Make Love To War
By Kelly
"Make Love *to* War. See, it's a--a pun, I think. I'll have to ask Gabrielle what it's called. Make Love, Not War. Make Love *to* War. See?"
--Joxer,  "Lessons In Battle," by Miriam
Ares materialized in the middle of a battle.  Bright gouts of flame shot out from either side, and Ares realized that he was standing ankle-deep in the blood of innocents caught in the crossfire.  Drawing his great Sword, Ares gathers his powers and flings the Sword upwards, drawing lighting from the sky and turning himself into a momentary beacon of light.

All the warriors on either side drop their swords and fall prostrate before their God, allegiance to kings forgotten in their fear of Ares.  Leaving bloody footprints across the battlefield, Ares strides towards the side that seemed to be winning.  He follows the line of cowed soldiers until he reaches the leader.  Snatching the leader, Ares issues one command before vanishing. "This war is over!"

Ares and the leader reappeared in Ares' Temple.  "You...what do you think you are doing?"

Iphicles looked up at Ares, eyes full of fire.  "I'm waging a war!  To make you smile on my city once more!  Lately we have been besieged with skirmishes and battles, and when I ask for your blessing... I get nothing!  So I did the one thing that I believe was right... the one thing that I know will get your attention!  War!  And a big one!   And this one isn't inconsequential, fought over chocolate syrup or butterscotch fondue, this is serious!  This is about defending one person's right to say what they wish when they wish to!  That army I was fighting... they wanted to come into Corinth, take over MY kingdom, and rule my people with an iron fist!  And I refused to let it happen!"

Iphicles' eyes were smouldering with anger, and he was panting, his chest heaving as Ares watched him quietly.  "What makes you think you didn't already HAVE my attention, King?" Ares asked, reaching out to stroke Iphicles' chest. "Believe me... you have it.  Undivided."

Iphicles' chest burned from where Ares stroked it.  "If my kingdom had your attention, we wouldn't BE in this position!"

"Notice I didn't say your KINGDOM had my attention... I said YOU did.  You have it.  So tell me what you want."

Two responses warred in Iphicles' mind.  One was for Corinth to win this war and be saved.  The other was to ask Ares to fuck him.

Ares laughed out loud at the thoughts going through the king's mind.  "Ah, my little king... those two... one is a consequence of the other."

Iphicles sneered at Ares.  "For Corinth to win, I have to let you fuck me."

"No.  Our fucking is a celebration of Corinth's victory."  Ares laughed again at the look on Iphicles' face.  "Has the God of War managed to surprise the King of Corinth?"


"Well, you should be.  NEVER make the mistake of thinking that you've got a god all figured out.  That's when we up and surprise you mortals."  Ares snapped, and suddenly Iphicles was naked in front of him.  "You see what I mean?"

Ares' eyes slid over the king's perfect form.  Full, sensual lips begged to be kissed.  Smooth nipples begged to be teased into prominence.  A solid chest begged to be crushed against his own.  Hips begged for his hands to hold and rock them.  And Iphicles' was erect, straining, and begging to be sucked.

Never one to decline an invitation, Ares slipped to his knees in front of Iphicles, worshiping the erection in front of him with his mouth.  He engulfed the king's shaft, letting it slide deep into his throat before closing his mouth around it.  He felt Iphicles' hands dig into his shoulders and push on them, trying to force him into a faster, stronger rhythm.  Ares refused.

Iphicles' hands slid into Ares' hair, tangling into the luxurious curls there, pulling the molten mouth away from his cock and up to his lips.  Ares allowed this, and plunged his tongue into the king's mouth, teasing, stroking and finally sucking on the king's tongue, taking control of the kiss and leaving Iphicles breathless.

Ares held Iphicles upright with one hand and with the other, magicked a bed to appear beside them.  He effortlessly laid the king on the bed, then paused only long enough to vanish his clothing before joining him.

As Ares settled between Iphicles' thighs, the king's hands sought and found the god's nipples, tweaking and twisting the divine flesh.

In response, a thick white cream appeared on Ares' fingers, and two of them pushed into Iphicles, stroking and teasing the hot body under him.

"Ares!"  Iphicles cried the god's name as his stroking fingers continued to torment him.

When Iphicles cried his name, Ares smiled.  He moved the hands from his nipples and with one hand, held them both above the king's head as his cock slid in to take his fingers' place.

Ares thrust hard into Iphicles, rocking the mortal body beneath him.  The king struggled to free himself from the god's grip, but a quick pinch to his nipple stopped his movements.

Iphicles lifted his hips and thrust back against Ares, urging him to go faster.  He stretched his body underneath the god's, arching for as much contact as he could get.

Ares' furred chest irritated Iphicles' already-sensitive nipples, and caused him to thrust harder against the god.  Iphicles' hands were suddenly freed as the god moved his hand down the length of his body to grasp his erect cock.

Ares pumped it twice, then a third violent stroke sent Iphicles' body into a shuddering orgasm, semen coating Ares' hand and stomach.

When Iphicles' body shuddered, Ares began to pound his own orgasm into the king.

At that same moment when Ares' orgasm filled Iphicles, a great shaft of lighting arced from the sky and decimated the army opposing the Corinthians. Blue fingers reached out and caressed hired soldiers, their bodies bursting into flame as their blood overheated.

Iphicles opened his eyes to look at the sated god staring down at him.  "Hell of a way to celebrate."

The End