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Kara Darkstar
Blood Moon
Ares, Joxer, and an onlooker celebrate the lunar eclipse. OFC, BDSM, dubious consent. Slash, implicit het. 12k.
Lessons in Death
When Ares needs someone special to train a certain warlord, Death on Horseback is the only logical choice.  Highlander/HTLJ crossover. M/M explicit, M/F implied.
The Three Little Gods
A semi-spoofy retelling of the three little pigs. Gen.  5k.

War Vs. Lust
Ares meets a Roman slave girl. Het (OFC) and slash.

Added Dimension
"The King's Advisor" from Ares' POV.  Slash.
All or Nothing
Iphicles and his master have a go at it.  PWP.  Slash. 10k.
Cable Guy!
Response to Thiel's repairman challenge. Here, Ares visits Kelly as a cable guy. Het.
Caesar's Vengeance
Caesar plans revenge for the Ides of March. Slash.
Change In Attitude
Ares has a change in attitude and learns to serve the Sovereign.  Slash. 6k.
Day of Darkness
Ares must convince Iolaus to side with him for the fate of humanity rests on the hunter's shoulders.  PG-13 with some violence.  Character death.
End of Reckoning
Iphicles learns the truth about himself.  BDSM.  Slash. 15k.
For Him
Response to the 'public Ares fuck' challenge.
For The Love Of The Blood
Sequel to Godsferatu.  Ares/Lestat.  Slash.
Gabrielle's Choice
Set in the post-Quill world, Gabrielle falls for Ares.  Adventure, romance. Het.
Godhood Regained
Ares recruits list members to help him regain his potency. Comedy. Het.
Godsferatu and responses from Thamiris and Karesia
Ares/Lestat, with responses.  Slash
He Hath Honor'd Me
A spy inadvertently brings Iphicles and Joxer together. Slash.
The Hummingbirds
Sequel to "Yes, Virginia, There is a Hercules." Comedy.  Het, slash.
Just Like Romeo and Juliet...Not!
Iphicles/Joxer. Implied Slash. Comedy.
The King's Advisor
Iphicles/Lawrence from Desperate Remedies.  Slash.
Make Love to War
Ares/Iphicles.  Slash.
Making Up To Ares
Kelly does penance for ignoring Ares.  Violence, het.
My Soul's Imaginary Sight
Fantasy, romance. Het.
Travellers in an Antique Land
Iphicles in the 20th century.  Comedy, het.
Unhappy Endings
Iolaus has feelings for Ares; Hercules is upset.  Character death.  Implied slash. 6k.
What May Be
Ares GOL/Iolaus/Sovereign.  Slash, violence.
Where I've Been All This Time
Kelly/Ares/Iphicles.  BDSM, explicit het, slash.

Prude Tries to Retaliate
Listsibs respond to charges of obscenity.  Comedy.  Het.

Bedtime Stories
Ares lives a fantasy about Xena, with a little encouragement from Methos. Violence, NC-17,  kink.  HL/XWP x-over.  Het, slash. 8k.
Candlelight Remembrances
Cupid comforts Iphicles.  Slash.
The Choices of War
Ares must choose between Xena and Caesar. Character death. Het, slash.
Creamy Caesar
Sequel to "Left In the Dust." Caesar and Ares play.  Slash.
Feathers and Leathers and Cocks, oh my!
Cupid brings Ares/Caesar together.  Slash.
Fountain of Lust
Kitkat and Ares in a fountain. OFC, PWP.  Het.
A Healthy Competition
Ares and Iphicles prove who's the better lover.  Het.
The Hurricane Series
Series of short vignettes.  Het.
Left in the Dust
Ares and Hercules swap sex stories.  Slash.
Iphicles attends a costume party with his lover Cupid.  BDSM, violence. Slash. Ongoing.
Ares and Iphicles romp. Slash.
Monkey See, Monkey Do
A Pervert In King Iphicles' Court
Tham is caught in nightmare.  Comedy.
Strife reflects on his relationship with Ares. Slash.
A Spanking Good Time
Ares gets a spanking.  Comedy. Slash, het.
Strife as Cinderella.  Comedy. Slash.
Symphony For The Devil
A young man in the late 20th century encounters Caesar/Iphicles.  Slash.  Ongoing.
3 Snippets
Comedy. Slash, het.
Try a Little Tenderness
Cupid/Caesar.  Slash.
Waiting for Ares
Cupid helps Strife wait for the war god.  Slash.
The War Horses Series
Ares/Iphicles/CupidGOW/Caesar.  BDSM. Slash.  Ongoing.
War's Lustful Refrain
Ares/Cupid GOW.  Slash
Wings of Love and War
Ares/Cupid GOW/Cupid GOL.   Slash.
Zig ah Zig Cluck
Iphicles has a birthday party. Comedy. Not rated.

Iphicles, Ares, Herc and Iolaus appear in this retelling of Cinderella.  Slash. 75k.
Upside Down
Hades is turned mortal and meets a disguised Ares. Slash.  Ongoing.
Yes and No
Ares and the Muses teach Apollo a lesson.  N/C. Implied het, slash.

Hercules is in trouble and Iolaus makes a deal with Ares.   N/C elements. Slash
Sacrifice - A Different Point of View
"Sacrifice" seen from Iolaus' POV.  N/C elements. Slash

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