For Him
By Kelly

It really isn't fair.  He knows how to get to me every time.  And it's not enough that he invades my every waking moment at home, he comes to me everywhere now.  He expects so much of me... but it's no more than I am willing to give.

I know he loves me... he would stop if I asked him to... but I am selfish, I glory in his attentions too much to give them up, no matter what.

Have you ever done something for him, something that for anyone else would seem unimaginable, but for him seems nothing?  I know you all have... it's why we're here.

My friends call me Show-off... oh, just wait until they hear of off will be the least of it.  But for him....

It is still hard for me to believe what happened... so hard, like his cock.  For me to have done that... unthinkable.

I was walking back to my office from the center court office... I work in a mall.  He suddenly appeared behind me, his warm breath tickling the nape of my neck.  To anyone else, it would seem as though he had stepped out from the shadows.

"My darling," he whispered, throaty voice wobbling my knees as always... he knows me.  Knows how to get what he wants out of me.  His hand slipped around my shoulders to fondle my breast and knead my nipple through my shirt...and it's already hard for his touch.  He smiles as he kisses and nips my ear... I know that I've pleased him so far.  But he wants more... always more.

Leading him back to my office, I lock the door behind us.  He laughs as he reads the name of the door in my thoughts... 'Herculite.'  I move to pull the blinds over the glass window, knowing what is coming.  This time he stops me, tells me to leave them up.  Not knowing why, I obey.

He stands before me, lifts me to sit on the desk, spreading my legs to stand between them.  His fingers slip down and probe, finding me already wet and ready for him, he smiles.  Over his shoulder, I can see people walking through the mall, staring at the large dark man between my thighs.  Some stop to watch, some move on.  My face reddens, and I bury it in his neck.  The heat of my blush drives his fingers deeper, and I can feel his cock hardening against my leg.

He steps back only a single step to free it, and he thrusts into me, my clothes ripped as his hands seek my flesh.  Naked, my legs wrap around him as he pounds into me.  His mouth finds my nipple and sucks hard, his tongue rough against the sensitive flesh.  Noise outside the window draws my attention...people fill the window.  Young men, old men, young women and old, all gather to watch as he takes me yet again.  Knowing they are watching me, knowing that the young man with the pretty eyes is getting off on this, I cum hard the first time, rocking against Ares as my blood sings with my trembling flesh.

His laugh grates harshly against my ears, and I feel humiliated knowing that I have cum for these people's pleasure, but also for him, and that pleasure outweighs the humiliation.  Leaning back on the desk, I brace my hands on the cool flat surface and thrust back against his cock.  He stills, and lets me fuck myself using his body to satisfy myself... it is always this way.

Only when I cum for the second time does he take over, laying me down, pounding into me until he too cums, pulling out to anoint my body with his seed.  He turns to the crowd outside the window of the office, shielding me from them, then dropping the blind only to hide his exit.  Rolling to the floor of the office, I clean up the best I can and dress quickly.  By the time I have dressed, the crowd is gone off to shop again.

The End