by Kelly
With Responses from Tham, Karesia, and Kelly again.

by Kelly

All the gods are dead except the god of war--Eldridge Cleaver

(godz-four-aw-two):  A god who has been temporarily given the Vampiric Gifts

Hello, boys and girls.  It's good to be back!  Oh, for those of you who don't know me...my name is Lestat, former rock star. Perhaps you've heard my music, perhaps not.  It hardly matters.  I suppose you're wondering why I've borrowed an email account to drop in on your lively little list... well, I've heard my name being whispered so seductively lately, I couldn't resist.  Call me vain, but I like hearing people talk about me.

Also...when I found out about your... shall we call it rabid devotion?.... to a certain God of War, I couldn't help but wish to share my encounter with all you beautiful people.

It started on my kind of night.... dark.  Only the light of a full moon reflected on the water.  I was home again, back in New Orleans....and I was hunting.  Then I caught scent of the most sweet, most inviting blood I'd ever smelled before.  I was drawn to it as a moth is to a flame.

And when I found the source of this blood, I fell instantly in love.  He was beautiful.  The full moon rippled darkly in his hair, and his cloak fell open over one arm as he reached his hand out and pulled a woman to her feet from her chair.  A deep throaty laugh reached my ears, and I could smell his blood and her arousal.  THIS was a stalker of humanity worthy of me!  ^Oh, Lestat. You have chosen well this night!^ I thought to myself.

I followed my chosen as he took the woman down crowded streets, whispering in her ears, moonlight glistening on full, wet lips.  I could have lost myself in the deep whorls of his hair.  But I digress.

I honestly don't know if it was his house or hers they entered together.  I would guess hers, since a god doesn't really NEED a house.  I waited for him, waited half the night, but he was worth it!  The woman's obvious cries of pleasure made me wish, not for the first time, that my potency had not been drained with my blood.  Ah, well.  Such is the life of a vampire!

He left the house alone, dark cloak drawn close with gold clasps straining to cover an almost impossibly broad chest.  I felt an irresistible urge to speak to this... nonmortal, I realized, drawing closer.  He was MORE than immortal, yet not another vampire, either!  Such a delicious puzzle, in such a pleasing package!

But forgive me if I sound shallow... his physical beauty is the thing that drew me to him.  It was all I knew of him.  And I will admit, I know that I am quite attractive for a  dead man.  I was hoping to use that unearthly beauty to lure my chosen closer to me before tasting the sweet blood whose scent still filled my nostrils.  I fell into step beside him, letting my blond curls fall demurely over my face.

"Good evening," I greeted him.

A look of shock passed over his face as I spoke.  I suspect that he could not read me, just as I could not read him.  "Hello."

That voice...it was enough to melt concrete.  I felt the blood I'd drank earlier in the evening begin to warm inside me.  Just one word, and it offered sexual satisfaction and gratification beyond your wildest dreams.  And mine used to get pretty wild!  I tossed my hair back over my shoulder and let the moonlight hit my eyes...that always worked.

And it didn't fail me this time as I heard the faint rustling of a cock stirring against leather.  I smiled to myself.  ^You've still got it, devil!^ I knew my eyes were still sparkling with my amusement.  "Hello yourself."

"What do you want?"

^Oh, to knock you down, sink my teeth into that blood-filled cock, and suck you dry, that's all...^ I let that thought trail off before it could coalesce into a mental image.  "To talk."

He smiled.  "I'm not for sale, my friend...best look for someone else."

That smile!  I could feel stirring in parts of my body that had been dead for centuries!  "I know you're not...I've been watching you all night."

The smile fell.  "Have you now?" he asked, in a dangerous tone that delighted me.

"I have."  I heard the rustling again, louder than before, and chanced a glance into the shadows cast by his cloak.  His cock was straining against the leather, almost bursting the seams of his pants.

"Well...are you going to do MORE than watch me all night?"  One of his strong hands snaked down and brushed lightly against his erect cock, and it twitched.

I couldn't help myself, and I put my hands on his face and kissed him with cold lips.  His fiery tongue slipped into my lips and warmed my mouth.  I let my hands explore his body while moving down to his waist.  I wrapped my arms around his waist and tossed him backwards to land in the shadows in the cool grass.  I immediately jumped over to him, landing on his waist.  He didn't  try to fight me as I opened the waist of his pants, and finally freed the throbbing cock and was calling to me as loudly as the blood.

His hands spasmed as I sank my fangs into the hot, hard flesh and began to suck.  Godly blood hit me in a rush and suddenly I knew this was Ares, God of War, and he had wanted me to bite him!

And I did, swallowing great drinks of his blood.  I knew I couldn't drain him, that was impossible!  So instead, I looked at him and asked--straight up, as you say in this time--if he wanted it all.

"Yes!" cried Ares.  "I want it ALL!"  He grabbed my hand and in seconds, he'd slit my wrist and put it to his lips, drinking heavily.

I could see the blood hitting him a rush, saw the fangs grow in as his head arched back and he screamed to the heavens!  "It's only temporary, you know," I told him.  "I'm good... but I'm not THAT good."

"It's no matter," Ares said, getting to his feet and wrapping himself in his cloak.  "It's close enough."

I watched as he pushed past me, and I followed at a safe distance, knowing that the master/ fledgling bond had closed whatever perceptions he had of me or I of him,  until the blood wore off.  Funny to think of my blood wearing off!

I watched him enter a darkened house, acting as if he belonged there.  I thought that perhaps he meant to sleep, but no... a light flickered on in the bedroom, and a male voice called out to him.  Nosy, yes, I am, but I flew up to the balcony outside the bedroom and peered in.

He had chosen well, I thought.  A small, slender man, he was blond and blue-eyed like myself, and I thought for a moment he might have wanted someone like me... but the seductive whisper of the mortal's name stopped that thought.

"Iolaus," he whispered.  "Wake, Iolaus."

Piercing blue eyes opened and delicate hands drew the dark god down onto him. The dark body covered the light one, and the one called Iolaus pushed his tongue into Ares' mouth, and yelped in surprise at the fangs he found there!

I thought that SO very amusing!

Iolaus' white hand started to feel around the bedside, and with a light probe into his thoughts, I found he was in search of a weapon!  Not that he could hurt the god, but still... he wanted a weapon!

Ares must have heard his thought as well, because he laughed and snapped off one of the large posts of the bed.

"Wooden stake, Iolaus... that what you're looking for?"  Ares' black cloak settled over them both as he swept it up over his shoulders as he slid down Iolaus' body.

And what a picture they made, my friends... what a beautiful picture.  I can't begin to describe it.  Nor can I describe the feeling I had when Ares began to... service, shall we say? his blond lover.

Ares' full lips had closed around Iolaus' thick shaft, and Ares' mouth was working in gentle strokes up and down, and Iolaus' head was thrown back, hands twined in Ares' dark hair.  Then Iolaus screamed as Ares sank sharp fangs into his cock.

I remember the fire of the bite in my neck...I can only imagine how it would feel on a cock.  But Ares didn't stop sucking or licking as he drank, and Iolaus was writhing against him, under him, and Ares threw his own head back and panted harshly before lapping again at the blood still leaking from the hard cock.

I could smell both their bloods mingling, and it brought the hunger back to me in spades.  I moved forward, into the light on the balcony, and Ares snarled at me before Iolaus had recovered enough to see me.  "You will stay away from this golden treasure.  He is not yours."

Not wishing to fight against a WarGod, I inclined my head to him and took off. My last sight of him was his lowering head dropping once again to lap at his lover's cock.

There you are, my friends.  Lestat meets The God of War.  Not much, I'm afraid.  But do please continue to talk about me... I just might stop back in again.

Love always,



Louis' Response
by Thamiris

Lestat, of course, got it wrong.  Quel surprise.  He tells you a wonderful story, of beauty,  passion, anger and violence.  The truth, my dear readers, is not quite so romantic.

Lestat did not invent his encounter with the delicious god of war--that much is true.  Even his fervent imagination couldn't conjure up that much evil splendor.  No, the events that sprang from my vampire brother's imagination concerned that blond angel, Iolaus.

Ares did visit a mortal, did enter a darkened house, and Lestat did follow him.  But what happened inside--a slightly different story.

I followed the two; Lestat was so besotted with the handsome god that he missed my presence completely.  Ares, Lestat close at his heels, did enter a bedroom.  The man inside, however, was no sweet seraph.  He stood at the window, as though expecting their visit.  Given Ares' beauty, I expected this man, as I know Lestat did, to stun me with his charms.

Imagine the horror when he turned around, armor clanking in a most dreadful fashion.  His  milk-white face, paler than either Lestat or I, glowed in the dark.   The features themselves were an odd amalgamation of angles and planes.   And atop this, horreur!  The most hideous chapeau I have ever seen.  Flaps dangled from the sides like the two giant bat wings, while the top peaked like your modern-day SnowCone.   His outfit---bon Dieu, how I struggled not to laugh!

He wore a suit of armor--at least I suppose that was its intent.  The ridiculous costume looked like something his mother had made for an All Hallows' celebration--his blind mother.  At the center of this strange costume--a round object I can only compare to the cover for one of your rubbish receptacles.

Most shocking of all: while Lestat's jaw dropped in disappointment, Ares' eyes lit up.  This mortal was his lover!  And the stake that Lestat gave to Iolaus, in his fantastic account:  none other than the strange little man's already erect penis!!!

What happened next is not fit for human consumption.  Suffice it to say that Lestat overcame his disgust--morality was never his strong suit.  At one point in the evening's crazed fits of lust, he even donned that peculiar hat.

Lestat ended his story with his mock-humble claim, "Not much, I'm afraid."  There, at least, he was telling the truth.

Your friend,


Akasha's Response
by Karesia

You all will of course, remember Louis' jealousy of Lestat and regard his account of that evening's events as partially jaded.  That he was never as powerful or comfortable in his immortality as my dear Dark Prince burns him, although he also never had MY blood coursing through his body.

I was there too Louis.  Oh yes, indeed.  Do not be so shocked.  I have been watching....did you think you were so easily rid of me?...I merely had to wait, as I am accustomed, for a new host.  But you and I have much we will discuss about that...

But to these mortals on this list...if you wish the true events of that evening, I suggest to you it lays somewhere in the middle.  Of course, you could always check with Ares.

But alas, this proves my point.  That women should have control.  Only men worthy should be allowed to remain and procreate.  Men, mortal and immortal, such as Lestat (my dear beautiful one),  and this God Ares.  Now THAT is a man worthy of survival, worthy of the attention of a woman.  Someday...

Akasha, Queen of the Damned.

The War God Speaks
by Kelly

Now that I have your attention... let ME tell you what REALLY happened!!!

First of all...

It was a dark and stormy night.  Suddenly, I heard light footsteps behind me.  Marina... you must have heard them as I pulled you from your seat and quickly took you to the safe sanctuary of your home.  Did you not wonder why I would sweep you away so quickly?  I stayed with you until you fell asleep, making love to you, marking you as mine, protection against whatever creature dared to stalk the God of War.

I knew he'd follow me when I left... so I kissed you softly and departed, taking this dangerous creature on my trail.  I knew what he was.... a modern Bacchae, a vampyre.  I could not let him harm you, my Marina.

I knew also that I wanted his powers, if only for a night or two.  As a god, there is nothing I could not do if I so choose... but as a vampire.... a new experience of the sensuality of life.  I could not resist.

He was very beautiful.... blond and blue-eyed.  Very much like Iolaus. Iolaus... I shall come to that later.  But pale... like Joxer.  I did not know his name, only what he was.  Nor did he me, until later.

And you were good, Lestat.... very good.  Not many mortal men can turn my eye these days... but then, you're not a mortal, are you?  Touche.  In any case, you did turn my eye, I must admit.

What he told you of what happened between us was factually correct, though terribly romanticized, though I've noticed I tend to make people overomanticize where I am concerned.  Simply put, I wanted Lestat and I wanted his blood.  And I got them both.

And contrary to what he says, I know he followed me.  I knew he was behind me every step of the way.  Simply because he was an idiot doesn't mean I was. But again... I tend to have that effect on people.

And I visited two houses that night.  Lestat was with me both times, though he thought I did not know.  The first... I did indeed visit Iolaus.  Beautiful, golden Iolaus.  He was so upset to learn what I'd done!  And Lestat thought that Iolaus was meant for him.  No.  Iolaus is mine, always mine.

The second house, Lestat was still with me, though he'd wanted me to think he'd left.  I don't know why I went to the second house, only that I was drawn there as I'd never been before.  Perhaps it was that I KNEW the taste of Joxer's blood and wanted more... needed more.  Perhaps I only craved something familiar amidst all the strange sensations.  In any case... I ended up at Joxer's house.  He was expecting me.  How?   I don't know.  Perhaps he knows me better than I know myself.

And Louis.... Joxer is not so unattractive as you make him out to be.  He has his own kind of beauty around him, just as you do, Lestat does, everyone has. Lestat knows this beauty... he knows it because he absorbed with my blood. That is why he seemed so... disgusted, as you say.  Not because of Joxer's appearance, but because he finally could understand why Joxer should be loved, and was angry because he wasn't.  You know Lestat, his fascination with mortals... Joxer was no different.

Joxer I shared with Lestat... and that sounds so cold.  It isn't.  I shared Joxer with Lestat because Lestat could finally see, if even through my eyes, what it was like to love and be loved again.  That was my gift to him, in return for his gift to me.

The End