An Obsession So Deadly 1
By Jenn M

The banquet hall was nearly overflowing with guests. Iphicles stood in an alcove trying to calm his nerves.

He hadn't expected to be so nervous about marrying Rena. It wasn't fear of being married that had him on tenter hooks, it was the fear of not being the husband she deserved.

Iphicles was still overwhelmed that she had loved him enough to forgive his lies and deceit. He had promised himself to never lie to her or hurt her in anyway ever again. She was his whole life. She was able to love him for the man he was, something he never felt from his family.

The nervous bridegroom's thoughts were interrupted by his best man and brother. "Hey, you're not getting cold feet, are you?" Hercules chided.

The demi god laughed at his brother's discomfort. He remembered those wedding day jitters all to well. "Come on... we've got a wedding to go to."

Iphicles turned to his younger brother. "Hercules, I want to thank you for being here for me. After all the trouble I put you through and the awful things I've done to you in the past..."

"You don't have to thank me. We're brothers I wouldn't miss this day for the world. Forget about what's happened between us in the past, I have. Now lets get you to the altar."

Hercules threw his arm around the other man's broad shoulders and they headed off to the wedding.


Alone in the shadows Ayshia watched as the man she loved left to marry another.  When told she would have to perform for a wedding feast, she had 'No' idea it was Iphicles. Never could she had prepared herself for the news. How had another woman bewitched him so.

How had he forgotten his promise to her. The promise to give her a better life.

A tear slid down her cheek as she remembered.


Her body swayed in time to the music. Losing herself in the rythms was the only way to forget were she was, who she was.

She was a slave forced to dance for men's entertainment. Forced to share her body with who ever chose her for the evening. Usually it was someone fat and unbathed, Smelling sour, of sweat and stale ale.

From the corner of her eye she caught a glimpse of him. Strong, handsome, and quiet. He wasn't yelling out obsene things or groping at the dancers. He sat in a shadowy corner, silently taking in the surroundings.

She made her way gracefully to were he sat. The music shifted to a faster beat, The drums pounding. Her hips rocked and shimmyed. When the music sped up, Ayshia fell into a spin. As the music changed to a slower tcheftetteli, her body undulated eroticly.

Slowly and seductively she removed her veil. When the music finally ended she placed the soft fabric around the neck of the handsome young man. If she was forced to spend the evening with a man, why not him.

She smiled coyly and took his hands. He followed silently as they made their way through the crowd. The couple entered a small bedchamber, one of many in the establishment.  She asked him his name "Iphicles". She began to undress for him, but he stopped her.  In a gentle manner he removed Ayshia's clothing. He planted delicate kisses down her body, sending shivers of delight through her.

That night Iphicles made love to her. He made her feel special and beautiful. She didn't feel cheap and used. He whispered sweet words in her ear and took his time making sure she was satisfied.

Iphicles had spent the night with her, holding her in his strong arms as they fell asleep.


He returned to watch her dance often, than afterwards made love to her. Always he spoke of his passion and desire for her. As he moved within her Iphicles spoke of taking her away from this life.

They would lay together and talk. Iphicles swore that when he could pay the price for her  freedom he'd rescue Ayshia from this life.  Always she believed him.

One night he said he'd be gone for awhile. When he returned he'd have the money needed to free her.

So she patiently waited for him.

Ayshia thought only of him as other men used her body. When she danced, it was for him.  Time went by but he never returned. Still she believed.


Ayshia's thoughts were interrupted. One of the other girls was calling her name. It was time to prepare for the evening's performance.