Moonlight Ride
By Jenn M

Ioalus sat by the fire. Watching as the flames danced. He was waiting for Herc to come back from bathing in the nearby stream. He grew hard thinking about the moonlight playng over Herc's wet, well muscled body.

Ioalus couldn't resist any longer. He knew it was wrong to spy on his best friend, but he couldn't help himself. He wanted Hercules more than anything, but was afraid to tell him. He had been spying on his friend bathing on numerous occassions, and each time he so wanted to join Herc and show him how much he loved him.

Ioalus quietly approached the area where Hercules was bathing. He crept close, daring discovery. The full moon shown brightly, giving him a good view of his best friend. He couldn't believe his eyes. There with the man he loved was Ares. The two men were in a tight embrace, kissing deeply. They were both naked and wet, waist deep in the water.

Iolaus muffled a cry of dismay. It should be him with Herc not Ares. He couldn't take his eyes off them as they ran their hands all over each other. Despite his upset at seeing Ares with Herc, Iolaus started to get aroused.  He hated to admit it, but the sight of them together was a real turn on.  His cock strained against his tight pants and he worked on releasing it from its tight confines. His hardon sprang free begging for attention.

He watched as Ares led Hercules out of the water and knelt before him. Ioalus groaned as Ares took Herc in to his mouth. His tongue caressing every inch of the hard cock. He took Hercules' balls in his hand and fondled them as he sucked his cock, his other hand working up and down on the shaft with his mouth.

Herc grabbed Ares hair and thrust deeper into his mouth. His loud groan as he climaxed reached Ioalus's ears.

Ioalus stroked himself wishing it was him licking the cum off Herc's cock. He continued to watch as Ares pulled Hercules down on his knees in the soft grass.

Ares stood behind Hercules. He parted his ass cheeks to expose the tight hole. He placed the head of his cock against it. Just before he plunged into his brother he felt the eyes watching them.  He grinned wickedly to himself. He knew Ioalus was watching and wishing he was here. He loved it that Hercs best friend was hiding in the bushes, watching them fuck.

With one hard thrust Ares imbedded himself in his brother's tight ass. He started moving in and out slowly letting Iolaus get an eyeful. He reached around and grabbed Herc's cock and started stroking it in time with his thrusts.

Hercules cried with the pleasure of Ares' cock filling him. No one fucked him like his brother did. He hated Ares but couldn't resist the way he made him feel.

Ares started thrusting harder. He grabbed Hercules' hips with both hands and pumped into him so hard he pushed Herc down on his stomach.  Ares roared out his climax, filling Herc with his hot seed.   He flipped Hercules over and finished him expertly with his mouth. Both men collapsing together, sharing a tender kiss.

Iolaus cried out loudly when his own climax hit. His semen flying out all over his hand. He sat back against a tree limp as a ragdoll. To late he realized that he forgot to muffle his outcry of pleasure.

Herc looked up at the sound."What was that?'

"Just your little hunter friend enjoying the show." Ares smirked. With a wisked smile he rolled over on top of Hercules and said,  "Time for the encore," as he drove into Hercules once more.

Ioalus couldn't take it anymore and ran to join them in an allnight fuckfest.

The End