The Sword Has a Heart
By Iolaus' Friend
"I am glad he's coming tonight."  The thought came suddenly. "I have   got to stop talking to myself, the family thinks I have lost my mind."  He shakes his head, he's doing it again.

No one would who knew him would believe he could ever be this nervous. After all he was known to keep his head about him in any situation. His heart is racing as he goes to prepare. His love will  be here soon.

"Hercules, I have got to go, I have to see someone."  Iolaus looks to the demigod to see what his reaction is to this statement. They are afterall in a remote area with few people around.

Herc looks ar him.  "What do you mean 'meet someone'?  There is no one  around for miles.  Only a few old houses and deserted temples."

"It's someone I haven't seen in way to long and I heard that they were in this area. I have to go find them."

"OK, lets go find your friend."  Herc turns to pick up his bag.

"Herc, I need to go alone. I'll be back in a couple of days."  With this, Iolaus takes off running.

"Must be a girl.  That is the only thing that gets him to move that fast. That or food."  He chuckles.

Iolaus heads back toward the houses they saw earlier and check to see if Herc isn't watching. He turns toward an old temple in the rock face, mumbling to himself. "If he finds out who I am meeting he'll kill me."

The temple looks old and unkept from the outside but is actually quit nice inside. "I wonder if he remembers this valley? We meet here for the first time when he was younger. That's the only reason I have kept  this temple up."

Iolaus enters the temple and calls out.  "Ares ~ Ares, are you here? I know I'm late but I needed to make sure Herc didn't see me come this way."

Turning into a side chamber he hears, "Iolaus, don't you realize I have waited this long, I would wait forever for you."

Ares appears in front of Iolaus in a flash of light "I am glad you came."

Iolaus steps forward and kisses the God of War. "I wouldn't be anywhere else. We have waited too long for this."

As they turn toward the bed Iolaus removes Ares' vest. "Let's just take this sword and put it over here. I know it's what makes you who you are but tonight you won't need it."  He sets the sword by the bed he says, "Let me give you a massage.  You are so tense."

In slow circular strokes Iolaus works his way down Ares' back kissing as he moves. "Turn over, I want to kiss you." Ares complies.

Leaning down Iolaus slowly kisses and nibbles at the lips of Ares.  "Open your mouth."   His tongue gently enters and tastes the mouth of his lover. "You taste so good."

Working his way down Ares' chest, he licks and bites the tender neck  muscles and stops to worship at the hard nipples. All this while unlacing the tight leather pants of the God of War.  "Lift your hips."

Just inches above the hard cock Iolaus stops and looks at Ares.  "Do you remember when we met here years ago? I wanted you so badly and  you said no, that I needed to experience the world before I could be your lover. Well I have and now I'm back."  Thus saying he lightly breathes on his loves cock making it jump and weep. Taking it deep into his mouth he sucks and licks for what seems like forever.  "I want you to cum, I need to taste your very essence"

Ares cums fast and hard. "Now it's my turn. Lay down."   As he says this, Iolaus' clothes disappear. "How can a man your size have such a large cock? It's so long and hard," taking the cock in his mouth he reaches down to play with the balls below. Iolaus moans as Ares rolls them  back and forth between his fingers.

"I'm cumming," Iolaus screams.

"Not yet," says Ares and grasps the base of his cock to keep him hard. "I want this in my ass first."

Ares reaches for the warm oil next to the bed and rubs it over Iolaus' cock. He then slowly lowers himself onto the most beautifu  cock he has ever seen. Inch after inch enters his ass as he moans "OH, YES harder-faster-deeper. Cum now, cum in my ass."

Iolaus bucks and fills Ares' ass with his seed. As awareness returns he realizes he is cuddled close to the man he loves. "It's not just lust you know. You have my heart and soul as well as my body."

Ares smiles. "And you have mine."

Two days later Hercules is napping by the river as Iolaus walks up. "Hey lazy bones, let's go."

Herc shakes his head. "So are you going to tell me her name?"

Iolaus smiles. "Nope."

The End