Making Up To Ares
By Kelly
Part 1

Miz Kelly knelt before Ares' mighty throne.  "Forgive me, my lord  Ares...please forgive me."

Ares sat back, his arms crossed and his face creased in a mighty frown.  "And  why should I?  You seem more interested in that Doughboy of a nephew than you are in me!"

Kelly blinked at the vehemence in his tone.  "It's true, my lord... I do have a soft spot for your nephew Strife...but I belong to you, first and always."

"Do you now?"

"I do."

Ares' eyes glittered.  "Will you do what I ask?"


"You will give yourself to me?"


"Start now... bring me that whip from off the wall."  Ares gestured, and the  torches on the wall brightened, throwing firelight on an assortment of whips,  quirts and scourges.  The one Ares wanted glowed in the firelight, and Kelly  was almost afraid of touching it, afraid of being burned.

Part 2

Swallowing her fear, Kelly reached up for the whip, and it seemed to fall into her hand.

She went to take it to Ares and he shook his head.  "No.  You wanted my forgiveness... you knelt before me.  So stay on your knees.  Crawl."

Ares' voice slid hotly against her skin as she obeyed his commands.  She crawled to him, head downcast, and held the whip up to him, handle first.  A gentle tug released the handle from her fear-tightened fists, and he was in possession of it.

Cracking it experimentally to the side several times, he turned his head to look at the downcast face before him.  "Bare your back to me."

Kelly cringed at the command, but dared not disobey.  Slowly she unbuttoned the buttons of her blouse, and let the sheer garment fall to the cold floor. She shivered at the cool air that brushed against her skin, and she felt sickened by the crack of the whip.

"Do not move for anything, do you understand me?"  Ares' voice was devoid of the sexy intonations it usually carried... this was cold, pure, God of War don't fuck with me.

Kelly nodded, and swallowed hard.  She tensed her muscles as the whip cracked and the first lash fell against her bare back.

Part 3

The first lash fell across her bare back.  But instead of pain lancing out in all  different directions, there was only a brief, fiery warmth.  Ares watched as the amber glow from the whip sank into her skin.  When it disappeared, he cracked her with a second stroke, then a third when the second one dissipated. He continued in this manner, losing count of the strokes, arms bulging but never tiring.

Kelly felt the fire spreading from her back through her body, but it all seemed to be ending up pooled between her legs.  Her clit felt swollen already and she could feel it throbbing, begging for a tongue, a finger, or a cock to be rubbed against it.  Her lips were wet, dripping moisture down.  She could feel it trickling down the insides of her legs.  Her nipples were rock-hard, longing for a warm mouth to suckle them.  She didn't notice, so caught up in her desire, that Ares had stopped beating her and placed the coiled whip on the side of his throne.

"Come here," he called, and she forced her body to move to him on weak knees. "Look at me."

She lifted her eyes from the floor and rested them on Ares.  His vest had been discarded, and it lay thrown carelessly over the back of the throne.  A fine sheen of sweat covered his torso, caused the thick hair there to glimmer as if woven with diamond drops.  His legs were sprawled out for comfort, one leg thrown wide over the leg of the throne, the other extended out in front of him.  She could see the bulge of his cock straining against the leather of his pants.  His thighs were stretched taut under the leather from the strain of having them so far parted.  One arm supported his position on the other arm of the throne, and the other rested on the knee of the leg over the throne.

Suddenly that leg fell onto her shoulder and dragged her forward, throwing her face-down to land on her hands between his legs.  "Lift your head."

She did, and found herself level with his cock, still hidden in its leather prison.  She wanted suddenly to take the cock from the leather, to suckle it deep in her throat, to devour it hungrily.  She placed her hands on his thighs and he slapped them away.  "Did I give you permission to touch me?"

Kelly shook her head no.

"Answer me when I speak to you!"

"No, my lord... you did not," she whispered.

"Then why did you?"

She flushed brightly.  "I... I wanted your cock, my lord."

"Oh, really?  Seems that only a little while ago, you wanted my nephew's cock, and now you want mine??  That would make you a slut, wouldn't it?"

Kelly chewed her lip as he yelled at her.  "Yes, my lord."

"Get out of my sight," he hissed.  "I don't want to see you again."

Kelly's body cried out for relief when a voice challenged Ares.  "Leave her alone!"

Part 4

Strife appeared out of the shadows of Ares' throne room.  "I said, leave her alone."

Ares snarled at the sudden appearance of the pale god.  Kelly didn't seem to notice.  "It's because of YOU this is happening," Ares said throatily.

Strife grimaced.  "I know, man... that's why I'm here."

"Get out."

"Fine... but I'm takin' her with me."  Strife touched Kelly on the arm to get her attention.

Her eyes fell on the pale god and she shied away.  His was not the touch she craved!  She craved the hot hands of the god of war, not the small cool hands of this godling.  She wanted Ares' melting eyes staring at hers, not Strife's easily-read ones.  But most of all... she needed Ares' thick cock to split her open, to match the throbbing of her clit as he fucked her.  She flinched from Strife's touch and sent Ares a pleading gaze, silently begging him for... she didn't know what.

Ares' eyes filled with thinly-veiled amusement as he met the woman's frantic eyes over Strife's shoulder.  "Take her, nephew... don't let me stop you."

Strife picked her up and  started to carry her bodily from the room when Ares' voice stopped him.  "No... I meant to TAKE her, you moron... not leave with her."

Strife's eyes widened as he realized what Ares meant.

Part 5

So did Kelly's, when she realized what Ares had just said.

Strife lowered her to the floor and stood back to look at Ares.  "You gotta be kidding, Unc."

Ares glared at his nephew.  "Do I LOOK like I'm kidding?"


"Then do it."

Strife swallowed hard, and looked at the frightened woman squirming on the floor beneath him.  "I can't."

Ares uncoiled the whip and caught Strife across the face with it.  "You'll do as I tell you."  The amber glow sank into Strife's sallow skin, and Ares recoiled the whip.  "Now... take her."

Strife's cock started to harden at the whip's touch on his skin.  He raised his hand, and surprisingly felt no markings on his face.  He dropped his hand, and closed his eyes.  A brief thought, and the vinyl suit had vanished.

Kelly lay still on the floor, searching for Ares with her eyes while her body trembled.  She wanted HIM, not Strife... why was he punishing her this way??? Strife fell to his knees between her legs, and silently she wept.

As she wept, she heard Ares' voice whispering by her ear.  "Why are you crying? This is what you wanted, isn't it?  To be fucked by my nephew?  To admire his body, to touch him and have him touch you?  This is what you wanted.  Enjoy it."

His breath and his voice faded, and she was left in silence, but for Strife's quiet whisper of her name before he kissed her.

Part 6

Strife's cool lips pressed against Kelly's flushed and sweating face.  He marveled at the heat radiating from it.  Slowly, his lips moved from cheek to forehead, and then down to her lips, slipping his tongue in to caress hers. But instead of a response, all he got was a moan of discontent and he let her go.  He was surprised as she tried to turn away from him.

Ares saw her turning from Strife and laughed to himself.  "Turn back to face him... do not turn from him again," he ordered quietly.  Both heard it as his voice rumbled in their ears.

For a last time, Kelly turned her head to look at Ares.  From her vantage point, he seemed a giant, a colossus sitting astride his throne.  He also seemed determined to break her of something, only she didn't know what.  The intensity in his gaze frightened her, and she turned back to the unsatisfying safety of Strife's eyes.

Strife's mouth moved down her neck to her already-hard nipples, and as he bit at the stiffened flesh, inwardly he wondered why she was not responding to his lovemaking as she usually did.

Kelly lay quiescent under Strife, her mind and thoughts at war with her body. Her mind screamed for her to react to Strife, to take him into her arms, to nibble his ear and lick the pale skin she adored, but her body wouldn't accept anyone but Ares... she craved his touch and no other, and it screamed for relief.

Strife was fighting against himself as well... he knew that for some reason she didn't want him to touch her and yet he couldn't stop himself... he had to.  He kept kissing her, pleading with her in soft whispers and kisses to please give him some sort of sign, let him know he wasn't doing anything to harm her, anything she didn't want him to do.  His only response were tears flowing down her cheeks.

Strife could bear this no longer and stood, determined to face Ares down, for whatever was going on was too much.

Part 7

"What is going on, Unc?"

"Nothing... I'm simply giving the lady what she wants.  Apparently she wants you... so you she shall have."  Ares stared his nephew back down.  "Go back to her."

"No.  She doesn't want me, Ares."

"Oh, yes, she does... you're ALL she talks about.  I don't even REMEMBER the last time she mentioned me.  Believe me... for some deluded reason.. she does want you."

"You're jealous!" said Strife in a blinding moment of comprehension.

"You're a moron, Strife," Ares sneered.  "Get back to your... woman."

Strife went back and knelt beside the trembling woman.  "Don't worry... I won't touch you, not if you don't want it."

Ares picked the whip up again.  "Oh, yes, you will... even if I have to beat you every thrust of the way.  I will see you fuck this woman, make no mistake."  The whip descended, and Strife again caught it full in the face, then across the chest.  The third belt caught Strife's lower body and the tip of his cock.  It jerked once, then again as the whip started to affect him, too.  "Now get over there."

Strife moved back over to Kelly, and the whip caught him a final time across his buttocks.  Ares sat back and lovingly caressed the handle of his precious whip.  Never had he thought to find a use for it since Cupid rejected it and he took it...but it worked for him this time like a charm.

Both would crave only HIS body but be forced to seek solace with the other... too precious!!!

Part 8

Strife lowered his body between Kelly's spread legs.  He didn't want to touch her...his body craved Ares' cock, shoved deep and throbbing into his ass, his cock craved Ares' hand wrapped tight around it... instead, though, he once again kissed her, and trailed his mouth down her body until his fingers spread open the lips of her vagina and his tongue hooked around her throbbing clit.

She opened her mouth in a soundless scream as Strife started to suck her clit between his lips.  She could feel his tongue sliding around it, teeth closing gently around it.  A cold metal touched her fiery clit and she realized he'd materialized his tongue stud as he teased her further.

Ares' hand unfastened the metal closings of his pants and let his cock spring free.  It had been hard since she'd brought the whip from the wall to him on her knees, and finally he would allow himself to touch the throbbing hardness that almost ached.

As he watched, more tears flowed copiously down Kelly's face as Strife sucked her, working her swollen clit in vain.  He smiled as she strained not to move her eyes from Strife's form, though he knew she was searching for him.  Being wicked, he suddenly appeared, throne and all, behind Strife, in full view of her.

Kelly sobbed when she saw Ares appear behind Strife, cock open and at the ready.  She hoped he'd rip the godling from her body by the nape of the neck and throw him aside before taking her... instead...Strife pulled himself back up her body and thrust his hard cock into her, slipping a finger down to grind against the clitoris his lips had just recently abandoned.

Ares' hand tightened around his hard shaft.  Slowly he stroked it as the salty tears from Kelly's eyes splashed on the floor, and he pumped himself harder when he heard her sob when she saw him.  With a faint push, he read her thoughts and laughed.  He had no intention of doing what she'd dreamed... and when Strife entered her, the look on her face, pure misery and sadness...caused his cock to pulse in his hand.

As Strife's cock pounded into her, trying to bring her to orgasm, she turned her head and let tears fall to the floor.  She didn't want this... she wanted Ares to be the one thrusting his huge cock into her wetness, feeling him splitting her apart... instead... Strife fucked her hard, his cock sliding frictionless in the moist flesh, arms bulging with the strain of holding up his slight frame.

Briefly Ares pondered how long to let this go on... and he quickly decided until he brought himself to orgasm... only then would he stop this.  With that thought in mind, Ares resumed his rhythmic stroking, falling into the same rhythm as Strife.

Ares' hand glided up and down his cock almost thoughtlessly.  He watched, with avid interest, the coupling pair in front of him.

Part 9

Strife continued to pound into the unresponding woman beneath him, and he started to wonder if either of them were capable of bringing the other pleasure.  He certainly didn't want her... and she didn't want him.

Ares fought to keep a smile from drifting to his lips as sweat from Strife's brow splashed onto Kelly's lips, and her tongue snaked out, cleaning the salty drops from her mouth.  The taste of his sweat blended with the flavor of her

Ares' hand continued to pump his shaft as he thought about the couple in front of him.  As he pumped, he thought about what his next move would be.  He supposed that he should allievate the suffering of at least ONE of them... and that Strife would be the one... he was basically an innocent bystander.  Let her watch him fuck Strife... then he'd see if she was properly repentant.

Just the thought of making her squirm more, sped up his strokes, and when he thought of all the torment her body was in, begging for his release, he came.  Long pulsing throbs forced the cum from his cock in spurts, and they covered Strife's back with white strands.

Strife felt the heat on his back, and sighed.  Ares had come....that meant there was nothing left for him!!!  A heavy hand fell on his shoulder and tilted his upper body back.  "Enough," said Ares, and pulled Strife backwards, off the woman's body.  "Come here, Strife... let me help you out."

Part 10

Ares dragged the god backwards, until he was sure that Kelly could see them both.  "You won't dare to look away, will you?" asked Ares.  It was more order, though, than question, and she nodded shakily.

"I won't turn away," she whispered, eyes riveted fearfully on the giant god towering above her.  She kept her eyes pointed somewhere in Ares' midchest, below his nipples but above his cock, straining not to whimper her need to the
god determined to see her humbled.

Ares smiled wickedly as he deliberately scraped his drying cum from Strife's back, mixing it with the pooling sweat from the smaller god's body as he made a makeshift lubricant for his still-hard and pulsating cock.

Slowly, though, a thought came to him.  He looked at Kelly and motioned her to approach him.  "Come here," he said when she balked.  "Now."

Kelly closed her eyes and moved forward, and Ares' hand met her shoulder and dragging her forward forced her to kneel beside Strife, who was on his hands and knees.  He took her hand and raked it through the mixture of sweat and semen, and then guided the slippery hand to his cock.  "Coat it," he ordered.

She did as she was told, and slipped her hands around the wide girth of the pulsing shaft, spreading the slick mixture over the hot flesh, paying special attention to the head as she reached over for more.  Her hand grasped the length, pumping it once, then twice to make sure that the lubricant was well-spread over the thick cock.  Her body ached to hold his cock in her hand and know that it was not meant for her, that he was forcing her to take part in another's release.  Tears splashed on the coated head, sliding down to glitter coldly in the god's pubic hair.

"Enough of your tears...go back to where you were.  Do not think about turning away."

"Yes, my lord."

Ares grasped Strife's hips in a crushing grip, and held the smaller godling still as he buried himself inside Strife with one long push.

Strife moaned loudly as Ares' cock finally entered his tortured body.  He had been craving this, craving the feel of Ares' cock abrading the rim of his anus as he thrust slowly in and out, craving the feel of Ares' groin and thighs pressed against his buttocks as Ares drove deeply.  His body reacted to Ares finally being inside him and moved his hips, pushing back against the wargod's cock, trying to impale himself further.

Ares' eyes held Kelly's as she watched the desired cock plunge into the tightness of Strife's ass, watched as Ares slowly stroked his nephew.  She tried to curl in around the fire of desire that raced through her body, but she didn't dare.  Aroused now to the point of pain, she attempted to slip her hand between her legs and let one finger caress her clit.

A steel shackle appeared around the offending hand, and a chain attached to it, pulling it back and away.  Ares' eyes met hers, and they were stormy with anger.  "Don't," was all that he said before turning back to Strife.

Strife was still moaning softly under Ares' almost mechanical thrusts into his body.  Determined to make Ares move quickly, he clamped the muscles surrounding Ares' cock, and it had the desired effect.

Feeling the tightning of Strife's ass as he pumped it, Ares deliberately began to move faster, the thrusts coming more and more quickly as her eyes still didn't leave the gods' melded bodies.

Strife's cries changed swiftly to pleas for Ares' hand to engulf his cock.  He wiggled against Ares, trying to bring the wargod's attention to him, but it only earned him a slap on the buttocks as Ares worked him.

After the slap, Strife quieted considerably, and as a reward, Ares reached down and stroked the godling's cock a single time.  It shuddered under Ares' touch, and Strife whispered Ares' name.  Ares lightly stroked a second, then a third time before grabbing the cock almost brutally and grinding his fist along the length.  Strife screamed out as ribbons of cum sprayed onto the stone floor beneath him.

Ares felt Strife's orgasm shooting out over his hand, and he brought it to the godling's mouth.  Strife automatically began to clean the hand presented to him as Ares grasped his shoulder with his free hand and jetted his own orgasm
into Strife's welcoming body.

The godling collapsed from the intensity of his release and of the sudden lifting of the desire from his aching body.  With a snap, Ares sent Strife away and suddenly they were alone.

Par 11

The air seemed charged with a sudden electricity as Kelly found herself alone with the God of War.

"What do you think of my nephew now?" Ares asked silkily.  "Still think he's got the almighty cock you thought?  He couldn't even bring you to orgasm, now could he?"  The glimmer in his eye told her what response he expected as he abolished the shackle and chain that had held her arm immobile.

"No, my lord...he couldn't.  No one but you..."

"Finally.  Something that you say pleases me.  It hasn't recently."

"I know, my lord... but--"

"I didn't give you permission to speak, did I?"  He moved as if to casually backhand her but instead gently swept the hair from her eyes.

She blinked at the gentle touch and tried not to press herself closer to Ares' warm hand on her face.  Her mind tried to ignore the fact that he was gloriously naked, standing right before her, but her body wouldn't let her. Her body craved what was so close to her.

"Open your mouth," he said, and his fingers twisted lightly in her hair to emphasize his command.  Obediently, she did as he told her and his cock brushed her lips as he lodged it slowly in her throat.  Without being told, she began to bathe it with her tongue, sliding down the length as he held her hair, directing her with pulls and tugs.

Her lips tightened around the hard shaft as she pulled her head back, gently kissing the tip of his penis before teasing around the head and flicking her tongue across the sensitive underside of the head.  As she slowly engulfed the organ again, she let her teeth scrape along the sides.  She felt her throat tighten, and fought down the gagging reflex as Ares' hands fisted in her hair.

She forced her throat to relax, then allowed it to tighten again.  His hands tugged her hair again cruelly, then he removed his cock from her mouth altogether.

"Very good... you CAN do something good with your mouth."

Kelly almost sobbed when Ares pulled away from her.  Her body ached for him, for his touch... for even a look that wasn't filled with hate or disgust. "Please..." she whispered.

Ares heard, but pretended he hadn't.  He debated whether he should take her or let her suffer as an example to all who would malign his godhood.  He sighed inwardly.  He was a fierce god, but not a cruel one.  If she was begging for him... she knew.  She had learned.  One question would determine if she was ready for him.  "Who do you serve before all others?"

"You, my lord."

"And who is the one who can fulfill your desires?"

"You, my lord."

Now, for the most important.  "And who do you desire above all others?"

"You, my lord."  Her voice broke on the last "my lord."

He held out his hand to her.  "Come."

She started to crawl to him, but he stopped her.  "Rise and walk to me."

She stood on shaking legs and approached her god.  Taking the offered hand, she followed as Ares led her over to the bed that suddenly dominated the room.

Part 12

Yanking her by the arm, Ares tossed Kelly onto the bed.  Startled, her aching body wouldn't let her move and she could only watch as Ares climbed onto the bed and loomed over her.  He seemed so much bigger, so much more dominating from her point of view, especially when her body throbbed at the mere sight of him.

Ares reached out and caressed her cheek.  "You will remember this, won't you, the next time you think to neglect me?"

She nodded, not sure if he wanted her to speak or not.  When his eyebrow raised expectantly, she spoke.  "I will remember.  And I will not neglect you again."

"I should hope not," he said, conversationally, as he slipped his finger between her lips to stroke at the clitoris that jumped at his touch.  He caught it between his thumb and forefinger and massaged it as he spoke.  "This is not a lesson I'd care to repeat, I don't know about you."

She wasn't listening to him anymore.  Her mind had cut off the moment his touch seared against her skin and when his fingers captured her clit... she was in heaven as a cool surge of relief passed over her as he touched her. Her hips were moving uncontrollably as he manipulated her clit, and she screamed out for him loud enough for the gods to hear.

"No need to shout, my dear... I am here," Ares said, fingers withdrawing.  He swung his leg over her thighs, straddling her, holding her legs together between his.  He watched as she tried not to rub them together.  She was trying so hard to please him.  He knew, though that it wasn't because she wanted to... it was because of her need of him that she did as she was told. He still wondered if, given the choice, she would bend to his will or neglect him again for another.  He lay a finger across her lips.  "If I were to take you, now, and relieve this burning in your body, what happens next?  Do you still neglect me, or do you remember who you are here to serve?"

Ares' question barely penetrated her hazed brain.  He'd asked her a question... if she had the choice would she choose him?  She fought the waves of fiery desire and need that threatened to pull her under and tried to think rationally.  Ares... insecure?  Never... but why this then?  This god of war who constantly awed her, who could reduce her to a quivering mass of aroused tissues simply with a look was feeling neglected.  "I won't forget again, my lord."

Ares nodded, satisfied.  "Good."  He leaned down to kiss her, her body still trapped between his legs as his tongue swirled over hers, trapping hers in the hot cavern of his mouth.  The taste of him rolled over her senses, as did the heat radiating from his body.

His heat and hers met in a cascade of sweat that sheened both their bodies. His hands trapped her head between them as his tongue plunged deeper and swirled harder.  He drew one leg across hers, and used his knee to open her legs to him, and he settled between them, never once breaking the contact of his mouth against hers.

When he was settled, he moved his mouth from her lips to her nipples, and she barely had a chance to draw in a gasping breath before Ares' hot tongue circled the nipple, lips closing around it as the tongue pushed the hard tip back and forth.  More blood raced to her nipple, hardening it in his mouth.

He took the other in firm fingers, rolling, then pinching the sensitive flesh,  occasionally stopping to drop a moist kiss on it before returning to the other.  With Ares' skilled manipulations of her aching breasts, she came, hard.  Her body trembled as Ares' hands comforted the aching flesh he'd just tortured.  When the first orgasm stopped, Ares pulled himself back up to her lips and kissed her once, sweetly, then slid his hands down her sides and legs before parting the lips of her vagina and sliding his hot tongue into the wet folds, mouth seeking and finding the clitoris longing for his touch.

Her body pulsed with an almost electric charge when his mouth touched her clit, and she tightened her legs around him, trying to draw him deeper.  It didn't work as Ares reached up and lowered her legs back to the bed, only to wrap them around his waist as he moved back up and drove his cock into her fevered flesh.

As Ares' cock sank into her, Kelly could almost have died on the spot.  He moved with excruciating slowness, allowing her to feel and to contemplate every inch of hard cock that thrust into her, every throb that pulsed through his shaft, every tremor as he angled the head to rub against her clit. Maddeningly, he would not move faster, and she thought soon she would go insane.

Ares felt the tension in her body begin to drain as he fucked her.  He moved with long, slow strokes, pushing himself as deep as possible and then to pull back slowly to prolong the wonderful feeling of flesh abrading against flesh. Her hands braced against his shoulders, trying to pull his chest down against hers to rub against erect nipples.  Instead, Ares bent his head and licked  each one once only, then pushed in harder on the next stroke.  He was rewarded with a cry of his name and her nails digging bloody furrows in his skin.

Stilling inside her, he leaned down to whisper into her ear.  "You must let yourself go...hold nothing back from me... give yourself to me completely." She barely nodded before he started to pound into her.  Fast, hard strokes, completely the opposite of the strokes before it.  These rocked her whole body, caused her walls to clench tighter and tighter around him.  The sound of his groin slapping against her flesh was urging him on, and with each hammer, she panted his name in a thick voice.

Finally, Ares could feel her orgasm beginning, and smiled to himself.  His hands grabbed her hips and thudded her twice more on his cock, then held her pressed tightly against him as contraction after contraction shook her body.

Ares could feel the fluid trickling out around his cock, dripping down both their thighs and back against her buttocks as he held her arched against him.

Wave after wave of orgasm pulsed through her body, finally quenching the fire that had been burning and gnawing at her since he'd begun with the whip.  Her bones seemed liquified as her body flowed, turned to molten metal for Ares to forge as he would.  She was his and he took her.

With a few final, brutal strokes, Ares himself came, his cum racing through her blood to stoke the raging embers that remained.  Her legs slid bonelessly from around his waist, and she seemed to puddle in the middle of the bed as Ares remained above her.  He shook his head, and small droplets of sweat rained down on them both, scalding her skin where they touched her.

Ares looked down at her, and somehow she summoned the energy to blink up at his chocolate eyes.  Her tongue wet dry lips as he knelt over her.  "Am I forgiven?" she whispered as his gaze melted her again.

The End