King protested when the mouth left him. He smiled though when he saw what Auto was up to.

Autolycus reached over and gabbed a jar of oil from the bedside table.  He poured the oil in his hand. He then used his oiled hand on the throbbing rod, moving his hand up and down along the shaft.  Straddling the prone king he eased himself down, impaling himself upon the hard cock. He moved slowly, riding the king.

Iphicles grabbed his lover's hips, his movements matching his lover's.

As their passion grew their movements became faster, their breath quickening and their moans growing louder.  Auto grabbed his cock and started pumping it. He cried out as his semen spurted out, hitting the king in the chest and face.

The sight of this was to much for Iphy and as he came he cried out his lover's name, his hot seed filling him.

They fell asleep in each other's arms, contented by their union.

Ares watched the whole seen. Jerking himself off. Just when he was about to cum, he heard a familiar voice.

"Hey Unc, whatcha up to?"

Just in time, Ares thought to himself as he pounced on his nephew Strife. Before Strife knew it he was naked and bent over, pushed against the wall.  Ares plunged into Strife, holding on to his hips as he thrust into him hard.  Strife groaned with pleasure. He loved it when his Uncle was like this.

With one final, shuddering thrust, Ares spilled his seed into the tight ass. He growled out his release. He removed himself from Strife and went back to his seat. He waved his hand over the glass. Before him was Hercules and Iolaus bathing in a stream.  He grinned when he saw them kiss. Here we go again, he thought. He turned to his still naked nephew. "Oh Strife, don't go to far. Herc and Blondie are about to fuck."

Strife walked over to the glass and they watched together at the unfolding scene.

2.  Tables Turned

Discord had discovered Ares delicious little secret. Like him she to enjoyed a good show. How wonderful than when she spied on him in the throes of passion with the Roman general Caesar. She sat back in front of the scrying glass and prepared for the show.


Ares groaned as Caesar took a nipple in his mouth while he eased his leather vest down his arms. It fell gently to the floor, ignored.

Caesar took one tawny nipple into his mouth and than the other. Teasing the buds awake with his tongue and teeth. He began to kiss his way down the taut stomach.

He expertly undid the laces holding closed the tight leather.  He slid the pants down and helped the god out of them. He looked up and took in the beauty of the body before him.

The god's large cock was thick and hard, ready for attention. Caesar started sucking the head. Taking in a little more with each suck until he had the whole thing in his mouth.

Ares grabbed the Roman's head and began to move in and out of the warm moist sheath enclosed around him. Just before he was about to cum he gently pulled Caesar up in to his embrace.

The two men kissed passionately. Their bodies pressed against one another.  As they kissed Ares removed the clothing barring him from his lover's body.


Discord watched the lovers. She was aroused and her clit throbbed with her desire. She reached a hand up under her skirt and began to rub the engorged bud.

Her breath came in short gasps as she neared her climax. She inserted a finger inside her warm, wet cunt. Fucking her self. She squirmed in the seat, the pressure unbearably wonderful. Before she reached her peak she stopped her self administration. She wanted to cum when they did. She didn't want to rush it.

She smiled with delight when she saw what the men were up to next.


Ares pulled caesar to the bed. They lay side by side. Ares turned around on the bed so they would each have access to one another.

The men sucked and licked at one another. Caesar's tongue teasing the head of Ares manhood. Bringing a moan from him when he took the whole shaft in his mouth.

Ares sucked furiously at the romans cock. Caesar bucked forward, thrusting his cock deep into the God's throat.

Caesar groaned out Ares name as his come poured down the God's throat. Another low moan escaped him as Ares tongue bathed his cock clean of all semen.

Then Ares body was racked with his orgasm. He gently bit into a muscled thigh. His groans muffled against Caesar's leg.

They fell apart. their ragged breathing the only sound in the room.

Ares sat up and pulled Caesar up to meet his lips. The stayed this way for a long moment. Lips and tongues meeting, hands roaming over well muscled bodies.

Caesar broke off the kiss and leaned over to his night stand.  There he retrieved a jar of oil and handed it to the War God.


Discord felt like she would explode. She had removed her clothing and her body felt hot and feverish.  She played with her breasts, teasing her nipples into hard buds. One hand drifted down her stomach and found the bud nestled in curls.

A drop of perspiration traced a path down between her breasts. Her eyes half closed as she tried to hold back, just a little longer she thought. This torture felt so good.


Ares poured the oil onto his cock. he rubbed it in with his hand making it slick.

Caesar was on his knees. his hands gasping the bed frame. He braced for the weight of Ares' body.

With one smooth thrust Ares buried himself in Caesar's warmth. He made long slow movements in and out. He reached around and grasped the heavy cock. He stroked it in time with his movements.

Caesar cried out with the pleasure only the War God could give him. He pushed back against Ares thrusts, trying to take him in deeper.  He felt the first spasms of his orgasm hit him. Hot, sticky fluid splattered against his stomach.

With Caesar's climax, Ares grabbed the man's hips and drove into him hard. His balls slapping against the other man. His Orgasm ripping through him. He filled Caesar with his hot seed.

The men collapsed together on the bed.  Their bodies covered in a sheen of sweat. They fell into a deep sleep with their arms wrapped around each other. Blissfully unaware of the eyes watching their every move.


As Discord watched Ares thrust into the dark haired general she fucked herself, her finger gliding in and out of her slick hole. With her other hand she rubbed her swollen clit.

She ground against her hand groaning softly. Finally she allowed her climax to happen. The intense pleasure rippled through her body. She threw her head back and groaned loudly.

She sat with her eyes closed for a minute, enjoying the afterglow of the moment.  A chuckle escaped her lips as she had a wicked idea. With a flash she disappeared.

Ares was awoken by the sensation of a tongue caressing his cock. He smiled to himself thinking it to be caesar. He opened his eyes to see Caesar sleeping peaceful beside him.

Then Ares heard a familiar laugh. The laugh awakened Caesar.  Both men looked in surprise to find a naked and horny Discord.

"Hey boys, wanna fuck?"

3.  Whips And Chains And Spying Oh My!

The tip of the whip snapped through the air with a loud crack.

Ares licked his lips in anticipation of what was to come. He couldn't take his eyes off the hard masculine body standing in dominance before him. He strained against the cool steel chains holding him in place.

Iphicles stood in front of the bound god. Whip in hand he prepared to give Ares his punishment. With a wicked smile he cracked the whip again, enjoying the look of eagerness on his captive's face.

The King's copper hair glowed in the flickering candlelight. His strong muscular legs seemed to be encased in liquid black leather boots. The boots went thigh high and had four inch heels. A billowing white shirt opened all the way revealed a firm hairy chest.
Around his neck he wore a black silver studded choker. His cock covered by a black leather cod piece.

Ares stood bound held by chains from the ceiling and floor. He was nude and his manhood was proudly erect.

They were so caught up in the moment that not even the God noticed the eyes on them.


The King of Thieves hid behind a large wall tapestry.

Having pick pocketing half the castle's inhabitants, Auto decided to see what goodies were hidden in the KIng's chamber.

He was delighted to find a secret passageway that led right to the royal rooms. Just as he was about to sneak in he heard a loud crack.

Peering out from one corner of the tapestry he was greeted by a tasty scene indeed.

Forgetting his purpose for being there, the thief watched from the shadows.

He grew painfully hard at the sight of the King and God's bondage game.

"This is gonna be good." Auto said quietly to himself as he stroked his mustache with glee.


A gasp escaped Ares lips as the whip came down on his Chest. The lick of the leather was so painful but yet so good.

"More, more," he whispered in a husky voice.

His plea was answered by another lash of the whip. This time the tip hit his thigh only inches from his aching flesh.

Iphicles grabbed a fistfull of ebony locks. With a yank he forced Ares head back to look into his eyes. "Do you like that? Do you want more?"

Before the God could answer Iphicles mouth crushed against his. Taking his mouth in a bruising kiss. "Oh please... please, more," he begged.

The King turned and walked away from the pleading God. Chuckling cruelly. He splayed out on his bed, displaying himself.

Slowly he removed the codpeice. His erection sprang forth,free from its confines. As Ares watched helplessly,Iphicles began to slowly stroke himself.

Ares struggled against the chains. They had been made by Hephaestus for him. There was not getting free until Iphicles decided it was time.

The sight of the mortal pleasuring himself was pure torture. How he wanted to wrap his lips around his captor's cock.


Autolyocus leaned against the stone walls for support.

He undid his laces enough to let his cock free. Taking it in his hand he started to pump it slowly.  With his other hand he fondled aching balls. He felt near ready to explode.


Iphicles' head fell back as he gave into the sensation rocking his body.  Knowing that Ares was watching unable to move made his orgasm all the more intense.

When his climax passed he rose from the bed.  Going to Ares he stopped before him. "Do you want to taste it? Taste the cum I have all over my hand?"

"Oh Gods yes," Ares groaned.

When Iphicles stuck his fingers against his mouth he greedily sucked and licked the warm sticky fluid from the offered hand.

After all the cum had been cleaned off, Iphicles slapped the God's face.

Than he moved behind Ares. Placing his hands on the smooth firm ass he squeezed the tender flesh.

"Do you want me Ares? Do you want me to fill you with my large cock and make you cry out with ecstasy?" he asked.

"Oh you know I do," the God whispered.

Iphicles picked up the discarded whip. Again and again he lashed Ares ass.

With each hit the God cried out. His cock grew heavy and ached with need. Just when he thought he could take no more the whipping stopped.  Iphicles threw down the object. He pressed his cock against Ares' backside.

The God of War trembled with eagerness.

The king slipped a finger into Ares' warm hole. Slowly he fucked ares with the digit gradually adding a second finger.

As he finger fucked the God he nibbled the bronze flesh of his back. Occasionally he would sink his teeth into the tight flesh, chuckling at the surprised yelps.

Finally Iphicles own need grew to be to much. Once again he pressed against Ares. Grabbing his hips the King thrust up into Ares' tightness.

Ares moaned as he was filled. Pushing back against Iphicles, he tried to take in more.

Iphicles reached around and grabbed Ares hardon, pumping the hard flesh in time with his thrusts.

Together they climaxed. Ares cum spurting out as his body shook with the spasms of his release. Iphicles teeth sunk into Ares' shoulder. His voice coming out in a muffled groan. HIs hot seed pouring into his lover.


The thief pumped his flesh harder. Throwing back his head he let out a cry. He shot his load out as the orgasm ripped through him.

Autoloycus' body went limp and his knees buckled. He would have fallen to the floor had it not been for the wall there to hold him up.


An ebony and copper head turned at the sound. Iphicles quickly released Ares from his confines. With a knowing look to one another Ares strode to the tapestry.

Yanking it aside, there stood a surprised King Of Thieves.

The God snatched Auto's arm and drug him to the chains.

With a thought the Thief was bound. Iphicles took a black scarf and gagged the speechless captive.

"Now it's my turn to hand out the punishment," Ares said as he took up the whip.

Iphicles laughed as Auto's eyes grew wide. "Let the games begin," he jested.

The thief's cries were muffled  by the gag. He struggled in a useless attempt to free himself. His eyes never leaving the whip held in the God's hand.

As Ares cracked the whip, Auto's cock grew hard with anticipation.

Iphicles lay back against satin pillows watching as his lover taught the thief a valuable lesson.

The End