Godhood Regained
By Kelly
"You're all COWARDS!!" Ares roared at the pitiful circle of former gods circled around him.  "Hera turns us into mortals, and all you can do is bitch and moan!  Not ONE of you has the balls to follow me!"

The gods around the table just threw each other ashamed glances.  "We... we might be killed," 'Dite whispered.

"Better to die like a warrior than live as a spineless jellyfish!!"  Ares turned on his heel, giving the gods his back as he stormed out of the meeting.

Walking into his palace, he bellowed for "THAMIRIS!!!!!"

Thamiris came scurrying down to meet his call.  Ares had plopped himself in his throne, swinging one leg over the arm of the throne and resting the other leg straight out.  "You bellowed?"

"Gather every citizen of Smut City here to me NOW!"

Thamiris ran out of the room, and rang the silver emergency bell.  Women began to pour out into the streets.  "Ares has commanded that we attend him IMMEDIATELY!"

Nemetona rubbed her hands together.  "Oh, really... he MUST be feelin' good!"

All the members of Smut City piled in front of Ares.  "How can we service you, Lord Ares?"

Ares clasped his hands in front of him.  "Listen to me carefully.  Hera has stolen the source of all godly powers, and she's hidden it.  The other gods are too craven to do anything about it... so it's up to me."

Karesia looked at Ares, puzzled.  "We know that you can do it."

"Not alone I can't.  With the Source gone, there is only one thing that can empower a god."  He paused dramatically, searching the faces in front of him.  "Sex."

"SEX??" Everyone chorused.

"Sex," Ares confirmed.  "The intimate contact between bodies generates power that a god can absorb and utilize."

Thamiris turned to face the women.  "What do you say, girls?"

"LET'S DO IT!" shouted Laurissa, and everyone else shouted agreement.

"Then let's get started."  Karesia, Thiel, Arebella, Laurissa, Thamiris and Nemetona followed him.  "Who'll volunteer to be first?"  Six hands shot up in the air.  Karesia jumped forward and landed on Ares.  "I guess that answers that."  Ares and Karesia quickly undressed each other, and Ares thrust into her, giving her long, pounding strokes as he drew her orgasm out of her.

"Aaahhhh," he said, absorbing the orgasmic energy.  "That feels...goooood."

Thiel helped Karesia to her feet while Ares stood and stretched.  "Come on, girls... we've got a Source to save!"  He dragged the women behind him until they reached Hera's stronghold.

Ares tried to batter the door down, but the energy from Karesia wasn't enough... the doors were fortified.  He pulled Thiel to him next, and Thiel wrapped her arms around him as he pushed into her, thrusting quickly as Laurissa and Arebella supported her.  Her orgasm hit Ares like a rush of adrenaline, and the doors shattered inward.

They carried Thiel inside until she could walk again, and they followed Ares, fanning out behind him, protecting his back from Hera's cowardly ambushers.

One set of them attacked from both sides.  Arebella, Karesia and Thiel gathered back to back as Laurissa, Nemetona and Thamiris formed a phalanx around Ares, allowing him to advance and reserve his energies for the final attack.  The rear group whipped out their weapons... Arebella cracked her whip, Karesia swung her chains, and Thiel swung her bat.  Skulls caved in and blood spattered the women as they fought their way back towards Ares. Laurissa, Nemetona, and Thamiris got Ares past the front half of the group, and they all reunited, hugging each other and Ares.

"We're almost there," Ares reassured them.  "This is the last hallway...the longest corridor.  It's going to be the worst.  If I know Mom, there's booby traps down every step of that corridor.  I can spring them... but it's going to take a LOT of power to do it."  Thamiris and Nemetona stepped forward, smiling.

"We can handle it."  Thamiris pushed Ares down, straddling his hips and pulling his erection free.  She sank down on it as Nemetona lowered herself onto his mouth.  Ares' talent brought them to simultaneous orgasms, and the corridor in front of them exploded with the force of all the traps going off.

A female scream echoed through their ears as Hera appeared before them, blocking their entrance to the final room.  Ares felt his women at his back, the collective force of their lust for him empowering him even more.

"Get out of the way, Mother."

"You pitiful mortals.  You think you can defeat the Queen of the Gods?"

"Yes, we do."  Ares stepped forward, locked in a battle of wills with Hera. "I know that we can win because we're united against you with bonds stronger than your hate... their love for me."  He flexed his ass in front of the women, and the rush of desire shot through both Ares and Hera.

"You don't have the power to defeat me," Hera said.  "You've lost."

Ares reached behind him and pulled Arebella forward.  He looked into her eyes. "I need all of you," he said.  "Your lust, your love... all of it."

Arebella looked at him.  "You have it," she told him, sinking to her knees before him.  She reached up and freed him, then wrapped her legs around his waist and impaled herself, working herself on his erection, giving herself to him completely.  Ares' hands tightened on her waist, and as she screamed his name as she came, Hera's voice screamed as Ares empowered himself through Arebella.

"This isn't over!" Hera screamed, exploding in purple and green sparks, a peacock feather fluttering to the floor.  A newly strong Ares crushed the feather under his foot and he kicked the door in.  On the table, a blue Stone pulsed brightly.  Ares picked up the Stone, and slipped it into his vest.

"All we have to do now is return the Stone to Olympus, and all the gods' powers will be restored."  He turned to Laurissa.  "It's up to you," he said to her.  "You'll enable me to return this to its proper place."

Laurissa gave herself to Ares, letting his thrusts rock her body and bring her to orgasm.  When it came, a blue flash of light blinded them all and Ares was gone, only to return a few moments later.

He appeared in the midst of their circle and threw back his head.  "I am BACK!" he screamed, his voice echoing from the sky and the earth, resounding through their bodies.  He made a sweeping gesture, and each of the women were suddenly naked.  They all pounced Ares in a tangled heap, kissing and caressing whatever patches of skin they could reach.

Ares made sure that before they were done, each of his women received a long, slow lovemaking filled with caressing and kisses to reward them for their services to him.

The End