Bedtime Stories
By Kitkat

Come closer, lover.  I have the perfect bedtime story for a person such as you. The time of these events is as faraway as a dream, as close as the claws of a nightmare. The characters are familiar to you.  A Warrior Princess, before her apparent redemption.  A woman riding a tide of blood and pain.  I can feel your heat rise at the mention of her as your cock begins to stir. The other participant in this tale is a God of War, a being capable of making destroyers, then destroying them just to watch them burn. So now we can begin, where all things do, with chaos.

Smoke and fire threatened to eat the sky, the blackness only broken by crucified bodies lining the road. Xena had ordered the destruction of this village. Now she stood alone among the dead and dying, wishing each face had hazel eyes, frozen in arrogance even at the moment of his demise.  She was still hurting from Caesar’s betrayal.  It had also taught her a very important lesson, never again would she give up even the illusion of power and total control.  She wanted to hurt someone, to make them bend to her
will.  She was just about to pick one of her men to try to quell her ravenous need, but then a slight shimmer in the air gave her a better idea. “Xena,” the dark voice caressed into her ear.  Oh yes, now she had a much better toy to break.

Ares had spent most of the night watching Xena send the unfortunate villagers to Charon's waiting ferry. She was magnificent.  Tonight she would be the perfect instrument to cleanse himself of a desire that had been plaguing him for weeks now, ever since his recent playmate had brought it up.

The war god grabbed the Horseman as soon as he entered the tent, roughly kissing him.  The God and Immortal fought and fucked for hours.  Each leaving an array of bites, scratches and bruises like a map to their bloodthirsty passions.  Methos cried out as Ares grabbed him by the neck and lowered him ruthlessly on his blood and cum covered cock. Rocking to the sounds of Methos' pain, Ares began to speak. "You should have seen her today, Methos.  Brilliant, fucking brilliant."  Ares came with a name on his lips, it just wasn't the person he had been fucking for hours.

He pulled out of Methos' ass, still lost in the blue eyes of his obsession.  So lost, in fact, that he didn't notice Methos reaching for his knife until it was plunged into the god's chest. As Methos twisted the blade, he moved up behind the god, and began to fuck him.  The Immortal pounded into the War God, mimicking the action of the cock with the blade pumping in and out of Ares' chest.

"You like this, don't you?" Methos hissed. " Why don't you just give that bitch a cock so she can fuck you!"  Methos arched as he came, removing the blade then slowly licking it clean.

"Yes," Ares whispered as he healed himself.

Ares disappeared moments after, his mind unable to stop thinking about that one thing.  Xena fucking him.  His ass being split open as she pushed him to the edge of pleasure and pain.  He was a god after all, he could simply do as Methos suggested and give her a cock.  The idea was good, but Ares was in the mood for something just a little different.  He knew just where to find the perfect accessory for his agenda.  He disappeared in a flash to Olympus. This would lead us back to the moment of a raging Xena and a determined Ares surrounded by rotting corpses.

Xena looked at Ares, trying to gauge his intentions, then deciding she didn't care, led him toward the tent.  Opening the flap, she walked into her lair, anticipation filling her body.  Tightening her grip, she whirled on her would be lover, landing her weapon in the god's abdomen.  Ares pulled the chakram out with little difficulty. He tossed the weapon toward a darkened corner, then lashed out at the woman, bringing her to her knees.  Using the position to her advantage, Xena bit the cock that was straining the leather just centimeters from her face. As Ares was bent over, Xena pushed the god to his knees and was prepared to deliver another blow when something caught her eye.

Glittering in the firelight, was a mass of leather straps and shining buckles.  As she looked closer, she saw that amid the strips was a long rod which had carefully been formed into an almost realistic cock the only difference being that this had obviously been made so that one end should be inserted into the wearer, so she could be fucked and fuck at the same time. Her smile grew even wider as a plan formed in her mind.  Xena removed her skirt, pushing one end of the device as far as it would go.  As she stalked toward the still prone god, she gave a careless thought as to why he was still on the ground, but then forgot it as she pulled the tight leather pants away from Ares' body.

Positioning herself so that the dildo was just brushing Ares' ass, she spit on it a few times for just a hint of lubrication. Grabbing the War God by the hair, she dove into him, her hips creating a furious rhythm.  Ares began to moan and cry out in pain, driving Xena ever harder as her own body began to climax.  She felt rapture at the idea of hurting a god, leaving him bleeding on the floor of her tent, fucked and broken.  Her ecstasy would have been cut short if she could have seen Ares' face.  The look of joy was almost perfect.

Xena came with a howl that echoed across the now barren field.  She pushed Ares down, laughing at what she saw as weakness.  Laughter which died quickly as Ares rose and smiled at her almost lovingly.

"It's not something I'll likely ever say again, but thank you."


"Thank you, for doing exactly what I needed you to do.  It's Tartarus trying to get an idea like being fucked by someone like you out of my mind. Now, if you don't object, there's a certain person I must also thank for this ... personally."

Xena still could not utter a word, but she was tempted to offer up a silent prayer to any god who would listen for the unfortunate soul who would be receiving Ares' "gratitude".

I know what you're thinking, and yes of course there is more. For another time, now is the time to close your eyes and rest. Pleasant Dreams, Imperator.

The End