It Started With A Brownie
By Huntress

They sat by the fire, giggling, talking nonsense, and generally having fun.  Hercules and Iolaus had met up with Xena, Gabrielle, and Joxer on their way  to the festival in Thrace, and had decided to travel together.

"...So the guy says, but it's a duck!" Gabrielle was cracking up by the time  she'd finished her joke, but the other's weren't.

"That's almost as bad as Herc's jokes," said Iolaus, with a grimace.

"Yeah, well at least I don't tell jokes about water nymphs," laughed the  demigod.

"Now that one I want to hear," said Xena. "Any more of *her* jokes and I may  run myself through with my sword." The warrior smiled and pulled her lover  close, giving Gabrielle a deep kiss. "If it weren't for the other thing's she  could do..."

"Be nice or you can do it to yourself," said Gabrielle.

"Anybody want dessert?" asked Joxer. "I got brownies in Parthus this morning."

"I'll eat a piece," Iolaus and Gabrielle said at the same time.

Herc and Xena groaned.

"You know Iolaus, you keep this up and you're going to be the size of a  house," Herc said.

"You too Gabrielle," added Xena.

Joxer pulled the brownies out of his pack and started to break it into  pieces, making sure everyone got some. But before they could eat, there was a  flash of light, and Ares and Aphrodite appeared.

Herc stood, and Xena pulled her sword, but 'Dite motioned for them to stay  calm.

"Thank's to *you*," Aphrodite said, glaring at Gabrielle, "*we* have no  powers for a while."

"Yeah!" said Ares. "You and your stupid scroll. Zeus says that we don't get  our powers back until we learn more about what it's like to be mortal."

"My scroll?" asked Gabrielle. "Who enchanted it? Not me."

"We heard about that Ares," laughed Iolaus.

Ares glared at him. "Shut up blondie. Because if you're not nice, when I get  my powers back..."

"You'll what?" giggled the hunter. "The last time you came up against *me*, Discord became a chicken and you came close to becoming a gopher. Speaking of which, how is the old 'clucker'?"

'Dite cracked up. "I wanted to roast her, but Zeus says the 'no-kill' rule still applies, even tho she is a...a...'clucker'." The Goddess fell into a giggle fit.

Joxer, ever the gentleman, broke off two more pieces of brownie and handed it to them. "You might as well eat," he said.

Ares and 'Dite reluctantly sat with the other's, and they demolished their brownies. Especially in light of the fact that both were starving. Joxer shared the rest of the brownies with all of them, and they sat around the fire making conversation, and telling jokes.

Herc was surprised that Ares knew quite a few good jokes. Really good ones. The demigod found himself rolling on the ground, laughing his head off at the latest.

"You like that one, huh brother?" Ares said, laughing loudly himself. "I got another one. A temple priest, a serving wench, and a..."

Iolaus cut him off. "Heard that one Ares. Now try this one. A bear, a goat and...."

"I hate that one Iolaus," laughed Xena. "Gabby told me that one. It's awful."

Hercules, in the meanwhile, was eyeing his lover *and* his brother, and had some pretty hot visions going through his head. Visions of Iolaus tied to a tree, while he and Ares....his thought was interrupted by a hand in front of his face.

"Herc," said Iolaus, "you're zoning out."

"Sorry Iolaus," the demigod answered, feeling his face get hot. "Just thinking."

'Dite was having the same type of thought's but they involved Xena, Joxer, and a whip.

Ares was picturing Hercules and Iolaus naked, tied side by side, on an altar in his temple,  while he did 'things' to them.

Joxer was thinking of Gabrielle and her naked flesh pressed against his, and wondering if Aphrodite's tits were real.

Xena decided she wanted Iolaus, and Gabrielle was having lacivious thoughts about Hercules.

And Iolaus, well, the hunter was thinking about what he'd like to do with all of the same time.

Without thinking, Iolaus grabbed Ares and pulled the God's mouth to his, pushing Ares to the ground, his hands moving all over the God's oh-so muscular body. He began to pull at Ares clothing, and he felt Herc's hand on his arm.

"Don't stop me Herc!" he warned. "I want *him*."

"I'm not going to stop you Iolaus. I just thought you might need help, that's all." Herc leered at his lover, and pulled him into a deep kiss. Breaking the kiss, his hands moved with Iolaus', slowly stripping Ares. When they were finished, they stood and divested themselves of their own clothes, and both knelt beside Ares, looking at him as if he were a piece of meat, and they were two starving men. Herc leaned down and placed his lips against his brother's, ever so gently, but Ares pulled him harder. Their tongues met in a battle that neither wanted to win. Iolaus settled himself between Ares legs, and started to lick his way from Ares inner thighs up to his cock, which was hard and wanting.

The other's just sat there watching, and Xena finally rose, taking off her leathers, and stripping bare. She pulled Gabrielle up and did the same to the bard. "Let's join them shall we," Xena said, with a giggle. Gabrielle smiled, and the two walked over to the three men. Gabrielle knelt beside Hercules, and took the demigod's hand to her mouth, licking his finger's, sucking on each one, while Herc stared at her, his eyes wide. Pure ecstasy. Xena got behind Iolaus, and stuck two finger's in his mouth, which he sucked and licked. Removing them, she slowly pushed them into his ass, and Iolaus threw his head back, gasping in pleasure from the feeling. Xena grabbed him by the hair and shoved his mouth onto Ares' cock, a smile coming to her face as she watched him pleasure Ares.

Gabrielle knew what *she* wanted, and she pushed Hercules aside, sitting on Ares face, moaning as his strong Godly tongue sucked on her clit, and fucked her pussy. Standing in front of her, Herc stroked his cock, and Gabrielle took it in her hand, planting gentle kisses, along the tip. Looking up at the demigod, she opened her mouth, and Herc slid his cock in. She began to suck on it, but Herc grinned, and pulled it out, running the tip along her lips.

"Hercules," she whispered, looking into his eyes.

"Does little Gabby want it?" the demigod asked with a giggle.

"Uh-huh," the bard said, her eyes growing wide like a little child at Solstice. "Please??"

He grinned and slid his thick cock back in, placing his hands in her hair, pulling her up and down his shaft. He closed his eyes in ecstasy, and felt another tongue on his hardness. Looking down, he saw Joxer's tongue licking his shaft everytime he slid out of Gabrielle's mouth. Joxer had also stripped, and his face had the same look as the other's.

Lust. Pure, unadulterated, uncontrollable lust.

He pulled his cock from her mouth, whispering, "Kiss her Joxer. You know you want to."

Joxer smiled and his lips met Gabrielle's. Gabrielle took her hand and pulled him closer, her tongue playing in his mouth. "Oh Joxer, you are a wonderful kisser," she moaned.

"Lemme show you what else I can do," he said. He moved his mouth from hers and Hercules quickly slid his cock back.

Joxer's tongue found purchase on the bard's supple breasts, and he bit at her nipples, which was causing her to push herself harder onto Ares. Ares' hands were on her ass, massaging her cheeks, and he slowly pushed one finger into her, waiting a moment, then added another. The bard moaned from all the sensations she was getting, and pushed herself onto Ares fingers, revelling in the feeling.

Iolaus' mouth, at this point, was covering Ares' cock, sucking hard, his fingers caressing Ares' balls, while Xena's finger's were fucking Iolaus' ass. He lifted his head, turning to kiss her. "Oh yeah Xena...So nice...."

Xena smiled and pushed his mouth back on Ares' cock.

"Don't stop Iolaus," she said. "Suck his cock. I'm enjoying the view."

Aphrodite stood back and watched, unsure of what to do. She may have been the Goddess of Love, but the sights before her, well, she didn't know what to do first. Then she noticed Joxer's cock, standing erect, and she made up her mind. Stripping her clothes off, the Goddess knelt beside him, and took his shaft into her mouth, her fingertips lightly touching his scrotum. Joxer gasped when he saw, and felt, 'Dite's mouth on him. He'd never felt anything like it. Not sure of what to do, as she was a Goddess, Joxer caressed her hair, his hands moving of their own volition, winding in her tresses, and pulling her hard onto his cock.

Gabrielle grabbed Herc by his ass and pulled him deeper into her throat, her fingers finding their way to his tightness, and she pushed two fingers inside him.

Hercules pulled her up and down his cock, thrusting as hard as he could. "Take it all Gabrielle," he moaned. "You're such a good little girl."

Joxer was thrusting into Aphrodite's mouth, her tongue giving him more pleasure then he thought possible. " do have a sweet mouth...oh yeah...."

Xena removed her fingers from Iolaus, and pulled him away from Ares.

"What'd you do that for!" he snapped, turning and leaning back down. "I want his cock! It's mine!"

"Iolaus," Xena growled. "I got a better idea." She gave him an evil grin and sat on Ares hard cock, moving herself up and down, riding him like a horse. Ares moved one of his hands from Gabrielle's ass, and rubbed Xena's clit, and the warrior princess shouted her ecstasy. She turned to Iolaus.

"Fuck him Iolaus. Fuck his ass raw!" she said, in a husky, sensual voice. Xena turned herself, not leaving the God's cock, as Iolaus lifted Ares' legs over his shoulders. Xena reached down and spread Ares' cheeks, and Iolaus sheathed his cock in one move. Ares grunted from the sudden pain, but Gabrielle's wet pussy grinding on his mouth made him forget the pain real quick.

Iolaus pounded into the God, his lips finding Xena's, their tongues meeting, tasting. Her hands spread Ares wider for the hunter's thick cock. Forcing his hand between them, Iolaus began to caress Ares balls again, while his tongue continued playing with Xena's.

Gabrielle pulled her mouth from Hercules, looked at him and growled. "Fuck Joxer Herc. I wanna watch your cock fucking him."

"Whatever you want," Herc replied, licking his lips. He moved behind Joxer, whose cock was all the way down 'Dite's throat, stroking himself on each thrust.

Herc leaned over Joxer, whispering in his ear. "You want me Joxer? You want my cock fucking you? Pounding into your ass? Do you?" Herc ended with a bite to Joxer's lobe.

"Yes Hercules...Fuck me...Please...." moaned Joxer.

Hercules gave two fingers for Gabrielle to suck on, and then thrust them in Joxer's ass. He pushed them in and out slowly, til Joxer was moaning.

"Please Hercules...." Joxer panted. Herc removed his fingers and slowly eased his cock into Joxer's tight ass. Herc pulled almost all the way out, and when only the tip remained, he whispered to Joxer again.

"More Joxer?" he asked, his fingernails leaving marks on Joxer's back. But Joxer didn't even notice.

"More...Now...." Joxer replied. Hercules pushed back in and started to do just that, his movements pushing Joxer's cock harder into Aphrodite's mouth.

"Oh shit Ares!!" yelled Iolaus. "I'm gonna cum!!" He gave a final thrust and shot his seed into the God's ass, and continued to thrust until he was out of strength. He gently removed himself from the God and collapsed on the ground, unable to move.

Xena was next. "Cum with me Ares!" she growled. "NOW!!!!" The God and the warrior both orgasmed at the same time. Xena fell forward onto Iolaus, her strength totally sapped.

Gabrielle was writhing atop Ares, his tongue on her clit, his fingers in her ass. "Oh my GOD OF WAR!" she shouted, and threw her head back, her juices flowing into Ares mouth. He continued to lick at her, not wanting to let go so quick. When he finally did, she shifted herself so she was laying atop him, covering him like a blanket.

Reaching out, Gabrielle stuck two finger's into Aphrodite's pussy, and began to finger-fuck the Goddess. Aphrodite pushed back at the finger's within her, and moaned when Gabrielle took a finger and began to rub her clit at the same time. The Goddess climaxed, and sucked Joxer's cock harder and deeper.

"Oh Gods...I'm gonna cum..." Joxer said calmly, his breath's coming quicker. He gave a final thrust and shot his load down the Goddess' throat. Aphrodite swallowed all he had to give, and looked up at him, her eyes filled with pleasure. She fell across Ares and Gabrielle.

"Joxer..." moaned Hercules. "So nice and tight. So...very...fuckable...YES!!!" he shouted and filled Joxer with his semen. He continued to thrust, and when he was done, he gently pulled out, and knelt down, holding Joxer steady with one hand. His other hand spread Joxer's cheeks, and his tongue entered the sweet hole in front of him, licking him, taking back that which he had given.

Joxer passed out, and Hercules managed to stumble to Iolaus, and fell upon his lover.


The next morning Herc was the first to wake. Looking down at Iolaus, he stroked his lover's cheek, and Iolaus' eyes opened slowly. Herc bent down and gave him a deep kiss.

"I had the strangest dream last night Iolaus," Herc smiled.

"Me too Herc," replied the hunter. "I dreamed that Ares and 'Dite lost their powers and they joined us and Xena, Gabrielle and Joxer in an orgy. Wild huh? I gotta stop eating possum stew for dinner."

Herc's face got screwy. "Iolaus, I had the same dream."

They looked at each other, and both turned their heads.

They saw the others, *all* laying atop and across one another. They looked back at each other.

"No more possum stew?" asked Iolaus.

"No more possum stew," replied Hercules.

It was going to be a very long day.


And, back in Parthus, the baker and his wife were having an argument.

"I'm telling you we shouldn't be baking these leaves into the brownies," said the baker.

"But it improves the taste, and anyway, it's only a leaf," said his wife. "What harm could it possibly do?"

The End

Author's Note: Whether or not they had brownies in ancient Greece doesn't matter to me.