By Jen

Maybe it isn't the smartest thing I've ever done, but it's irresistible.  Knowing my double is out there is tantalising.  I know that I've got to see him again.  So I track him down.  I can't tell you how exactly - everything works slightly differently here - but I can sense him through the aether. It's a strong trail he leaves; a disturbance of heat and passion and anger. I'm relieved to find there's not the madness of Cupid - my world's Cupid, that is.  I've already looked in on this world's God of Love.  It gave me shivers at first, to see that familiar figure and face.  But as I looked I could see that his face wasn't twisted in hate and rage, there was no cruelty to his lips.  I didn't linger; I'm not sure how easily these gods will be able to detect my presence in their world, and anyway, I want to find Ares.

So I follow Ares' trail.  It takes me to a woodland grove, leaves moving softly in the slight breeze, sunlight and shadow shifting on the springy turf.  The God of War a nature lover?  Somehow I don't think so.  And when I look around and find him, I realise that it's not nature he's loving.  No, it's the most beautiful mortal I've ever seen.  I stare speechlessly, with just enough sense to keep myself hidden as I see the two naked bodies entwined on the grass in the shade of the grove, moving slowly and easily against one another, quiet sounds of pleasure rising  hrough the warm air.  Smooth skin over hard muscle, limbs tangled until it's hard to tell where one body stops and the next begins, twisting and curving around one another as though they were created just for this.  The mortal is beneath Ares, arching upwards to meet the god's slow rhythmic pushes into him, staring into the god's face.  I stare too - is that what I look like when I'm loving someone?

I'd forgotten how beautiful he is, this god.  Big and dark and muscular, dark hair falling forward around his face, his naked body gleaming with a sheen of sweat in the midday heat as he slowly pushes into his lover.  And his face.  it frightens me to think that I give so much of myself away when I'm with someone.  Their eyes are fastened on one another's, and then as Ares' hand closes around the mortal's straining cock, with a gasp, the man comes.  His head goes back and his eyes close momentarily as his cum spills over Ares' hand, over his stomach and chest.  Ares is still, until the man's eyes open again and fix on his face.  Then Ares begins to move again, gradually moving faster, rocking himself into his lover until with a groan he comes.  They're still for a while, then Ares pulls out and lies down beside the man.  "Iphicles," he says softly.

I frown, recognising the name but unable to place it at first.  Then I realise.  This is the Sovereign's brother.  I watch, puzzled.  This isn't how I remember Ares.  He's different here from how he was in my world.  But he's still the God of War and I'm careful to keep myself hidden.  I can't risk the maniac spotting me watching him again.  My thoughts are interrupted as the man trails a finger across Ares' mouth, and follows it with his lips. They kiss gently and deeply, before it turns into something else and I see Ares' cock begin to harden again.  I stare in undisguised admiration.  No wonder they're all queuing up for me.  Damn, but I'd forgotten how beautiful I am - hard and curved and so big.  It seems Iphicles thinks so too.  He's working his way down the god's body and taking the beautiful cock in his mouth.

Watching him, watching the cock sliding between his lips - *my* cock, I know every inch of it so well - it's like he's doing it to me.  Like it's my suddenly hard cock that his full lips are wrapped so tenderly around.  I can feel the soft warmth of his mouth, the teasing touch of his tongue.  He was born to suck my cock.  He's so good at it.  I'm unfastening my pants, taking my cock in my hand and imagining his warmth and wetness surrounding it.  His skilful tongue is moving round the tip, taking the moisture from the top and smoothing it over the head, his tongue velvet on me.  Ares and I moan together.  His copper curls are soft on me as his mouth works wetly up and down me, and I can hear the sounds of his mouth as well as feel it.  His mouth tightens around me and he starts to suck, pausing again briefly to let his tongue run over my tip.  I'm thrusting now, thrusting into his welcoming moistness, feeling his heat and the pressure as he sucks me, his eyes closed in delirious pleasure as he tastes me and feels my hardness pushing demandingly, my pace increasing as my excitement builds until my hands are tangled hard in his hair and I'm groaning his name as I buck into his mouth. With exquisite release I burst into him, and he takes my seed,  takes as much  as he can, swallowing it.

He reluctantly releases my cock, looking up at my face briefly, before returning his attention to cleaning the cum he couldn't swallow, his tongue lovingly sweeping every part of me clean in long strokes.  Then he moves up and lies down on the cool grass, the sunlight through the trees dappling his golden skin as he rests against me.  My arms reach around him and I hold him to me, deeply peaceful.

And then reality sets in and I realise that I'm standing here on my own, pants open, my limp wet cock still in my hand.  I quietly wipe away the cum on my hand and fasten my pants again. I don't want to use my powers in case it alerts him to my presence.  But even as I'm doing it, they're moving.  Getting to their feet, and with a thought, he's dressed them both.  I look at the black leather on him, and suddenly start to think about a makeover.  Damn, but I'd look good in black.  But then, I look good in white.  Maybe I should mix and match?

As he dresses himself, his face changes.  The softness, the openness, is gone as though it never existed.  Iphicles has changed too.  There's a determination, a sense of tough competence to him now.  I see the change in him, and the change in this Ares back to how he was when I first met him - arrogant, ambitious, ruthless - and I suddenly understand.  What I've just seen isn't usual for them, even when they're alone.  I've just witnessed something that nobody else ever will.  Hey, I'm the God of Love remember - I know this stuff.  And I know I desperately want what they've got.

I can't help wondering what would have happened if I'd met my world's Iphicles, if the Sovereign hadn't had him killed.  Would we have had the same connection these two have?  That's when it hits me.  This one isn't dead.  Which means *my* Iphicles can't be dead either, surely.  Maybe the Sovereign had him locked away somewhere.  Maybe.  I don't know whether I'm stupid to think it, but I make my decision.  I can never have this Iphicles - he belongs heart, body and soul to this world's Ares.  But maybe I can find my own Iphicles.  I hope so.

The End