By Kitkat
Iphicles awoke, his muscular frame drenched in sweat and cum. Eyes still clenched shut, keeping reality at bay, the king felt the whisper of memory.  Feather light touches became roughly real caresses from calloused palms, running possessively over his body.

"Who else were you expecting?"

The god's words were said lightly, but the dark eyes revealed enormous passion, and, to anyone who knew him as intimately as the king, enormous insecurity.

Iphicles ran a lazy hand through his lover's tumbling curls.  "I was dreaming about the first time we met.  I still get hard thinking about that song."  Undulating in the bed, Iphicles sang, "Here kitty, kitty."

Ares purred, the sound vibrating around the lovers.  "Tell me."

Cora's Inn

Iphicles circled the crowded inn, feeling at ease and unsure at the same time.  He knew his brother, Hercules, was here.  Still, he had an urge to attend.  He swayed with the crowd, as the anticipation grew, crackling in the air, heavy and thick.

Then it happened.

He took the stage, tight leather and testosterone, making hearts flutter and cocks throb.  Ares, god of war.  Brother of his brother.  Iphicles' eyes darkened as Ares strutted and gyrated on the stage.  The chiseled face almost a mirror to his own, the slight differences due to the somewhat boyish innocence that Iphicles' countenance still held.

Ares' stage ensemble seemed to be painted on his exquisite body, the war god's semi-erect cock, straining against the leather.  Iphicles licked his full lips, wanting to taste the god's cum, feel it burn his naked flesh with its passion. The young man was frightened by the depth of his lust, the interest growing to desire, now quickly spiraling into obsession. So lost in watching those powerful, thrusting hips, Iphicles didn't notice the dark gaze that threatened to immolate him where he stood.

The song ended, and Iphicles quickly made his way up to his room at the inn.  Walking painfully into the small chamber, he dug into his satchel for a very special treasure.  He'd found it on one of his travels, a sweet substance that he liked best, warm and melted until it was of a syrupy consistency.  Chocolate.  He placed it in a bowl near the fire, to warm.  Once that was done, he quickly stripped, freeing his erection, hand grasping the shaft tightly.  He reached for the bowl with his other hand.

"I could help you with that, you know."

He jumped as the war god materialized.  They both watched as the bowl Iphicles had been reaching for flipped in the air, spilling on the man's naked body, pleasantly warm and sticky. Tendrils of anxiety and embarrassment flood him.  He felt so awkward and foolish, and he must look like an idiot.  Then an idea occurred to him that would hopefully help Iphicles get the completion that he so desperately needed.  Lowering his mouth to his arm, he slowly licked the chocolate from his skin, savoring the taste, making noises of contentment that sounded like purring.  Satisfied that his arm was clean, he circled a finger in the chocolate covering his nipple.

Offering it to the god, a silent plea, Iphicles heard Ares say, "Come on kitty, kitty, let's play."

The god pounced, rolling them onto the bed, and latched onto a sweet nipple.  Then the toned muscles of Iphicles' abdomen, pectorals, biceps, all received lavish attention from Ares' talented tongue.  Slowly dipping lower and lower, he finally reached Iphicles' swollen cock.

Ares smiled at his lover's mumbles and growls, then licked the leaking tip of Iphicles' cock, the salty fluid a counterpoint to the slickly sweet chocolate.  Running his fingers over the head, Ares coated his finger, bringing it to Iphicles'  opening.  Without losing contact with the man's cock, Ares produced some oil to help stretch and loosen Iphicles' passage.  Inserting a second finger, Ares brushed Iphicles' prostate, eliciting a loud shout from his lover.

Iphicles began to thrust back onto Ares' fingers, needing more stimulation.  "I'm gonna cum, oh gods!"

The mumbled cry was all the warning Ares had before Iphicles flooded his mouth.
Ares swallowed greedily, still fucking Iphicles' ass with his fingers.

"Need you in me–now." Iphicles ground out.

Ares laughed. "Such a demanding kitten. Impudence like that deserves a spanking."
Lightning quick, Ares pulled Iphicles over his knees, and began to pepper the young man's ass with blows that ranged from  an almost-caress, to spanks that echoed through the room.  Iphicles' erection returned, inflamed by the precious torture. The god sat the young man up on his lap, his cock nestled between Iphicles' warm cheeks.  Coating his cock in the oil he produced, he entered his lover with a powerful stroke, setting a demanding rhythm.

Iphicles kept up, thrusting in time with Ares, working his shaft, while the god massaged Iphicles' balls.  Pounding into his lover, Ares felt his climax approaching, the storm of pleasure rolling through his body.  Opening his mouth in a silent scream, he lowered his head, biting Iphicles' shoulder, tasting the tangy blood in his mouth, as creamy cum filled his hand.

Collapsing on the bed, Iphicles fell asleep with Ares spooned behind him.

Waking with the dawn, Iphicles almost cried from the despair of waking alone.  Then he realized he wasn't entirely by himself.  Nuzzling into his chest was a small kitten, entirely black with quick, bright yellow eyes.  Picking the feline up, he saw the note.

"A kitten for my kitten.  A."

"A."  Alpha. The beginning, of the alphabet and a new chapter in Iphicles' life.  He placed the kitten on his chest, then slept for a few more hours. He deserved it.

The king's chamber

Iphicles sighed.  The memories of that night were so wonderful, something special he pulled out only when he was feeling really alone.  He thought of the cat, which he'd named Marcus.  The loyal feline had truly been his protector.

The king felt a sharp bite on his shoulder.  Ares was nibbling on the scar of that first bite.
At Iphicles' expression, Ares simply said, "You weren't paying attention."

A pounding at the door stopped any answer Iphicles would've given.  Ares disappeared in a flash of blue, and the king pulled on a robe and opened his chamber door.  Hercules stood before him, asking for help on some matter. Iphicles said he'd assist of course, hoping that when he returned that night, his lover would be waiting.  That brought a smile to his face, and with that thought, Iphicles faced the day.

The End