Creamy Caesar
By Kitkat

Sequel to "Left in the Dust".  It's not necessary to have read that one first.
Caesar walked purposefully through the battlefield.  Yet the destruction went unseen by his dark eyes.  It had been months since the explosive encounter in his tent. Each second of that fiery afternoon was burned into his memory. When he first awoke still bent over the table, he thought the passion filled visions dancing around his mind were nothing more than a touch of battle madness, brought on by exhaustion.  Then he tried to move.  The ache and tenderness that radiated through his body confirmed that his memories were real.  He asked each of his surviving men, if they had seen anyone enter his tent.  No one saw a thing.  He was at a loss until one of his men suggested consulting an oracle.

He entered the cave of the oracle, feeling slightly foolish, he was not a man who followed such things blindly. He believed in himself, his destiny, not the whims of fickle gods and goddesses.  The power of the place, though, was unmistakable.

"So, the non-believer comes to see me?" an woman with bright eyes, and a well worn face asked him.  She looked at him critically, then smiled.  "I can  certainly see why Lord Ares chose you, beautiful conqueror."

As he heard the words, he felt the veracity of them.  He had been completely fucked into oblivion by the God of War.  Without a word to the soothsayer, Caesar left the cave, intent on seeking out the War God.  So engrossed was the man on trying to stop the continuous whirling of his thoughts, he never saw the dark figure smiling wickedly.

He traveled quickly to the nearest Temple of Ares.  It was quite small and in no small measure of disarray.  Mangled weapons littered the floor, along with fragments of clay and bone.  The only intact features were the throne, an impressive chair of silver, bone fragments, and crimson velvet, and the stone altar.

Caesar called out in the empty place, "Ares, show yourself to Caesar!" Getting no response, he sauntered up to the throne and took a seat.  As he sat, he felt the aura of potency rising through the chair into him like tendrils of incense smoke.  The metal cooled his warm skin, the velvet soothed him, as all the trappings of battle excited him.
Lost as he was in sensation, it took a moment for Caesar to understand the silken voice vibrating in his ear.

"You know, talking about yourself in the third person is not necessarily a good thing" Ares said casually.  As the words tumbled from his lips, his tongue skated around Caesar's earlobe.  After suppressing a shiver, Caesar whirled out the embrace to face his tormentor.

Caesar found himself against the altar, and used it for support.  This was the first time he had actually seen the God of War.  Dark hair and eyes, lips that could be kissed forever, lips that had burned him with their fire.  The leather he knew, he had felt the warm material pressed against him at their previous encounter.  The bulge at the god's groin only fueled the erection straining at his own clothing.

"Do you want me?" Caesar asked quietly.

Ares eyes blazed as he reached out toward the man.  Caesar raised a hand to stop him, while his other hand lightly stroked his own cock.  "No, Ares, I did not say you could have me, I simply asked if you wanted me."

"I am strong enough to take whatever I want" Ares said forcefully.

"Yes, I know, but are you strong enough to take only what is offered?" Caesar shot back, while he climbed up onto the altar and disrobed.

Ares watched hungrily as Caesar lay down on the stone of the altar, continuing to fondle himself.  Ares' pants were becoming too much of an encumbrance, so they dissolved like star sprinkles.  He found his voice long enough to ask, "What do you offer the God of War, Julius Caesar?"

Caesar beckoned him closer, taking Ares' hand and placing it over his own on the man's hardness. "This" he said as he ran both their fingers over the weeping head of his cock, "inside you." Ares pulled his hand away sharply, his face a web of intricate emotions, shock, anger, and finally desire all had a temporary home on the god's face. His decision made, Ares climbed onto the altar.

Ares' pulled a jar of a musky scented oil from under the altar.  At Caesar's questioning glance, Ares said, "Just one of the perks of being a god" as he covered Caesar's cock, and began to prepare himself.

Caesar watched intently as the god oiled and stretched himself.  As Ares lowered his body onto Caesar by degrees, feeling everything.  Caesar was in a similar situation, this slow fucking was driving him insane.  It was then that he realized that somewhere in this situation, he had once again lost control.  Ares was slowly fucking himself with Caesar's cock, merely bringing the mortal along for the ride.  This angered him enough that he surged up and kissed Ares brutally, biting the lip hard enough to draw blood.

The new sensation of pleasure/pain sent both men over the edge.  Ares roared as he spilled his seed onto Caesar's stomach.  Caesar emptied himself into Ares while the tingle of divine blood leaked from his mouth down his chin.  Ares licked the blood away slowly, while Caesar slipped out of him. Caesar tried to pull away, once again his mind was whirling, he needed to escape.

"You leave when I let you" Ares said menacingly. They locked eyes as Caesar gauged the god's intentions.  Then Ares let him up.  Caesar was finishing getting dressed when Ares grabbed him, kissed him and said, "Until we meet again, Conqueror."  Ares disappeared leaving a warrior's medallion on the altar.

Caesar picked up the medallion, preparing to throw it, but when he looked at it, he saw it how beautiful it was.  He put it around his neck, and some sort of peace descended, like it belonged there.  As he left the temple, he thought he heard a familiar voice laughing, but when he turned around, no one was there.  Smiling to himself, Caesar said
aloud, "Oh yes, we will meet again."

The End