Blind Faith 1-3
By Jenn M

Part 1

"Hey there, sweetie, how's about some company?"

The young woman took a step back. She was being confronted by three dangerous looking men. The one in the middle held a dagger. Before she could turn and run the man on the right lunged and grabbed her. She kicked and screamed but couldn't break free of his grip.

"Well boys looks like we're gonna have some fun tonight,"  the man with the dagger said as he leered at the frightened woman.

"Not so fast boys. I'm afraid I'm going to have to break up the party." All three men turned to face the newcomer. Before they could react one was knocked out by a large fist.

The woman was knocked to the ground. She looked up to see a very big man clunk the two heads of her assaulters' heads together.

Her savior stepped over the body of one of the men as he approached her. He reached out his hand to help her up.

"Are you alright?" he queried.

"Thank you, I'll be fine," she managed to get out. She was amazed at the size of this guy. Muscles bulging every where, and the most amazing blue eyes.

" Oh by the way I'm Hercules," he said as he knelt down to retrieve her wrap.  "Are you sure you're okay?"

The young woman nervously smiled and accepted her wrap. "Yes I'm just a little shook up, that's all."

"Well why don't you let me escort you home," he offered.

A puzzled look came over her face. She couldn't remember were home was or who she was for that matter. " I'm afraid I don't know where home is, in fact I don't remember anything before running into those men." She couldn't figure out how she got here and what she would do.

"That's okay, I'll take you to the nearest village and maybe someone will recognize you." Hercules took her arm and they started walking.  They had gone quite aways when he stopped and suggested they make camp for the night.

She sat on an old log and watched as he tried to build a fire. Night was falling quickly and it was getting hard to see. She looked into the sky and noticed that thick clouds filled the night sky and hid the moon.

Hercules had just gotten a fire going when a strong wind suddenly kicked up. "Looks like a  storm is brewing," He observed. "We had better find shelter."

Before they could seek out a dry place the skies let loose with downpours. They ran trying to find anyplace to hide out from the storm.

Suddenly before them, seemingly rising up from nowhere was a stone building. It was dark but the door was unlocked. Hercules felt around inside the door and found a torch. He managed to get it lit. He took a look around and realized they were in one of Ares' temples.

"Well I guess it will have to do for now," he muttered. "We are going to have to hole up in my brother Ares temple for the night. How lovely," he said sarcastically.

The young woman sat down on the floor as Hercules went around and lit the other torches. She looked up and jumped when she saw the man behind her. She laughed to herself when she realized it was just a statue.

Hercules came over and took her hand. He led her to the center of the room. Here there was a rug before an alter. They sat down and listened to the raging storm outside.

Hercules watched the young woman. She was so tiny. She couldn't have weighed more than a sack of grain, if that. Her hair was long and coppery. Her features were so delicate. When she caught him examining her, he smiled at her.

She was taken by surprise when he reached out and started stroking her hair. "You're so lovely," he whispered hoarsely.

She started to get nervous when he moved over closer to her. She stood up and pretended to look around the temple. She moved to the other side of the room when he stood too.

She couldn't put her finger on it. Why should she be nervous about Hercules. He rescued her and got her to shelter. He seemed nice enough. Maybe she was just tired.

She turned and walked straight into Hercules' broad chest. He had removed his shirt and she could feel his warm skin. "I'm sorry," she muttered as she stepped back.

"Is anything wrong?" Hercules asked, stepping closer. He loved the way she looked in the light of the touches.

She turned from him. " I'm just feeling a little uncomfortable here." She felt his hands encircle her arms, and felt his chest against the back of her.

"Maybe if you removed these cold wet clothes you'd  be more comfortable," he said into her ear. Before she could say a word, he grabbed the collar of her dress and yanked.

She heard the sound of fabric tearing. She tried to get free of his hold , but he was to strong for her. Before she knew it, she was free of clothing.

Hercules hand ran down her body. She began to cry as he found her nipple and pinched it. "Your skin is so soft," he whispered. He turned her around and caught her lips in is.

She whimpered as he forced his tongue into her mouth. She could feel a bulge pressing against her belly. When he lifted his head she slapped him as hard as she could.

Hercules loosened his grip and she managed to break free. He laughed as she ran from him.

"Hard to get, I love that game," he said as he caught up with her. She grabbed an urn off the altar and brought it down against his temple.

"NOW I'M MAD!" he shouted. He gave her a back hand slap across the face. She flew across the room and smacked into the wall. The wind knocked out of her. She tasted blood where her teeth had broken through the inside of her cheek. Before she could catch her breathe he was on top of her.

She struggled but it was no use. A scream tore from her when he thrust into her. She felt a searing pain as tender flesh tore. Finally he collapsed on top of her.

She thought that would be the end of it when he rolled off her. She was wrong. He picked her up and carried her to the altar. He bent her over the cold slab of stone. The statue of Ares seemed to be staring down at them.

She cried and pleaded as she was entered from behind. She felt teeth sink into her shoulders. A strong hand reached around and closed over her wind pipe. Hercules grunts and groans seemed to come from far away as she started to black out. She felt one last bruising thrust before she mercifully blacked out.

As the night wore on she was repeatedly raped and sodomized. Sometimes she was awake and when she was lucky she passed out.

The assault on her finally ended. Her entire body hurt and she couldn't move. She was picked up and lay out on the alter.

"You'll be an offering to my brother Ares," He chuckled. He dressed and prepared to leave. He took one last look at the small battered woman lying helplessly on the altar.

"Thanks for the fun evening. If you ever need a helping hand be sure to look me up," He said callously. Than he turned and left the temple.

The last thing the young woman heard before passing out was his laughter and a door slamming shut. Then everything went black.


The man stood outside the temple doors. For a moment he felt remorse and guilt wash over him. He had done some lousy thing in his time but never anything like this. Than he thought ahead to the future. His plan was all that mattered now. Part one was finished.

He turned and opened the door, as  he entered Ares changed back into his own form. Now it was time for part two.

Part 2

Ares gazed down at the slender figure laid out upon his altar. Her body was battered and bruised. He hadn't meant to be so brutal but his hatred for his brother had fueled his actions.

If he played his cards right not only would he be free of his brother but he would have a replacement for Xena.

He wanted, no needed a replacement. When Xena turned her back on him it left Ares with a dark void. He would have given her anything if only she would have given in to him. Now instead of love for the warrior princess all he felt was hatred and contempt. He hated her almost as much as his half brother Hercules.

He was not one for raping and brutalizing women but it was necessary for his plan. He wanted to be sure this woman hated Hercules and that there was no way for Hercules to gain her forgiveness.

He had been looking for someone he could mould into his perfect mate. Someone that lived to serve him and could fight fiercely in his name. This young woman would be the one. He would teach her and guide her, turning her into the leader he had wanted Xena to be.

He had watched this young woman since her childhood. Her name was Theria. She was the daughter of a peasant woman. What no one but Ares and her mother knew was that her father was not human but one of the Daoine Sidhe. A race of Faerie creatures. Her father had been one of a warrior elvin race.

He had seduced the young woman and the child was a result of the union.  The warrior elf had returned to the faerie realm never knowing he had conceived a child.  The young woman soon married. Her husband never knew that she bore an other's baby. Her husband loved and cared for the girl.

The girl's mother watched her carefully for signs of her faerie ancestry. The only evidence was her slight build and her slightly elvin features. These were only apparent to her mother though and she never revealed to her daughter who her true father was.

When the girl was fifteen her parents died of a sickness that plagued the valley were she lived. She left home to live with some distant relatives in Greece. There she was treated no better than a slave. When she reached eighteen she left there and decided to become a disciple of Hestia.

Ares had different plans for her though. He had contemplated just appearing to her and telling her who he was and what he wanted. She was to good and sweet to just follow him blindly into a life as a warrior.  He knew that her innocence being taken so savagely would be an ultimate betrayal to one destined to live her life as a virgin.

He intended to bring out her warrior nature that was part of her elvin heritage. He knew also that she would have some of the mystical powers that the faerie were known to have and he wanted to utilize them.

He had conceived of a plan to use her against his brother Hercules and to make of her what he wanted. Part one of the plan was done now it was time for part two.

Ares lifted the small figure, cradling her in his strong arms. She whimpered in her sleep and for a brief moment her swollen eyes lifted to gaze at him.

With a flash of light Ares transported the two of them out of the temple. They reappeared in a bed chamber of the castle Discord had secured for him.

He gently placed the unconscious form on the bed. He gently brushed a strand of coppery hair out of the girl's face. He studied the delicate features, noticing how her ears came to a slight point. He chin was pointed and she had cupid bow lips. He knew from before that her eyes were an icy blue.

Ares considered healing her with his touch but it would serve his plan better if he let her heal on her own. Soon she would come to rely and trust in only him.

He smiled to himself. It was only a matter of time now until he was rid of Hercules. The best part was that the demi- god had no idea what was about to hit him.

Part 3


For the longest time there was nothing but inky darkness. No pain, or memories. Unfortunately that wouldn't last.

Eventually images would seep in to breakup the dark void. Unwelcome visions accompanied by pain.

Thankfully the darkness would take over again. The black void of nothingness had become a valued friend.

One day though the friend was gone. The blackness didn't come to the rescue.

Like the act of a horrible and violent play, the same scenes played over and over again. The pain joining in, adding to the awfulness. Making it all too real.

Unspeakable acts forced upon an unwilling partner. Innocence ripped to shreds before unbelieving and terrified eyes.

The scream of a tortured soul forced it self up and out into full wakefullness.


Ares sat before the scrying glass. Watching his half brother's every move. How he longed to reach through and break Hercules neck, feel his lifeflow stop. His head raised at the gut wrenching scream. A cruel smile curled full lips.

A flash of blue light and the War God was gone.

Shocked out of unconsciousness, the young woman's body shot up to sitting. A sound unrecognizable to her emanated from her throat. The dam had broken and she couldn't  stop the flood of emotion coming through.  Remembered violations and broken trust fuelled her agony. Her body cried out with the physical pains, joining the cries of her soul.  Her voice froze when a brilliant blue light flashed before her.

Wild eyes staring in disbelief at the dark haired vision before her.

The leather clad vision started towards her. In a panic, she scurried backwards until the hard headboard stopped her retreat.

Ares lifted his hand, shushing  the frightened creature. "Don't be afraid, I only wish to help you."  His voice came out low and soothing.

Struggling to make her body obey her commands, the young woman tried to rise. Bursts of light and pain shot through her skull, forcing the battered body to stay were it was.  Tears of frustration streamed down  bruised cheeks. She waited, shaking with fear. What new tortures waited for her.

Ares came around to the side of the bed. The mattress creaked as his weight was placed upon it.   Sitting still, the God watched the play of emotions pay across her face.
He reached out and gently brushed a wayward strand of silky hair from her face. In his other hand materialized a wet, cool cloth. With expert hands he wiped away the dried blood caked to her temple.  Feeling her frightened tremble beneath his touch, he cooed soothing words to her.

His soft words and gentle touch lulled her into a more relaxed state. She was too sore and exhausted to struggle anymore.

"Don't worry, I won't hurt you. That may be hard for you to believe right now, but it's true. I wish only to help you."  Ares lay the cloth aside. In his hands appeared a tray with a steaming bowl.  "Here eat this. You'll feel better with something in your stomach."
Spoonful by spoonful, Ares fed her the chicken broth.

Once full, drowsiness caused her eyes to feel heavy. The young woman allowed the feeling to pull her down into welcome sleep.

Ares gazed upon her sleeping form. He need only be patient. 'Things were working out just fine,' he thought to himself.  Once more a cruel smile lifted the corners of his mouth.